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Official Visitor Guide 2012 to North Cascades and Mt. Baker in Washington. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

NORTH CASCADES AND MT. BAKER VISITOR INFORMATION GUIDE South of Fisher Basin North Cascades National Park Recreational Opportunities page 2 Trip Planning and Safety page 3 Baker Lake and Mt. Baker Scenic Byway pages 4 - 5 North Cascades Highway pages 6 - 7 Welcome to National Park and National Forest lands in the North Cascades. Located east of I-5, there are many opportunities for you to enjoy this area with relatively easy access by several major highways. Starting up north: take a drive on the Mt. Baker Scenic Byway (State Route 542). This route starts in Bellingham, winds along the North Fork of the Nooksack River, and, from the town of Glacier, climbs 24 miles to an elevation of 5,100 feet at Artist Point in Heather Meadows. This destination is legendary for spectacular views of Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan and surrounding peaks. For other stunning vistas, follow the northern part of the Cascade Loop along the North Cascades Scenic Highway (State Route 20). A side trip up the Baker Lake Road, 16 miles east of Sedro-Woolley, leads into the Baker Lake Basin, which hosts campgrounds, water recreation and numerous trails. The 125-mile Skagit Wild and Scenic River System – made up of segments of the Skagit, Cascade, Sauk, and Suiattle Rivers – provides important wildlife habitat and recreation. The Skagit is home to one of the largest winter populations of bald eagles in the United States and provides spawning grounds for one-third of all salmon in Puget Sound. The North Cascades Scenic Highway travels through the gateway communities of Concrete, Rockport, and Marblemount before reaching Ross Lake National Recreation Area within North Cascades National Park Complex. Along the way, visit the North Cascades Visitor Center near Newhalem and many viewpoints above Gorge, Diablo and Ross lakes, which offer pristine perspectives of surrounding peaks. These mountains are home to more than 300 glaciers in the park and over 600 in the ecosystem. Further to the east, Lake Chelan National Recreation Area features the third deepest lake in the nation. Gaze into the clear waters of Lake Chelan as you boat to the remote community of Stehekin and the Golden West Visitor Center. North Cascades National Park Complex pages 8 - 10 Enjoy your visit. Be safe and be prepared. NORTH CASCADES NATIONAL PARK COMPLEX MT. BAKER RANGER DISTRICT USFS 810 STATE ROUTE 20 SEDRO-WOOLLEY, WA 98284-1239 Key Partners and Volunteer Opportunities page 11 FIND MORE INFO AT: Banner photo: Courtesy of William Clark. Right: FS. Bottom: NPS/Bender Sidebar photos, from top down: David Snyder for the NPS, Snyder, FS, Snyder, Clark, Snyder EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™ 2 North Cascades and Mt. Baker Visitor Information Guide Explore, Experience and Enjoy HIKING TRAILS AND CLIMBING PEAKS Hundreds of miles of trails lead into the North Cascades. Storm damage may affect your trip, so check trail conditions before you leave home. Most long hikes and climbs enter designated Wilderness Areas where special restrictions may apply. Climbers should choose experienced partners or licensed guides. GO FISHING Fishing in Washington, including in National Parks and Forests, requires a valid Washington State fishing license. In the National Forest, Baker Lake is a popular destination for salmon and trout fishing. The Skagit River, one of Washington’s major rivers, is home to seven species of anadromous fish (all five species of Pacific salmon and two types of trout) and freshwater trout and char. Visit the National Park and National Forest web sites for current recreation reports and climbing information. In the National Park, Diablo and Gorge Lakes have been stocked with rainbow and cutthroat