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Map of the Oregon National Historic Trail (NHT) in Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

nti ne nt at te IN ve Ri r r ve Ri er Riv n B O 25 287 W al COLORADO MING WYO RADO COLO 85 FORT COLLINS P South GREELEY Rocky Mountain National Park te lat te Plat KA RAS NEB SAS KAN Black Vermillion Crossing 16 24 81 Ri ve R r ive 70 KANSAS K s an St. MarysRed Vermillion Crossing Segment Hill S 70 Hays Sm y ok osh River INDEPENDENCE KANSAS CITY 70 Blue Mound C ygn es Ri 71 69 ve r 35 ar ai s 169 o Rive r Emporia 35 Lone Elm Campground Parting of the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails des 335 as Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 135 River Upper Independence Landing ri Ottawa SALINA er See map above LAWRENCE Upper Wakarusa Crossing M Saline 76 Pellant Ruts TOPEKA Ne 83 Kansas River Crossing/ Pappin’s Ferry Vieux Cemetery/ Red Vermillion Crossing 63 St. Marys Mission Junction City r sou er 75 99 Manhattan Mis Riv Leavenworth Tuttle Creek Lake Riv 29 73 Coon Creek/Marshall Grave Scott Spring er N WY UTAH ca Riv Hiawatha 36 Atchison 77 Harlan County Lake ST. JOSEPH KA RAS NEB SAS KAN 36 Sterling E Beatrice Alcove Spring 80 IC Blue Solomon SAS G OMIN Little 6 34 McCook r r k ve OU NT A M BLU E Sna Ri IN S River E G N der v r A Pow N YO Rive CAN LLS ke HE Sna N lheur C S Co 6 KAN A 283 r Fairbury Rock Creek Station Rive Junction of St. Joe and r Independence Roads Hollenberg Station Marysville The Narrows Holdrege 23 Julesburg DO C de Thirty-two Mile Station Plum Creek Rep ubli ve A A O Fort Kearny Susan Hail Grave and Ruts Hastings Lowell 36 35 RI SOU MIS SAS KAN C Ri nde Ro Ma R Deschutes E S D T IDAHO r Rive Willamette OREGO er Riv S E G Grande r ve Ri N A R OCEAN PA C I F I C Upper Crossing of the South Platte River 83 25 80 73 ve Homestead NM of America Ayr Ruts Heart Grove Campground P l a tt e Ogallala Dan Smith’s West Ranch RI SOU MIS SAS KAN er Rock Springs i Brule ORA 80 Fort Bridger Flaming Gorge Reservoir ur vi ED S Name Rock so Di h M Pl FORT BRIDGER was a major supply point on the trail. Here the Mormon Trail veered off to the southwest and into Utah. Church Butte 80 30 Fort O’Fallon’s McPherson Bluff Ri 30 Eighty-fifth Street Ruts e tal rt IN West End of the Sublette Cutoff Segment Sidney California Hill Platte Lexington 6 KA r Ash Hollow Windlass Hill 385 75 COL ve Courthouse/ Jail Rock Lake McConaughy Kearney 81 80 470 Blu Ri is nen 30 189 Brigham City nti No TA Golden Spike NHS 30 Oshkosh North North Platte r Rive Grand Island RAS Kemmerer Co en 372 26 ASH HOLLOW was the entry to the North Platte River Valley. Ample supplies of wood, water, and grass made this a soughtafter camping area. FORT KEARNY: the U.S. Army established the fort in 1848 to provide protection for emigrants. All trails from jumping off points along the Missouri River met here, at the “Gateway to the Great Plains.” 435 INDEPENDENCE was the pre­ ferred jumping off point for the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails in the 1840s and early 1850s. Big 77 National Frontier Trails Center MISSOURI LINCOLN York CHEYENNE N 50 Miles Segments of the trail offering the best visitor experiences GREAT SALT LAKE Lombard Ferry 191 Crossing Laramie 80 River 0 50 Kilometers N E VA D A Big Sandy to Green River Segment re Gering Chimney Rock NHS Amanda Lamin Grave A IOW RI SOU MIS 29 er 85 e 0 Trail interpretive center U TA H 28 G Bayard Riv 69 35 70 Minor Park/Red Bridge Crossing New Santa Fe 10 Km. 0 71 0 10 Mi. 34 75 Loup le 76 Divid Oregon Trail route Logan 372 Farson 70 435 I West End of the Sublette Cutoff Fossil Butte NM ING WYOM UTAH IDAHO UTAH NEVADA 97 Upper Klamath Lake 84 