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Wilderness Campsite Map for Rocky Mountain National Park (NP) in Colorado. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

To Fort Collins To 00 Comanche Peak 12702 ft 3872 m Koenig (stock) Aspenglen Fal e Tr a MP Gem Lake RIDGE The Twin Owls Y De C O N S E RVAT I O N E A S E M E N T v il s To Loveland Lumpy Ridge Trailhead 34 36 Beaver Meadows Entrance Station il Moraine Park 1mi 2km n p so L A KE ESTES 36 Open all year Park Headquarters 7840 ft / 2390 m Ri v er om as s Beaver Meadows Visitor Center Mar n yo an tC 25 Ute Meadow (llama) MacGregor Avenue 34 B y -P Deer Mtn 10013 ft 3052 m 3mi 5km a d LU ON l Deer Ridge Junction Upper Beaver Meadows Trailhead Ut NY Ro ch ng N Fall River Visitor Center Deer Mtn Trailhead 34 Road closed from here west to Colorado River Trailhead mid-October to Memorial Day CA G ul M M E 15 McGregor Mt. Prospect Mountain 8900 ft 2713 m Th La LEY k 13 Rabbit Ears 2mi 3km PA R Cre e Co w ch Y W D IC M RI V Ut U O Sheep Lakes West K Horseshoe Park Many Parks Curve es LO 4D e yd Ha Y VA L EN HOE Beaver Ponds Rainbow Curve ad Entrance Station 8240 ft / 2511 m Cow Creek Trailhead 14 Peregrine K Lawn Lake Trailhead Fall River Alluvial Fan Endovalley H ORS ES r Fo ge or N AC Dr y ER ) er av Be rg A BL Dark Mountain 10859 ft 3310 m The Needles 10068 ft 3069 m 2mi 3km Chasm Falls HIDD G Bighorn Mountain 11463 ft 3494 m er ID ke k Rid g e R La n Sheep Mountain Bridal Veil Falls Gu l C o lo r a d o r i aw Glen Haven R iv Go I H A L 19mi 31km r nG Julian Lake 1K Onahu Creek R AN nt e 16 Bighorn Mt. (group/stock) ree r 3D we Lo GR ta C Ro s Mount Julian 12928 ft 3940 m Highest Lake 98 Timber Creek ve Doughnut Lake Terra Tomah Mountain Inkwell 12718 ft Lake 3876 m Azure Lake Mount Ida 12880 ft 3926 m Forest Lake Trail C il Timber Lake Ri n yo an tC a Tr 101 Snowbird ke on es er e ps Forest Canyon r Fo ST om D iv i d e TC l DI ta D AN ve r Tr a il ILD LI T OW TLE ST ON E LL YE Trail er Ri v PARK SHIPLER n t in e n t a l rR ar West Creek Falls EST E S Bi g PARK k k ee Cr w i ll o W 36 M EA pe Rock 26 Arch The l W S Rd Stones Peak 12922 ft 3939 m DO y s La ke NG 5mi Moraine Park 8km Cub Lake Trailhead Visitor Center Fern Lake i Seasonal a r M O R A I N E PA R K T Trailhead Pool e k La 7 Haynach Lonesome llama) Haynach (1 Lake ON Lake To Gianttrack Fern Hollowell Park Trailhead e Rd Coyote Valley Trailhead Creek CANY 27 Marys La k Lyons and Mountain Falls 66 r a n E Lake 29 e Rainbow Lake r Old Forest InnCub C Boulder B 9091 ft e Spruce U F Nakai Peak Lake Lake Sprague SPR 2771 m 12216 ft 6mi 93 Renegade Marguerite Glacier 32 Cub Creek Spruce l YMCA 97 Onahu Bridge 3723 m HOLLOWELL Falls ne 9km Lake Conference PARK 92 un 28 T Fern Lake Fern Center l i k Tra Lake rn Cre e 1L Tonahutu Meadows Upper Onahu 96 Sc e BI Ho Rams Horn Creek n94 Park & Ride ic Timberline Group GH WILDERNESS s Mountain Nakai Peak m u O 33 a Mill Creek Basin Glacier R RN 30 Odessa Lake Bierstadt 9553 ft ll Odessa l East Portal Trailhead i Lake 2912 m a FL M Sunrise n 91 Basin Lake Onahu Creek 95 o 8mi A i 90 Tra t TS 34 a i