trout. Ross Lake offers quality sport fishing opening annually on July 1. Lake Chelan has freshwater cod, trout and kokanee, a land-locked species of salmon. The Stehekin River offers rainbow and cutthroat trout. Comply with special regulations listed in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Sport Fishing Regulations, available wherever licenses are sold and online at: BACKCOUNTRY WATER RECREATION River floating is an excellent adventure to plan. Experienced boaters run National Forest: Backcountry camping does not require a permit, but a Northwest Forest Pass is needed at many trailheads. Campers in the Mt. Baker National Recreation Area and some areas of the Wilderness must camp at designated sites. Campfires are not allowed in most backcountry areas and seasonal fire restrictions may apply. National Park: Free permits are required for overnight stays in both backcountry camps and cross-country zones and are issued in person only on a first-come, first-served basis. There are more than 200 backcountry camping sites, from boat-in sites to high alpine backpacking sites. Backcountry camping is allowed only at established sites. Camps include pit toilets, tent pads and in some cases, tables and fire pits. Dispersed camping is permitted in cross-country zones most often used by climbers and mountaineers. For permit information, contact the Wilderness Information Center (360) 8547245 or visit DO I NEED A PASS? North Cascades National Park Complex does not require an entrance fee or parking pass at trailheads. However, use of certain trailheads, picnic areas and recreation sites in the National Forest does require a federal recreation pass. The Northwest Forest Pass is valid throughout all National Forests in Oregon and Washington. The Interagency Annual Pass, Interagency Senior, and Interagency Access Pass (formerly the Golden Age and Golden Access Passports) are also honored at Northwest Forest Pass sites. When in the area, passes can be obtained at ranger stations and some local vendors. You may also purchase the passes in advance by calling (800) 270-7504 or online at: Passes should be displayed from the rearview mirror or on the dashboard of your vehicle when parked at a Northwest Forest Pass site. Day Pass $5 Annual Pass $30 Interagency Annual Pass $80 * Interagency Senior Pass $10** The Interagency Access Pass is free for U.S. citizens or permanent residents with medically-determined permanent disability. * Valid at U.S. Federal Recreation areas. ** Lifetime pass for U.S. citizens and permanent residents 62 and over. the Skagit, Nooksack and Stehekin rivers. Ask for a list of local outfitters at any ranger station. Kayaking, canoeing and motor boating are other options. No personal watercraft (jet skis, etc.) are allowed in North Cascades National Park Complex. Motorboat and paddling rentals are available at Baker Lake, Ross Lake and Lake Chelan. Boat ramps are located at Baker Lake, Gorge Lake, Diablo Lake, Lake Chelan and the north end of Ross Lake at Hozomeen. HORSEBACK RIDING Stock animals are welcome on trails maintained to stock standards. Trail rules and seasons of use vary and special rules apply in Wilderness Areas. • Stock parties are limited to 12 (people + animals) on trails. • Grazing is permitted in the National Forest without a permit. But stock must use weed-free or processed feed while on National Forest lands. • Grazing with a permit is allowed in the Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas. This can be obtained with your backcountry permit. • Grazing is prohibited in the National Park; pack in processed food pellets. TRAVELING WITH YOUR DOG Dogs are not permitted on trails or in cross-country areas within the National Park. Leashed dogs are allowed in Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas, along the Pacific Crest Trail, in car campgrounds and along roads in the National Park. Dogs are