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Ice Age Trail

Thousand-Miler Map and Checklist

brochure Ice Age Trail - Thousand-Miler Map and Checklist

Thousand-Miler Map and Checklist for Ice Age National Scenic Trail (NST) in Wisconsin. Published by the Ice Age Trail Alliance.

Ice Age Trail Thousand-Miler Map and Checklist 2021-0330 Using This Map Key to Symbols Connecting Route Ice Age Trail Trade River This map was created by an Ice Age Trail Alliance volunteer based on the Ice Age Trail Atlas and the Ice Age Trail Guidebook (2020 – 2022 Editions) and updates provided by the Ice Age Trail Alliance. If you have questions, corrections, or suggestions, contact IATA volunteer Sue Knopf (graffolio21@gmail.com). Segments or connecting routes where changes have been made since the 2020 – 2022 editions of the IATA publications or are anticipated in the near future are noted on the map and in the list with a star ( ). Because the Ice Age Trail route changes from year to year as volunteers construct new segments and reroute and/or close others, hikers should refer to the IATA website (iceagetrail.org) for the most up-to-date Ice Age Trail information. The e-version of this map is available free from the Hiker Resources page of the IATA website (https://www.iceagetrail.org/hiker-resources/; see More Resources to Explore). It is a PDF file enabled for commenting so that you can write notes or mark segments you’ve hiked using Adobe Reader’s commenting tools. At full size, it is 36 inches by 54 inches. A hard copy version is available from the Ice Age Trail Alliance store (https://www.iceagetrail.org/product /ice-age-trail-thousand-miler-map-checklist/). It is 30 inches by 44 inches. Segment label with segment name, mileage, and map number(s). Mileage noted as “4.3 (0.4) mi” means that the segment length is 4.3 miles including a 0.4-mile connecting route. 4.3 (0.4) mi • 3f Connecting route label with mileage and map number(s) CR 4.5 mi • 33f Means an anticipated or actual Trail or route change since the 2020–2022 editions of the IATA publications. Bifurcation points B A Note about Mileages 65.7 The mileages listed on the map are based primarily on GPS data collected in the field. If you add up mileages and compare the totals to the stated mileages for counties and the entire Trail, you may find small discrepancies (usually not more than 0.1 miles) due to rounding error. Accepting these discrepancies, the Ice Age Trail Alliance recognizes the following total mileages at the time the map was published: • Total Ice Age Trail route, including both branches of the bifurcation: 1224.8 miles. • Total Ice Age Trail route, including the eastern branch of the bifurcation but not the western: 1142.9 miles.* • Total Ice Age Trail route, including the western branch of the bifurcation but not the eastern: 1142.1 miles. 1077.2 Washburn 119.3 (See Barron) Burnett 1023.6 * Because most who apply for “Thousand-Miler” recognition hike the eastern branch of the bifurcation but not the western (both are not required), the distances from the county borders to each terminus are based on this approach. Grassy Lake (See Polk) 8.5 mi • 7f CR 0 2.5 mi • 6f. 7f 1142.9 Tuscobia Bear Lake 11.2 mi • 8f–10f 5.4 mi • 7f, 8f Timberland Hills Area 10.9 mi • 6f CR 2.4 mi • 10f 7.0 mi • 10f Sand Creek 65.7 (58.5+7.2) Rusk 6.0 (0.3) mi • 5f, 6f Indian Creek 5.4 mi • 5f CR 4.5 mi • 1f Gandy Dancer 3.4 mi • 3f, 4f 15.5 (0.3) mi • 1f–3f 