30 287 Rawlins BASIN Scotts Bluff NM (Mitchell Pass) Scottsbluff FORT LARAMIE: this early Indian 71 trading post quickly developed into the major resupply point for emigrants and a major military post. Old Bedlam, on the fort Kimball grounds, is the oldest structure in Wyoming. U 93 89 L 85 ie ar am M 287 G R E AT D I V I D E SCOTTS BLUFF was one of the major landmarks on the trail, and, with Chimney Rock 35 miles east, it signaled that almost one-third of the trail had been traversed. dd A Big Hill Bear Lake 15 INDEPENDENCE ROCK: fur trap­ pers named this formation on July 4, 1824. Many emigrants later carved or painted their names on the rock. KANSAS CITY 80 COUNCIL BLUFFS INDEPENDENCE Santa Fe Trail Park Ruts 10 L 30 Cokeville City of Rocks National Reserve Fontenelle Reservoir Thomas Fork Crossing Parting of the Ways Little Sandy Crossing 189 H I L L S 385 Torrington Henry Guernsey Ruts Fort Laramie R iver NHS Horse Creek Treaty Grounds Wheatland Robidoux Pass O 95 ide Mi P California Trail Junction/ Raft River Crossing Div a T 89 Big Sandy Crossing Montpelier The National Oregon/ California Trail Center C South Pass al Alliance Register Cliff Mexican Hill M Crater Lake Crater Lake National Park Pacific Springs t on Saleratus Lake Independence Rock Pathfinder Devil’s Reservoir Gate Muddy Gap A 26 Laramie Peak R iv e r R r bra Agate Fossil Beds NM Fort Laramie to Warm Springs Segment Guernsey v Independence Courthouse Square 73 Columbus NEB Upper Salmon Falls Thousand Springs Burley Shoshone Milner Falls Ruts Twin Falls Kanaka Rapids 30 Caldron Linn Rock Creek Crossing Stricker Store/ Rock Creek Station Hagerman Bruneau Fossil Beds NM Dunes Hagerman Fossil Beds Segment e Massacre Rocks Register Rock Coldwater Hill Burnt Ranch Marbleton 25 Prospect Hill Segment LA nt ine 680 so u r i 30 NEBRASKA A Lake Walcott Ice Slough Rocky Ridge 28 E 30 E a t er South Pass Segment Dry Sandy Crossing Soda Springs Complex Sheep Rock Sw Split Rock r Warm Springs MOUNTAINS tw ee R American Falls G Ayres Natural Bridge Nio 29 Glendo Reservoir 220 GRANIT E Three Crossings N ASKA Soda Springs 86 Wind River Peak 13192ft 4021m NEBR POCATELLO Afton RA MING American Falls Reservoir 26 93 RESERVATION Willow Springs Prospect Hill Lander ER TA Fort Hall Blackfoot Reservoir V WYO Craters of the Moon National Monument 89 RI 275 OMAHA 20 85 Avenue of Rocks 789 287 Pinedale 191 Fort Casper Riverton D AKO r IN CASPER ve Ri 20 North Hembree Grave Douglas Mormon Ferry (1849) Emigrant Gap 26 r n E l kho r Fremont Chadron M is er Upper Independence Landing 29 435 80 Ri TH D 189 FORT HALL 84 SOU W Blackfoot INDIAN Rive Norfolk 435 IOWA Blair S er 191 National Historic Trails Interpretive Center 20 26 Gannett Peak 13804ft 4207m Jackson e Riv WYOMING nd vi 18 S A N D AIN Castle Butte e Palisades Reservoir 15 26 ak 20 Harrison NT Utter Massacre Site Sn Wi 30 275 385 Lusk OU 78 REGISTER CLIFF: of the thousands of names carved by emigrants into the soft sandstone, several hundred are still legible. Some trail ruts, as deep as five feet, are three miles west. M r IDAHO FALLS 20 Big Southern Butte 75 18 85 tte ve r Pla Ri Rive IE Givens Hot Springs Sinker Creek Segment Malheur Lake Nampa IDAHO Bonneville Point Indian Creek Station Ditto Station 20 Inscription Rock Canyon Creek Station Teapot Dome Teapot Dome Hot Springs Rattlesnake Station Three Island Crossing North Trail Glenns Ferry Segment 25 AINS k UNT 84 26 ey R iv 35 30 Ni ob rar a Valentine 29 81 Niobrara National Scenic Riverway e MO Canyon Hill Ruts Ward Massacre Site BOISE RN Sn a Owyhee Di Ch R 29 r M O 201 Lake 26 287 tal S O U T H D A K O TA Wind Cave National Park n en G H v Nyssa THREE ISLAND CROSSING: if the water was low this was the best place to cross to the north bank of the Snake River to a route that offered better travel conditions and ample drinking water. 