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Mount Rainier Trails


brochure Mount Rainier Trails - Ohanapecosh

Brochure of Ohanapecosh Area Trails at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Mount Rainier National Park National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Ohanapecosh Area Trails All hiking times and distances are round-trip, unless otherwise indicated. Always carry the Ten Essentials: a topographic map and compass, extra food, extra clothing/rain gear, emergency shelter, first aid kit, headlamp or flashlight and spare batteries, extra water, sunglasses and sunscreen, repair kit/tools, and waterproof matches—for emergency use only (fires are not allowed in Mount Rainier’s Wilderness). Easy Trails Hot Springs Nature Trail. 0.4 mile. Less than 100’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 20 minutes. A short, self-guiding loop starting behind the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center and ending in “B” loop of the campground. Grove of the Patriarchs. CLOSED due to damage to the suspension bridge from the 2021 flood. The bridge provides the only safe access to the island that is surrounded by the swift, cold Ohanapecosh River. Moderate Trails Silver Falls Trail(s). Silver Falls can be accessed from three trailheads: (From Ohanapecosh Campground) 2.7 miles. 300’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 90 minutes. This loop trail starts from “B” loop of the Ohanapecosh Campground. At the falls, cross the bridge and follow the signs back to the campground. (From Stevens Canyon Road) 1 mile. 300’ elevation change. Average hiking time: 45 minutes. Trailhead is just northwest of the Stevens Canyon Entrance Station (across the road from the trailhead for Grove of the Patriarchs). (From Route 123) 0.6 mile. 300’ elevation change. Average hiking time: 45 minutes. Drive 1.6 miles north from the Ohanapecosh Campground on State Route 123. Park at the pullout on the west side of the road. Hike 0.3 mile down the steep trail to the junction with the loop trail, turn right at the junction, and continue 75 yards to the falls. Please note: Fatalities have occurred near the falls! For your safety, stay behind the fences and on the trail at all times! Eastside Trail. 11.5 miles one-way. 1000’ elevation change. Average hiking time: 6 hours. Although this trail extends from the Ohanapecosh Campground to Chinook Pass, day hikers often enjoy the portion of the trail just north of the Grove of the Patriarchs. Begin at the Grove of the Patriarchs parking area on the Stevens Canyon Road. At the trail junction 0.4 mile in from the parking area, go left and continue as far as you like. Strenuous Trails Laughingwater Creek Trail. 12 miles round-trip to Three Lakes Camp. 2700’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 6 hours. The trailhead is located on Route 123, 50 yards past Laughingwater Creek bridge (park on the west side of road; the trail starts on the east side). Shriner Peak Trail (not shown). 8.4 miles. 3434’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 6 hours. To access this trail, drive 3.5 miles north of the Stevens Canyon Road junction on Route 123 (park at the pullout on the west side of the road; the trail starts on the east side). The trail winds up the ridge through an old burn area so be sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water. Cowlitz Divide Trail. 8.5 miles. 2440’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 4 hours. Access this trail via Silver Falls trail or by driving 0.6 mile west of Stevens Canyon Entrance (parking and trailhead are on the north side of the road). Trail ends one mile past Ollalie Creek Camp, at the junction with the Wonderland Trail. Pets & bicycles are prohibited on park trails. 6/22 Eastside Trail MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK To Deer Creek Camp 6.3 Tipsoo Lake 10.6 Ohanapecosh Area Trails Stay on trails. Do not pick flowers. Carry the "10 Essentials" and Leave No Trace of your visit. Pets are NOT allowed on trails. Do not feed or approach wildlife. Use a topographic map. Permit required for Wilderness camping. Grove of the Patriarchs .3 .34 To Highway 410 Shriner Peak Trailhead Cayuse & Chinook Passes White River Campground and Sunrise Cowlitz Divide Trail 123 To Olallie Creek Camp 2.6 Wonderland Trail 4.0 Laughingwater Creek Trail Stevens Canyon Entrance .52 .34 Silver Falls To Three Lakes Camp 6.0 Pacific Crest Trail 7.3 .28 .5 Lau g hingwater Creek 1.0 Roa d 1.2 Ohanapecosh Campground To Box Canyon Reflection Lakes Paradise G F D C h Riv er Silver Falls Loop Trail Oh anapecos Stev ens Can yon Silver Falls Loop Trail H E .1 B .3 Trail conditions can change. Always check trail conditions before hiking. Road Hot Springs Trail Trail River/stream Campground r e A Visitor Center Amphitheater Visitor Center ec osh v Ri Oh an ap Viewing Area Entrance Station 123 Self-guiding Trail 0 To Highway 12 Packwood & White Pass 1/4 MILES 1/2 9/19

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