"Volunteers work to clear invasive plant species throughout the park site." by Lauren Anderson , public domain

Golden Gate - Rancho Corral de Tierra


brochure Golden Gate - Rancho Corral de Tierra - Brochure
Rancho Corral de Tierra To San Francisco Sweeney Ridge PACIFICA North Peak 1,898’ Peak Mountain 1,825’ Montara Knob 1,625’ 1 ti ar M McNee Ranch State Park ni Cr ee k Pedro Point C O R R A L C H O N A R Inset map on back PRIVATE M Pa c i fic Oc e a n MONTARA LEGEND Montara Lighthouse Hospital GGNRA Lands Lighthouse Paved Road Bus stop County Trail Airport Unimproved Trail Ember Ridge TI E D Renegade Ranch D E R R A Moss Beach Ranch MOSS BEACH PRIVATE k s ton Cree Creek Montara State Beach PRIVATE enn i Ocean View Farms tara on Gray Whale Cove State Beach Many of the trails are steep, eroded and may be difficult to traverse until they are repaired or re-routed. Please use caution when visiting and respect private property. SAN F RANCISCO PENINSUL A WATERSHED San Pedro Valley County Park Sanchez Adobe Devil’s Slide C r y s t a l S p r in g s R e s e r v o ir San Vicente Cr eek Mori Point National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Golden Gate National Recreation Area Cabrillo Farms EL GRANADA 2 wy 9 H o T Inset map on back 1 Half Moon Bay Half Moon Bay Airport J. V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Equestrian Areas* * Rancho is home to four working ranches; please do not feed or touch any animals or enter any buildings without the staff’s permission. Printed with the support of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy—www.parksconservancy.org Pillar Point Bluff Pillar Point Harbor Pillar Point July 2013 www.nps.gov/goga/rcdt.htm Rancho Corral de Tierra OVERVIEW National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Golden Gate National Recreation Area MONTARA AREA EL GRANADA AREA MONTARA AREA Cre ek Gray Whale Cove State Beach ni Den Cr ee nis t k on McNee Ranch State Park ar Pe k ee Cabrillo Farms Montara State Beach Sa n Cabrillo Farms dro M Rd S tn Ma in S tre et 3rd 6t h t A Cr 1 Str ee t S tr ee an gus tin MONTARA Half Moon Bay Airport Sonora Avenue 1000 FEET e 0 ON ET PRINC nu Montara Ligthouse EL GRANADA ve aA lbo Ba EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA™ Ol d For your safety in case of emergency, please be prepared to tell the dispatcher your location in the park. National Parks are protected areas. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Shortcuts cause erosion. Please stay on trails. Rancho’s trail system is a work in progress. Be cautious of uneven trail surface and poison oak growing along trail edges. If you encounter coyotes or mountain lions, keep your distance. Keep pets and children supervised, and do not feed coyotes or any other wildlife. Dogs are allowed on leash. Dog walkers must pick up after their pets. More info at www.nps.gov/goga/ parkmgmt/pets. Bicyclists may not exceed 15–mph, and must slow to 5–mph at corners or while passing trail users. See signs in park for restrictions. Be prepared to encounter equestrians on the trails. Cyclists should yield to equestrians and pedestrians and maintain safe distances. M Ocean View Farms In case of emergency dial 911 or (415) 561-5656 For General Information call (415) 561-4700 ti 1 1 0 EL GRANADA AREA MILES 0 1000 FEET www.nps.gov/goga/rcdt.htm

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