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Wilderness Trip Planner to North Cascades National Park (NPS), Ross Lake National Recreation Area (NRA), Lake Chelan National Recreation Area (NRA) in Washington. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

North Cascades North Cascades National Park Ross Lake National Recreation Area Lake Chelan National Recreation Area Stephen Mather Wilderness National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior An Enduring Legacy of Wilderness “[I]t is hereby declared to be the policy of the Congress to secure for the American people of present and future generations the benefits of an enduring resource of wilderness.” — Wilderness Act, 1964 The North Cascades National Park Service Complex includes 684,000 acres in three units: North Cascades National Park, Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, and Ross Lake National Recreation Area. Congress has designated 94% of the Complex as the Stephen Mather Wilderness. The Stephen Mather Wilderness is at the heart of over two million acres of some of the wildest lands remaining—a place “where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man….” Untrammeled (meaning“free of restraint,” “unconfined”) captures the essence of wilderness: a place where the land’s natural processes prevail, and the developments of modern technological society are largely unnoticeable. Here, we are visitors, but we also come home—to our natural heritage. It is a place to experience our past and a place to find future respite. This is the enduring legacy of wilderness. Today, as in the past, wilderness is an important part of every American’s story. People seek wilderness for many reasons: physical or mental challenge; solitude, renewal, or a respite from modern life; or as a place to find inspiration and to explore our heritage. What draws you to visit wilderness? Randy Godfrey SKAGIT VALLEY PROVINCIAL PARK Ri PROVINCIAL PARK C r e ek C k ee Cr Cree k Na i De vo re Castle Rock 8137ft 2480m St i le Sput t o r Manly Wham Flick Creek 2.2mi 3.5km 7.0mi 11.3km Cr Moore Point h Fis O K A N O G A N - W E N A T C H E E N A T I O N A L F O R E S T Pa ss e lan Che ier ac Domke Lake rev 3/21 MWR om /fr to Chocolate Glacier 2.9mi 4.7km 0.2mi 0.3km rry Fe er ng l yG Sum mi t Triplet Lakes+ 3.5mi 5.6km Lucerne st Du 2.5mi 4.0km n ee k l k ee Cr y an Co mp Cr est N Cre e Rain bow cG t Landing Castle Rock WILDERNESS War Creek Pass Purple C re ek Pass 7.5mi Juanita Lakeview 12.1km Lake (group) (no fires) (no fires) k Stehekin Golden West Visitor Center (360) 854-7365 0.5mi 0.8km il Tra ra T Cre ek De vo re Purp le C 0.5mi 0.8km Tr ail Holden Glacier Peak 10541ft 3213m RIDGE n Trail Sc il Tr a k th So u Pacific Purple Point STEHEKIN 1.0mi 0.4mi 1.6km 0.6km 3.3mi 5.3km Purple Mt 7161ft 2183m Purple+ 4.7km ee Cr Reynolds Hooter la he T 3.3mi 0.5mi 0.8km 1.5mi 2.4km 1.7mi 2.7km (group) Weaver Point PC reek 2.0mi de ul B o ek 3.2km re C Rennie B o ul d e r 2.1mi 3.4km Rainbow Bridge 5.3km Tra il Lakeshore Alt ern ate yt e F o rk West me Loop ak e ai l F or ation al Sce n k ne w Do E RIDG y P as a Tr Ban k Ea st Cra ter ir t ynin Th ree k Trail k No e M i le Cr e ek P iv er a w Riv er P ac Creek nn Lak e N