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Mount Rainier Trails


brochure Mount Rainier Trails - Eastside

Brochure of Eastside Trail at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Mount Rainier National Park National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Eastside Trail This extensive route connects the subalpine highlands of Chinook Pass and Tipsoo Lake with the deep, lowland forests of the Ohanapecosh area by following the Chinook Creek and Ohanapecosh River drainages. Many hikers choose to begin at the trail’s upper end and complete the entire trail as a one-way, downhill trip from Chinook Pass to Ohanapecosh. However, trailheads provide access to the trail at several locations along its length, allowing day-hikers to enjoy shorter sections of the trail. Refer to the map on the reverse side for details. Trail Description One-way Distance (Chinook Pass to Ohanapecosh): 13.3 miles (21.4 km) Elevation Change (Chinook Pass to Ohanapecosh): 3,532 feet (1077 m) Trailheads Along the Trail Difficulty Level: Moderate, although steeper sections exist between Deer Creek and Tipsoo Lake Wilderness Camp: Deer Creek Hiking Time One-way: 6 hours Pets are not permitted on park trails or in off-trail areas. Chinook Pass: Park at the parking area adjacent to the park boundary on SR 410, next to the Pacific Crest Trail’s pedestrian footbridge. Owyhigh Lakes Trail 0.4 mile (0.6 km) downhill, past Deer Creek Falls, to join the Eastside Trail. Tipsoo Lake: Park at the Tipsoo Lake picnic area, 0.5 mile (0.8 km) west of Chinook Pass on SR 410. Grove of the Patriarchs/ Stevens Canyon Road: Park in the parking lot at the Grove of the Patriarchs trailhead on Stevens Canyon Road. Owyhigh Lakes Trail: Park on SR 123 at the small roadside pulloff about 200 feet (61 m) south of the trailhead. Follow the Ohanapecosh: Park in the parking areas adjacent to the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center and Campground. The upper section of the trail showcases a prime example of the park’s delicate subalpine ecosystem as it winds through the meadows and patchy forest surrounding Tipsoo Lake. Please stay on the trail to protect these fragile meadows! zones along the trail––subalpine, midmountain, and lowland forest. Take the spur trail into the Grove of the Patriarchs to view a cathedral of ancient trees, some over 1,000 years old. The remainder of the trail follows the courses of Chinook Creek and the Ohanapecosh River. Outstanding examples of old-growth forest are seen in all life EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA Enjoy the refreshing sights and sounds of numerous waterfalls cascading down the canyons. Late-season hikers might hear elk bugling in the forest amidst colorful fall foliage. 12/18 www.nps.gov/mora To White River / Sunrise / Enumclaw To Yakima 410 Wenatchee National Forest Eastside Trail mileages RI D G E PARK BOUNDARY Chinook Pass Trailhead NO RS Tipsoo Lake Trailhead VER 410 Naches Peak GO Cayuse Pass 4694ft 1431m 1.5 Buell Peak 5933ft 1808m Creek 123 2.4 ts k uc ek Dew ey C r ee k Ko Chinook Falls Cre 0.4 Seymour Peak 6337ft 1932m Deer Creek Falls Dee no Double Peak 6199ft 1890m r Cr ee 0.4 k Owyhigh Lakes Trailhead ok 1.4 5432ft 1657m 0.5 i Ch Stafford Falls 123 1.5 Oh an ap eco Shriner Peak Lookout 5834ft 1778m Ohanapecosh Falls sh Riv er Pa nt h Creek er Cree k Chinook Pass to Tipsoo Lake 0.3 0.3 Tipsoo Lake to SR 410 crossing 0.2 0.5 SR 410 crossing to SR 123 crossing 1.5 2.0 SR 123 crossing to Chinook Falls 2.4 4.4 Chinook Falls to Deer Creek/Owyhigh Lakes Trail junction 0.4 4.8 Deer Creek/Owyhigh Lakes Trail junction to Stafford Falls 1.4 6.2 Stafford Falls to Ohanapecosh Falls 1.5 7.7 Ohanapecosh Falls to Grove of the Patriarchs junction 3.4 11.1 Grove of the Patriarchs junction to Grove of the Patriarchs trailhead/ Stevens Canyon Road 0.4 11.5 Grove of the Patriarchs trailhead/Stevens Canyon Road to Silver Falls Loop Trail junction 0.5 12.0 Silver Falls Loop Trail junction to Ohanapecosh... 3.4 Olallie Trail segment PointCumulative to-point mileage mileage Eastside Trail ...via west side of loop 1.3 13.3 Other trails ...via Silver Falls and east side of loop 1.4 13.4 Auto campground 123 Wilderness camp (permit required) Grove of the Patriarchs Trailhead 0.4 To P Lon aradise gmi re / Silver Falls Grove of the Patriarchs Laughingwater Cre ek Stevens Canyon Entrance 0.5 1.3 1.4 Ohanapecosh Trailheads Gifford Pinchot National Forest PARK BOUNDARY Ohanapecosh Visitor Center (open May to mid-October) 1900ft 579m To Packwood / Hwy 12 Do not feed or approach wildlife. Pets and bicycles are not allowed on park trails. Do not pick flowers or collect other park resources (rocks, wood, etc.). Carry the “10 Essentials” and Leave No Trace of your visit. Use a topographical map. Permit required for wilderness camping.

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