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Lake Meredith

Hunting Map

brochure Lake Meredith - Hunting Map

Map of Hunting Areas at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (NRA) in Texas. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument Texas National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Hunting Areas Do not use this map for hiking or navigation purposes. For information about maps, ask a park ranger or write to the superintendent. Lake Meredith NRA is surrounded by private lands. Please notify a Texas Game Warden if wounded game goes onto private property. ( 152 To Stinnett and Dumas Upper Plum Creek Area 1913 MOORE No hunting zone begins at creek crossing. HUTCHINSON 1319 9 ! To Stinnett Bi g B lu e Cre e k No 3395 Use Caution. Occupied buildings in this area. rth Use Caution. Occupied buildings in this area. k Tur 687 ey CANYO Vehicles allowed in creek bed only. 87 287 £ ¤ Sanford Yake Dumas and Amarillo TIM BE R H 1913 LO OL W Y NE IM OW CHOLL H Blue West Road M AR T IN Blue West y ! i ed S C AN y ! gh Hi l ve L ak le la ke N e M eflructuate th Fritch Fortress Cedar Canyon s YO m Plu EVA NS CA Harbor Bay y ! N 1319 y ! Arrowhead Island Fritch Fortress Road  To Spring Canyon N Bugbee NORTH k ee Cr Waterfall area To Borger SANFORD y ! ain Pl s e ak S a n f o r d- Y Rd Use Caution. Occupied buildings in this area. Sanford-Yake Ranger Station 687 YO C re ) " N ek R nd s Sho rt C la et W Bates Canyon De v ils C DE V IL S C Ri v d ia G BI Mc BR ID YO N Mullinaw M ullin a w Creek Creek Areas open to hunting within park boundary Closed to Hunting Areas closed to all hunting within park boundary N Archery and Shotgun l Areas open to hunting using archery or shotgun only. M ul lin aw Tra i SA LE DD O R H Co rr al Cr ee k SE Co e ta s C A N Y ON Caution Area - 200 yard rule Cr ee Use caution in these areas due to visitor use. No hunting within 200 yards of these areas. k To Dumas Rosita Meadows C hi Bull Taco Hill Park Boundary No vehicles are allowed downstream of Chicken Creek. ck e n National Park Service Boundary Private lands surround park lands. Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Area Boundary C ek re Paved Road Bo Use Caution. Occupied buildings in this area. ni ta Cr ee k POTTER Unpaved Road Trail 87 287 £ ¤ To Amarillo and CARSON Open to Hunting Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument Closed to Hunting E N Cas Johnson Road CA Ca A YO McBride Canyon na C N Visitor Contact Station er YO N n AN 136 Daymarker 15 marks the northeastern most point where hunting is permitted on the southeastern shore of Lake Meredith. All hunting is prohibited in the Park between daymarker 15 and the paved road east of the Sanford-Yake Ranger Station. Daymarker 15 is visible from the lakeshore, and is located at 35° 38' 36.9" north latitude, by 101° 38' 30.1" west longitude (WGS84). "No Hunting" signs are posted upslope from the daymarker. e ek Cr anyon Tr ail Dolomite Point y h Turk e Lower Plum Creek ut k ek Plum Creek Ramp Park Headquarters Visitor Information So a so Se re P l u m Cre e Mullinaw Crossing Open seasonally Roads accessed through Mullinaw Crossing are not maintained. Steep grades are present. Roads may be impassable when wet. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. Vehicle operators are responsible for removal of vehicle if it becomes stuck or disabled. l na FRITCH ( oad Upper Plum Creek To Borger Hiking, Horseback, Mountain Bike No motorized vehicles. § ¦ ¨ 40 0 6 Miles 136 ( µ 0 Km 10 To Amarillo and 40 § ¦ ¨ y ! Boat Ramp ® f Visitor Information Ramps may not be open due to low water depth. Call for current status. Information hours vary seasonally. Call (806) 857-3151 for current hours of operation. SFisher:20080905

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