allowed in the National Forest but must be leashed in developed recreation areas such as trailheads, campgrounds, picnic areas and Heather Meadows. For safety reasons, dogs are not allowed on Table Mountain Trail 681 in the Heather Meadows Area. NORTH CASCADES BY BICYCLE Many people tour across the North Cascades by bicycle. Ask for the bulletin "Cycling the North Cascades Highway" at any ranger station. Mountain biking is usually not permitted on park or forest trails. Riding is allowed on roads. Visitors should check for use restrictions on the trail system before heading out on a mountain bike trip. TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN • Make the most out of your adventure by taking special safety precautions. • Children should remain with adults. • Establish rules for keeping together. • If separated, the child should hug a tree near an open area and stay put. • Pick trails and adjust goals to children’s ages and abilities. • Bring along the ten essentials. • Have children help make an emergency kit and make sure they know how to use the items. • Help children develop responsible outdoor practices. ACTIVITY IDEAS FOR CHILDREN Explore with ears and eyes. Play observation games—watch for birds and identify plants, bugs and animal tracks. Listen for sounds of wildlife. Draw a picture or write a poem to remember the trip. Spend time with rangers. Ask for Junior Ranger and Family Fun activities and programs. Information is available at visitor centers and ranger stations. Top: NPS. Bottom: Snyder North Cascades and Mt. Baker Visitor Information Guide 3 Travel Safely, Step Lightly Many people come to the North Cascades to enjoy its rugged beauty and remote wildness. Recreating in natural areas, however, has inherent dangers and responsibilities. Conditions in mountainous areas can change very rapidly, even during a day trip. These travel tips can help you have a safe and responsible journey so that you, and future travelers, can enjoy the landscape to its fullest. LEAVE NO TRACE SAFETY TIPS Always tell a friend your travel plans, including destination and expected return time. Use caution on access roads. Watch for obstructions such as rocks, sharp turns, parked vehicles and pedestrians. Leave Fireworks at Home. Visitors are reminded that due to the potential fire danger, using or possessing fireworks of any kind is illegal on all federal and state-managed public lands in Washington throughout the year. Safeguard your possessions by keeping them out of sight. Lock your vehicle. Carry the ten essentials listed on this page. Check for avalanche danger. Before heading out into the backcountry, especially during the winter, check with the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center for current mountain weather and avalanche forecasts, online at Stay on trails. Wear adequate footwear and use a topographic map and compass. After hiking, check yourself for ticks, which may carry lyme disease. Hunting on National Forest lands, Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas is governed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Game Regulations. Visitors should exercise caution when hiking during hunting season; wear bright clothing and make your presence known. Hunting is not allowed in North Cascades National Park. Horses can startle easily. When stock approach, make your presence known and stand on the lower side of the trail. Report trail damage to the nearest ranger station. Do not depend on cell phones as there are many ‘dead spots.’ Mineral Park+ FS Hozomeen NP SP = Washington State Park P = Puget Sound Energy Campground: + Reservation available THE 10 ESSENTIALS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ns FS * hook-ups available io Marble Creek+ at FS ng Early Winters hi FS st Klipchuck p FS m Lone Fir • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • il NP Fis Colonial Creek Du NP tra Goodell Group++ p Newhalem Group++ NP m NP ng Newhalem Creek+ ki NP ra Goodell Creek Hi CP es Steelhead Park+ iti SP at Rasar State Park+ Bo FS ts Shannon Creek+ • • • • • • • • • • • • • cil FS ile Swift Creek+ fa FS ge Park Creek+ ts FS to Boulder Creek+ lt FS ba Panorama Point+ ar FS ile Bayview Group++ u Va FS er Horseshoe Cove+ • • • • • • to P at Kulshan w FS sh Silver Fir+ Flu FS es Excelsior Group++ iti FS ng ki Douglas Fir+ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • e CP cil fe Silver Lake Park+ FS = Forest Service CP = County Park fa Via B.C. er Cascade River Road le Milepost 81-180 ib SR 20 by Milepost 14-23 Us ed ag Baker Lake Road in ss an SR 542 Dr ce M Location Number of Campsites G Ac CAMPING AREAS • 100+* 30 2 • 21 104 34 2 16 Plan Ahead and Prepare Know the regulations and special concerns for the region you are visiting. Prepare for emergencies and hazards. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces Stay on the trail and camp in designated spots. Avoid fragile areas along waterways and in alpine meadows. Minimize Campfire Impacts Use established fire rings or pits; keep fires small. Put out fires completely and scatter ashes. Use a stove when possible. Respect Wildlife Observe wildlife from a distance. Never feed animals. Be Considerate of Other Visitors Be courteous; yield to others. Strive to not disturb the natural ambiance. Dispose of Waste Properly Pack it in, pack it out. Use toilets where available. Otherwise, dig a cathole 6 to 8 inches deep away from trails and water. Leave What you Find Observe, but do not take. Leave all natural and historical objects as you find them. WHERE CAN I CAMP? Many public campgrounds in the North Cascades are accessible by car. Most sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Group camps in the National Park are located at Goodell and Newhalem Creek campgrounds. National Forest group sites are available in the Baker Lake and Mt. Baker Scenic Byway areas. 10 12 55 • • • • • • NP = National Park Service ++ Reservation required TO BRING ON EVERY TRIP: 1) Food and water 2) Clothing 3) Navigation/map 4) Light 5) Fire starter 6) Sun protection 7) First aid kit 8) Knife 9) Emergency signal 10) Emergency shelter 20 38* 59* 21 110 2 3 142 27 46 13 22 22 122 National Park and Forest campground reservations can be made online at www. or at (877) 444-6777. Group sites can be reserved a year in advance and family sites may be reserved six months ahead. For information about camping and other lodging opportunities in Washington State Parks, call (888) 226-7688 or visit www.parks. LODGING There are a variety of lodging options. Local Chamber of Commerce offices are happy to assist you. Remote accommodations in the North Cascades include: Ross Lake Resort (206) 386-4437 Stehekin Landing Resort www.stehekinlanding. com. Other lodging is available in Stehekin. Pick up the Stehekin Visitor Guide at any ranger station. Learn about other tourism opportunities around the state at Top: FS, courtesy of Kevin Hammond 4 North Cascades and Mt. Baker Visitor Information Guide Visit the National Forest BAKER LAKE Nine-mile (14 km) long Baker Lake offers opportunities for camping, boating, fishing, picnicking, hiking and pack & saddle trips. Washington State regulations govern boating and fishing at Baker Lake. Developed campgrounds are located along the western side of the lake. The Baker Lake Trail extends along the eastern shoreline, crossing the Baker River at the north end. For camping information see page 3. MT. BAKER NATIONAL RECREATION AREA The Mt. Baker National Recreation Area was established in 1984 outside wilderness legislation to allow for snowmobile use when snow levels are sufficient. During the summer, hiking trails lead from the end of Forest Road 13 and through the Mt. Baker Wilderness from the Middle Fork Nooksack river drainage to this impressive landscape. Hikers can explore the