"Glacier Bay landscape, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, 2015." by U.S. National Park Service , public domain

Glacier Bay


brochure Glacier Bay - Birds

Birds Checklist for Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (NP&PRES) in Alaska. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior -�..,_ _ - .:;;,:: •- The Birds of Glacier Bay CHECKLIST February,2016 Introduction Glacier Bay National Park is a 5,220 square mile wilderness, comparable in size to the state of Connecticut. It contains both inshore and offshore marine waters, mountain ranges to 15,000 feet, ice fields and glaciers, rivers and lakes, alpine meadows, mature coniferous forests, cottonwood/alder/ willow thickets, and glacial barrens. The park ecosystem is rapidly changing after the Little Ice Age that covered much of it with ice 250 years ago. As glaciers flux and vegetation evolves, bird composition also changes and those changes are expected to continue. Most of the park is roadless and remote, and even the most popular areas, such as Glacier Bay and the Gustavus Foreland (included in the checklist) are lightly visited. The park bound­ ary extends three miles into the Pacific Ocean and about one mile into Icy Strait and Cross Sound. Bird records for those areas are included. Bird observations are important. Please leave any bird records from your visit at the park visitor cen­ ter or enter them into the eBird database (www.ebird.org). Common names and taxonomic order in this checklist follow those established by the American Ornithologist's Union through 2015. Key to Bird Status C - Common. Can expect to observe on 90%+ of field days in appropriate habitat. F - Fairly Common. Can observe on 50-89% of field days. U - Uncommon. Can expect to observe on less than half of field days. R - Rare. 1-5 records are expected each year. V - Very Rare. More than 2 records exist, but many years may go by without observations. + - Accidental. No more than 2 documented records exist for the species. * - Nesting. Record(s) exist or nesting is suspected. (I} - Irruptive. Populations fluctuate substantially from year to year. Kittlitz's Murrelet in breeding plumage Seasons Spring (Sp} - March through May. Summer (Su} - June through July. Fall (F} - August through November. Winter (W} - December through February. This bird checklist includes the 281 bird species found in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve through February, 2016. This is the short version of the list; a longer version that includes habitat, maps and natural history information is available at the Glacier Bay National Park Visitor Center or online at www.nps.gov/glba. Acknowledgments This edition of the Birds of Glacier Bay Checklist was updated by Nat Drumheller and was previously revised and updated in 2013 by Bruce Paige and Nat Drumheller. We acknowledge the contributions of earlier editions upon which this checklist is based by Dennis Wik 1967, Wik and Greg Streveler 1968, and Bruce Paige 1973, 1979 and 1998. The format used is that of the Birds of Southeast Alaska checklist by Steve Heinl, Bob Armstrong and Rich Gordon. The authors would also like to thank Steve Heinl, Paul Suchanek and Gus van Vliet for their excellent suggestions in 2013 after reviewing the manu­ script. Sp Su F w GEESE, SWANS, AND DUCKS Greater White-fronted Goose Emperor Goose Snow Goose Ross's Goose Brant Cackling Goose Canada Goose Trumpeter Swan Tundra Swan Wood Duck Gadwall Eurasian Wigeon American Wigeon F V F V F V F + + F u C u u R C American Black Duck Mallard Blue-winged Teal Cinnamon Teal Northern Shoveler Northern Pintail Green-winged Teal Canvasback Redhead Ring-necked Duck + u V F* V + + u C u R F C C R V F V R + u C* U* V U* U* U* + V R u u C u u u C F V + u C R C + + F R u F V + R u u u R King Eider + + + + Common Eider V* F* C C R R* R R* F* R* F* U* + Red-breasted Merganser V F C C F C C F C R F C Ruddy Duck + Lesser Scaup Steller's Eider Harlequin Duck Surf Scoter White-winged Scoter Black