9.0 mi • 1f 12.8 (4.6) mi • 32f, 33f Wood Lake 13.4 mi • 25f, 26f CR CR 3.4 mi • 23f, 24f 15.6 mi • 12f–14f Highland Lakes 5.5 (2.8) mi • 25f 0.9 mi • 24f CR 53.6 (43.0+10.6) CR Trade River 4.3 (0.4) mi • 3f Barron (and Washburn) Parrish Hills 12.0 mi • 31f, 32f 65.8 (49.7+16.1) Rib Lake Pine Line 7.3 mi • 12f 2.9 mi • 4f Straight River CR 0.6 mi • 24f Southern Blue Hills 0.7 mi • 4f Lincoln 6.5 mi • 24f, 25f 1.2 mi • 11f, 12f CR Pine Lake East Lake 9.6 mi • 11f 9.4 mi • 4f, 5f CR 33.7 (16.9+16.8) Northern Blue Hills • Rice Lake McKenzie Creek St. Croix Falls 364.3 778.6 Hemlock Creek Polk (and Burnett) St. Croix Falls • 298.5 844.4 CR 5.7 mi • 8f 2.1 mi • 28f Harrison Hills Mondeaux Esker 0.8 mi • 3f Straight Lake 3.6 mi • 3f Summit Moraine 14.5 mi • 30f, 31f 11.7 mi • 23f 12.4 mi • 33f, 34f Alta Junction 153.0 989.9 15.2 mi • 22f, 23f CR 7.6 mi • 15f Taylor 6.2 mi • 15f, 16f CR 1.8 mi • 16f 4.0 mi (+1.7 mi retrace) • 28f 26.7 mi • 17f–19f Turtle Rock Averill-Kelly Creek Wilderness CR 5.1 mi • 28f 4.9 mi • 27f, 28f Chippewa (See Kewaunee) 5.9 mi • 39f, 40f 0.6 mi • 27f CR Door Plover River CR Chippewa River 1.9 (0.1) mi • 16f 447.4 695.5 Grandfather Falls Newwood 6.9 mi • 26f, 27f 8.4 (3.2) mi • 16f 24.1 mi • 36f–39f 10.4 mi • 28f, 29f 2.9 mi • 26f, 27f 87.2 (65.9+21.3) Firth Lake CR 83.1 (54.5+28.6) CR Camp 27 9.9 mi • 35f, 36f Langlade 6.3 mi • 29f 1.9 mi • 26f 14.5 mi • 19f–20f Harwood Lakes Underdown CR CR Kettlebowl 1.2 mi • 30f 3.9 mi • 26f 15.6 mi • 21f, 22f Chippewa Moraine 12.0 mi • 34f, 35f CR Timberland Wilderness Lake Eleven 5.7 mi • 14f Lumbercamp 1.2 mi • 30f Jerry Lake • Wausau 58.3 (20.8+37.5) 1142.9 3.5 mi • 40f Dells of the Eau Claire 2.6 mi • 40f Thornapple Creek • Eau Claire Sturgeon Bay 4.0 (0.9) mi • 40f, 41f Ringle Marathon Segment Information 3f 0.8 3f Waupaca River Straight River Segment—270th Ave. to Round Lake Rd. 3.4 3f • 4f Hartman Creek Pine Lake Segment—Round Lake Rd. to 70th St. 2.9 4f 0.7 4f McKenzie Creek Segment—270th Ave. (CTH-O) to 50th St. (CTH-O) 9.4 4f • 5f Indian Creek Segment—50th St. (CTH-O) to 15th St. (CTH-E) 5.4 Connecting Route—70th St. to 270th Ave. (CTH-O) 8.5 7f Bear Lake Segment—30th Ave. to 16th St. (CTH-VV) 5.4 8f 5.7 8f 11.2 8f • 9f • 10f 2.4 10f Connecting Route—16th St. (CTH-VV) to CTH-SS Tuscobia Segment—CTH-SS to Featherstone Rd. at Loch Lomond Rd. (283⁄4 St.) Connecting Route—Featherstone Rd./ Loch Lomond Rd. (28 3⁄4 St.) to Finohorn Rd. (28 11⁄16 St.) 7.0 Northern Blue Hills Segment—S. Bucks Lake Rd. at CTH-F to CTH-F Southern Trail Access 9.6 Southern Blue Hills Segment—CTH-F at Yuker Rd. to Old 14 Rd. (Bass Lake Rd.) 5.7 Chippewa Moraine Segment —267th Ave. (Oak Ln.) to 167th St. (Plummer Lake Rd.) 7.6 Harwood Lakes Segment Lake Rd.) to CTH-E 6.2 Chippewa River Segment—CTH-CC to CTH-Z 1.9 (0.1) Lake Eleven Segment—STH-64 to Sailor Creek Rd. (FR-571) 15.6 20f • 21f • 22f Jerry Lake Segment—Sailor Creek Rd. (FR-571) Southern Trail Access to CTH-E (Mondeaux Dr.) 15.2 Mondeaux Esker Segment—CTH-E (Mondeaux Dr.) to Shady Dr. 11.7 23f 3.4 23f • 24f Wood Lake Segment—STH-102 to Tower Rd. Timberland Wilderness Segment—Tower Rd. Northern Trail Access to Tower Rd. Southern Trail Access 625.1 517.8 Rocky Arbor SP 642.7 500.2 59f-W 677.7 465.2 CR 3.9 (0.1) mi • 61f Merrimac Sauk 35.0 (18.5+16.5) 24f CR 6.5 24f • 25f 5.5 (2.8) 13.4 25f • 26f 3.9 26f 1.6 mi • 65f CR Camp 27 Segment—Tower Rd. to unnamed logging road 2.9 26f • 27f 1.9 mi • 66f Newwood