trails, and stock is welcome August 1 to November 1. Winter recreation includes skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. To help prevent resource damage and protect sub-alpine vegetation, backcountry campers must stay at designated sites, and no campfires are allowed in this area. One-night-only campsites are established for hikers and stock parties at the trailhead at the end of Forest Road 13. Please ask for a detailed handout on campsites and area regulations at a ranger station. NATIONAL FOREST CAMPING Forest visitors may camp in dispersed undeveloped forest areas with a maximum stay of 14 days. Developed campgrounds are operated by forest concessionaire, Hoodoo Recreation,, in the Mt. Baker Scenic Byway, Baker Lake and Cascade River corridors. Sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis or by reservation at or (877) 444-6777. FS Mt. Baker National Recreation Area Trails Trail # Name 603 Park Butte 603.1 Scott Paul 603.2 603.3 696 697 Distance Access Remarks one-way miles Enters Wilderness, designated camps, Road 13 3.5 (5.6 km) no fires, stock ok 8/1 to 11/1 Road 13 6.5 (10.5 km) No camping, hikers only Designated camps, no fires, hikers 1.0 (1.6 km) only Bell Pass Road 12 5.0 (8.0 km) Wilderness, stock allowed 8/1 to 11/1 Ridley Creek Road 38 5.5 (8.9 km) Not maintained, connects to trail 603.3 Road 12 3.0 (4.8 km) Elbow Lake Wilderness, stock allowed 8/1 to 11/1 Road 38 3.5 (5.6 km) Railroad Grade Trail 603 Baker Lake Area Trails 604.1 604 606 610 Dock Butte Blue Lake Baker River Baker Lake Road 1230 Road 1230 Road 11 Road 1107 1.5 (2.4 km) 0.7 (1.1 km) 2.6 (4.2 km) 14.0 (22.5 km) 611 Watson Lakes Rd. 1107-022 2.3 (3.7 km) Leads to a scenic vista Short forest hike to lake Enters National Park Stock allowed year-round Wilderness, no fires, designated camps 611.2 Anderson Lakes Rd. 1107-022 2.4 (3.8 km) Non-wilderness Baker Lk. Road Shadow of 623 0.5 ( 0.8 km) Accessible, interpretive Road 11 the Sentinels Rd. 1152 Shannon Ridge 742 3.0 ( 4.8 km) Climbing access to Mt. Shuksan, NPS backcountry permit required A Federal Recreation Pass is required at posted sites and trailheads. Always check trail and road conditions at the Forest Service website or call a ranger station. Note: Discover Pass is not valid at National Forest sites. North Cascades and Mt. Baker Visitor Information Guide 5 MT. BAKER SCENIC BYWAY Picture Lake Path Trail 735 HEATHER MEADOWS DETAIL MAP Mount Herman 6286 ft 1916 m Picture Lake Highwood Lake Bagley Lakes Trailhead Parking Wild Go o se es Austin Pass Picnic Area Mazama Lake MOUNT BAKER WILDERNESS il Tra 68 M ount Ba k e r S ki A re a uk sa Tr ai l Artist Ridge Trail Huntoon Point Tr a il 60 0 To Lake Ann m 0 Scale 0 0.7 mi 1.0 km POPULAR TRAILS ALONG THE MT. BAKER SCENIC BYWAY Glacier Area Trails Trail # Name Distance Access one-way miles 625 630 671 677 678 687 673 Damfino Lakes High Divide Church Mountain Heliotrope Ridge Skyline Divide Horseshoe Bend Goat Mountain Road 31 Hwy 542 Road 3040 Road 39 Road 37 Hwy 542 Road 32 3.0 (4.8 km) 13.0 (20.9 km) 4.2 (6.8 km) 3.7 (6.0 km) 5.5 (8.9 km) 1.5 (2.4 km) 4.0 (6.4 km) 674 Hannegan Pass Road 32 5.0 (8.0 km) 685 Winchester Mtn. Road 3065 2.0 (3.2 km) 686 686.1 626 Tomyhoi Lake Yellow Aster Butte Boyd Creek Road 3065 Trail 686 Road 37 4.0 (6.4 km) 2.0 (3.2 km) 0.25 (0.4 km) Remarks No fires, connects with High Divide Wilderness, no fires, stock 8/1 to 11/1 Steep hike up forested slopes Wilderness, no fires Wilderness, no fires, stock 8/1 to 11/1 Follows Nooksack River Wilderness, stock allowed 8/1 to 11/1 Wilderness, no fires, enters National Park, stock allowed 7/1 to 11/1 High clearance vehicle needed on road, Wilderness, no fires Wilderness, no fires Wilderness, no fires, Jct 686 at 1.5 mi Accessible, Interpretive Heather Meadows Area Trails 600 682.1 681 Lake Ann Ptarmigan Ridge Table Mountain Hwy 542 Trail 682 Hwy 542 4.8 (7.7 km) 5.0 (8.0 km) 0.7 (1.1 