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Mount Rainier Trails

Carbon River

brochure Mount Rainier Trails - Carbon River

Brochure of Carbon River Area Trails at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Mount Rainier National Park National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Carbon River Area Trails The Carbon River Road is open only to hiking and bicycling. Bicycles are permitted on the road to Ipsut Creek Backcountry Camp, beyond which only hikers are allowed. Be aware that the trail surface varies from dirt to rock and can be challenging for novice riders. Bicycles are not permitted on any trails originating from the Carbon River Road. Pets are prohibited beyond the entrance. All trails listed in this section begin at the Carbon River Entrance; round-trip distances and hiking times are calculated from this location. Wear sturdy shoes; be prepared to cross washouts and hike around and over debris. Always carry the Ten Essentials: a topographic map and compass, extra food, extra clothing/rain gear, emergency shelter, first aid kit, headlamp or flashlight and spare batteries, sunglasses and sunscreen, repair kit/tools, and waterproof matches—for emergency use only (fires are not allowed in Mount Rainier’s Wilderness). Easy Trails Rain Forest Loop Trail 0.25 mile loop. Discover nurse logs and other rainforest characteristics along the self-guided loop trail. Old Mine Trail 2.9 miles round-trip. 100’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 2 hours. Follow the road 1.2 miles, then take a steeper, 1/4-mile spur trail to a gated mine entrance. Moderate Trails Green Lake Trail 10.0 miles round-trip. 1000’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 5 hours. One mile past the turnoff, a spur trail leads to Ranger Falls. Chenuis Falls 7.8 miles round-trip. Average hiking time: 4.5 hours Check trail conditions first; the footlog is subject to washout. Strenuous Trails West Boundary Trail 6.0 miles round-trip. 2800’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 4 hours. Departing from the back of the Rain Forest Loop Trail, this trail accesses a high ridgeline via waterfalls and forested slopes. Cross Streams Safely Always use bridges and footlogs to cross streams safely. If none are available, first look for a straight, wide area and slow moving water below knee height. Be aware of any downstream hazards that could trap you if you fall in. Use a sturdy stick to maintain 2 points of contact with the ground. Loosen the waist strap on your pack and look forward. Carbon Glacier Trail (Wonderland Trail) 17.5 miles round-trip. 1200’ elevation gain. Average hiking time: 8 hours. Sections of this trail have been rerouted; watch for detour signs. Mowich Lake Area Trails Pets & bicycles are prohibited on hiking trails and in off-trail areas. Moderate Trails Tolmie Peak Trail 5.6 miles round-trip. 1010' elevation gain. Average hiking time: 3 hours. The trail begins at the last bend in the road on the Mowich Lake Road, 5.5 miles from the park boundary. Please stay on the main trail near Eunice Lake to protect the fragile environment. Spray Park Trail 6 miles round-trip. 1300' elevation gain. Average hiking time: 4 hours. The trail begins on the west side of the Mowich Lake Campground. Take the 0.25 mile spur to Spray Falls, a 300' cascading waterfall. 6/20 1700’ Mount Rainier National Park Boundary 2605' Mowich River 3.1 West Boundary Trail 1.9 1.2 .25 Rain Forest Loop Ranger Station 2.5 mi .9 .2 4929' 1.7 Wilderness Camp (permit required) Campground 3.6 4885' Spray Falls Eagle's Roost Spray Park Ipsut Falls .2 1.3 Chenuis .2 Falls Mowich Lake Campground (Walk-in) Hiking/bicycling route Hiking Trail Trail Closed Park Boundary Road 1.8 .5 1.0 Mowich Lake Viewpoint Eunice Lake .9 2.9 5939' Ipsut Pass Green Lake Old Mine Trail Ranger Falls Tolmie Peak Lookout + .8 .3 2.0 4.8 4620' Cataract Valley 1.6 Seattle Park + 3195' Carbon River 1.7 2400’ Ipsut Creek .2 .4 3.7 4185' Dick + Creek 4620’ James Camp + 5570' Mystic Camp 4.0 5765' Granite Creek + Trail conditions can chang e. Always check trail conditions before hiking. Windy 3.1 Gap .8 Natural Bridge Lake James Carry the "10 Essentials" and Leave No Trace of your visit. Pets are NOT allowed on trails. Do not feed or approach wildlife. Use a topographic map. Permit required for Wilderness camping. Carbon/Mowich Area Trails Mystic Lake Moraine Park si 5180' pen Sus ge Brid ier Glac point .3 View 1.1 + Yellowstone Cli s on 2.9 Mount Rainier National Park Boundary MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK Winthrop Glacier C Glac n o arb ier + 6/20 4300' Fire Creek

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