Upper Mill Creek Lily l 13km N Grace 31 Bear Lake Bierstadt Mtn Sourdough ent a l 86 Contin87 Falls 9786 ft 89 e Granite Falls 2983 m Lake Trailhead 35 Sunset ahutu Creek D iv i d Wind River Bluff Tonahutu Group (stock) (WF) 36 Lake Trailhead Ton Trail 4mi ek Mtn Tra Granite Helene Lily il re 6km t op Storm Onahu Trailhead Falls Sprague Lake Trailhead Mountain A1 la t 84 F Flattop Mtn Trailhead 88 Lower Granite Falls Pass Over The Hill 12324 ft Lily Lake Trailhead Emerald Nymph Lake Mounta 37 Ptarmigan Trailhead 85 South Meadows in Tr Big Meadows Group 3756 m en Lake Snowdrift Peak ai l Lake Gre St 12274 ft Dream Tyndall Lily 2L 3741 m Lake Glacier Green Mountain Glacier Sprague Lake Lake Mount Patterson Twin Sisters TrailheadPIERSON 2M Hallett Peak Gorge Alberta 11424 ft Mt. Patterson Trailhead Falls PARK 82 Lake 12713 ft No 3482 m Upper Wind River Trailhead Camp r Ptarmigan Creek Haiyaha 3875 m Estes Cone 1100 6ft Green Mountain 3355 m Tr Green Mtn ai Grouseberry l 10313 ft Ptarmigan 40 Andrews Creek 34 Otis Twin Sisters Peaks 3143 m 83 Storm Peak The 11428 ft k Bench Pass 3mi Loch ea 3483 m Inl76 Mills P et Lake 491 81 41 5km Moore Park July Paintbrush Lake Site of 73 38 Boulder Brook Eugenia Mine Andrews Tr Timberline ai Harbison Glacier l Falls Longs Meadows North Inlet (group/stock WF) 74 (WF) Peak No Porcupine Lake Of 492 39 Thatchtop Glacier Gorge rt h Tents only Glass 1M 12668 ft 77 Taylor Peak 8720 ft / 2658 m 3861 m Sky 13153 ft Open all year North Inlet Granite Pass Grand North Inlet Junction Pond 72 k 78 Big Pool 4009 m Lake ea Battle Mountain Group Kawuneeche Taylor Entrance inPettingell 491 Cascade Falls 71 Cascade 4M Mounta Lake 79 Visitor Center Glacier Longs Peak Storm Peak Station n 43 Ribbon a ig McHenrys Falls Ptarm 13326 ft Falls Mount Peak 80 Pine Marten Trailhead 4062 m Lady 13327ft Black North Inlet Falls Powell Peak 3M Tonahutu Spur Washington 4062m 13208 ft Lake 44 Boulderfield 42 Backcountry Designated Trail Lake Tonahutu/ a Up 4026 m E 7 Nokoni 70 Twinberry Chasm o pe North Inlet Summerland 00 Campsites Peacock Pool Goblins Forest Park 49 Lake rN Frozen Trailheads Columbine Falls or Lake 1N nel Lake th Ptarmigan Mountain Nanita 69 un ure) Longs Peak Inl Mills Glacier Crosscountry t s T Enentah 12324 ft Mt. c m u 14259 ft et da str 3756 m GRAND 4346 m . A ion Summerland D i v i de Areas a B Park rs v e l v LAKE l A di Hayden Lake Pr os MOU NTA INS D i v i de SUMMER Co qui T r 2D ppe U en N EV E R Bi in RE Th k 2B Cow Creek 21 Cutbank L Chi Sundance Mountain 12466 ft 3800 m nt ke 3567 m 100 Holzwarth Historic Site u ah C ie B ro o k ss Lo Trail Pa B ou l d e r m ic or th s Tonahutu ng rt h No il ORGE IER G a Tr GLAC TA H O S uppl y Co lo ra d LEY r t VA L l le Riv e SA i Tra In st B O U L Lo D E R F ng IELD s P N a t i on a l BIG MEADOWS Cr e e k EY GE en r LL de RID D i vi UE VA BL Sc Gl a c l er ta Ri v en On a h H On GU L C o C o lo r a d in EN 2C Cr e e HE nt 11704 ft La Tim b KAWUNEEC B OW FO Bowen/Baker Trailhead Blue Lake Bowen Lake ek Golden Banner 22 Ro Old F all R ive Rock Cut g Farview Curve ber Mineral Point 11488 ft 3502 m 