km) 682 Chain Lakes Hwy 542 6.5 loop 735 684.2 684.3 669 Picture Lake Fire and Ice Wild Goose Artist Ridge Hwy 542 Hwy 542 Hwy 542 Hwy 542 0.5 loop 0.5 loop 2.5 (4.0 km) 1.0 loop The scenic Mt. Baker Byway winds along the North Fork of the Nooksack River, ending at Artist Point at 5,100 feet (1545 m) in Heather Meadows. The last 24 miles (39 km) is designated as a National Forest Scenic Byway. At the road’s end, trail systems lead into the Mt. Baker Wilderness. During winter months motor traffic ends at the Mt. Baker Ski Area three miles (6 km) below Artist Point. GLACIER PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER - MP 34: Stop by to get current conditions from Forest Service and National Park staff. n Ar Artist Point MT. BAKER SCENIC BYWAY POINTS OF INTEREST se oo Sh 2 To Ptarmigan Ridge Trail 682.1 Gate closed in summer (Summer Only) dG untain le Mo Tab Trail 681 Mt. Baker Ski Area White Salmon Day Lodge Heather Meadows Visitor Center Iceberg Lake Fire and Ice Trail Trail 684.2 r ke Ba way . t M igh H Mt. Baker Ski Area Heather Meadows Day Lodge Wil Galena Chain Lakes L ak La k B Ch Lakes l ey Bagley ain Trail Hayes Lake s Tr ail 682 ag Chain Lake es Tra il Mazama Dome 5842 ft 1781 m Arbuthnot Lake 542 To Glacier, WA (USFS/NPS Information) Wilderness, no fires Wilderness, no fires Wilderness, no fires, no dogs Wilderness, no fires, camp at designated sites only Accessible, Interpretive Accessible, Interpretive No camping one mile from trail Accessible viewpoint A Federal Recreation Pass is required at posted sites and trailheads. Always check trail and road conditions at the Forest Service website or call a ranger station. Note: Discover Pass is not valid at National Forest sites. Boyd Creek Interpretive Trail, FS Road 37: This short, self-guided nature trail focuses on components of healthy fish habitat. Nooksack Falls, MP 40: A dramatic waterfall plummets more than 100 feet over rocky outcrops. A fence-lined pathway leads to a viewpoint. Shuksan Picnic Area: Day use area at the base of Forest Road 32 (Hannegan Road). Pass required. HEATHER MEADOWS AREA Visit this spectacular sub-alpine setting along the upper reaches of the Mt. Baker Scenic Byway. Spread out a picnic lunch at Austin Pass Picnic Area and check in with staff at the Heather Meadows Visitor Center. Open daily in summer from 10 am to 4 pm. A valid Federal Recreation Pass is required for parking in the area during the summer season. Hike along a network of scenic trails and enjoy several self-guided interpretive opportunities and accessible viewpoints. Several longer hikes lead into the surrounding Mt. Baker Wilderness, where Wilderness regulations apply. When entering such areas, be prepared for risk and challenge. The terrain can be rugged and the weather unpredictable. During winter months, check avalanche forecasts by calling at d LAKE Diablo Lake Overlook 20 Cr en tin ve r Ska g Creek Pr es s Mill N FOREST C ree k North For k Granite Lakes Whale Lake Ro ad Mineral Park Found Lakes Johannesburg Mtn 8200ft 2499m 8894ft 2711m Boston Peak Doubtful Lake Sahale Mtn 8680ft 2646m Cascade Pass 5392ft 1643m Buckner Mountain 9112ft 2777m Park Creek Pass 6059ft 1847m Goode Mountain 9220ft 2810m Nor th F ork of Bri dg e Black Peak 8970ft 2734m mp Swa l) pri oA i te Fisher Peak 8060ft 2457m vt Rock Shelter: 0.3 miles (0.6 km) trail to Native American campsite above Newhalem Creek, moderate grade. Easy Pass 6525ft 1989m Mount Arriva 8215ft 2504m an River Loop: 1.8 miles (2.9 km) trail begins at North Cascades National Park Visitor Center or in Newhalem Creek Campground for easier grade. N AT I O N A L No Sterling Munro: 330 ft (120 m) boardwalk with view of Picket Range. 