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Golden Gate - Milagra Ridge


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Milagra Ridge National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Golden Gate National Recreation Area Photo courtesy: Charles Kennard An ”Island“ on Land Milagra Ridge is a habitat “island” with breathtaking coastal views and a surprising array of plants and wildlife. First used by native Ohlone people, this land was later claimed by Spanish settlers and Mexican rancheros. The U.S. Army installed a gun battery here in the 1940’s, and during the Cold War built a Nike missile station on Milagra and nearby Sweeney Ridge. In 1984, Milagra Ridge became part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and today is the focus of community efforts to restore the wildlife habitat and help ensure the survival of a number of rare and endangered species found within this national parkland. Hawks glide on air currents above the ridge, scanning the ground for small mammals. Look for rabbits along the roadside at dawn and dusk. Look for examples of WW II and Cold War coast defense installations on Milagra Ridge. The Nike missile site was decommissioned in 1974. You can make a difference by joining efforts to restore the habitat for endangered species on this site. Give us a call! The silver lupine is one of the Mission blue butterfly’s host plants. Look for the spike of purple blossoms in the spring. Art courtesy: Sue Lorenzo Dogs are welcome at Milagra Ridge, but must be leashed and remain on trails. Ecological Refuge Surrounded by urban development, Milagra Ridge forms what biologists call an island ecosystem. Here, wildlife is isolated from other habitats, feeding and migration corridors are compromised and exotic species can easily invade native habitat. Despite this isolation, Milagra Ridge hosts a surprising number of threatened and endangered species including Mission blue and San Bruno elfin butterflies and the California red-legged frog. Milagra’s proximity to urban development, its limited size and its rare wildlife make it exceptionally sensitive to human disturbance. Therefore, visitors are required to stay on trails and pets must be leashed. We Need Your Help! Wildlife at Milagra Ridge, especially the endangered species, relies on the efforts of volunteers to ensure their survival and on going health. Volunteer efforts organized through the Site Stewardship Program offer drop-in volunteer workdays and special projects. Call (415) 561-3034, ext. 3437 for directions and a calendar of events. Visiting Milagra Ridge The entrance to Milagra Ridge is off of Sharp Park Road in Pacifica. From Highway 1, follow Sharp Park Road to the east, or from Skyline Boulevard (Highway 35), follow Sharp Park Road to the west. Turn north on College Drive and continue about 1/4 mile to roadside parking at the Milagra Ridge gate. For More Information Site Stewardship Program Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (415) 561-3034, ext. 3437 www.parksconservancy.org Pacifica Visitor Center Pacifica Chamber of Commerce (650) 355-4122 www.pacificachamber.com Please note: All pets must be leashed. Bicycles are permitted on the paved trail only. Land management of Milagra Ridge is shared with the North Coast Co. Water District, Pacifica, California. (rev. 09/05) Printed on recycled paper using soy-based ink EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA w w w. n p s . g o v / g o g a

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