Segment—Unnamed logging road to CTH-E 6.9 26f • 27f Turtle Rock Segment—Burma Rd. Northern Trail Access to CTH-E 5.1 28f 28f Connecting Route —STH-107 to Horn Lake Rd. 10.4 28f • 29f Underdown Segment—Horn Lake Rd. to Copper Lake Ave. 6.3 Connecting Route—Copper Lake Ave. to CTH-J Alta Junction Segment—CTH-J Southern Trail Access to CTH-J Northern Trail Access Harrison Hills Segment—CTH-J to First Lake Rd. Parrish Hills Segment—First Lake Rd. Western Trail Access to CTH-T Highland Lakes Segment—CTH-T to CTH-B at snowmobile trail (old railroad grade) 1.2 30f 4.8 (0.8) 62f 14.5 30f • 31f 12.0 31f • 32f 12.8 (4.6) 32f • 33f 33f • 34f 24.1 36f • 37f • 38f • 39f 5.9 39f Connecting Route—along Sportsman Dr. 3.5 40f 2.6 40f New Hope–Iola Ski Hill Segment—Sunset Lake Rd. to CTH-MM at Iola Winter Sports Club Connecting Route—CTH-MM at Iola Winter Sports Club to N. Foley Dr. Northern Trail Access 4.0 (0.9) 8.6 5.6 (0.1) 13.1 45f • 46f • 47f 62f 62f • 63f 2.4 63f City of Lodi Segment—Lodi School Complex to Corner St. (STH-113) 2.2 63f Eastern Lodi Marsh Segment—Corner St. (STH-113) to Lodi-Springfield Rd. (Robertson Trailhead) 3.1 63f Lodi Marsh Segment—Lodi-Springfield Rd. (Robertson Trailhead) to field road at Lodi-Springfield Rd. 1.8 63f 7.8 63f • 64f 1.6 64f —Ballweg Rd. to STH-19 at Indian Lake County Park entrance road 2.6 64f Indian Lake Segment —STH-19 Eastern Trail Access at Indian Lake County Park to STH-19 Western Trail Access at Indian Lake County Park 2.9 64f Connecting Route—STH-19 at Indian Lake County Park access road to Pine Rd. 3.6 Connecting Route—Bilkey Rd. to Strangeway Ave. [add 0.7 miles if continuing to the Lodi School Complex] Connecting Route 41f 45f 2.3 Table Bluff Segment—Pine Rd. to Scheele Rd. [Add 0.3 miles for return to Pine Rd.] Connecting Route—Scheele Rd. to Hickory Hill St. 1.6 65f 3.1 66f Connecting Route—2nd Ave. to Heffron Rd. at Akron Ave. (Portage/Waushara county line) 5.4 48f • 49f Verona Segment— CTH-PD (McKee Rd.) to Prairie Moraine County Park at Wesner Rd. 6.4 66f Connecting Route—Heffron Rd. at Akron Ave. (Portage/Waushara county line) to CTH-O 9.1 49f • 50f 2.9 67f 3.7 50f 7.5 67f 1.8 50f Montrose Segment—Purcell Rd. at Badger State Trail to CTH-D 1.8 51f Brooklyn Wildlife Segment—CTH-D to Hughes Rd. 3.4 68f 3.7 68f 1.0 51f 5.0 (0.5) 51f 0.5 51f 52f Connecting Route—Cumberland Ave. to Cypress Rd. 2.3 52f 1.2 52f 0.7 52f 2.5 52f • 53f-E 2.9 52f • 53f-E Wedde Creek Segment—Cypress Rd. to Czech Ave. Connecting Route—Along Czech Ave. Chaffee Creek Segment—Czech Ave. to I-39 Southbound Wayside Connecting Route— IAT at the blue-blazed trail T-intersection to CTH-CC at 4th Ave. [Add 0.4 miles if starting from I-39 wayside.] Chaffee Creek SFA—Off-road exploring opportunity: Czech Ave. DNR parking area to 4th Ave. 53f-E Ice Age Trail bifurcation—CTH-CC at 4th Ave. The eastern branch continues below. The western branch is listed separately. 53f-E Connecting Route—CTH-CC at 4th Ave. to 4th Rd. at S. Pleasant Rd. (just south of Waushara/Marquette county line) 1.1 Connecting Route—4th Rd. at S. Pleasant Rd. (just south of Waushara/Marquette county line) to CTH-F 35.4 John Muir Park Segment —CTH-F to John Muir Memorial County Park entrance drive 56f-E Connecting Route—John Muir Memorial County Park entrance drive to CTH-F at Fox River Rd. (Marquette/Columbia county line) 4.7 56f-E Connecting Route—CTH-F at Fox River Rd. (Marquette/Columbia county line) to STH-33 wayside [add 