8795ft 2681m Gr Shadow of the Sentinels: 0.5 miles (0.8 km) trail through old growth forest. Slide Lake Cr ek Mesahchie Peak Mount Logan 9087ft 2770m OKANOGAN i d- ACCESSIBLE INTERPRETIVE TRAILS 30 17 13 129 Otter C re 20 6837ft 2084m Cutthroat Pass Washington Pass Overlook Rainy Pass C Lake Ann To Winthrop Creek Porcupine Creek Universal access to Rainy Lake il Tra ek re WASHINGTON PASS TO WINTHROP Washington Pass to Mazama Mazama to Winthrop TOTAL TRIP: Hidden Lake r 44 14 26 4 Klawatti Peak 8485ft 2586m Forbidden Peak 8815ft 2687m ve Ri NEWHALEM TO WASHINGTON PASS Newhalem to Diablo Overlook Diablo Overlook to Rainy Pass Rainy Pass to Washington Pass k 55 24 8 8 15 eek h er ek Meth o w River Rainy Lake National Recreation Trail Rainy Pass 4855ft 1480m 5477ft 1669m Washington Pass Rainy Lake Blue Lake Liberty Bell Mtn 7740ft, 2359m Suiattle Mountain 5040ft 1536m In Miles SEDRO-WOOLLEY TO NEWHALEM Sedro-Woolley to Concrete Concrete to Rockport Rockport to Marblemount Marblemount to Newhalem ee How far is it? How long will it take? Cr To Darrington e Cascad Cr iver k R Kulshan Cartographic Services, Bellingham WA Jordan Lakes t bo Sau Finney PeaK I ll a Ro ad Eldorado Peak 8868ft 2703m F is Moraine Lake r k ee Falls Lake Cree k 530 17 t bo Illa Marble Creek ld e Cr Howard Miller Steelhead Park n da d Roa scad e a C t r o p Rock River Cre ek Bo u Jor Barnaby Slough ek Cre y ne Fin 20 Marble Road C re ed m (clos ROCKPORT er Riv C asc Cas ad e cad e r ay hw Rockport State Park Creek er he Red Mountain 7658ft 2334m N AT I O N A L PA R K Monogram Lake MARBLEMOUNT Cre e k Riv d Roa u Valley Lookout Mountain 5699ft 1737m nt c eni al ion at Crest fic Hi g Sa k cky Ro Sauk Mountain 5541ft 1689m NORTH CASCADES Pa Gabriel Peak 7920ft 2414m es c ad Concrete it G git t C ree k C as Ska North Cascades National Park Wilderness Information Center Mount Ballard 8301ft 2530m North Hwy C r e ek RI D C re e k an km Jac AY e Baker Dam E E as North Cascades National Park Visitor Center 20 FOREST Harts Pass k ee Cr ROSS LAKE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA B MCK Colonial Creek Campground C a n y on C re e k ek Pyramid Peak 7182ft 2189m Thornton Lakes Road Rub y Ruby Mountain 7408ft 2258m C re NEWHALEM Ruby Creek ni t Diobsud Buttes 5893ft 1796m Ross Lake Overlook te Sla Gorge Lake Goodell Creek Lake Diablo Dam ek C re Crater Mountain 8128ft 2477m r lde ou ak DIABLO Dia blo Happy Creek Forest Walk G ra Ba k Gorge Dam Newhalem Creek ud N AT I O N A L Ross Dam Environmental Learning Center T h u nder Sk C reek Davis Peak 7051ft 2149m The Portage CONCRETE h Sout Di ob s Creek Grandy Lake 20 t Damnation Peak 5635ft 1718m Creek r Thunde Lake Shannon Grandy Lake Campground i ag Bacon Peak 7061ft 2152m SNOQUALMIE Gorge Creek Falls Overlook Thornton Lakes MOUNT BAKER- a Ro Ross Lake Resort Boat taxi Boat fuel Mount Triumph 7271ft 2216m on ac ek er L e B Green Lake Cre Upper Baker Dam To Sedro-Woolley, I-5 Sourdough Mountain 6120ft 1865m WILDERNESS Kulshan W I LDERNESS Jack Mountain Trail DIOBSUD Goo del l k PASAYTEN Sc 12 Berdeen Lake NOISY- Sourdough Lake eek Cr Horseshoe Cove Mount Despair 7292ft 2223m ee Creek Shadow of Sentinels ES te r Baker Lake 11 CR RES K SPI Cr sy Noi Boulder Creek 13 N AT I O N A L PA R K REE Devils Dome 6982ft 2128m Cra Baker Lake Resort TC 7 E Panorama Point MOUNT BAKER NATIONAL RECREATION AREA (Forest Service) N CE NG um Bl eek Cr Shannon Creek NORTH CASCADES Mount Blum 7680ft 2341m ROSS LAKE NATIONAL RECREATION Be av AREA er g RA Park Creek Bi ET Cr CK ey ROSS MOUNT BAKER WILDERNESS dl North Cascades and Mt. Baker Visitor Information Guide PI Ri Shuksan Lake Pac i Cre North Cascades and Mt. Baker Visitor Information Guide Ri 6 In Minutes 530 75 25 10 15 25 65 25 35 5 45 25 20 3 hrs Gorge Overlook: 0.5 miles (0.8 km) 0.2 miles paved with views of Gorge Lake and Gorge Dam. Happy Creek Forest Walk: 0.3 miles (0.5 km) boardwalk through ancient creekside forest. Rainy Lake: One mile (1.6 km) paved trail leads to Rainy Lake with views of waterfalls. Washington Pass Overlook: 810 ft (250 m) loop trail with view of mountains from a high bluff. Cyclone Lake Jug