9mi 14km Dunraven / North Fork Trailhead West 17 Lower Tileston Spectacle Lakes Ypsilon Lake oad One-way up Tundra Communities on l y ; c l o se d in Trailhead wi Iceberg Pass Cr 99 Jackstraw ee k CH Lava Cliffs Timber Lake Trailhead Little Rock Lake 24 Jackstraw Arrowhead Rockslide Mountain Lake T im G UL Highest point on road 12183 ft 3713 m Poudre Lake 11796 ft 3595 m Seasonal Snack bar Co M tn R ed Trail Bowen Mountain 12524 ft 3817 m ER Trail e un 18 Tileston Meadows 12454 ft 3796 m Alpine Visitor Center Gore Range 3 Silvanmere (WF) Mummy Mountain 13425ft Chiquita Lake Lake Irene Cre Beaver Ponds Timber Creek il 2 Kettle Tarn Bo 23 4092m Fairchild Mountain Lawn (1 indiv/stock) 13502 ft Lawn Lake Lake Upper Chipmunk 19 Chapin Creek Trailhead Mount Chapin Ro a d e Mount Chiquita 13069 ft 3983 m Alpine Ridge Trail 10758 ft 3279m east to Many Parks Curve Mount Nimbus mid-October to June 12706 ft 3873 m 3804 m r Medicine Bow Curve Fall River Pass 4 il Milner Pass re ve EN 1 Boundary Creek (WF) er a Tr 12mi 19km R i dg ud Ri C (S A Ri v 7 Lost Falls (WF) 6 5 Happily Lost (WF) 1B Mt. Dickinson 4115 m Ypsilon Mountain 13514 ft 4119 m k 34 Colorado Opposition Red Mountain River 11605ft 104 Creek 3537m Trailhead Road closed from here Mount Stratus Red Gulch Group 105 12480 ft Co Tra 102 Valley View 12725 ft 3879 m BA K Ca e ch Po la e dr R E G N Crystal Lake 114 Chapin Creek Group ee 2J Mosquito Mount Cumulus Creek WILDERNESS Cr Specimen Mountain 12489 ft 3807 m Dutch Town 107 106 Hitchens Gulch Howard Mountain 12810 ft 3904 m Desolation Peaks 12949 ft 3947m in Site of Lulu City Mount Cirrus 12797 ft 3901 m Lake of the Clouds Hagues Peak 13560 ft 4133 m ap u Po 108 Stage Road Lead Mountain 12537 ft 3821 m Rowe Glacier Ch G UL C H Ri Rowe Peak 8 ry H TC 111 Box Canyon DI 11 Lost Meadow (group/stock) da Cache 113 Big F o rk Dunraven Halfway (WF) Sugarloaf 9 Trail n Thompso Lost Falls F or k rt h ON N or N o r th No La Poudre Pass Trailhead 112 La Poudre Pass Lost Lake th Lost LakeLake 12 Flatiron Mountain 12335 ft 3760 m GRAND Skeleton Gulch 110 109 Ditch Camp (group/stock) Parika Lake k CA NY Mount Richthofen 12940 ft 3944 m Tepee Mountain 12568 ft 3831 m S KE L E T O N Baker Mountain 12397 ft 3779 m ee Thunder Pass BO X 2H Hague Creek re oud La P Snow Lake Lake Husted Lake Louise EAST Aspen Meadow Group (WF) Stormy Peaks Pass Mummy Pass 11440 ft 3487 m ache 3H C s NG AW e Cr P o u d r e R i ve r C ach e l a M Lake Agnes i ich L ak e gan LO Thunder Mountain 12070 ft 3679 m DR IR Stormy Peaks 10 il gu 117 Ha Flatiron Desolation 116 To Walden O ERV RE S y Stormy Peaks 12135ft 3699m 118 Mummy Pass Creek (WF) Tra Cr e e Long Draw Mu mm 119 Pa s s F i sh ad ne l ek Signal Mountain 11262 ft 3433 m Tu n Corral Creek Trailhead Hague NPS/USFS Creek (group/stock) 115 Cameron Pass Stormy Peaks South a th C Sou 1A tn Ro M w Cr e re d Pou River al La che Tra il WEST C or r 120 Mirror Lake ct L on g 1H Cascade Creek D ra 14 Mirror Lake Cr 8367ft 2550m West Portal East Shore Trailhead SHADOW MOUNTAIN LAKE Pine Beach Adams Falls Verna 12007 ft 3660 m PA R vi d Thunder Tanima Lake Peak