0.8 miles if c­ ontinuing to Agency House Rd.] 7.7 Connecting Route—STH-33 Wisconsin River Bridge (south end) to Levee Rd. (Columbia/Sauk county line) Connecting Route—Hughes Rd. to CTH-W at Badger State Trail 56f-E • 57f-E 3.0 57f-E 6.9 57f-E • 58f-E 1.1 81f 3.9 (1.2) 81f Connecting Route—CTH-C to CTH-D Waterville Segment —CTH-D to UW-Waukesha Field Station at Glacial Drumlin State Trail Lapham Peak Segment—UW-Waukesha Field Station at Glacial Drumlin State Trail to Cushing Park Rd. parking area 7.7 81f • 82f Delafield Segment—Cushing Park Rd. parking area to STH-83 3.2 82f Hartland Segment—STH-83 to Centennial Park at CTH-K 6.8 (1.2) 82f Merton Segment—Centennial Park at CTH-K to East Kilbourne Rd. 5.2 (2.5) 83f 3.1 83f Monches Segment—East Kilbourne Rd. to CTH-Q (Waukesha/Washington county line) Loew Lake Segment —CTH-Q (Waukesha/ Washington county line) to Emerald Dr. Northern Trail Access 4.9 (0.5) 83f • 84f 75f Storrs Lake Segment—Storrs Lake Rd. to Bowers Lake Rd. 1.8 75f • 76f Connecting Route—Bowers Lake Rd. to County Line Rd. 9.3 76f • 77f 1.6 77f 4.9 77f • 78f Whitewater Lake Segment—Clover Valley Rd. to USH-12 4.6 78f Blackhawk Segment—USH-12 to Young Rd. 7.0 79f Blue Spring Lake Segment—Young Rd. to CTH-Z 7.1 79f • 80f Clover Valley Segment—County Line Rd. to Island Rd. Connecting Route—Island Rd. to Clover Valley Rd. Connecting Route—CTH-Z at STH-82 to USH-12 & STH-16 at W. Curry Rd. (just short of Juneau/Sauk county line) 14.4 56f-W • 57f-W Connecting Route—Wildwood Rd. to Ridge Rd. 2.2 86f 86f Milwaukee River Segment—Kettle Moraine Dr. (Washington/Fond du Lac county line) to Kettle Moraine State Forest—Northern Unit Mauthe Lake Recreation Area Parnell Segment—Kettle Moraine State Forest— Northern Unit Mauthe Lake Recreation Area to STH-67 4.3 87f 13.9 87f • 88f • 89f 8.8 89f Connecting Route—CTH-P to Garton Rd at STH-67 4.4 90f LaBudde Creek Segment —Garton Rd. at STH-67 to CTH-FF 3.6 (0.6) 90f Greenbush Segment—STH-67 to CTH-P Walla Hi Segment—Lax Chapel Rd. to Mueller Rd. at S. Cedar Lake Rd. Connecting Route—Mueller Rd. at S. Cedar Lake Rd. to Rapids Rd. (CTH-R) at Broadway St. 27.2 91f • 92f • 93f • 94f • 95f City of Manitowoc Segment —Rapids Rd. (CTH-R) at Broadway St. to STH-42 at Taylor St. 7.5 95f Dunes Segment—STH-42 at Taylor St. to Columbus St. 2.7 95f •96f City of Two Rivers Segment—Columbus St. to Park Rd. 3.0 96f 10.0 96f 5.3 96f • 97f 2.9 97f 0.7 97f 1.4 97f 5.8 97f • 98f Point Beach Segment—Park Rd. to Lake Shore Rd. Connecting Route—Lake Shore Rd. to CTH-V at Woodlawn Dr. Mishicot Segment—CTH-V at Woodlawn Dr. to Princl Rd. Connecting Route—Princl Rd. to Rockledge Rd. East Twin River Segment—Rockledge Rd. to Hillview Rd. Connecting Route—Hillview Rd. to CTH-B Tisch Mills Segment—CTH-B to Nuclear Rd. 2.6 (0.9) 98f 20.3 98f • 99f • 100f 12.5 100f • 101f 13.7 101f • 102f Forestville Segment—Birch St. (CTH-S) to CTH-H 9.8 102f • 103f • 104f Sturgeon Bay Segment—CTH-H to Ice Age Trail Eastern Terminus in Potowatomi State Park 13.7 104f • 105f Connecting Route —Nuclear Rd. to Sunset Rd. at ­Ahnapee State Trail Kewaunee River Segment—Sunset Rd. at Ahnapee State Trail to Miller St. (CTH-E) at Milwaukee St. (STH-42) Connecting Route— Miller St. (CTH-E) at Milwaukee St. (STH-42) to Birch St. (CTH-S) TOTAL with rounding error 1142.9 58f-W 3.9 Hulbert Creek SFA—Off-road exploring opportunity: Old Hwy 12 to Oak Hill Rd. Connecting Route—Old Hwy. 12 at Lage Rd. to CTH-H Connecting