Tr a ge Ri d p Co p Riv k er Ba B ak er R on gi t ek Cre Ska ut Tro O 2.2mi 3.5km N Creek SAWTOOTH R E C R E A T I O N r AC R E A k 23.7mi 38.1km Rennie+ ELA d lroa Rai Holden Lake KANGARO Bench Creek CH GE Bonanza Peak 9511ft 2899m Dee Dee Lakes+ E R ID 4.7km McAlester Mountain 7928ft 2416m 1.0mi 1.6km Harlequin il Tra 7.8mi 12.6km Rainbow Ford Rainbow Falls Buckner Orchard 2.9mi Tupshin Peak 8320ft 2536m LAKE CHELAN- South Pass 6305ft 1922m LAK RS il 2.3km Tra k 2.9mi 2.4mi 2.6km 3.9km 1.8mi 2.9km ny Hidden Meadows 0.7mi 1.1km McAlester Pass ail Tr om pa il Tra ake er L Alest Mc IN E ek Cre e e Ba k at Sl M Bowan Rainbow Meadows 1.6mi 4.1mi 6.6km Hock Mountain 7750ft 2362m 1.4mi Ridge+ 1.1mi 1.8km Rainbow Mountain 6040ft 1841m ai Tr 6064ft 1848m Twisp Pass 1.6km Bowan Mountain 7895ft Rainbow 2406m N AT I O N A L ee 1.3mi 3.0mi McAlester Lake 1.0mi High CHELAN Battalion Cr Early Winter Spires 7807ft 7740ft 2380m 2359m Stilletto Peak Copper Pass 7660ft 2335m Stiletto McAlester Lake (group) 0.3mi 0.5km LAKE 8182ft 2494m Liberty Blue Lake Bell Mtn 4.1mi 6.6km in ek ail eh Tr St ver Ri in ta un Mo High wa y rk k or McGregor Mountain reg l 8122ft Tra i 0.7mi n 1.1km 2476m M Rainbow Lake GLACIER PEAK WILDERNESS Trail e Cre ic C Suia ttle 4.1mi 6.6km Silver Star Mountain 8876ft 2705m SNAGTOOTH RIDGE Hock Kettling l Trai 5.4mi 8.7km Sulphur Creek Lime Mountain 6772ft 2064m Creek lp Cr ee k r hu Sandalee Glacier l ai Tr Blue Lake Trail 1.3mi 2.1km 2.7mi 4.3km e Su Downey Creek Dome Peak 8920ft 2719m ne s Bridge Creek Trailhead 0.4mi 0.6km Washington Pass Overlook 5477ft 1669m Washington Pass Rainy Pass 4855ft 1480m Lak Dome Glacier Itswoot Lake Buck Creek ril) Ag Trail Trail Rain b ow For k Cr 20 Cutthroat Porcupine Creek Rainy Rainy 0.8mi Lake Lake 1.3km Howard Lake 2.0mi 3.2km Lone Fir Granite Pass PCT) 1.2mi 1.9km 2.8mi 4.5km 1.2mi 1.9km Agnes Creek Trail k ee To Winthrop 21mi 34km 2.1km 4.8km Dagger Lake 1.0mi Tw Creek isp l 1.6km Pass Trai South Hideaway Fireweed 3.2mi Dagger Six Mile Fork 5.1km (PCT Distance Lake Hiker Camp) (no fires) M High Bridge 2.4mi Agnes Gorge Trail 3.9km Creek p 6837ft 2084m Cutthroat Pass 1.5mi 2.4km( Trail Bridge Heaton 0.9mi 1.4km LeConte Glacier Spire Point 8264ft 2519m e k Cree South Cascade Glacier m Swa Dan’s Tumwater West e Cr 3.9mi 6.3km Methow Pass Ap Bench Lake Tolo e Creek 0.8mi 1.3km McGregor Shady LeConte Mountain 7762ft 2366m o vt No id e ed m Granit Mount Buckindy 7320ft 2231m Bridge Creek 2.5mi 0.5mi 4.0km 0.8km (group) 2.2mi 3.5km Br id g 3.0mi 4.8km To Mazama 12mi 19km Tower Mountain 8444ft 2574m 6.6km Frisco Mountain 7780ft 2371m 3.0mi 4.8km Park Creek Trail 3.2km F la t South Cascade Lake North Fork Two Mile River (509) 996-4003 4.1mi Benzarino 2.6mi 4.2km Goode Ridge Trail 5.0mi 8.0km Meth ow (clos Boat fuel k k ee Cr Lodging Circle Peak 5983ft 1824m ay hw Hig es Boat-in campsite t Fla e Cre ek Cre ll r G cad Cas Frontcountry hiker camp (reservation) Spider Mountain 8286ft 2526m N AT I O N A L l Methow Valley Ranger Station Lake Ann Walker Park Green View Lake 0.3mi 0.5km il Tra 2.0mi Mi e ld ou RID Wheelchair accessible Loo p a Restrooms Glory Mountain 7228ft 2203m Meadows Crest Rainy Pass Grizzly Creek Goode Cr e 2.0mi 3.2km na ic North