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Fall River Trail Guide for Rocky Mountain National Park (NP) in Colorado. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Rocky Mountain National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Rocky Mountain National Park Fall River Area Trail Guide Deep valleys and towering alpine mountaintops, beautiful lakes and rushing rivers, historic roads, rocky trails, and stunning wilderness: all are part of the Fall River Area of Rocky Mountain National Park. Bighorn Sheep and Elk are Frequently Seen in This Area Horseshoe Park including the Sheep Lakes area can have abundant wildlife. When viewing any wildlife: • Obey wildlife closure areas and “no stopping” traffic zones. • Use parking areas along the road. If not available, pull your vehicle completely off the road and do not park on vegetation. Tips for a Great Hike Pay Attention to Altitude High elevations can cause altitude sickness and may aggravate existing health conditions. Use caution. Take time to acclimatize to the park’s high altitude before attempting strenuous hikes. Rest, drink lots of fluids, eat salty snacks, and start with easy hikes. Even on cloudy days, ultraviolet radiation can be intense at altitude. Protect yourself by wearing a hat, sunglasses with UV protection, and sunscreen. Watch the Weather: It changes quickly! Thunderstorms are common in summer and are dangerous. Plan your day to be below treeline by early afternoon. If you see building storm clouds, head back to the trailhead. If caught in a lightning storm, get below treeline. It might be summer, but expect snow, gusty winds, and cold temperatures at any time. Always carry storm gear, even if the sky is clear when you start your hike. Carry layers of windproof clothing. If the weather turns, you’ll be glad to have them. • Do not approach wildlife. Wildlife are unpredictable and can hurt you, and approaching them can cause them stress, leading to disease or illness. If an animal changes its behavior because of you: you are too close! Enjoy and photograph them from a distance. • Never feed wildlife, including birds and chipmunks. Bring the Right Gear 33Bring waterproof outer layers and extra layers for warmth. 33Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Sunlight can damage your eyes and skin, even on cloudy days. 33Pack extra water and snacks. Don’t drink from streams or lakes without treating the water. 33Carry a map and compass or GPS. Know how to use them. 33Wear sturdy footwear with good ankle support and a treaded sole. 33Don’t rely on cell phones. Many areas have no service. Stay Safe and Practice Good Etiquette • Pets are prohibited on all Rocky Mountain National Park trails, tundra, and meadows areas. There are petfriendly hikes outside the park, and nearby communities have boarding facilities and veterinary clinics. To learn more, visit • Stay together! Keep everyone, including children, with the group. • Stay on the trail. Shortcutting causes erosion. • In the Fall River Corridor, strollers are allowed only on the nature trails around Hidden Valley. For More Information Park Information...................................................... (970) 586-1206 or Trail Ridge Road Status............................................ (970) 586-1222 Emergencies ............................................................ 911. Tell the dispatcher you are in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado BL-S 05-2017 Fall River Area Trails 13502ft 4115m 1.4mi 2.3km 0.6mi 1.0km Lawn Lake G E Crystal Lake North Ypsilon Mountain 0 R Expect congestion on roads, in parking areas, and along popular trails. Tour and hike early and late in the day. Parking areas often fill by midmorning. Carpool or use the free summer shuttle buses. 2 Kilometers 0 A N Rocky is very busy in summer and on fall weekends. Fairchild Mountain 2 Miles Ri ve r 13514ft 4119m Spectacle Lakes M M Y Alpine Visitor Center g Mount Chapin 4.5mi 7.2km ar 12454ft 3796m 1.5mi 2.4km Ro Old Fall River Road 9.0m Na ne-wa i / 14 rro w d y up o .5 km nly. R irt r o oad a d op e with n early no gua July–S rdrails, ept. tight s witch back s Chasm Alluvial Fan Beaver Mountain Loop Mount Chapin Chasm Falls (from winter gate) Mount Chiquita (no trail) Crystal Lake Deer Mountain Deer Mountain Loop Gem Lake Lawn Lake Ypsilon Lake Ypsilon Mountain (no trail) DISTANCE mi km 0.3 0.5 4.7 7.6 1.5 2.4 2.2 3.5 2.4 3.9 7.7 12.4 3.0 4.8 10.3 16.6 1.7 2.7 6.3 10.1 4.5 7.2 3.5 5.6 All distances are one way from nearest trailhead. 10859ft 3310m 11463ft 3494m 4.2mi 6.8km Old Fall River Roa d • Closed in winter • Open to bicyclists and dogs on leash from April 1 to November 15, except during road maintenance operations and emergency closures as posted. • Bicycles can go downhill only when road is closed to vehicles. When open to vehicles, bicycles must go uphill. • Vehicles over 25 feet long and trailers are prohibited. DESTINATION Dark Mountain Bighorn Mountain 3.1mi 5.0km O 11254ft 3430m in Chapin Creek Trailhead 4.3mi 6.9km Chiquita Lake M Fall River Pass Mount Tileston Ypsilon Lake 13069ft 3983m U To Grand Lake Mount Chiquita Bla Start of Old Fall River Road 1.4mi 2.3km Falls Fal l Wildlife viewing Hor sesh Hidden Valley oad Tr ail Ridge R r te 0.7mi 1.1km Trail (hiker only) Picnic area Information Winter Gate Many Parks Curve oe Park Food service 4.7mi 7.6km loop Beaver Mountain 10491ft 3198m Beaver Mountain Loop 3.0mi 4.8km Winter Gate u Devils G 34 MacGregor Avenue El 0.4mi 0.6km Upper Beaver Meadows Lumpy Ridge Trailhead 8834ft 2693m 7.3mi 11.7km Beaver Meadows Entrance Station kh or 1.2mi 1.9km nA ve n To Glen Haven 0.5mi 0.8km 0.6mi 1.0km 9937ft 3029m l ch Ro Estes Park Visitor Center E STES ad To Loveland 34 Lake E ue PARK stes 36 To Lyons and Boulder 36 07 Restrooms Sledding (winter only) 0.6mi 1.0km The Twin Owls n Deer Mtn Bear Lake Road Campground nyo Gem Lake RIDGE Castle Mountain 34 0.9mi 1.4km Ca 3.2mi 5.1km 1.1mi 1.8km Balanced Rock MP Y Aspenglen Campground 0.6mi 1.0km C l o se d in wi n Shuttle stop Trail distances LU Fall River Visitor Center Deer Ridge Junction Trailhead ELEVATION GAIN ft m Trail (horse/hiker) Fall River Entrance Station Sheep Lakes Beaver Ponds Unpaved road 10068ft 3069m Endovalley Rive r Alluvial Fan 1.0mi 1.6km The Needles 10486ft 3196m 1.4mi 2.3km Rainbow Curve 18 354 553 195 740 908 330 330 253 685 664 876 ek ck MacGregor Mountain Winter Gate 60 1160 1814 640 2429 2980 1083 1083 830 2249 2180 2874 Cre Cow to Moraine Park Park & Ride and Bear Lake Beaver Meadows Visitor Center 66 Marys Lake Road To Lily Lake Longs Peak and Wild Basin

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