Route—CTH-H to Mirror Lake Rd. 6.2 Connecting Route—Effinger Rd. at Manchester St. to Devil’s Lake State Park exit road near North Shore picnic area TOTAL 58f-W • 59f-W 59f-W 7.4 Mirror Lake State Park—Off-road exploring opportunity: Mirror Lake Rd. to Shady Lane Rd. Additional trail hiking opportunities north on Mirror Lake Rd. within Mirror Lake State Park Baraboo Segment—UW-Baraboo-Sauk Co. to Effinger Rd. at Manchester St. 58f-W 58f-W Dell Creek SWA—Off-road exploring opportunity: several properties along CTH-H, Simpson Rd. and Dellwood Rd. Connecting Route—Mirror Lake Rd. to UW-Baraboo-Sauk Co. 91f 4.3 55f-W • 56f-W 86f 2.3 (0.3) Milton Segment—Manogue Rd. (High St.) at Vincent St. to Storrs Lake Rd. 11.4 1.1 86f • 87f 55f-W Connecting Route—14th Dr. DNR parking area to CTH-Z at STH-82 (Adams/Juneau county line) Southern Kewaskum Segment—CTH-D to Wildwood Rd. 91f 74f • 75f Quincy Bluff SNA—Off-road exploring opportunity: 14th Dr. DNR parking area to 14th Ct. ~5 miles 85f • 86f 1.4 3.2 (1.5) 54f-W • 55f-W 6.7 Connecting Route— Lax Chapel Rd. (Sheboygan/Manitowoc county line) to Lax Chapel Rd. at Walla Hi Segment Janesville to Milton Segment—W. Rotamer Ct. to Manogue Rd. (High St.) at Vincent St. 5.6 Connecting Route—USH-12 & STH-16 at W. Curry Rd. to Old Hwy. 12 at Lage Rd. —Paradise Dr. to CTH-D 54f-W Connecting Route—Main St. (STH-13) at W. North St. in Friendship & Adams to 14th Dr. DNR parking area 85f West Bend Segment 53f-W • 54f-W 54f-W 5.4 Connecting Route—CTH-NN to Paradise Dr. 12.7 2.8 85f —Cedar Creek Rd. to 2.8 53f-E • 53f-W Connecting Route—Roche-A-Cri State Park Winter/Prairie parking on Czech Ave. to Main St. (STH-13) at W. North St. in Friendship & Adams 2.4 Cedar Lakes Segment CTH-NN 53f-E Roche-A-Cri State Park—Over 6 miles of hiking trails within state park Rocky Arbor State Park—Off-road exploring opportunity: USH-12 & STH-16 at W. Curry Rd. to Rocky Arbor SP entrance on USH-12 & STH-16 70f • 71f 74f Connecting Route—1st Ave. (CTH-CC ) (Adams/Waushara county line) to Roche-A-Cri State Park Winter/Prairie parking on Czech Ave. 85f —STH-60 to Cedar Creek Rd. 3.0 10.3 Connecting Route—4th Ave. to 1st Ave. (CTH-CC ) (Adams/Waushara county line) Slinger Segment 90f • 91f Janesville Segment—Riverside Park South Pavilion to W. Rotamer Ct. Ice Age Trail bifurcation—CTH-CC at 4th Ave. The western branch is listed below. The eastern branch is included as part of main trail. 84f • 85f 3.9 73f • 74f Potential Connecting Route of the IAT for Western Waushara, Adams, Juneau and Northern Sauk Counties Note: Miles for off-road exploring opportunities are not included in mileage table. 2.1 Connecting Route—CTH-FF to Rhine Rd. [becomes Lax Chapel Rd.] (Sheboygan/Manitowoc county line) 1.8 Western Branch of the Bifurcation Notes 3.3 69f • 70f Devil’s Staircase Segment—N. Washington St. (CTH-E) to Riverside Park South Pavilion 25.2 (20.3+4.9) Pike Lake Segment—CTH-E to STH-60 9.4 73f • 74f 3.2 (1.5) mi • 74f, 75f 84f Albany Segment—Monticello’s Old Train Depot to Bump Rd. 2.1 Janesville to Milton Walworth (and Jefferson) 6.8 —Donegal Rd. to CTH-E 68f • 69f Arbor Ridge Segment—Robert Cook Memorial Arboretum Upper Parking Area to N. Washington St. (CTH-E) Rock 4.3 mi • 75f 84f Holy Hill Segment 31.1 71f • 72f • 73f Milton 10.3 mi • 74f 1.2 6.5 Connecting Route—Bump Rd. at the Sugar River State Trail to Bump Rd. at STH-104 (Green/Rock county line) Janesville 80f Monticello Segment—CTH-W to