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Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing brochure for Grand Teton National Park (NP) in Wyoming. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Grand Teton National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Grand Teton National Park John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Experience the stark silence and exhilaration of winter travel in Grand Teton National Park through cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Snow provides an excellent backdrop for winter wildlife viewing and tracking. Proper preparation and planning ensures a safe and enjoyable winter experience. Hypothermia Hypothermia is caused by exposure to cold and is aggravated by wind and wet clothing. Warning signs include: uncontrollable shivering, reduced coordination and incoherent speech. Get the victim inside as soon as possible. If necessary, seek medical attention. Moose–Wilson Road TRAILHEAD ACCESS Areas closed to protect wildlife • Snake River bottom from Moose north to Moran Junction (Dec. 15 – April 1) • Bufalo Fork of the Snake River, Kelly Hill, Uhl Hill, and Wolf Ridge (Dec. 15 – April 1) • Static Peak above 10980 feet, Prospectors Mountain, and south-facing slopes on Mount Hunt above 8580 feet, including peaks 10988, 10905, and 10495 (Dec. 1 – April 1) • The Banana Couloir on Prospectors Mountain is open. Phelps Lake Overlook Death Canyon Trailhead 1 .6 From Moose: Drive three miles south of the CTDVC on the Moose-Wilson Road to the gate at the Death Canyon Road. Park on the west (right) side of the road. From Teton Village: Drive north from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, enter the park and continue north for one mile. Park at the Granite Canyon Trailhead. m i PHELPS LAKE To Teton Village 8m 0. Phelps Lake Overlook (from north) • Moderate, 5.2 miles round-trip, total climbing: 730 feet. Phelps Lake (from north) • Moderate, 4.0 miles round-trip, total climbing: 300 feet. Moose–Wilson Road • Easy, 5.8 miles round-trip, total climbing: 500 feet. North 1.0 mi mi Contact Information • General Park 307-739-3399 • Backcountry Permits 307-739-3309 • Grooming 307-739-3682 • Pets are restricted to the following unplowed roadways: Teton Park Road and Moose-Wilson Road. • Pets must be restrained on a leash (six feet or less) within 30 feet of roadway. • Properly dispose of your pet's waste. Check at the trailheads for Mutt-Mitt stations. • Overnight backcountry campers must obtain a free camping permit. For more information call 307-739-3309. • Winter conditions stress animals. Harassing wildlife is prohibited. Maintain a distance of at least 100 yards from bears and wolves and 25 yards from other large animals. 1.2 Regulations Etiquette • Do not walk or snowshoe on ski trails. • Leave your skis on and side-step down or detour around steep sections. • Snowshoe parallel to the ski track. • Yield to faster skiers. • Step out of the track for a break. i i ad ) er Mo 0.5 (cl ose m os ed - Wi in lso th n ew R in o t Take the following items with you: • Water and high energy snack food • First aid kit including space blanket • Extra clothing, hat, mittens or gloves • Sunscreen and sunglasses • Map, compass, watch or other navigational aids • Headlamp and repair kit Avalanche Hazard Avoid known avalanche paths. All skiers and climbers traveling in avalanche terrain should be equipped with, and know how to use, an avalanche beacon, probe pole and shovel. For the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center current weather forecast and avalanche hazard advisory call 307-733-2664 or check: www.jhavalanche.org 1.1 mi Please note: Winter trails are neither marked nor fagged. Please travel with care. In case of emergency call 911. • Use caution skiing on frozen surfaces. • Tell someone your plans. 1.2 mi Safety & Etiquette Granite Canyon Trailhead To Moose Taggart Lake Area (South Trailhead) JENNY LAKE North Jenny Lake Trail The road is machine groomed for both classic and skate skiing. One lane is designated as multi-use for walking and snowshoeing or anyone with a dog on a leash. The other lane is designated as a ski-only track. Snowmobiles are prohibited on the Teton Park Road (other than administrative use). Park Road Teto n Please respect other trail users by using each track appropriately. The groomed section of the Teton Park Road is 14 miles long. Bridge: Lucas-Fabian i 0.5 m Bradley Lake SOUTH TRAILHEAD (Taggart Lake TH) The Taggart Lake parking area is three miles northwest of Moose on the Teton Park Road. Bridge: Highlands 0 i 1.3 mi m .7 Taggart Lake Jenny Lake Trail • Easy, 8.0 miles round-trip, total climbing: 200 feet. Return via Teton Park Road Trail to make a loop. Taggart Lake–Beaver Creek • Moderate to difcult. Taggart Lake out-andback, 3.0 miles round-trip, total climbing: 400 feet. Taggart Lake–Beaver Creek Loop, 4.0 miles round-trip, total climbing: 500 feet. These trails traverse steep hills created by glacial moraines. 2.6 mi Bridge: Lupine Meadows ood Cree k The Teton Park Road is closed to vehicles during winter from Taggart Lake Trailhead to the Signal Mountain Lodge. Located along the base of the Teton Range, the road is open for skiing, snowshoeing and walking, ofering stellar views. Co tto nw Teton Park Road and Adjacent Trails 0.5 2. 4 mi 1. 0 mi Taggart Lake Trailhead mi Signal Mountain Area (North Trailhead) Jackson Lake Junction Snake Riv er JACKSON LAKE North n i ta ou n n al M North Colter Bay Visitor Center 0. 89 287 9m i 0. 4 1.1 m Swan Lake mi JACKSO 1.2 1.0 m Swan Lake-Heron Pond Loop • Easy, 3.0 miles round-trip, total climbing: 300 feet. Extend this tour to the south toward Hermitage Point. N LAK E i TRAILHEAD (Hermitage Point TH) The trailhead is southeast of the Colter Bay Visitor Center, 30 miles north of Moose. Park in front of the closed visitor center. Sig Signal Mountain Lodge Signal Mountain Summit Road • Moderate to difcult, 12.0 miles round-trip, total climbing: 900 feet. Colter Bay Su m 4.7 mi Road mit 1.1 mi NORTH TRAILHEAD (Signal Mountain TH) The trailhead is three miles south of Jackson Lake Junction on the Teton Park Road. Park next to the Signal Mountain Lodge. i Heron Pond To Hermitage Point TRAILHEAD (Flagg Ranch) The Flagg Ranch trailhead is two miles south of Yellowstone National Park, or 42 miles north of Moose near the northwest corner of the parking area. Please park in front of the Headwaters Lodge. -x -x -x -x -x -x 0.4 mi - 0.3 mi x -x 0.5 mi -x -x x -x i 2 tC ree k Sna ke Riv er mi Flagg Ranch 1.3 l 0.1 5m ec a South Flagg C an y on -x ne -x erli-x -x -x Po-xw-x -x Huckleberry Hot Springs Po EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA mi 0.8 0. South Flagg Canyon Trail • Easy, 4.2 miles round-trip, total climbing: 200 feet. North Flagg -x 1.2 mi Snowmobiles and skiers share this trail Polecat Creek Loop Trail • Easy, 2.5 miles, total climbing: 80 feet. North Flagg Canyon Trail • Moderate to difcult, 4.0 miles round-trip, total climbing: 500 feet. Use caution and avoid cornices where the trail follows the edge of clifs above the Snake River. Return via the snowmobile trail (summer road) to make a loop. Can yo n North 0. Flagg Ranch revised 2/2017

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