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Day Hike and Lakeshore Maps

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Day Hike and Lakeshore Maps for Grand Teton National Park (NP) in Wyoming. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Grand Teton National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Grand Teton National Park John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway Day Hike and Lakeshore Maps ad Ro ass Gr y 1 Flagg Ranch Lake John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway BEAR AWARE FOOD STORAGE REQUIRED N 89 GRAND 2 KSO TETON 191 287 4 JAC rm ita N AT I O N A L E RANG Signal Mountain Lodge 16 NTBRUS ON N Y String A C Lake H TETON ALASKA BASIN ET NY G R A NI TE C A N South Jenny Lake • Carry bear spray and know how to use it. Guard against accidental discharge. • Proper food storage is required. Ask a ranger for more information. • Carry drinking water. • Be prepared for rapid weather changes; bring rain gear and extra clothing. Avoid wearing cotton. 10 • High elevation may cause breathing diffculties; pace yourself. 11 • Snow melts gradually, leaving valley trails by mid-June, mountain trails and passes by late July. Be careful crossing snowfelds and streams. 12 13 YO N Wil eo o M a Ro s on • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. LSR Preserve • Solo hiking, off-trail hiking, and trail running are not recommended. 26 89 North 191 15 Aerial 14 Tram • The use of personal audio devices is strongly discouraged. Moose Phelps Lake Marion Lake A SN KE CANYON ON 287 • BE BEAR AWARE! Avoid surprising bears by making noise—call out and clap your hands at regular intervals. Bear bells are not suffcient. 17 s H CA ER d DEAT 26 9 RN Bradley Lake Taggart Static Peak Lake Divide (USFS) Signal Mountain For Your Safety 7 8 Amphitheater Lake GA EMMA MATILDA LAKE 6 JENNY LAKE CASCADE CANYON Teton Canyon 5 RIV PA I 3 LEIGH LAKE Holly Lake Lake Solitude Jackson Lake Lodge He PA R K Paintbrush Divide TWO OCEAN LAKE Colter Bay Pt. NYO ge E CA N LAKE W BB Teton Village # Trailhead (details on reverse side) Trail Unpaved road • Check with a ranger for up-to-date information on trail conditions, and closures. 0 1 Kilometer 0 1 Mile 5 5 Backcountry Regulations Parking Tips • Respect wildlife. Do not approach or feed animals. Observe them from a safe distance— 100 yards from bears and wolves, and 25 yards from all other wildlife! If an animal reacts to your presence you are too close. • During July and August most trailhead parking areas fll early in the day. Be fexible; plan for alternate hikes. • All overnight camping in the backcountry requires a permit. • Parking on natural vegetation may result in permanent damage or may start a fre. Obey posted parking regulations. • Carry out all your garbage. • Hike on established trails to prevent erosion. • Stock has the right-of-way. Step off the trail on the uphill side and wait quietly while stock passes. • Pets, bicycles and vehicles are not allowed on trails or in the backcountry. • Backcountry sanitation: To prevent waterway contamination, bury human waste in a hole 6–8 inches deep at least 200 feet from water. Pack out used toilet paper, tampons, sanitary napkins and diapers in sealed plastic bags. Do not bury or burn any materials. Special rules apply in Garnet Canyon. • Start your hike early to minimize parking problems. • The Moose-Wilson Road is closed to vehicles over 23.3 feet long including all RVs and trailers. These regulations limit access to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve, Death Canyon and Granite Canyon trailheads. • Parking at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve is limited to only 50 vehicles. No parking is allowed along the road. Northern Lakeshore Trails 1 Flagg Ranch 2 Colter Bay / Hermitage Point N Colter Bay Visitor Center Hotsprings