Monticello’s Old Train Depot Connecting Route—Bump Rd. at STH-104 (Green/Rock county line) to Robert Cook Memorial Arboretum Upper Parking Area 53f-E • 54f-E • 55f-E • 56f-E 1.8 Portage Canal Segment—Agency House Rd. to STH33 Wisconsin River Bridge (south end) Connecting Route—Prairie Moraine County Park at Wesner Rd. to Purcell Rd. at Badger State Trail 53f-E 80f • 81f 6.9 (0.1) Madison Segment—Woods Rd. to CTH-PD (McKee Rd.) 7.5 (0.4) 80f 5.6 Milwaukee River Segment—Eisenbahn State Trail to Kettle Moraine Dr. (Washington/Fond du Lac county line) 48f Connecting Route—Bow String Dr. to Buttercup Dr. 5.6 Scuppernong Segment—STH-67 Wayside to CTH-C 2.1 2.6 Mecan River Segment—Buttercup Dr. to Cumberland Ave. Eagle Segment—STH-59 to STH-67 Wayside Kewaskum Segment—Ridge Rd. to Eisenbahn State Trail Emmons Creek Segment—Emmons Creek Rd. to 2nd Ave. Greenwood Segment—9th Ave. to Bow String Dr. 3.1 66f 48f Maps Stony Ridge Segment—CTH-Z to STH-59 1.9 5.6 Connecting Route—Along 9th Ave. Miles Connecting Route—Mid Town Rd. at Shady Oak Ln. to Woods Rd. Hartman Creek Segment—STH-54 to Emmons Creek Rd. Bohn Lake Segment—9th Ln. to CTH-B (9th Ave.) at CTH-C Segment or Connecting Route 1.8 mi • 75f, 76f 64.0 (22.1+41.9) —Ice Age Ln. to Mid Town Rd. 47f CR 31.1 mi • 71f–73f 22.7 (15.9+6.8) 66f 4.9 (2.7) Connecting Route—Beechnut Dr. to 9th Ln. Green 781.8 361.1 1.8 (0.3) Waupaca River Segment—USH-10 to STH-54 Deerfield Segment—CTH-O to Beechnut Dr. 3.0 mi • 70f, 71f —Timber Ln. to Ice Age Ln. Connecting Route Valley View Segment at Shady Oak Ln. 1.8 mi • 74f 65f 4.4 (0.8) 871.0 271.9 Storrs Lake Devil’s Staircase 2.8 Skunk and Foster Lakes Segment—N. Foley Dr. Northern Trail Access to USH-10 47f Stony Ridge 845.8 297.1 9.3 mi • 76f, 77f 2.1 mi • 73f, 74f 9.4 mi • 69f, 70f 65f —Hickory Hill St. to Timber Eagle Arbor Ridge 9.0 (3.6) Cross Plains Segment Ln. 45.3 (39.3+6.0) 5.6 mi • 80f, 81f 1.6 mi • 77f CR Albany 64f 64f • 65f Waukesha Scuppernong Clover Valley Monticello Connecting Route—Emerald Dr. to Donegal Rd. 4.8 (1.2) 3.9 (1.2) mi • 81f 1.1 mi • 81f 4.9 mi • 77f, 78f 6.5 mi • 68f, 69f 62f 1.3 Springfield Hill Segment—Loop trail east of Ballweg Rd. 40f • 41f 44f • 45f Connecting Route—CTH-V to CTH-J Fern Glen Segment—CTH-J to Bilkey Rd. Connecting Route—Field road at Lodi-Springfield Rd. to Ballweg Rd. 18.4 42f • 43f • 44f 10.1 Gibraltar Rock Segment—Merrimac ferry south landing wayside to CTH-V Waterville CR CR 3.1 mi • 80f 61f 62f Plover River Segment—CTH-HH (Langlade/Marathon county line) to Sportsman Dr. Connecting Route—CTH-I at Lost Rd. (Marathon/Portage county line) to Sunset Lake Rd. 3.7 7.7 mi • 81f, 82f 4.6 mi • 78f 3.4 mi • 68f CR 0.5 35f • 36f Connecting Route—Curtis Ave. (CTH-Y) to CTH-I (Marathon/Portage county line) Merrimac Segment—STH-113 to Marsh Rd. Southern Trail Access Whitewater Lake Verona • Milwaukee Lapham Peak 5.6 mi • 80f 61f Merrimac ferry, Across Lake Wisconsin–STH-113 9.9 —CTH-N to Curtis Ave. (CTH-Y) 61f 30f 34f • 35f Ringle Segment 10.9 1.2 12.0 Thornapple Creek Segment—CTH-Z to CTH-N at Helf Rd. (CR 0.9 miles on CTH-Z & Thornapple Creek Rd.) 61f 29f Lumbercamp Segment—CTH-A to STH-52 Dells of the Eau Claire Segment—Sportsman Dr. to CTH-Z 3.9 (0.1) Ice Age Trail bifurcation— Devil’s Lake State Park exit road near the North Shore picnic area. The eastern branch continues above. The western branch is listed separately. 