E PA RK Isolation Peak 13118 ft 3998 m Upper Ouzel Creek 57 Bluebird Lake ti o l na Sc e N er EE R iv GR Mount Adams 12121 ft 3694 m Adams Lake Mount Acoma 10508 ft 3203 m GE Trail RID ni 1P Cre 1P ek Columbine Creek Columbine Creek Cony Lake ill y ee k o ra d tc h es o Lake s Cr o ny Trailhead r ai St V Allenspark 58 Finch Lake (group/stock) Finch Lake Allenspark Trailhead 7 Meadow Mountain 11632 ft 3545 m To Lyons and Boulder 59 Pear Creek 2GC Cony Creek St Vrain Mountain 7 12162 ft 3707 m la cie rs rk Ridg GR AN e Ro BY Tra er KE Cr il ar M i d dl e Arapaho Bay-Roaring Fork Loop Knight Ridge Trailhead Ar o 72 in g C re e k Arapaho Bay-Moraine Loop ap Camp Dick St Vrain ah Co l Aspen Knoll (llama) Calypso 56 Ouzel Lake Cascades k ee Unpaved road Wild Basin Entrance Station Fo Ba ow i nb Ra LA Ri v ow 34 Hu G ht IN Quinette Point Rainbow Bay ig TA ek C a n al th Paved Road Kn UN re W Willow Creek P um p Granby Dam Meeker Park 45 2mi Finch 3km Lake Hole-in-the-Wall Trailhead Olive Ridge 50 Pine Ridge Copeland Falls ek Cr e 51 Tahosa n Ouzel Falls Pear Lake n in Sunset Point MO C l 52 No r 60 Pear Lake E Wi ll ow k a Vr BL Willow Creek Reservoir C re e Ouzel Lake ze Ou Ouzel Peak 12716 ft 3876 m Watanga Mountain 12375 ft 3772 m e St TA Twin Peaks 11957 ft 3644 m B lu La k ird eb Trail Copeland Mountain 13176 ft 4016 m Ogalalla Peak 13138ft 4004m W IL D ER N ES S WILDERNESS 48 ke Campground Sandbeach Lake Creek Trailhead 46 CampersCopeland Lake 47 Sandbeach 49 53 Sandbeach Lake Thunder Lake (1 indiv/stock) Lake Basin Moomaw 54 La North St. Vrain Wild Siskin Fifth Trailhead Glacier Lake Na o ad c e Tra il ADIS Di or C o lu m b i n e re k Mount Orton 11724 ft 3573 m 55 Emergency telephone Hunters Creek Beaver Mill sC Lake 3N Echo Creek ARAPAHO NATIONAL RECREATION AREA Lion Lake No 1 Restrooms WILDERNESS 1G Hu nt er r tal Stillwater Lion Lake No 2 Trio Falls de 3N Echo Creek e l Pilot Mountain Ranger station Mount Meeker 13911 ft 4240 m un Mount Bryant 11034 ft 3363 m en Cutthroat Bay (group campground) E E Snowbank Lake Mount Alice 13310 ft Upper East Inlet 4057 m Lone 66 Pine 64Lake Tr67 ai l et 68 Lake Verna nl Spirit Boulder-Grand 65 Pass Slickrock Lake Lake Mount Craig Fourth Pagoda Mountain 13497 ft 4114 m Th in Co Solitaire Andrews Peak 12565 ft 3830 m as as t t 61 East Meadow Shadow Mountain 62Falls Inlet 10155 ft 3095 m โ€˜ Lower East Inlet 63 Catโ€™s Lair nt Green Ridge Chiefs Head Peak 13579 ft 4139 m ta East Inlet Trailhead Gray Jay Group Co Shadow Mountain Dam Shadow Mountain Lookout Sh tower ad tn o w Tr ai l r I M ate tinen k (w GRAND LAKE Co n ee Apiatan Mountain 10319 ft 3145 m Peaceful Valley Peaceful Valley o Ba y Arapaho Bay-Big Rock Loop Generalized landcover in Rocky Mountain National Park Overlook Accessible Glacier Self-guiding nature trail Alpine tundra Strawberry Lake North To Granby and 40 0 0 1 2 1 3 Kilometers 2 Picnic area Forest or meadow Monarch Lake 3 Miles Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Boat launch 5mi 8km Distance indicator Livery Telephone To 119 and Nederland

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