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Wild Basin Trail Guide - Winter

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Winter Wild Basin Trail Guide for Rocky Mountain National Park (NP) in Colorado. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Pay Attention to Weather and Conditions Expect snow, gusty winds, and cold temperatures at any time. Winter days are short—start early and plan conservatively. Streams and lakes can have thin ice and be very dangerous. If you choose to Watch for Hypothermia When your body loses heat faster than it can produce it, your body temperature begins to drop. This is an emergency medical condition called hypothermia. It is serious and can be fatal. Symptoms include shivering, drowsiness, exhaustion, loss of coordination, impaired judgment, and slurred or incoherent speech. Bring the Right Gear 33Wear layers of synthetic or wool clothing that wick moisture. cross, first test your steps with a pole. Only travel off-trail if you are extremely familiar with the area. Snow-covered landscapes look very different than in summer. Snow can be deep once you are off-trail. Emergencies Wild Basin Area Winter Trail Guide Sunlight can damage your eyes and skin even on cold days. 33Drink lots of water and eat highenergy snacks. 33Bring windproof outer layers, a warm hat, and warm gloves or mittens. 33Carry a map and compass or GPS. Know how to use them. Don’t walk or snowshoe in ski tracks: it Rocky Mountain National Park If symptoms occur, warm the chilled person with dry clothing and warm, non-alcoholic liquids. Get back to your car, and promptly seek medical attention. 33Take extra layers of clothing (socks included). Sledding is not allowed in Wild Basin. Please go to the Hidden Valley Snowplay Area, the only place in Rocky where sledding is permitted. National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Wear warm, quick-drying layers of clothes. Stay dry. Take frequent stops to warm up. 33Wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Follow the Rules and Practice Good Etiquette Rocky Mountain Exploring the outdoors in winter is truly magical. It’s also challenging. Use this map and guide to plan a safe, fun trip. Be prepared, stay safe, and have fun! Narrow Road, Limited Parking Wild Basin Road is gravel and often narrows to one lane. It isn’t suitable for large vehicles like RVs. Park only in the winter parking lot or other designated areas. Don’t park in wide spots in the road, which let oncoming cars pass each other. Violators may be ticketed or towed. Be Avalanche Aware Avalanches can be easily triggered by backcountry travelers. • If you choose to travel in these areas, carry an avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel. However, don’t take extra risks just because you are carrying this equipment. creates dangerous conditions for skiers. You must be in control at all times and let others know when you’re approaching them. Yield to those traveling faster than you. Pass with care. Park Information........................................ (970) 586-1206 or Emergencies .............................................. 911. Tell the dispatcher you are in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™ WB-W 11-2016 • Visit for the latest avalanche forecast. If danger is high, consider staying home. • Avoid traveling in steep gullies and on • If caught in an avalanche, make swimming motions and try to stay on top ridge tops. Open slopes of 30 to 45 of the snow. degrees can be loaded with dangerous masses of snow. Wild Basin Area Trails To Estes Park Rocky can be busy on winter weekends. Mount Meeker 13911ft 4240m Congestion on roads, in parking areas, and along popular trails is possible. Parking areas can fill by mid-morning. Consider carpooling to the trailhead. Keplinger Lake Closed road 0 o Meeker Park h r t Trio Falls Trail distances North N Lion Lake No. 2 13310ft 4057m 0.7mi 1.1km Trail 7 Snowbank Lake Mount Alice Trailhead Unpaved road 0.5 0 1 Kilometer 0.5 1 Mile Horsetooth Peak Fan Falls Falcon Lake 10344ft 3153m id Lion Lake No. 1 R Pilot Mountain g Thunder Falls Hunters e Lookout Mountain 10715ft 3266m Mount Orton Lake of Many Winds Tanima Peak Thunder Lake 12420ft 3786m N o rth Eagle Lake St. Vra in Isolation Peak Mahana Peak 0.4mi 0.6km 1.8mi 2.9km 12632ft 3850m 1.3mi 2.1km Sandbeach Lake 1.3mi 2.1km ek Cre 0.4mi 0.6km 1.4mi 2.3km dbea ch Creek 0.3mi 0.5km 1.2mi 1.9km 1.3mi 2.1km Ouzel Falls B el Ouz Copeland Lake in Vra St. h Nort 0.9mi 1.4km 0.3mi 0.5km Wild Basin Winter Trailhead 0.6mi 1.0km 0.2mi 0.3km ek Cre Finch Lake Trailhead 1.4mi 2.3km Copeland Falls 0.9mi 1.4km 0.9mi 1.4km 1.3mi 2.1km Gate 7 0.3mi 0.5km 0.8mi 1.3km Calypso Cascades Allenspark A Bluebird Lake Wild Basin Trailhead 0.4mi 0.6km Ouzel Lake Wild Basin Entrance Station 2.9mi 4.7km San Twin Lakes Cree k 13118ft 3998m Sandbeach Lake Trailhead Cr ee k Mertensia Falls Frigid Lake Lyric Falls 1.8mi 2.9km Box Lake Moomaw Glacier Fifth Lake 2.2mi 3.5km L D W I Boulder-Grand Pass 11724ft 3573m 2.2mi 3.5km S Pipit Lake To Lyons and Nederland I N Ouzel Peak 12716ft 3876m DESTINATION Copeland Mountain Junco Lake 13176ft 4016m 2.0mi 3.2km Pear Lake k ee Cr Cony Lake Ogalalla Peak 13138ft 4004m Hutcheson Elk Tooth 12848ft 3916m La ke s Cony Finch Lake DISTANCE mi km From Wild Basin Winter Trailhead Copeland Falls 1.1 1.8 Calypso Cascades 2.6 4.2 Ouzel Falls 3.5 5.6 Ouzel Lake 5.7 9.2 Thunder Lake 7.4 11.9 Lion Lake No. 1 7.8 12.6 Bluebird Lake 7.1 11.4 Finch Lake 6.1 9.8 ELEVATION GAIN ft m 15 700 950 1510 2074 2565 2478 1412 5 213 290 460 632 782 755 430 DESTINATION DISTANCE mi km ELEVATION GAIN ft m From Wild Basin Winter Trailhead (continued) Finch Lake 5.1 8.2 1442 Pear Lake 7.1 11.4 2112 440 644 From Sandbeach Lake Trailhead Sandbeach Lake 4.2 6.8 601 1971 All distances are one way from nearest trailhead.

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