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Great Smoky Mountains

Reptiles and Amphibians

brochure Great Smoky Mountains - Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptiles and Amphibians of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee. Published by the Great Smoky Mountains Association.

REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS A CHECKLIST FOR SPECIES IN GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK KEY STATUS CODE C = Common U = Uncommon R = Rare X = Unknown SPECIAL NOTATIONS + Non-native (historic) = last recorded sighting 50+ years ago REPTILES TURTLES ❒ Common Snapping Turtle C ❒ Stripeneck Musk Turtle R ❒ Common Musk Turtle or Stinkpot Turtle R ❒ Eastern Box Turtle C ❒ Northern Map Turtle R ❒ Midland Painted Turtle C ❒ Eastern Spiny Softshell U ❒ Cumberland Slider R LIZARDS ❒ Green Anole C ❒ Eastern Fence Lizard C ❒ Eastern Six-lined Racerunner C ❒ Little Brown Skink C ❒ Five-lined Skink C ❒ Southeastern Five-lined Skink R ❒ Broadhead Skink C ❒ Coal Skink R ❒ Eastern Slender Glass Lizard C SNAKES ❒ Northern Water Snake C ❒ Queen Snake U ❒ Brown Snake C ❒ Northern Red-bellied Snake C ❒ Eastern Garter Snake C ❒ Eastern Smooth Earth Snake U ❒ Eastern Hog-nosed Snake U ❒ Ring-necked Snake C ❒ Eastern Worm Snake C ❒ Northern Black Racer C ❒ Northern Rough Green Snake C ❒ Red Corn Snake C ❒ Eastern Rat Snake C ❒ Northern Pine Snake R ❒ Eastern Kingsnake C ❒ Black Kingsnake C ❒ Eastern Milk Snake U ❒ Scarlet Kingsnake (historic) ❒ Mole Kingsnake U ❒ Northern Scarlet Snake R ❒ Southeastern Crowned Snake U ❒ Northern Copperhead C ❒ Timber Rattlesnake C AMPHIBIANS SALAMANDERS ❒ Eastern Hellbender U ❒ Common Mudpuppy R ❒ Mole Salamander R ❒ Marbled Salamander U ❒ Spotted Salamander U ❒ Red-spotted Newt C ❒ Spotted Dusky Salamander C ❒ Santeetlah Dusky Salamander C ❒ Seal Salamander C ❒ Black-bellied Salamander C ❒ Shovel-nosed Salamander U ❒ Ocoee Salamander C ❒ Imitator Salamander C ❒ Pygmy Salamander C ❒ Seepage Salamander R ❒ Southern Red-backed Salamander C ❒ Southern Zigzag Salamander U ❒ Northern Slimy Salamander C ❒ Southern Appalachian Salamander C ❒ Red-cheeked Salamander C ❒ Southern Gray-cheeked Salamander C ❒ Four-toed Salamander U ❒ Black-chinned Red Salamander C ❒ Mud Salamander R ❒ Blue Ridge Spring Salamander U ❒ Cave Salamander R ❒ Long-tailed Salamander U ❒ Three-lined Salamander R ❒ Junaluska Salamander R ❒ Blue Ridge Two-lined Salamander C ❒ Green Salamander (historic) FROGS AND TOADS ❒ Eastern Spadefoot R ❒ Eastern American Toad C ❒ Fowler’s Toad U ❒ Eastern Cricket Frog X ❒ Cope’s Gray Tree Frog U ❒ +Green Tree Frog U ❒ Northern Spring Peeper C ❒ Upland Chorus Frog U ❒ Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad R ❒ American Bullfrog C ❒ Green Frog C ❒ Pickerel Frog U ❒ Leopard Frog (historic) ❒ Wood Frog C REFERENCE NPSpecies—The National Park Service Biodiversity Database (online). Fort Collins, CO: National Park Service, Natural Resource Stewardship and Science, 2020. Tilley, Stephen G., and James E. Huheey. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Smokies. Gatlinburg, TN: Great Smoky Mountains Association, 2004. REPTILE AND AMPHIBIAN OBSERVATIONS Great Smoky Mountains National Park staff are interested in your observations of unusual reptiles and amphibians in the park. Information that is of assistance to the park staff includes: •date and time •exact location •elevation •weather and temperature •number of individuals •your familiarity with the species Send observations of reptiles or amphibians to: Research Coordinator Great Smoky Mountains National Park Twin Creeks Science and Education Center 1316 Cherokee Orchard Road Gatlinburg, TN 37738 Produced by Great Smoky Mountains Association in cooperation with Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This checklist is available online as a PDF at SmokiesInformation.org. 115 Park Headquarters Road Gatlinburg, TN 37738 865.436.7318 SmokiesInformation.org Revised 4-2020

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