Store White Chuck Mountain 6989ft 2130m AY MCK ek Cre Car accessible group campground Riv er tio en FOREST Fisher Peak 8060ft 2457m il Backcountry boat-in camp Backcountry stock camp Ste Steheki n 4.2mi hekin 6.8km Trapper Mountain 7530ft 2295m Goode Glacier n Trail Self-guiding trail 3.0mi 4.8km Harts Pass k Maple Pass 3.1mi Loop Trail 5.0km Br id ge go Boat launch Cottonwood Up per For k 4.1mi 6.6km Goode Mountain 9220ft 2810m l ai Tr Black Peak 8970ft 2734m Old Wa Telephone Mount Formidable 8325ft 2537m 1.9mi 3.1km OKANOGAN Cre e 3.5mi 2.1mi 5.6km Easy Pass 3.4km 6525ft 1989m Arriva No rth Buckner Five Mile Basin Creek yon fi c k Tra Cree Middle Cascade Glacier Easy Pass Fisher Mount Arriva 8215ft 2504m Fisher Pass Logan 2.9mi 4.7km lley Va Car accessible campground Rive r e ite 0.5mi 0.8km Tr ail Trapper Lake Magic Mountain 7610ft 2320m Cosho Park Creek Pass 6059ft 1847m 7815ft 2382m k Mount Ballard 8301ft 2530m Eas t Mesahchie Peak 8795ft 2681m Trail k ek ee Cr Picnic area Su iatt le Cr e ek 1.2mi 1.9km Buckner Cree Majestic Mountain 7451ft 2271m Elija Ridge Douglas Glacier k Par k Pa r Fork Trail Visitor information DARRINGTON Beebe Mountain 7416ft 2260m Mount Logan 9087ft 2770m Buckner Mtn 9112ft 2777m Horseshoe Basin Trail ss Pa Mi ddle ek k ee Cr P N T) B l eek Cr 1.5mi 2.4km 2.5mi 4.0km Cascade Pass 5392ft 0.7mi 1643m 1.1km Fork Food service Green Mountain 6500ft 1981m Can Mesahchie Pass 5960ft 1817m Fremont Glacier HELLS BASIN Do vils De 1.0mi 1.6km Sahale Mtn 8680ft 2646m il ( Deception Pass E Cr ee k Ragged Ridge Thunder Johannesburg Mtn 8200ft 2499m h Sout Ranger station Prairie Mountain 5678ft 1731m Crater Mountain 8128ft 2477m an Gr w el l er th C re e k 3.7mi 6.0km 2.7mi 4.3km Creek River Backcountry hiker camp Backcountry hiker camp No fires allowed Huckleberry Mountain 5361ft 1634m Jerry Glacier 4.1mi 6.6km Gla cier 2711m Boston Peak r t hwe s t Tra Holman Pass 2.4mi she r Fishe Cre r C ek reek Tra il Thunder Basin No fic 15.2mi 24.5km 6.0km n Pa e Thund r r ie sto 8894ft n Casc ade Pelton Basin Jug Lake 530 ek 4.1mi 6.6km 4.7km Forbidden Forbidden Peak Torment 8815ft Basin Boston 2687m Bo Basin* C re re er th an 3.8mi 6.1km Glacier For k r e ek Woody Pass Jack Mountain 9066ft 2763m il St ur F o Ju lac Kindy C Mineral Park Cyclone Lake Backcountry hiker camp PCTA long distance permit holders only ek lo ab nG atio North a Ro Sauk To Darrington 19mi 31km Cross country zone Type Found Lakes Snowking Mountain 7433ft 2266m Pa c i Ruby3.9km Creek 5.1mi 8.2km Fi Sahale Glacier Cr eek 530 (party size limit 6) o Inspir er iv e R Cascad Hidden Lake* en C nt e WILDERNESS k ee 3.7mi Skagit Queen Moraine 2.9mi Lake Boston Johannesburg Slide Lake Jack Mountain Trail 0.9mi 1.4km Red Mountain 7658ft 2.2mi 2334m 3.5km Klawatti Peak 8485ft 2586m Johannesburg Whale Lake Suiattle Mountain 5040ft 1536m L ek Cre er Riv Eldorado* Hidden Lake Granite Lakes r ee k (party size limit 12) Other trail k Jordan Lakes Otter Cross country zone Type Triad d t bo I ll a FOREST Trail zone Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) e Cre ek Ro ad Hidden Lake Trail wa 7362ft 2244m Gabriel Peak 7920ft 2414m Inspiration Eldorado Glacier hu u ch R o ck l Devils Pass 2.8mi 4.5km Klawatti Glacier