3.2 mi • 82f 7.0 mi • 79f Brooklyn Wildlife 3.7 mi • 68f Delafield Blackhawk 58f-E • 59f-E • 61f 1.5 12.4 Connecting Route—Oak Rd./Sherry Rd. to CTH-HH (Langlade/Marathon county line) 14.5 Connecting Route—Marsh Rd. to Merrimac ferry on STH-113 Summit Moraine Segment —CTH-B at snowmobile trail (old railroad grade) to CTH-A Kettlebowl Segment—STH-52 to Oak Rd./Sherry Rd. Devil’s Lake Segment—STH-113 Northern Trail Access to STH-113 Southern Trail Access 28f Sauk County 4.0 Sauk Point Segment—CTH-DL to STH-113 Southern Columbia County Grandfather Falls Segment— STH-107 Grandfather Falls Hydro parking area to Eastern terminus of outand-back section through the Merrill School Forest [The segment’s true terminus is east of STH-107 at the Evjue Memorial Forest eastern boundary. Add 1.7 miles for return to STH-107 via the IAT.] Connecting Route—Levee Rd. (Columbia/Sauk county line) to CTH-DL at Parfrey’s Glen SNA 7.1 mi • 79f, 80f 7.5 mi • 67f 65.3 (37.2+28.1) CR 6.8 (1.2) mi • 82f Blue Spring Lake 6.4 mi • 66f 916.3 226.6 Hartland 9.0 (3.6) mi • 65f Montrose Dane Merton 5.2 (2.5) mi • 83f (see Walworth) Notes Waukesha County 27f • 28f Maps Washington County 4.9 Miles Fond du Lac & Sheboygan Counties Averill–Kelly Creek Wilderness Segment—CTH-E to Burma Rd. Segment or Connecting Route Manitowoc County 27f Kewaunee & Door Counties 0.6 2.1 759.1 383.8 2.9 mi • 64f 3.1 mi • 83f 4.9 mi (0.5) • 83f, 84f Cross Plains 3.1 mi • 66f 2.9 mi • 67f Monches Loew Lake Jefferson Madison CR CR 1.2 mi • 84f Holy Hill 1.8 (0.3) mi • 66f 2.8 mi • 65f 45.1 (35.6+9.5) Pike Lake Valley View CR CR Connecting Route—CTH-E to STH-107 Grandfather Falls Hydro parking • Madison 3.6 mi • 64f 26f Indian Lake 4.8 (1.2+0.3 retrace) mi • 65f CR 25f 1.6 mi • 64f Table Bluff 2.6 mi • 64f Washington 3.3 mi • 84f, 85f Springfield Hill 1.8 mi • 63f 7.8 mi • 63f, 64f Cedar Lakes 6.8 mi • 84f Lodi Marsh CR 961.4 181.5 2.1 mi • 85f 16.1 (10.7+5.4) 3.1 mi • 63f 1.5 mi • 61f, 62f S. Kewaskum Slinger S. Columbia Eastern Lodi Marsh CR (see Fond du Lac) 2.4 mi • 85f 2.4 mi (+0.7 retrace ) • 63f 2.2 mi • 63f 3.7 mi • 61f, 62f 5.4 mi • 85f 4.8 (0.8) mi • 62f CR City of Lodi Sheboygan 6.7 mi • 85f, 86f CR 2.3 mi • 62f 1.3 mi • 62f, 63f 4.3 mi • 87f West Bend Gibraltar Rock CR Fern Glen Devil’s Lake 693.8 449.1 Merrimac ferry 0.5 mi across lake • 62f 14.5 mi • 58f-E, 59f-E, 61f B Milwaukee River 1.1 mi • 86f 17.6 (3.0+14.6) 6.9 mi • 57f-E, 58f-E 8.2 mi • 59f-W, 60f-W 2.2 mi • 86f N. Columbia CR CR 1.9 Connecting Route—Along CTH-E 3.0 mi • 57f-E CR 2.5 mi 60f-W, 61f Sauk Point Parnell 2.1 mi • 86f CR Chronology 8.8 mi • 89f Kewaskum Portage Canal 4.0 mi • 60f-W Greenbush 6.9 (0.1) mi • 86f, 87f CR Baraboo 3.6 (0.6) mi • 90f 4.4 mi • 90f Milwaukee River 7.7 mi (+ 0.8 mi retrace) • 56f-E, 57f-E Mirror Lake SP LaBudde Creek CR 13.9 mi • 87f–89f 4.7 mi • 56f-E 58f-W 7.4 mi • 59f-W • Fond du Lac 38.8 (29.9+8.8) CR Dell Crk SWA 59f-W 1.1 mi • 53f-E 7.5 mi • 95f CR 3.9 mi • 90f–91f Fond du Lac (and Sheboygan) CR City of Manitowoc 1000.1 142.8 CR 1.4 mi • 91f 1.8 mi • 56f-E Hulbert Crk SFA 6.2 mi • 58f-W, 59f-W 2.3 (0.3) mi • 91f John Muir Park 3.9 mi • 58f-W CR Walla Hi 35.4 mi • 53f-E-56f-E CR 58f-W CR 27.2 mi • 91f–95f CR 14.4 mi • 56f-W, 57f-W 10.0 mi • 96f 2.7 mi • 95f, 96f CR 41.9 (1.8+40.1) CR Point Beach Dunes Lake Winnebago Oshkosh• 2.9 mi (+ 0.4 mi retrace) 52f, 53f-E Marquette CR CR 5.3 mi • 96f, 97f City of Two Rivers CR 53f-E 55f-W 72.8 (31.3+41.5) 0.7 mi • 52f Chaffee Creek SFA 2.9 mi • 97f Manitowoc CR 2.3 mi • 52f 2.5 mi • 52f, 53f-E 22f • 23f 24f 1.0 mi • 51f Chaffee Creek Quincy Bluff SNA 19f • 20f 0.6 Greenwood 1.2 mi • 52f Mishicot 3.0 mi • 96f 0.5 mi • 51f 10.9 mi • 61f 0.9 CR Mecan River 11.4 mi • 55f-W, 56f-W Dane County Connecting Route—along Tower Rd. • La Crosse 26.7 17f • 18f • 19f 14.5 1.8 mi • 51f 12.7 mi • 53f-W, 54f-W 5.6 mi • 54f-W, 55f-W Western Branch of the Bifurcation 16f Connecting Route—CTH-H (165th Ave.)