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Bear Lake Summer Trail Guide

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Bear Lake Summer Trail Guide for Rocky Mountain National Park (NP) in Colorado. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Rocky Mountain National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Rocky Mountain National Park Bear Lake Summer Trail Guide Welcome to a wilderness of lakes, waterfalls, and magnificent peaks. Use this map and guide to plan a safe, enjoyable trip. RIDE THE Shuttle The Bear Lake area is very busy, especially in summer and on fall weekends. Parking often fills by early morning. Roads are congested. The park’s free shuttle bus is here to help! You can ride the shuttle to stunning destinations and popular trailheads, all while avoiding the Tips for a Great Hike Never Feed or Approach Wildlife Keep yourself and Rocky’s wildlife safe: • Obey wildlife closures. • Keep a safe distance. If you cause an animal to move or change behavior, you are too close! Approaching an animal puts you at risk and may cause it stress, leading to disease and illness. • Never feed wildlife, including birds and chipmunks. Pay Attention to Altitude High elevations can cause altitude sickness and may aggravate existing health conditions. Use caution. Take time to acclimatize to the park’s high altitude before attempting strenuous hikes. Rest, drink lots of fluids, eat salty snacks, and start with easy hikes. Even on cloudy days, ultraviolet radiation can be intense at altitude. Protect yourself by wearing a hat, sunglasses with UV protection, and sunscreen. Watch the Weather: It changes quickly! Thunderstorms are common in summer and are dangerous. Plan your day to be below treeline by early afternoon. If you see building storm clouds, head back to the trailhead. If caught in a lightning storm, get below treeline. It might be summer, but expect snow, gusty winds, and cold temperatures at any time. Always carry storm gear, even if the sky is clear when you start your hike. Carry layers of windproof clothing. If the weather turns, you’ll be glad to have them. For More Information hassle of dealing with traffic and searching for parking. Detailed schedules and maps are available in the park newspaper, park visitor centers, at park bus stops, and at Bring the Right Gear 33Bring waterproof outer layers and extra layers for warmth. 33Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Sunlight can damage your eyes and skin, even on cloudy days. 33Pack extra water and snacks. Don’t drink from streams or lakes without treating the water. 33Carry a map and compass or GPS. Know how to use them. 33Wear sturdy footwear with good ankle support and a treaded sole. 33Don’t rely on cell phones. Many areas have no service. Stay Safe and Practice Good Etiquette • Pets are prohibited on all Rocky Mountain National Park trails, tundra, and meadows areas. There are petfriendly hikes outside the park, and nearby communities have boarding facilities and veterinary clinics. To learn more, visit • Stay together! Keep everyone, including children, with the group. • Stay on the trail. Shortcutting causes erosion. • In the Bear Lake Corridor, strollers are allowed only on the nature trails around Sprague and Bear lakes. Park Information...................................................... (970) 586-1206 or Trail Ridge Road Status............................................ (970) 586-1222 Emergencies ............................................................ 911. Tell the dispatcher you are in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado BL-S 05-2017 0.5mi 0.8km Bear Lake Loop 0.5mi 0.8km 9475ft 2888m 0.2 0.3mi 0.5km 0.4mi 0.6km Spruce Lake 0.9mi 1.4km 2.2mi 3.5km 0.7mi 1.1km Fern Lake 1.1mi 1.8km Two Rivers Lake 3.5mi 5.6km ny on Emerald Lake a s C dall Gorge Flattop Mtn Ty n ao Hallett Peak 12713ft 3875m Ch Otis Peak Fern Falls The Pool 1.0mi 1.6km 1.7mi 2.7km 0.2mi 0.3km Fern Lake 2.0mi 3.2km GLA CIER 2.2mi 3.5km Fern Lake 0.8mi 1.3km Hollowell Park 2.0mi 3.2km 1.4mi 2.3km To Longs Peak Ranger Station North 36 66 Moraine Park Discovery Center To Estes Park Beaver Meadows Visitor Center Beaver Meadows Entrance Station Trail Ridge Road to Alpine VC and Grand Lake, CO 0.4mi 0.6km Tuxedo Park 1 Mile 1 Kilometer East Portal 0.5 0.4mi 0.6km 1.9mi 3.1km 0 0 0.5 Glacier Basin Campground e Road Lak ar Be MORAINE PARK Moraine Park Campground Upper Beaver Meadows Cub Lake 0.3mi 0.5km Steep Mountain 9538ft 2907m 1.7mi 2.7km Park & Ride 1.5mi 2.4km Sprague Lake To Longs Peak Ranger Station 2.3mi 3.7km Bierstadt Lake Bierstadt Lake 1.5mi 2.4km Lake Half Mtn GORGE To Black 11482ft 3500m 3.0mi 4.8km 1.9mi 3.1km 1.3mi 2.1km 1.1mi 1.8km 1.5mi 2.4km Cub Lake 0.7mi 1.1km 0.4mi 0.6km Alberta Falls 0.5mi 0.8km See detail upper left 0.9mi 1.4km 0.5mi 0.8km 0.6mi 1.0km Shelf Lake Jewel Lake Mills Lake 0.5mi 0.8km 0.5mi 0.8km 0.6mi 1.0km 2.1mi 3.4km 0.9mi 1.4km Solitude Lake Thatchtop 12668ft 3861m The Loch Timberline Falls Lake of Glass Sky Pond BEAR LAKE AREA Mount Wuh 10761ft 3280m 2.0mi 3.2km Dream Lake 0.7mi 1.1km 1.1mi 3.4km 0.6mi 1.0km Lake Haiyaha 0.8mi 1.3km 1.3mi 2.1km Andrews Tarn 12486ft 3806m Andrews Glacier 12324ft 3756m Lake Helene Odessa Lake Loomis Lake 12129ft 3697m Notchtop Mountain Gabletop Mountain Knobtop Mountain 12331ft 3758m To Tra hutu na Restrooms Parking Campground Picnic area Information Shuttle stop Trailhead Trail distances Trail (hiker only) Trail (horse/hiker) Unpaved road 1.9mi 3.1km To Sprague Lake To Moraine Park and Trail Ridge Rd Bear Lake Area Trails Falls 0.7mi 1.1km Glacier Gorge Trailhead Lake To Alberta 0.3mi 0.5km 2.0mi \ 3.2km To Bierstadt Bear Lake Trailhead 0.3 Miles 0.3 Kilometers 0.5mi 0.8km Bear Lake 0.2 0.1 0.5mi \ 0.8km ELEVATION GAIN ft m 49 6 173 421 165 130 184 419 868 227 370 229 69 503 6 302 75 11939ft 3639m Bear Lake Corridor Trails Helene Mtn 2.0mi \ 3.2km To Lake To Flattop 3.5mi 5.6km 0.1 Nymph Lake To Dream Lake 0.6mi \ 1.0km North 0 DISTANCE mi km 160 20 566 1,380 540 425 605 1,375 2,849 745 1,215 750 225 1,650 20 990 245 Taylor Peak 13153ft 4009m LE VA 0 DESTINATION 0.8 0.5 1.6 5.0 2.3 1.1 1.8 3.8 4.4 2.1 2.9 2.8 0.5 4.9 0.5 3.1 1.7 1.3 0.8 2.6 8.0 3.7 1.8 2.9 6.1 7.1 3.4 4.7 4.5 0.8 7.9 0.8 5.0 2.7 Alberta Falls Bear Lake Loop Bierstadt Lake Black Lake Cub Lake Dream Lake Emerald Lake Fern Lake Flattop Mountain Lake Haiyaha Lake Helene Mills Lake Nymph Lake Sky Pond Sprague Lake Loop The Loch The Pool All Glacier Gorge trails can be accessed from Bear Lake. 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