l Soaking in pools such as Huckleberry Hotsprings where thermal waters originate in prohibited to protect resources. Soaking in adjacent run-off streams is allowed, provided they do not contain an originating water sources. ai Lak esh o anyon Flagg C 0.1 m i T & o 1.2 mi 0.3 ake Roa d mi l ai Tr ssy L 0.5 mi -x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x -x Gra d Pon n e o k r He an La w S 0.2 mi 3 Jackson Lake Lodge - ine erl-x -x x Pox w -x - Flagg Ranch 1 2 JACKSON LAKE e rs -x -x -x Po le c a t C 1 k ree 0.4 mi Hermitage Point Ho -x -x i .3 m North Tr re 89 N 191 287 To Emma Matilda & Two Ocean Lakes e Lodg Headwaters Lodge, RV & Campground 3 e To Christian Pond mi Lodg 89 1.3 Snak e R iver Jackson Lake Lodge 191 287 2–5 Hermitage Point, Two Ocean & Emma Matilda Lakes 3.4 North 1.1 0.7 mi i 0.8 mi MAT ILDA LAKE 3.3 mi Christian Pond 0.5 mi Oxbow Bend Turnout kR 1.3 0.3 ee t E A MM 0.6 mi see above i d Jackson Lake Lodge 3 Jackson Lake Junction Cr i ci fi c JACKSON LAKE Pa Sn ke Signal Mountain 5 River n Su Signal Mountain Lodge m Road m it ta i oh o Pt. a Don ge ita rm He m 2.6 m mi mi 3 E Two Ocean Lake 4 oa 0 . 8 mi 0 .8 mi 2 Lunch Tree Hill 0.6 2. AK mi mi i in 3.0 Grand View Point 7586 ft mi mi 1.4 mi Po NL 2.6 0.5 0.6 0.4 2m EA 1.7 .0 1.2 1 ˜ Swan Lake Heron Pond 2. OC 1.0 m n Ro ad Wago 1. 0.4 Cygnet Pond 1.3 mi 0 Sewage Ponds 191 287 89 1.2 mi .8 0.6 TWO mi 0.9 Corral see 9 0. below 1.1 Colter Bay Visitor Center 1.3 mi Hermitage 2 Point mi lM Signa 3.4 ou mi n Moran Junction Many unofficial trails exist in this area. Follow this map closely and watch for trail signs. 26 Southern Lakeshore Trails 6–9 Leigh, String & Jenny Lakes 9 & 10 Bradley & Taggart Lakes To Amphitheater & Surprise Lakes Bearpaw Lake 0. 9 17 North 1.7 0. 3 17 To Garnet Canyon 17 mi 1.5 m Park Roa d Teton 18 Trapper Lake Lupine Meadows 9 i Loop trip camping ONLY Bradley Lake 14 i i LEIGH LAKE 14 1.5 m 16 North 0.5 Taggart Lake 0.8 m 2.8 mi 15 0m 1. 12C 12B 12A Group 13 1. 0m i Cottonwood Creek Picnic Area i 1. To Paintbrush Canyon 6 Taggart 10 Lake mi mi 0.7 0.9 i 1.3 m Leigh Lake 6 t wo w ay String 7 Lake Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point i m 4 1. wa y 3.0 i m mi Ca sc e ad Cr ee k Hidden Falls mi JENNY LAKE To Jenny Lake VC at Bo 0.9 mi South Jenny Lake Junction Jenny Lake Visitor Center 0.2 i m i 8 PHELPS LAKE m 0. i m .0 Death 12 Canyon North mi 1. 0m i Huckleberry Point Campsite Gas Station Picnic Area Medical Clinic mi A sp To Granite Canyon e n R id ge se Paved road 2.6 oo Shuttle Boat 0.7 0.7 M Ranger Station mi e dg Ri Unpaved road 1.4 0.4 Non-motorized Launch 0.4 Trailhead Reference # # 0.4 mi Boat Launch 0.8 Trailhead ad -W ilso n Boulder Trail To Moose Ro Legend To Taggart Lake 1 1.8 0.8 To Open Canyon y 1.9 To Amphitheater & Surprise Lakes le Val 0.7 mi i m Lupine 9 Meadows il 1 i 0.7 m Phelps Lake Overlook 1.0 mi Tra 1. 12 & 13 Phelps Lake To Death Canyon Distances shown between markers West Shore Boat Dock 0.5 0.5 To Cascade Canyon tle ut Sh -x-x x-x-x -x-x - x -x-x-x 5 mi x-x 1. x- Cascade Canyon 8 Moose Ponds Creek North Inspiration Point 0.5 mi JENNY LAKE x-x-x-x CLOSED Trail 0.9 mi Hor s e Trail Jenny Lake Overlook See details right. To Cascade Canyon To String Lake Check at a visitor center for current trail closures. one Hidden Falls/ Inspiration Point To Phelps Lake String Lake Picnic Area 0.5 0. 