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Rainbow Bridge

North Trail

brochure Rainbow Bridge - North Trail

The Rainbow Bridge North Trail Guide at Rainbow Bridge National Monument (NM) in Utah. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Glen Canyon National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Rainbow Bridge National Monument Rainbow Bridge North Trail Guide Permits are required from the Navajo Nation for hiking and camping along this trail. Please note: there is no camping permitted within the boundaries of Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Make sure you know your location when you camp. Prior to making your plans please call the LeChee Chapter House (928-698-2800) south of Page, AZ or the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department in Window Rock, AZ (928-871-6647) for permits. For additional information go to the following web site: http://www.navajonationparks.org/permits.htm Hiking this trail is not recommended during the cold and wet conditions of the winter months nor during the heat and flash flooding of the summer months. Typically the best months to complete this hike are March through Mid-May, and October and November. To reach the North (Navajo Mountain Trading Post) Trailhead from Page, AZ Driving Instructions • At the intersection of Hwy 98 and Coppermine Rd (Big Lake Trading Post), take Hwy 98 East 51.1 miles to the Inscription House Trading Post turnoff (Indian Rd 16). • Take Indian Rd 16 25.1 miles on pavement and 5.4 miles on dirt to the Navajo Mountain Trading Post fork - bear right and drive about 8.5 miles past the Navajo Mountain Trading Post. • Along the main road, it is 3.7 miles past the trading post to a 4-way intersection with several structures including a stone warehouse. • Go straight through the intersection for 2.8 miles, road forks here. • Take the straight fork (across earthen dam), road forks again after 0.4 miles. • Take left fork 1.6 miles until road ends at Cha Canyon. • Fork right by corral and park at base of cliff. Trailhead (no sign) starts at end of road. Trail Description The following information has been compiled from an archival NPS trail guide and hikes completed in October, 2003, May, 2004, and April 2008. This is considered by some to be the more scenic of the two trails to Rainbow Bridge. The trail follows the north slope of Navajo Mountain and exhibits extremes in temperature. Water is generally available, but drought can dry these sources. The trail is not marked, and in some places is difficult to follow. The first half of the trail is criss-crossed with various livestock and wildlife trails and paths to summer hogans, and can confuse the unwary hiker – be alert. This is a minimum two day round trip – three days recommended. Mileages are approximate Mile 0 1 3.5 5 6.5 10 11.5 15 17.5 Trail Notes The road to the Trailhead is rough and rocky, high center or 4W drive vehicles are recommended. Know where you are going prior to driving out there. Trailhead - No water available, good camping areas. Beware – no trailhead sign. Trail enters canyon and continues on the other side. Close gate behind you as you start down Cha Canyon. Cha Canyon - Creek is usually running. Bald Rock Canyon – Deep, good campsite, water (intermittent as in all following streams). Interesting trail construction. Nice scenic view from the top. Cave on right wall ¼ mile below stream crossing. Pass an old hogan, go up sandy hill behind small Navajo sweat house. Hill is crisscrossed with many small animal trails. The main trail becomes more apparent on top of hill. As you go down into the canyon, notice the bedrock was notched out like stairs. This was done so that pack mules and horses wouldn’t slip and fall on the slick rock. N’asja Creek – Good campsite, picnic table, water available – You will pass an old sweat lodge ½ mile further, then you’ll see Owl Bridge on your left side. Do not climb or walk on top of the bridge. Awesome views as you climb out of the canyon. You’ll pass another old hogan on the left on the way to Oak Canyon. 10 Oak Canyon – Water is available. Poor campsites except further downstream. Take the trail heading up the hill, south, “not downstream”. No water available for approx. 3 miles from Oak Canyon. 11.5 Trail enters Bridge Canyon, via long, narrow, downhill trek. Water & campsites available further down the canyon. Can become VERY HOT with the heat reflecting off canyon walls. Bridge Creek joins Redbud Creek. This is where the North Trail meets the South Trail. Go to your right, downstream to Rainbow Bridge. Water and campsites are available. Echo Camp – Nearest campsite to Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Please close the last gate behind you. Rainbow Bridge – Please avoid re-vegetation areas. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™

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