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Lake Meredith

Off-Highway Vehicles

brochure Lake Meredith - Off-Highway Vehicles

Brochure about Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) / Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) use at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (NRA) in Texas. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Off-Road Vehicles National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Lake Meredith National Recreation Area Welcome to Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. The operation of a motor vehicle off roads within the recreation area is prohibited except at the locations designated by Title 36 CFR 7.57. Rosita and Blue Creek are designated locations and are identified on maps available at the recreation area headquarters and on the recreation area web site, and are marked on the ground with signs, posts, or cables. Off-road Vehicle An off-road vehicle (ORV) is defined as any motorized vehicle operating in the Rosita or Blue Creek within Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. Boundaries Lake Meredith National Recreation Area is surrounded by private land. Become familiar with fenced boundaries and posted signs closing an area to all vehicles beyond that point. Tresspassing on private land or in a closed area can be costly. Violators will be prosecuted. See map on reverse side for park boundaries and riding locations. Management Zones Some of the designated locations for off-road motor vehicle use enter into or about one or more management zones that further manage this activity. These zones are identified on maps available at headquarters and on the recreation area website. Operational and Vehicle Requirements The following requirements apply to the use of motor vehicles off roads in the recreation area: • All off-road vehicles must comply with Texas Parks and Wildlife Code, Chapter 29 Off-Highway Vehicle trail and recreational program. • At Rosita, operating a motor vehicle in an isolated pool of water that is not connected to or touching flowing water is prohibited. • Operating a motor vehicle on vegetation is prohibited. • Glass containers are prohibited in designated areas, routes, and access points, and in camping zones. • Operating a motor vehicle in excess of 35 mph (unless otherwise posted) on designated routes and access points at Blue Creek and Rosita is prohibited. • Operating a motor vehicle in excess of 55 mph (unless otherwise posted) in the designated areas that are not part of a Low-Speed Zone on the river bottoms at Blue Creek and Rosita is prohibited. • BE SAFE! All visitors ride at their own risk. Use caution - these area are not set aside exclusively for ORV use. For more information, Park Headquaters at (806) 857-3151. In case of emergency, call 911 or Borger Police Department at (806) 273-0930 for Ranger Assistance. • • • All ATVs must be equipped with a whip—a pole, rod, or antenna—that is securely mounted on the vehicle and stands upright at least eight feet from the surface of the ground when the vehicle is stopped. This whip must have a solid red or orange safety flag with a minimum size of six inches by twelve inches that is attached no more than ten inches from the top of the whip. Flags must have a pennant, triangle, square, or rectangular shape. A motor vehicle must display lighted headlights and taillights during the period from one-half hour before sunset to one half hour after sunrise. Motor vehicles must have a functioning muffler system. Motor vehicles that emit more than 96 decibels of sound (using the SAE J1287 test standard) are prohibited. Operating a motor vehicle with a wheel width greater than 65 inches in a Resource Protection Zone is prohibited. Rosita Map Blue Creek Map Tread Lightly! T R E A D TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS EDUCATE YOURSELF AVOID SENSITIVE AREAS DO YOUR PART EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™ printed on 100% recycled paper

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