3 String Lake Trail Construction in this area North Jenny Lake Junction Vall e y Trail Canoe Portage mi i m Laurance S. Rockefeller 13 Preserve (limited parking) Day Hike Descriptions 1 Flagg Ranch 7 String Lake Brochure available 11 Menors Ferry Brochure available Polecat Creek Loop String Lake Loop Menors Ferry Historic District Tour 2.5 miles RT*, 1 hour, 80 ft total climbing**, Easy. 3.7 miles RT, 2 hours, 325 ft total climbing, Easy. 0.3 mile RT, ½ hour, Easy. West side of loop sits above a marsh that provides habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife. Trail circles the lake through a burned area below Rockchuck Peak and Mount St. John. Tour a historic homestead and ferry on the Snake River and visit the Chapel of the Transfguration. Flagg Canyon Paintbrush-Cascade Loop 4.0 miles RT, 2 hours, 150 ft total climbing, Easy. 19.0 miles RT, 13 hours, 4350 ft total climbing, Very Strenuous. Not accessible to vehicles over 23.3 feet long, RVs or trailers. Access from northeast side of Polecat Creek Loop Trail. Out and back with views of the Snake River. Spectacular hike loops two canyons via Paintbrush Divide. An ice axe may be necessary through July. Phelps Lake Overlook 2 Colter Bay / Hermitage Point Brochure available Lakeshore Trail 2.0 miles RT, 1 hour, 100 ft total climbing, Easy. Level trail follows Colter Bay shoreline with views of Jackson Lake and the Teton Range. Heron Pond & Swan Lake Loop 3.0 miles RT, 2 hours, 200 ft total climbing, Easy. Follow mostly level trail to two ponds that are home to birds and other wildlife. Hermitage Point 9.7 miles RT, 5 hours, 700 ft total climbing, Easy- Mod. Trail traverses rolling terrain through forests, meadows, and wetlands providing wildlife habitat. 3 Jackson Lake Lodge 8 Jenny Lake / Cascade Canyon Brochure available A shuttle boat crosses from South Jenny Lake to the mouth of Cascade Canyon. Fee Charged. 2018, no access to Inspiration Point. Access Cascade Canyon via the Horse Trail north of the West Boat Dock. Jenny Lake Loop 7.6 miles RT, 5 hours, 900 ft total climbing, Moderate. Rolling trail follows the lake shore at times and climbs above at times. Hidden Falls 4.8 miles RT, 3 hours, 1200 ft total climbing, Moderate. Via shuttle boat: 1.0 mile, 1½ hours, 200 ft total climbing, Easy-Moderate. Popular trail climbs above Jenny Lake's south shore to a view of a 200-foot cascade. Forks of Cascade Canyon 12 Death Canyon 2.0 miles RT, 1.5 hours, 430 ft total climbing, Moderate. Trail climbs moraine to overlook of Phelps Lake. Phelps Lake 4.2 miles RT, 3 hours, 1050 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Trail climbs to overlook, then descends to Phelps Lake. Return involves steep hike back to overlook. Death Canyon – Static Peak Trail Junction 7.9 miles RT, 6 hours, 2100 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Trail climbs to overlook, drops toward Phelps Lake, and then climbs the canyon to a patrol cabin. Static Peak Divide 16.3 miles RT, 12 hours, 5100 ft total climbing, Very Strenuous. From the patrol cabin, climb switchbacks through whitebark pine forest to high ridge. An ice axe may be necessary through July. 13 Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Brochure available 14.6 miles RT, 9 hours, 2700 ft total climbing. Via shuttle boat: 8.8 miles RT, 6 hours, 1220 ft total climbing, Moderate-Strenuous. Not accessible to vehicles over 23.3 feet long, RVs or trailers. Parking lot full 9 am–4 pm in summer. Popular trail leads into Cascade Canyon with views of the Grand Teton, Mt. Owen and Teewinot. 3.0 miles RT, 1.5 hours, 300 ft total climbing, Easy. 3.3 mi. RT, 2 hours, 250 ft total climbing, Easy. Lake Solitude – North Fork Two Ocean Lake 20.0 miles RT, 13 hours, 3900 ft total climbing. Via shuttle boat: 14.2 miles RT, 9 hours, 2420 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Follow Cascade Canyon. North Fork leads to Lake Solitude; views of the Grand Teton and Mt. Owen. Aspen Ridge – Boulder Ridge Loop Walk through marsh habitat near the pond, then climb a forested ridge for views of the Teton Range. 6.4 miles RT, 3 hours, 400 ft total climbing, Moderate. Hurricane Pass – South Fork Circle lake through forests and meadows. 