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Guide to the Alpine Trail at Rocky Mountain National Park (NP) in Colorado. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Rocky Mountain National Park Alpine Trail Guide NPS PHOTO / CHELSEA HERNANDEZ TRAILHEAD D E S T I N AT I O N D I S TA N C E O N E W AY E L E VAT I O N G A I N mi km ft m 209 64 Alpine Visitor Center (AVC) Alpine Ridge Summit 12005ft / 3659m MODERATE 0.3 0.5 11796ft / 3595m Ute Trail to Milner Pass 10758ft / 3279m MODERATE 4.1 6.6 Lake Irene 10748ft / 3276m Around lake (loop) EASY 0.7 1.1 -95 -29 Ute Trail to AVC 11796ft / 3595m STRENUOUS 4.1 6.6 1011 308 0.5 0.8 100 30 0.5 0.8 230 70 2.0 3.2 132 40 -1011 -308 4.8 mi/7.7 km west of AVC Milner Pass 10758ft / 3279m 4.3 mi/7.9km west of AVC Medicine Bow Curve 11660ft / 3554m Out and back EASY 0.5 mi/0.8 km west of AVC Rock Cut 12050ft / 3673m Tundra Communities Trail 4.2 mi/6.8 km east of AVC (Toll Memorial) 12310ft / 3752m Ute Crossing Pullout 11435ft / 3485m Out and back to treeline MODERATE MODERATE 7.4 mi/11.9 km east of AVC For Your Safety High elevations can cause altitude sickness and may aggravate existing health conditions. Use caution. Thunderstorms are common in summer and are dangerous. Plan your day to be below treeline by early afternoon. If you see building storm clouds, head back to the trailhead. If caught in a lightning storm, get below treeline. 33Bring waterproof outer layers and extra layers for warmth. 33Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Sunlight can damage your eyes and skin, even on cloudy days. 33Pack water and snacks. Don’t drink from streams or lakes without treating the water. AVC 05-2017 Poudre Lake C D Roa idge il R Tra 4.1mi 6.6km Alpine Trails 10758ft 3279m Milner Pass Lake Irene 10748ft 3276m 0.7mi 1.1km To Grand Lake Jackstraw Mountain 11704ft 3567m l ta en tin on d Azure Lake Gore Range 12010ft 3661m Medicine Bow Curve 0.5mi 0.8km Marmot Point Rock Cut N 12050ft 3673m 11909ft 3630m Alpine Ridge Trail Summit 12005ft 0.3mi 3659m 0.5km Alpine Visitor Center CA NY O Old F all Riv er Ro on ad e-w ay e ad 11716ft 3571m 12454ft 3796m Mount Chapin Sundance Mountain 12466ft 3800m 1 Kilometer 2.0mi 3.2km to treeline 11435ft 3485m Ute Crossing Pullout 13069ft 3983m Mount Chiquita Information 0.5 Forest Canyon dg 0 Unpaved road Picnic area 1 Mile Trail Restrooms 0.5 Trail distances 0 Ro Toll Memorial 12310ft 3752m North 0.7mi 1.1km Ri Forest Lake Terra Tomah Mountain 12718ft 3876m 11796ft 3595m Lava Cliffs 12000ft 3658m ST Doughnut Lake RE 11660ft 3554m FO Arrowhead Lake Inkwell Lake Mount Julian 12928ft 3940m il Tra Timber Lake 12880ft 3926m Mount Ida To Estes Park e id iv

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