Lake FROM WEST TO EAST BAKER LAKE AND MT. BAKER NATIONAL RECREATION AREA At MP 82 on SR 20 turn north onto Baker Lake Road #11 for access to water recreation, hiking and campgrounds. After entering the National Forest, Roads #12 and #13 lead to the Mt. Baker National Recreation Area for winter sports and hiking on the south side of Mt. Baker. ROCKPORT MP 96-98. Two parks, Rockport State Park and Howard Miller Steelhead Park, offer excellent day hikes near the Skagit River. State Route 530 goes south along the Sauk River, part of the Skagit Wild and Scenic River System, and accesses roads to the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Forest Roads 1030 and 1036 provide access to the Sauk Mt. Trail. MARBLEMOUNT MP 105-107. This is the last stop for full services and gas before Mazama and Winthrop. National Park backcountry permits are issued at the Wilderness Information Center one mile (1.6 km) north of SR 20 on Ranger Station Road. East of town, the Cascade River Road leads through the National Forest to campgrounds and the Cascade Pass Trailhead. COLONIAL CREEK CAMPGROUND NEWHALEM MP 120. Across the DIABLO LAKE OVERLOOK MP 132. Viewpoint has a variety of vistas, restrooms, a map, and shelter. RAINY PASS PICNIC AREA M.P. 158 One-mile (1.6 km) accessible trail leads to Rainy Lake and waterfall views. Longer hikes go to Lake Ann (2 mi, 3.2 km) or around Maple Pass Loop (7.5 mi, 12 km). Typically not snow-free until late July. ROSS DAM TRAILHEAD MP 134. WASHINGTON PASS Skagit River is the North Cascades National Park Visitor Center with several short trails including To Know a Tree, Rock Shelter and River Loop. Newhalem Creek and Goodell Creek Campgrounds offer tent, RV and group campsites. In town, Seattle City Light runs an Information and Tour Center with facilities, walking tours, trails including Trail of the Cedars and Ladder Creek Falls and a general store. GORGE CREEK FALLS AND OVERLOOK MP 123. Rest stop and accessible loop trail offering views of the gorge and dam. MP 130. Located on Diablo Lake, this campground has camp hosts and offers naturalist programs in the summer, an accessible picnic area and fishing platform. Thunder Creek, Thunder Woods and Thunder Knob trails leave from the campground and go through diverse forests to scenic views. The Ross Dam, West Bank and Happy Panther trails are accessed from this area, as well as Ross Lake Resort. SR 20 winter gate closure late fall through late spring. ROSS LAKE OVERLOOKS MP 135136. View Ross Lake, mountains and displays about ancient glaciers, lakes and more recent fire lookouts. Walk the Happy Creek Forest accessible trail. EAST BANK TRAILHEAD M.P. 138 Panther Creek, East Bank and Ruby Creek trails converge near here. A new option is to follow the Happy Panther Trail west from here to Ross Lake. M.P. 162 Highest point along the highway, enjoy views of Liberty Bell and Early Winters Spires. UPPER METHOW VALLEY M.P. 180 Mazama turnoff to Hart’s Pass (22 mi, 35.4 km). Road unpaved and usually not snow-free and passable until mid to late summer. Photos from left to right: NPS, NFS, NPS, NPS 8 North Cascades and Mt. Baker Visitor Information Guide North Cascades National Park Complex THE NORTH CASCADES ARE CALLING “The sublimity of true mountain scenery in the Cascade Mountains . . . must be seen, it cannot be described. Nowhere do the mountain masses and peaks present such a strange, fantastic, dauntless and startling outline as here. Whoever wishes to see nature in all its wildness must go and visit these mountain regions…” – Henry Custer, United States Northwest Border Commission topographer, 1859 North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake National Recreation Area and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area together make up the North Cascades National Park Complex. Whether you enjoy hiking, campin

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