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Mount Rainier Nature


brochure Mount Rainier Nature - Birds

Bird Checklist for Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Name HC Sp Su Fa Wi N Vireos Name HC Sp Su Fa Wi N Accidentals Finches Mount Rainier National Park (recorded, but not regularly observed)  Solitary Vireo F o o o x  Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch SA uc c uc r x Pied-billed Grebe Wood Duck  Warbling Vireo F uc uc uc x  Pine Grosbeak F o o o x Blue-winged Teal Cinnamon Teal  Purple Finch F r r r x American Wigeon Ring-necked Duck  Cassin’s Finch FS o uc uc x White-winged Scoter Bufflehead  Red Crossbill FS o o o r x Hooded Merganser Turkey Vulture  White-winged Crossbill F r r r r Ferruginous Hawk California Quail  Pine Siskin FS c c c uc x Virginia Rail Semipalmated Sandpiper Baird’s Sandpiper Common Snipe Wilson’s Phalarope Red-necked Phalarope Ring-billed Gull Caspian Tern Marbled Murrelet Mourning Dove Barn Owl Snowy Owl Long-eared Owl Boreal Owl Williamson’s Sapsucker Northern Rough-winged Swallow Black-billed Magpie Bushtit Warblers, Tanagers, Sparrows, & Blackbirds  Orange-crowned Warbler F uc uc c r r x r  Nashville Warbler F  Yellow Warbler F uc o uc x  Yellow-rumped Warbler FS c c c x  Black-throated Gray Warbler F r r r  Townsend’s Warbler FS c c c x  Hermit Warbler F o o o x  MacGillivray’s Warbler F uc uc uc x  Common Yellow-throat F o o o x  Wilson’s Warbler FS c c uc x  Western Tanager F uc uc uc x White-breasted Nuthatch Pygmy Nuthatch  Black-headed Grosbeak F r r r x Canyon Wren Northern Shrike  Chipping Sparrow FS uc uc uc x Lazuli Bunting Spotted Towhee  Savannah Sparrow FS r r x Vesper Sparrow Snow Bunting  Fox Sparrow FS uc uc uc x Western Meadowlark Common Redpoll  Song Sparrow FS uc uc uc r x Hutton’s vireo  Lincoln’s Sparrow FS uc o uc x  White-crowned Sparrow FS o o uc x  Golden-crowned Sparrow FS o o uc  Dark-eyed Junco FS a a a o x  Red-winged Blackbird FL o o o x  Brewer’s Blackbird FL r r  Brown-headed Cowbird FS r r r  American Goldfinch F o o r  Evening Grosbeak FS o uc o r x Old World Sparrows  House Sparrow (introduced) Notes F r r r x National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Bird Checklist Clark’s Nutcracker (HC) Habitat Codes F = forests S = subalpine forests/meadows A = alpine areas R = rivers L = lakes/marshes Abundance Abundance is based on the number of individuals of a species a competent observer might expect to find in a single day in suitable habitat. Sp = Spring Su = Summer Fa = Fall Wi = Winter a = abundant: easily observed in habitat c = common: high probability of observation uc = uncommon: probability of observation low o = occasional: seldom observed r = rare: zero to a low number observed annually Notes x (N) Nesting x = indicates species known or believed to nest in Mount Rainier National Park 1/18 The names and order of species follow the American Ornithologist’s Union Checklist (1983) and supplements through 1993. Please give a park ranger detailed descriptions of any observed species listed as occasional, rare, or not listed. Name HC Sp Su Fa Wi N L r r Grebes  Western Grebe L r Sp Su Fa Wi N  Blue Grouse S c c c  White-tailed Ptarmigan A uc uc uc uc x  Ruffed Grouse F c c c  Killdeer L uc uc  Canada Goose L r  Green-winged Teal L  Mallard L o  Northern Pintail L r  Harlequin Duck R r  Barrow’s Goldeneye L  Common Merganser L r o r r  Solitary Sandpiper L r o  Spotted Sandpiper L uc o  California Gull x o x r o x x r r r r uc uc x LS r Pigeons  Band-tailed Pigeon FL r r  Bald Eagle S o o  Northern Harrier S uc uc  Sharp-shined Hawk S o o o  Cooper’s hawk S o uc uc o  Northern Goshawk S o o o  Swainson’s Hawk S r uc  Red-tailed Hawk S c c  Rough-legged Hawk S  Golden Eagle S o o x x o x F uc uc uc x  American Kestrel S  Merlin S  Peregrine Falcon S  Prairie Falcon S o r Sp Su Fa Wi N RL o uc o x  Lewis’ Woodpecker F o o o  Red-breasted Sapsucker FS uc uc uc uc x  Downy Woodpecker F o o o r x  Hairy Woodpecker FS c c c c x  Three-toed Woodpecker F o o o o x  Black-backed Woodpecker F r r r r  Northern Flicker FS c c c o x  Pileated Woodpecker F o o o o x o x x c x a a a x RL uc uc uc uc x FS c c c FS c c uc x  Ruby-crowned Kinglet FS uc o c  Western Bluebird S r r  Mountain Bluebird S o uc o x  Townsend’s Solitaire F o uc uc x  Swainson’s Thrush F c c uc x  Horned Lark S o o o x Swallows  Tree Swallow F o o o x  Violet-green Swallow FS c c c x  Barn Swallow F c c c x Kinglets & Thrushes r x  Hermit Thrush FS c c uc x  American Robin FS c c c x  Varied Thrush FS c c c o x S uc c c x FS uc uc uc x F r r r x Pipits Crows & Jays c a  Winter Wren  Golden-crowned Kinglet o x c FS Wrens x o FSA x r o  Rufous Hummingbird c r o x c r FS r c FS  Northern Saw-whet Owl r c  Brown Creeper  Dusky Flycatcher o x r F Creepers x o F x x o  Calliope Hummingbird c r o o c r F o c r  Barred Owl Hummingbirds c  Red-breasted Nuthatch r r r FS Nuthatches r r r x r o o c FS o o c FS F x c  Hammond’s Flycatcher  Spotted Owl c c  Willow Flycatcher uc uc x c FS  American Dipper uc c  Chestnut-backed Chickadee x uc F uc uc x o F  Vaux’s Swift uc o  Northern Pygmy-Owl o uc r Larks o FS FS uc uc x o  Mountain Chickadee c  Western Wood-Pewee uc F c Dippers uc  Black Swift c x F uc c o  Great Horned Owl uc F uc  Pacific-slope Flycatcher o  Black-capped Chickadee uc uc uc x F Sp Su Fa Wi N FS uc Nighthawks HC  Olive-sided Flycatcher uc x Name Chickadees Woodpeckers F Swifts Falcons  Belted Kingfisher  Western Screech-Owl  Common Nighthawk HC Flycatchers Owls  Osprey uc c x Gulls o uc r L Eagles & Hawks uc L  Greater Yellowlegs r c Sandpipers Waterfowl Name Kingfisher Plovers Herons  Great Blue Heron HC Grouse Loons  Common Loon Name  Gray Jay FS a a a a x  Steller’s Jay FS a a a a x  Clark’s Nutcracker FS uc c c uc x  American Crow F r r r  Common Raven FSA c c c c x  American Pipit Waxwings  Cedar Waxwing Starlings  European Starling (introduced)

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