75 G OREGON North 5 20 en r e iv Kansas City/Independence area 83 er Ri Vale er tin e iv Missouri National Scenic Riverway 20 Riv Bend n 20 21 Fort Boise hor 395 Alkalai Springs Segment Keeney Pass Big v SOUTH PASS: here the emigrants crossed the Continental Divide and passed into the Oregon Country. The Pass is so broad and so level that many did not realize they had passed into the Pacific watershed. de Ri er C Umpq ua 93 GE RAN So u th Rexburg on ING OM WY R r er C ro o ke d Grand Teton National Park ING WYOM IDAHO FLAGSTAFF HILL: travelers caught their first glimpses of the Blue Mountains from this point—an indication their trip was nearing the end. Roseburg ive n 26 IDAHO N or t h Jackson Lake Farewell Bend OREGON Coos Bay v Ri John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway 26 89 C.J. Strike Ruts a R iv Salmo 20 u U mpq e 75 e EUGENE on BARLOW PASS: tired and weary emigrants who chose not to go down the Columbia faced a steep climb to the pass before descending into the Willamette Valley. st er 95 Burnt 20 97 w 84 Riv 26 126 A R 16 Hot Springs 20 E Flagstaff Hill 26 5 ANA M ON T ID AHO 86 Madras CORVALLIS R Jewel Cave NM TA AKO D TH SOU RASKA NEB Badlands National Park Mount Rushmore N Mem BLACK HILLS 90 Buffalo Worland d G er I 20 14 16 N RESERVATION vi e R iv John Day Fossil Beds NM 207 Di T INDIAN 93 O SALEM RIVER 85 16 Yellowstone Lake O WARM SPRINGS National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Nat i o n al Par k 20 Payette Lake 395 19 Hebgen Lake M O U N TA I N S d Baker City 218 l 26 Yel l o ws t o n e R 197 ta River Segment en 19 Barlow Gate SALMON B Cody R End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Po w BLUE MOUNTAINS: Though the trail passed over moun­ tainous terrain, wood, water, and shade were abundant— a welcome change from the desert along the Snake River. Tygh Valley y West Barlow Tollgate Philip Laurel Hill Foster Barlow Road Farm 97 Hilgard Junction 19 Da Government Camp Barlow Pass Ladd Canyon Segment in 3424m 206 Segment 95 er Oregon City Wildwood Recreation Mt Hood Area 11235ft John Sandy Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Wallowa Lake M O N TA N A Gillette 90 14 nt PORTLAND The Dalles 74 on er Bighorn Canyon NRA TANA MON MING WYO E 84 Deadman Pass Echo River UMATILLA Meadows INDIAN 207 Meacham RESERVATION Emigrant Well Blue Mountain Crossing Springs Spring Interpretive Park Blue Mountains La Grande Fourmile Canyon John Day River Crossing Deschutes River Crossing Dufur Boardman Segment 82 lm Co VANCOUVER 84 Emigrant Hill Segment Sa T Fort Vancouver NHS WHITMAN MISSION: Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, who helped blaze the route of the Oregon Trail, established a mission to Christianize the Indians here in 1836. 15 T m er I le Cascades of the Columbia 11 Nez Perce National Historical Park 191 B er N a eh Biggs Junction Ruts lu Tamustalik Cultural la Institute Echo Pendleton on River Riv Co Arlington ia mb 730 il OREGON CITY: the Oregon Trail ended here. Fort Vancouver, a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post, is across the Columbia in Washington. r Riv at Astoria Rive Um Fort Clatsop National Memorial Longview Co lum bia THE DALLES: before the opening of the Barlow Road in 1846, emigrants had no choice but to build rafts and float down the treach­ erous Columbia. 12 m lo 5 Lake Wallula al WAS OREGON Walla Walla Big Hole National Battlefield l Ye 82 HINGTON S WASHINGTON KENNEWICK Whitman Mission NHS 89 Ri Nez Perce National Historical Park Fort Scott NHS 75

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