25.8 miles RT, 17 hours, 5400 ft total climbing. Via shuttle boat: 20.0 miles RT, 15 hours, 3920 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Lunch Tree Hill 0.5 mile RT, ½ hour, 80 ft total climbing, Easy. Short interpretive trail leads to the top of a hill overlooking Willow Flats and the Teton Range. Christian Pond Loop 4 Two Ocean Lake Emma Matilda Lake 10.7 miles RT, 6 hours, 1100 ft total climbing, Moderate. Circle the lake. The north trail follows a ridge offering views of the Teton Range. Two Ocean & Emma Matilda Lakes 13.2 miles RT, 7 hours, 1400 ft total climbing, Moderate-Strenuous. Follow north shore Two Ocean Lake and south shore of Emma Matilda Lake, crossing over Grand View Point. 5 Signal Mountain Follow Cascade Canyon trail. South Fork leads to Schoolroom Glacier and Hurricane Pass. 9 Lupine Meadows Brochure available Lake Creek – Woodland Trail Loop Hike along Lake Creek to the shore of Phelps Lake. 5.8 miles RT, 3 hours, 700 ft total climbing, Moderate. Hike through aspen groves and boulder felds to the shore of Phelps Lake. Phelps Lake Trail Loop 6.3 miles RT, 4 hours, 600 ft total climbing, Moderate. Hike around Phelps Lake with stunning views of the Teton Range. 14 Granite Canyon Not accessible to vehicles over 23.3 feet long, RVs or trailers. Marion Lake 18.5 miles RT, 12 hours, 3000 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Follow Granite Creek to beautiful Marion Lake. Amphitheater Lake 15 Aerial Tram, Teton Village 10.1 miles RT, 7 hours, 3000 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Trails are not recommended for hiking until snow has melted, usually by late July. Fee charged. Hike to glacial lakes surrounded by meadows. Disappointment Peak towers above. Marion Lake Signal Mountain Garnet Canyon 11.8 miles RT, 9 hours, 4000 ft total climbing, Strenuous. 6.8 miles RT loop, 4 hours, 850 ft total climbing, Mod. 8.4 miles RT, 6 hours, 2650 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Traverse forests to viewpoint. Park at Signal Mountain Lodge and walk on park road to trail. Trail climbs into Garnet Canyon offering spectacular views of the Middle Teton. Hike through alpine and subalpine terrain to Marion Lake and return to the tram. 6 Leigh Lake Brochure available Leigh Lake 10 Taggart Lake Brochure available 1.8 miles RT, 1 hour, 40 ft total climbing, Easy. Taggart Lake Hike along the east shore of String Lake, pass the bridge across a stream, and climb to Leigh Lake. 3.0 miles RT, 2 hours, 350 ft total climbing, Easy. Trapper Lake Out-and-back trail traverses sagebrush fats and forests to a lake with views of the Grand Teton. 9.2 miles RT, 5 hours, 400 ft total climbing, Easy-Mod. Taggart Lake-Beaver Creek Loop From String Lake, follow forested shore of Leigh Lake to smaller lakes with views of Mount Moran. 3.9 miles RT, 2 hours, 500 ft total climbing, Moderate. Holly Lake Hike this trail to the lake, climb the glacial moraine and return along Beaver Creek. 13.0 miles RT, 9 hours, 2600 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Taggart Lake-Bradley Lake Follow Paintbrush Canyon trail through forests and wildfowers meadows to an alpine lake. 5.9 miles RT, 3 hours, 800 ft total climbing, Moderate. Loop hike visits two lakes dammed by glacial moraines. Granite Canyon 12.3 miles total, 7 hours, 4200 ft total descent (with 450 ft climbing), Moderate. Start at the top of the tram, hike into the park, down Granite Canyon and return to Teton Village. 16 Teton Canyon (Caribou-Targhee USFS) Table Mountain 12.0 miles RT, 9 hours, 4100 ft total climbing, Strenuous. Steep climb with incredible views of the Grand Teton and South Fork of Cascade Canyon below. 17 Cunningham Cabin Brochure available Cunningham Cabin Loop 0.8 mile RT, 1 hour, Easy. Tour a historic homestead. *RT= round-trip distance **ft total climbing = All uphill hiking, including elevation descended and reascended in feet (ft).

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