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Lake Meredith

Hunting 2020

brochure Lake Meredith - Hunting 2020

Brochure about the Hunting Program: General Information, Safety, Seasons and Limits, at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (NRA) in Texas. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

2019-20 Hunting Program National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Lake Meredith National Recreation Area Prohibited Activities: HUNTING IS PROHIBITED WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF ALIBATES FLINT QUARRIES NATIONAL MONUMENT. Turkeys. NPS Photo - D. Yates Hunting for species not listed in this brochure is prohibited within the boundaries of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. Welcome to Lake Meredith National Recreation Area. Game species found here include dove, turkey, quail, duck, goose, whitetail and mule deer. To help improve game harvest estimates, and management of big game species, hunters should notify a National Park Service Ranger or Texas Game Warden after taking a deer. The National Park Service wants all hunters to have a safe hunt. General Information All hunters are required to have a Texas State Hunting License with appropriate endorsements to match the game being hunted. A Federal Duck Stamp is also required for those hunting migratory waterfowl. *Special Whitetail Youth Hunts* are restricted to persons 16 years of age or younger. A Special Resident Hunting (Type 169) license is required. Camping for up to 30 days between October 1 and December 31 is allowed. The remainder of the year, there is a 14 day limit. Two areas in Lake Meredith National Recreation Area are open to off-road vehicles (ORVs): Blue Creek and Rosita Flats. Vehicle use in the Blue Creek area is to be confined to the creek bed. Rosita begins at the park boundary and ends at Chicken Creek. No motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted past Chicken Creek. Both, Texas State and NPS ORV permits are required. Be Safe! HUNTER ORANGE: During General Deer Season and Special Youth Seasons, all hunters are required to wear hunter orange clothing, consisting of 400 square inches of daylight florescent orange, worn conspicuously above the waist, and daylight florescent head-wear must be worn. NOTE: Migratory bird hunters on the waters of Lake Meredith are exempt. WEATHER: Sudden changes in weather are common. Hunters should be equipped for severe weather. Always check local forecasts prior to hunting. Boaters should avoid lake areas exposed to severe winds, and wait in a sheltered area for calmer, safer conditions. FIRES: Fires are permitted in established camping areas unless a burn ban is in effect. Fires must not be left unattended; they must be extinguished completely with water before leaving camp. No fires are permitted in the backcountry. The water level at Lake Meredith has risen significantly, and the lake has seen an increase in visitation. Hunt only in designated areas. Maps are available at Park Headquarters, Alibates VC, and online at: www.nps.gov/lamr/planyourvisit/hunting.htm. NPS Photo - Hunting or releasing feral livestock within the boundaries of the park including feral pigs is prohibited. Permanent stands or blinds are prohibited. Temporary blinds must have the hunter’s name and telephone number on the blind, and the blind must be removed within 24 hours of hunt. Baiting of animals is prohibited. Hunting or shooting from across a roadway is strictly prohibited. Leaving a camp unattended for more than 24 hours is prohibited. Digging or leveling the ground for a camp is prohibited. Fires are not permitted in the backcountry. Burning pallets with nails/hardware in them is prohibited unless the hazards are removed before burning. Traveling off designated roads with motor vehicles is prohibited. Use of artificial light is prohibited. Operating an ORV outside designated areas is prohibited. Target shooting or weapon sighting is prohibited. Weapons may only be discharged at legal game. Primitive black powder weapons may be discharged prior to transport in a motor vehicle. Information on migratory waterfowl seasons is available from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 2019-20 Seasons and Limits Within the boundaries of Lake Meredith National Recreation Area the following dates and bag limits apply for the 2019-2020 hunting season. The dates have been set with consultation from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Biologists to increase populations and enhance habitat. QUAIL: WHITE-TAILED DEER: PHEASANT: October 26, 2019 - February 23, 2020 Daily bag limit: 15 per day Possession limit: 45 December 7 -January 5, 2020 Archery Season: September 28- November 1, 2019 Bag Limit: 3 deer, 1 buck and 2 antlerless General Season: November 2, 2019- January 5, 2020 Bag Limit: 1 buck, and 2 antlerless all seasons combined Special Youth Seasons: October 26- 27, 2019 January 6-19, 2020 Bag Limit: 3 deer, 1 buck and 2 antlerless, all seasons combined MULE DEER: Archery Season: September 28 - November 1, 2019 Bag Limit: 1 buck General Season: November 23- December 8, 2019 Bag Limit: 1 buck, both seasons combined DOVE: Daily bag limit: 3 cock pheasants Possession: 6 cock pheasants DUCK: Youth Season: October 19 - 20, 2019 Early Season: October 26- 27, 2019 Regular Season: November 1, 2019 - January 26, 2020 “Dusky” Duck: November 4, 2019 - January 26, 2020 Daily Bag Limit with gun in the aggregate: 6. No more than: 5 Mallards (only two may be hens), 3 Wood ducks, 3 Scaup, 2 Redheads, 2 Pintail, 2 Canvasback, and 1 “Dusky” duck (Mottled duck, Mexican like duck, black duck, and their hybrids). Merganser Daily Bag Limit in the aggregate: 5, to include no more than 2 hooded Mergansers. Coot daily Bag Limit: 15 birds For all other species not listed, the bag limit: 6. September 1 - November 12 and December 20, 2019- Jan 5, 2020 Daily Bag Limit: 15 mourning, white-winged, and whitetipped (white-fronted) doves in the aggregate, including no more than 2 white-tipped doves per day. Possession Limit: 45 in the aggregate TEAL: Possession Limit with gun: 3 times the daily bag limit. LAKE MEREDITH NATIONAL RECREATION AREA NON-GAME HUNTING SEASON: RABBIT: October 26, 2019– February 23, 2020 September 14- 29 2019 Bag Limit: 6 in the aggregate Possession Limit: 18 in the aggregate COYOTE: October 26, 2019– February 23, 2020 TURKEY: Gobblers or Bearded Hens Fall Archery Season: September 28- November 1, 2019 (Archery ONLY) Gobblers Only To report hunting or game violations, contact a Park Ranger or Game Warden, or call (800) 792-GAME (4263) or 911. Spring Season: April 4- May 17, 2020 (Shotgun or Archery ONLY) Special Youth Seasons: March 28-29, 2020 May 23-24, 2020 Bag Limit: (4 all seasons) Have a safe hunting season! Photo Credit - Jacob Blashill EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™ 07212017 printed on 100% recycled paper

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