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Guadalupe Mountains

Pine Springs Area Hikes

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Day Hikes Near Pine Springs Pinery Trail Pine Springs Visitor Center Pi n Pinery Ruins e ry The Pinery Trail offers visitors an opportunity to take a quick walk on a paved trail. The trail features signage identifying common local plants. The trail also features ruins of the Old Butterfield Stagecoach Route Pinery Station built in 1858. Elevation Change: 40 feet Tra il @ ! Distance: 0.9 miles (Round-Trip) ! Time Estimate: 20 minutes ! Difficulty: Easy Trail Type: Paved 62 £ ¤ 180 £ ¤ Visitor Center X Visitor Center X Pinery Ruins X R N Sm Smith Spring Trail i th S ES rin Sp Distance: 2.3 miles (Round-Trip) g Elevation Change: 402 feet Time Estimate: 1.5 hours il Tra WI LD E Smith Spring ! Difficulty: Easy - Moderate le Trail Type: Mix ail Tr jo Fri The Smith Springs Loop is paved from Frijole Ranch to Manzanita Spring. It then ascends along a maintained trail to the heavily vegetated Smith Spring. The trail offers dramatic views of the surrounding mountains, foothills, and desert landscape. ! l X X X X X e St ai rc as h TH r in gs Sp @ ! oc En k T te ra i rs l W as e El Ca p it an Trail Pine Springs Trailhead, Parking, and Campground D ri v pe lu Pine ! F i! ! 9 ne il F oothills T rail n nyo Ca a Tr jas The Devil's Hall Trail is a wellmaintained trail for one mile. It then enters a rocky wash, which requires the hiker to scramble over large boulders. The trail offers spectacular views of geologic formations, steep canyon walls, tall trees, and mountaintops. St Trail Type: Mix Trail il Te il Gua da Difficulty: Moderate Teja s Tra l Time Estimate: 2.5 hours Pi a Tr ai Tr Fri jol sT othill rail Fo Trai l X k Ha ll Peak k ea e P Elevation Change: 548 feet Pine Springs Visitor Center De vi l 's c Tra i h nc Ra S E S St o Guad a l up Distance: 3.8 miles (Round-Trip) N Tra il X X Devil's Hall Trail Stock Trail Junction X Fr i j ole Smith Spring À To U.S. Highway 62/180 W I L D E R Tejas The Staircase Trail Enters Wash XM X g le ad as Te j Frijole Ro Devil's Hall ! ! Frijole Ranch O i! ! _! 3 za an n pri aS t i n ijo Fr eR an ch Manzanita Spring X X Devils Hall January 2015

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