McAllister Glacier k 4.5mi 7.2km er k ee Cr Cre Distance between points Unpaved road C re e ul ek 9.6mi Junction Marble Creek Eldorado Peak 8868ft 2703m Falls Lake v i ls Little Jack Ar m Panther r C Fourth of July Tricouni Monogram Lake M a r b le ld Bou an R Cascade Rockport o ad t bo Illa Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Name 2.1mi 3.4km 2.8mi 4.5km Cr e Lo 15.5km op McAllister Monogram Lake N AT I O N A L Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Name Monogram Lake Trail Cascade d Jor Barnaby Slough (RV hookups, showers) 3.2mi 5.1km 1.9mi Lookout Mountain 3.1km 5699ft 1737m on ek 1.3mi 2.1km Stout Lake Marble Creek Howard Miller Steelhead Park k Cree R ID G E River Rockport State Park em Devils Dome 6982ft 2128m Cr e 4.3mi 6.9km C r ee k Devils Do m Cr e ay Ruby th l y of Tra il Snowfield De 5.3mi 8.5km 2.5mi 4.0km Klawatti MARBLEMOUNT Creek 20 Rockport y ne Fin E ON cky Ro t Valley d Roa k Sau Skagi SNOQUALMIE Sauk Mountain 5541ft 1689m l Newha 0.8mi 1.3km Thunder 3.4km Colonial Glacier M Sk m PA S AY T E N Dry Creek Pass Roland Nohokomeen Creek Glacier Happy Panther Trail Colonial Colonial Creek 2.1mi 1.2mi 1.9km Cougar 3.7mi Island 6.0km Hidden Green Hand Ruby 4.5mi 1.0mi Point 7.2km Ru 1.6km Pasture by Ruby Mountain 7408ft 2258m i s te r c A ll F o o ls C Devil’s Creek l ai 3.0mi 4.8km Hidden Cove Thunder Point Snowfield Peak 8347ft 2544m Newhalem Creek EB Concrete Backcountry Permits (360) 854-7245 AK E tle at Cr The Portage ek North Cascades National Park Wilderness Information Center Creek L Tr ke Gorge 3.4km Diablo Dam Lake Pyramid Pyramid Peak 7182ft 2189m Th r ee Spratt Mountain 7258ft 2212m Roland Point 4.9mi 7.9km il ain Tra Neve Glacier TE an km Jac u nt NEWHALEM Teebone CONCRETE 2.1mi Hopkins Pass 0.8mi 1.3km g 1.3mi 2.1km Ross Dam Buster 3.8mi Brown Di 6.1km lo L a e Spencer’s 3.2mi 5.1km Pierce Mountain 2.0mi 3.2km Lake Trail North Cascades National Park Visitor Center 0.9mi 1.4km M McMillan Neve To Sedro-Woolley 23mi 37km Lower Baker Dam ab 3.6mi 5.8km 3.7mi 6.0km May Creek Big Beaver Pumpkin Mountain 4.2mi 6.8km ni n st l Deerlick Ci Dry Creek Dr y Ten Mile Island Point AREA Sourdough M 2.5mi 4.0km Di Gorge Lake o ROSS LAKE Sourdough Lake DIABLO Gorge Dam ym R E C R E AT I O N Sourdough Ca Lodgepole N AT I O N A L Rainbow Sourdough Mountain 6120ft 1865m Skagit Peak 6800ft 2073m C g t L i gh Lightning Creek 5.1mi 8.2km e Newhalem Creek Trail Bouck Thornton Lakes Road Cre rg d Diobsu MOUNT BAKER- er ek 39 Mile Stetattle Creek Trail Go WILDERNESS Cre L i gh t n i n e Devil’s Junction Sourdough Gorge Creek Falls 5.4mi 8.9km Thornton Lakes Trail Diobsud Buttes 5893ft 1796m C r e ek Cree k Goodell Creek Damnation Peak 5635ft 1718m r Ste t ell od Go Thornton Lake Creek Thunder a B E Thornton Lakes n Sh Triumph o av Elephant Butte 7380ft 2249m Crescent Creek Mount Triumph 7271ft 2216m DIOBSUD k La Big NG k Cree Ba c Bacon Peak 7061ft 2152m N O I S Y- d oa Terror Basin Davis Peak Bacon Peak Watson Lakes Upper Baker Dam Elephant Butte ve Be 3.8mi 6.1km Ponderosa C r e ek 4.3mi 6.9km Despair Green Lake Kulshan er Berdeen Lake Berdeen M Mount Terror 8151ft McMillan Spire 2484m 8000ft Azure Lake 2439m ES Pinnacle Peak 6819ft 2078m Mount Despair 7292ft 