(Chippewa/Taylor county line) to STH-64 1.8 mi • 50f CR CR 16f Bohn Lake CR CR 15f • 16f 8.4 (3.2) CR Wedde Creek 1.4 mi • 97f 0.7 mi • 97f 3.7 mi • 50f 7.5 (0.4) mi • 51f, 52f E. Twin River CR 5.0 (0.5) mi • 51f 2.8 mi • 54f-W 15f Firth Lake Segment—245th Ave. (Moonridge Trail) to CTH-CC Pine Line Segment—Fisher Creek Rd. at Fawn Ave. to STH-13 41.0 (20.7+20.3) 54f-W 14f 16f Connecting Route—Shady Dr. to Fischer Creek Rd. at Fawn Ave. Roche-A-Cri St Pk 12f • 13f • 14f 1.8 20.3 mi • 98f–100f 5.8 mi • 97f, 98f 9.1 mi • 49f, 50f Deerfield 2.8 mi • 53f-E, 53f-W Green County Taylor County 12f Connecting Route—Plummer Rd. (Round Lake Rd.) (Rusk/ Chippewa county line) to 267th Ave. (Oak Ln.) Rib Lake Segment—CTH-D to STH-102 Lincoln County 7.3 15.6 Connecting Route—CTH-E to 245th Ave. (Moonridge Trail) Waushara Adams 2.6 (0.9) mi • 98f CR CR CR 11f 11f • 12f 70.0 5.4 mi • 48f, 49f 583.2 559.7 10f 1.2 Connecting Route—Old 14 Rd. (Bass Lake Rd.) to Plummer Rd. (Round Lake Rd.) (Rusk/Chippewa county line) —167th St. (Plummer 1072.9 Tisch Mills CR CR CR Hemlock Creek Segment—Finohorn Rd. (2811⁄16 St.) to S. Bucks Lake Rd. at CTH-F Connecting Route—CTH-F to CTH-F at Yuker Rd. Juneau 6f —Pershing Rd. to 30th Ave. East Lake Segment—STH-13 Wayside to CTH-D Langlade County 10.9 12.5 mi • 100f, 101f 2.6 mi • 48f 542.2 600.7 5f • 6f 6f • 7f Connecting Route—Along STH-13 Marathon County 6.0 (0.3) Kewaunee River Emmons Creek 5f 2.5 Grassy Lake Segment 4.4 (0.8) mi • 47f 5.6 mi • 48f Rock County Barron & Washburn Counties Rusk County Chippewa County Connecting Route—Leach Lake Rd. to Pershing Rd. Skunk & Foster Lakes 13.7 mi • 101f, 102f 4.9 (2.7) mi • 47f Walworth & Jefferson Polk & Burnett Counties Connecting Route— 100th St. (CTH-I) to 270th Ave. • Stevens Point CR • Green Bay 13.1 mi • 45f–47f 3.6 Connecting Route—CTH-Z to CTH-H (165th Ave.) (Chippewa/Taylor county line) Portage & Waupaca Counties CR 3f Straight Lake Segment—280th Ave. to 100th St. (CTH-I) 70.0 (36.0+34.0) 5.6 (0.1) mi • 45f 4.3 (0.4) Timberland Hills Area Segment—Lake 32 Rd. to Leach Lake Rd. Waushara County 1f (See Portage) New Hope-Iola Ski Hill 1f • 2f • 3f Sand Creek Segment—15th St. (CTH-E) Northern Trail Access to Lake 32 Rd. Marquette County 4.5 51.8 (19.6+32.2) Kewaunee (and Door) Waupaca CR 10.1 mi • 44f, 45f 15.5 (0.3) Trade River Segment—150th St. to 280th Ave. Northern Columbia County 1f Portage (and Waupaca) Waushara County Gandy Dancer Segment—160th Ave. to 150th St. 9.0 • Marshfield Notes Forestville 9.8 mi • 102f–104f Adams & Juneau Counties Connecting Route—River Rd. to 160th Ave. at the Gandy Dancer State Trail Maps 43.0 (20.2+22.8) 211.3 931.6 490.4 652.5 CR 18.4 mi • 42f–44f Sauk County St. Croix Falls Segment —Ice Age Trail Western Terminus in Interstate State Park to River Rd. Miles • Sturgeon Bay 13.7 mi • 104f, 105f 8.6 mi • 41f Segment or Connecting Route 0 59f-W 59f-W 8.2 59f-W • 60f-W 4.0 60f-W 2.5 60f-W • 61f 81.9 Segment Date Miles Cumul. Mi.

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