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Great Smoky Mountains


brochure Great Smoky Mountains - Butterflies

Butterflies of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee. Published by the Great Smoky Mountains Association.

BUTTERFLIES A CHECKLIST FOR SPECIES IN GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK KEY STATUS CODE A = Abundant C = Common U = Uncommon O = Occasional R = Rare SPECIAL NOTATIONS + Non-native SWALLOWTAILS ❒ Pipevine Swallowtail A ❒ Black Swallowtail C ❒ Spicebush Swallowtail C ❒ Zebra Swallowtail U ❒ Giant Swallowtail U ❒ Eastern Tiger Swallowtail A ❒ Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail U WHITES AND SULFURS ❒ Falcate Orangetip U ❒ +Cabbage White C ❒ West Virginia White C ❒ Sleepy Orange C ❒ Clouded Sulphur C ❒ Cloudless Sulphur C ❒ Orange Sulphur A ❒ Olympia Marble R ❒ Barred Yellow R ❒ Dainty Sulphur O ❒ Checkered White U ❒ Little Yellow C COPPERS, HAIRSTREAKS AND BLUES ❒ Harvester U ❒ American Copper C ❒ Juniper Hairstreak R ❒ Gray Hairstreak C ❒ Banded Hairstreak U ❒ Red-banded Hairstreak C ❒ Striped Hairstreak R ❒ Great Purple Hairstreak R ❒ Eastern Tailed-Blue C ❒ Spring Azure C ❒ Summer Azure A ❒ Appalachian Azure C ❒ Silvery Blue R ❒ Brown Elfin C ❒ Eastern Pine Elfin U ❒ Henry’s Elfin O ❒ Frosted Elfin R ❒ Early Hairstreak R ❒ White M Hairstreak U ❒ King’s Hairstreak R ❒ Coral Hairstreak R BRUSHFOOTS ❒ Silvery Checkerspot C ❒ Baltimore Checkerspot R ❒ Pearl Crescent A ❒ Meadow Fritillary C ❒ Appalachian Brown U ❒ Gemmed Satyr U ❒ Carolina Satyr A ❒ Little Wood-Satyr C ❒ Common Wood-Nymph C ❒ Northern Pearly-Eye R ❒ American Snout U ❒ Hackberry Emperor U ❒ American Lady C ❒ Painted Lady U ❒ Common Buckeye C ❒ Red Admiral C ❒ Red-spotted Purple C ❒ Mourning Cloak C ❒ Question Mark C ❒ Eastern Comma C ❒ Green Comma U ❒ Gray Comma U ❒ Gulf Fritillary C ❒ Variegated Fritillary C ❒ Aphrodite Fritillary C ❒ Great Spangled Fritillary C ❒ Diana Fritillary U ❒ Viceroy R ❒ Monarch C ❒ Goatweed Leafwing R ❒ Tawny Emperor R ❒ Tawny Crescent R ❒ Northern Crescent O SKIPPERS ❒ Silver-spotted Skipper C ❒ Juvenal’s Duskywing C ❒ Horace’s Duskywing C ❒ Common Checkered-Skipper C ❒ Least Skipper C ❒ +European Skipper R ❒ Fiery Skipper C ❒ Long-tailed Skipper O ❒ Peck’s Skipper C ❒ Tawny-edged Skipper U ❒ Northern Broken-Dash U ❒ Sachem A ❒ Hobomok Skipper U ❒ Zabulon Skipper A ❒ Dun Skipper C ❒ Dusted Skipper R ❒ Hoary Edge O ❒ Lace-Winged Roadside Skipper R ❒ Pepper and Salt Skipper R ❒ Reversed Roadside Skipper O ❒ Common Roadside Skipper R ❒ Golden-banded Skipper U ❒ Brazilian Skipper O ❒ Wild Indigo Duskywing R ❒ Sleepy Duskywing U ❒ Dreamy Duskywing C ❒ Mottled Duskywing R ❒ Cobweb Skipper O ❒ Indian Skipper R ❒ Clouded Skipper C ❒ Swarthy Skipper U ❒ Twin-spot Skipper O ❒ Ocola Skipper O ❒ Crossline Skipper C ❒ Little Glassywing C ❒ Southern Cloudywing U ❒ Northern Cloudywing C REFERENCE Smith, Charles R., and Elizabeth A. Domingue. Butterflies and Moths of the Smokies. Gatlinburg, TN: Great Smoky Mountains Association, 2019. BUTTERFLY OBSERVATIONS Great Smoky Mountains National Park staff are interested in your observations of unusual butterflies in the park. Information that is of assistance to the park staff includes: •date and time •exact location •elevation •weather and temperature •number of individuals •your familiarity with the species Send observations of butterflies to: Research Coordinator Great Smoky Mountains National Park Twin Creeks Science and Education Center 1316 Cherokee Orchard Road Gatlinburg, TN 37738 Produced by Great Smoky Mountains Association in cooperation with Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This checklist is available online as a PDF at SmokiesInformation.org. 115 Park Headquarters Road Gatlinburg, TN 37738 865.436.7318 SmokiesInformation.org Revised 4-2020

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