2223m sy Horseshoe Cove ES Mount Prophet 7640ft 2329m ea n illa cM 2.1mi 4.0km e Cre am Sk RA um Bl ek e Cr e Trail r Lak Noi Shadow of Sentinels ET Creek B a ke CR SP I R NT CE Cat Island Castle Pass nn CK t Boulder Creek 4.3mi 6.9km Creek N AT I O N A L PA R K Blum tic Joker Mountain 7603ft 2317m Nightmare Starvation Ridge Deso lation Trail Prophet Luna Peak 8311ft 2533m ke T 3.2km rail Willow Lake Willow Lake 2.5mi Desolation Peak 4.0km 6102ft 1860m 3.7mi 1.0mi Desolation 6.0km 1.6km k Luna Mount Fury 8291ft 2527m Mount Blum 7680ft 2341m Shannon Creek e Cr e A rc Mount Challenger 8207ft 2501m 3.9km L ak e Perry Creek Beaver Pass Luna Sulphide Creek 4.6mi 7.4km Little Beaver Big PI if Sw Riv er il Tra 2.4mi er Swift Creek Panorama Point 5.8mi 9.3km k ee Perfect Pass NORTH CASCADES r Bake Boundary Bay a il Mount Winthrop 7850ft 2393m 2.7mi 4.3km 2.0mi La Castle Peak 8306ft 2532m Fo Littl Pioneer Ridge Park Creek 2.9mi 4.7km Beaver Pass 3620ft 1103m er Tr Cha llenger Glacier Challenger ck G lacie r Shuksan Lake 3 CANA UNITED DA STATES Hozomeen Mountain 8066ft 2459m Hozomeen Lake Hozomeen Lake 0.8mi 1.3km w Whatcom Peak 7574ft 2309m 1.0mi 1.6km Cr L it t le B e a v Hozomeen 3.1mi 5.0km lo Wil GE C ree k er Beav Stillwell Easy Ridge Sulphide Glacier * s an Shuk k e Cre 3.6mi 5.8km 5206ft 1587m Twin Rocks Whatcom Pass 3.5mi 5.6km Whatcom e e en RID Icy Jack Point Middle Lakes ek T Graybeal ra il 3.0mi 4.8km om C re CIRQUE ksa Tapto Lakes * ek SS E E A SY G la cie r k k ee k o Cr ID Ea st No o B r u sh Brush R i ll Copper Creek Ch c iw a Little Jackass Mountain 4387ft 1337m ry C re 2.2mi 3.5km U.S. Cabin Spickard RO Cre e Re d H oz Silver Creek t K Sulfide Glacier WILDERNESS MOUNT BAKER NATIONAL RECREATION AREA (U.S. Forest Service) Bear Mountain ek ub ail Tr C 2.6mi 4.2km Silesia 2.5mi 4.0km Hannegan Pass 5066ft 1544m Mount Shuksan 9131ft NOOKSACK 2783m Lake Ann Manning Park Headquarters, Lodge, and Visitor Center MANNING Hozomeen er Cr e Redoubt Glacier P er ian an SA Price MOUNT BAKER 2.7mi il 4.3km K M l a Tr i ill Ch 1.8mi 2.9km Nooksack lG ta ys Cr Coleman Pinnacle 6403ft 1952m ai Tr 4.1mi 6.6km AR ck S il v Indian Creek Ind eg nn ) NT UK An n N 3.2mi 5.1km Egg Lake Price Lake SH ke La SA 3.2mi Boundary 5.1km O Tra il 4741ft 1445m Austin Pass Artist Point 5.0mi 8.0km O 3.9mi 6.3km e rqu Ci Bagley Lakes (P Mount Redoubt 8969ft 2734m 0.8mi 1.3km R Copper Lake N No ok sa ck Mount Baker Ski Area Heather Meadows Visitor Center Mount Baker 10781ft 3286m 7.5mi 12.1km er Be ar 1.8mi 2.9km Trail r Galena Chain Lakes thwest Trai l N or r Silver Lake Mount Spickard 8979ft 2737m k ee Cr Copper Mountain 7142ft 2177m Ha ve Ri c cifi Pa (360) 599-2714 Mount Hermann 6286ft 1916m il Copper Mountain Silver Fir Glacier Public Service Center ve Depot (unmaintained north of Bear Creek) Goat Mountain 6890ft 2100m Nook sa ck To Glacier 4mi 6km ek 542 gi Ross Lake Little Chilliwack e Cr Twin Lakes ka PROVINCIAL PARK MOUNT BAKER WILDERNESS 4-wheel-drive conditions east of this point r-S git BUCKSKIN sia Sile North CHILLIWACK LAKE ve R o ad 5 Miles 1 ka t 0 Si l To Hope, B.C. 40mi 64km Chilliwack Lake British Colu Washin mbia gton 5 Kilometers 1 S 0 il

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