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Fishing brochure for Grand Teton National Park (NP) in Wyoming. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Grand Teton National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Grand Teton National Park John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway Fishing 2020 Cutthroat Trout by Joe Tomelleri Licenses A Wyoming fshing license is required. Licenses require a Conservation Stamp ($12.50) except the one- or fve-day licenses. Resident Annual* $27.00 One-Day $6.00 Youth (14-17, annual*) $3.00 Under 14 (creel limit applies) none Non-resident Annual* $102.00 One-Day $14.00 Five-Day $56.00 Youth (14-17, annual*) $15.00 *Annual license is valid for 12 consecutive months. Non-residents under 14, accompanied by an adult possessing a valid Wyoming fshing license, may fsh free; or they may purchase any non-resident license. Fish caught by persons under 14 are included in the licensed person’s creel limit. Seasonal Restrictions and Closures Lakes Lakes within Grand Teton National Park are open to fshing year-round with the following exception: October 1–31. Jackson Lake is closed to fshing. Rivers and Streams Please refer to the following list for seasonal closures and restrictions. • November 1–March 31. All cutthroat trout caught in open, moving water must be released back to the water immediately. Legal Tackle Legal Fishing Tackle An angler may use two rods or poles if actively monitoring both. Each line may have no more than three single or treble hooks, fies, or lures attached. Flies, Lures, and Bait • Rivers and Streams Only artifcial fies and lures may be used in the Snake River from the gauging station (1,000 feet below Jackson Lake Dam) to the Wyoming Highway 22 Bridge (Wilson Bridge) and all streams; excluding the Bufalo Fork, Gros Ventre River, Pacifc Creek, Purchase fshing licenses at Wyoming Game and Fish ofces, online (wgfd.wyo.gov), or license vendors throughout the state. Within the park, purchase licenses at: Snake River Anglers at Dornans, Signal Mountain Lodge front desk, Colter Bay Village Store, and the Headwaters Lodge at Flagg Ranch. Prohibited Actions • Chumming or placing food or other substances in water to feed or attract fsh. • Digging for or collecting any bait. • Snagging, archery, and spear-gun fshing. • Fishing from Jackson Lake Dam, boat docks, any bridge used by vehicles, or within the limits of designated mooring areas and swimming beaches. • Improper disposal of fsh parts and feeding fsh parts to wildlife such as bears, birds, or foxes. • December 15–March 31. Access to the Snake River is closed from the Bufalo Fork confuence at Moran to Menors Ferry at Moose. Access to the Bufalo Fork is closed from the east park boundary to the Snake River confuence at Moran. • December 1–July 31. All streams and Blacktail Spring Ponds within Grand Teton National Park are closed; excluding Polecat Creek, Bufalo Fork River, Pacifc Creek, Gros Ventre River, and Snake River in Teton County. Polecat Creek, and the Snake River upstream of Jackson Lake. • Lakes On lakes not otherwise restricted to fshing, or designated as artifcial fies and lures only; the following dead, non-game fsh may be used or possessed as bait: redside shiner, speckled dace, longnose dace, Paiute sculpin, mottled sculpin, Utah chub, Utah sucker, and commercially preserved dead baitfsh. Creel and Size Limits Lakes in Grand Teton National Park • Six (6) trout* per day or in possession, no more than three (3) shall be cutthroat trout; and no more than one (1) cutthroat trout shall exceed twelve (12) inches. Streams in Grand Teton National Park • Three (3) trout*, no more than one (1) shall exceed sixteen (16) inches; and no more than one (1) cutthroat trout shall exceed twelve (12) inches. * Trout – excludes brook and lake trout. In addition to the previous creel limits, anglers may also have in possession: • Brook Trout: Sixteen (16) • Lake Trout: Six (6), no more than one (1) shall exceed twenty-four (24) inches. • Whitefsh: Twenty-fve (25) Any fsh an angler chooses to release must be carefully and immediately returned to the water from which it was taken. Aquatic Invasive Species • Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are an increasing concern. Many bodies of water are already contaminated. Clean, drain, and dry boats, boots, and waders before entering a new body of water. • Park inspection stations at Moose and Moran. • Never empty containers of bait, fsh, plants or animals into park waters. • Any watercraft transported into Wyoming March 1–November 30 requires boat inspection prior to launch, and the purchase of an AIS decal. Infatable craft less than 10 feet long are exempt. • Purchase decals at many fshing gear stores, or online: wgfd.wyo.gov. • AIS Fees Non-motorized Motorized Resident $5 $10 Non-resident $15 $30 ~ ~ -••, 11111 Zones and Seasons ,......,..... Please Note: This map is designed to aid anglers in identifying fshing areas. The boundaries are shown on a small scale and cannot be considered legally proper or exact. For detailed information please refer to: Wyoming Game & Fish: Wyoming Fishing Regulations 2020. wgfd.wyo.gov/Regulations/Regulation-PDFs/ WYFISHINGREGS_BROCHURE.pdf ··R~·~·~·;f·~llfr, Jr. : Memorial\ ~ •... ·•... Parkway North --------------······:······--------a. BEAR AWARE Leigh Lake 0 \ Stri \ Lak Legend: . ./'"···················•·j;;;; i .- Lake FOOD STORAGE REQUIRED !6 ... ···········{g = Bradley--·,a-, \ s Lak ·••.; c ·········r;;:::8.. \~ Lake Roads Park Boundary Fishing Seasons Rivers Open August 1–November 30 (All streams with the park, excluding Buffalo Fork, Gros Ventre River, Pacifc Creek, Polecat Creek, and Snake River.) ••• Open Year Round. Wildlife closures may apply.* Open April 1–October 31 Open Year Round (November 1–March 31 Catch and release ONLY for cutthroat trout.) Lakes Open Year Round Closed October 1–31 *Wildlife Closures (December 15–March 31) Snake River is close to human access from the Buffalo Fork confuence at Moran to Menors Ferry at Moose. Buffalo Fork River closed to human access from the east park boundary to the Snake River confuence at Moran. I Protecting Park Resources Wildlife Bald eagle nesting areas along the Snake River are signed and closed to river bank use. Do not fsh near any nest as nesting birds are susceptible to disturbance. Fish Cleaning and Disposal To avoid attracting or feeding wildlife, pack out and dispose of all fsh parts in bear-resistant garbage cans. Permanent Closure Areas Areas closed to fshing include: the Snake River from Jackson Lake Dam to 150 feet below Jackson Lake Dam; Cottonwood Creek from the outlet of Jenny Lake downstream to the second bridge south of the Jenny Lake parking area; and the artifcial pond next to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Center. The following fsh-less lakes are also closed to fshing: Swan Lake, Christian, Hedrick, Moose, and Sawmill ponds. revised 05/2020

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