Scoter Long-tailed Duck Bufflehead Common Goldeneye Barrow's Goldeneye Hooded Merganser Common Merganser GROUSE, PTARMIGAN Willow Ptarmigan Rock Ptarmigan White-tailed Ptarmigan Sooty Grouse + u u u C F C C F C C F C R F C u u u F LOONS, GREBES Red-throated Loon Pacific Loon Common Loon Yellow-billed Loon Pied-billed Grebe Horned Grebe F C C u C C C C F C C F C R F C + U* U* U* C* F* F C* R R F C C R V C Red-necked Grebe F R Western Grebe + + F V F V ALBATROSSES, SHEARWATERS, FULMARS & PETRELS V + F w Northern Fulmar Pink-footed Shearwater Sooty Shearwater R R* Greater Scaup F Black-footed Albatross V F Tufted Duck Su + V C F C C R V F Sp u u u u u F F R + C Short-tailed Shearwater Manx Shearwater Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel Leach's Storm-Petrel CORMORANTS Double-crested Cormorant Pelagic Cormorant F u F u F u R C R R C R R C R C C* F C F U* C* C R C F u + u u C u R HERONS, BITTERNS American Bittern + + Great Blue Heron Great Egret Cattle Egret F F* + + + + HAWKS, EAGLES Osprey Bald Eagle Northern Harrier Sharp-shinned Hawk R C F u Northern Goshawk Swainson's Hawk Red-tailed Hawk R Rough-legged Hawk Golden Eagle R R V C* R* U* R* u u V + u R C F U* V* R u R R C R R u + V + + RAILS, CRANES Virginia Rail + + Sora American Coot Sandhill Crane V V F V + + R* R F V V F C C* R F C R V F R V + SHOREBIRDS Black Oystercatcher Black-bellied Plover American Golden-Plover Pacific Golden-Plover u u F R + + Greater Yellowlegs Lesser Yellowlegs Upland Sandpiper C F U* R* F* R* R F* F* Whimbrel F R Bristle-thighed Curlew + Hudsonian Godwit Bar-tailed Godwit Marbled Godwit R V R Semipalmated Plover Killdeer Spotted Sandeiper Solitary Sandeieer Wandering Tattler Ruddy Turnstone Black Turnstone u R u + u u V + + V R u u u R u C C V V u V V V u u + R Red Knot Surfbird Ruff Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Stilt Sandpiper Curlew Sandpiper Red-necked Stint Sanderling Dunlin Rock Sandpiper Baird's Sandpiper Least Sandpiper White-rumped Sandpiper Buff-breasted Sandpiper Pectoral Sandpiper Semipalmated Sandpiper Western Sandpiper Short-billed Dowitcher Long-billed Dowitcher Wilson's Snipe Wilson's Phalarope Red-necked Phalarope Red Phalarope Sp Su u u R u C u R C u u + + + F w Iceland Gull Glaucous-winged Gull Glaucous Gull Aleutian Tern Caspian Tern Black Tern Arctic Tern V u + R V + + u V + V U* + R u u C C C F V C + F* V C + V F R R U* V R u F C u u F F F u + R + C + C C u u u + u F* + C* C* C* u u R V u R F U* F* C C* + R F C C u u u C + C C + + u R C C + + + F u V + C* + R C + + C V R R F u u C + C* F + U* + R V R R R V V R V R R + R V u R Western Screech-Owl Great Horned Owl Snowy Owl Northern Hawk Owl Northern P:igmi'.-Owl Barred Owl Long-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Boreal Owl Northern Saw-whet Owl R u R U* + V u R u + u V R* R* + U* u u u + u + u u u R R + C + C* u U* V + R KINGFISHERS Belted Kingfisher R V u u u V u u u WOODPECKERS Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Red-breasted Saesucker Downi'. Woodeecker Hairy Woodpecker American Three-toed Wood�ecker Northern Flicker + F R F u R F* R* F* U* V* R F u F R R American Kestrel Merlin Gi'.rfalcon Peregrine Falcon u V U* u U* R R + R V R u V + u FLYCATCHERS + C + R F* R C V FALCONS R F C Band-tailed Pigeon Eurasian Collared-Dove Mourning Dove Anna's Hummingbird Rufous Hummingbird GULLS, TERNS Black-legged Kittiwake lvori'. Gull Sabine's Gull Bonaearte's Gull Ross's Gull Franklin's Gull Heermann's Gull Mew Gull Ring-billed Gull Western Gull California Gull Herring Gull Thai'.er's Gull C R V + C* V R* F* C V R HUMMINGBIRDS F R C w PIGEONS, DOVES Common Nighthawk Black Swift Vaux's Swift ALCIDS Common Murre Thick-billed Murre Pigeon Guillemot Marbled Murrelet Kittlitz's Murrelet Ancient Murrelet Cassin's Auklet Parakeet Auklet Rhinoceros Auklet Horned Puffin Tufted Puffin F NIGHTHAWKS, SWIFTS JAEGERS South Polar Skua Pomarine Jaeger Parasitic Jaeger Long-tailed Jaeger Su OWLS C + V F C C C F + C + Sp F R Olive-sided Fli'.catcher Western Wood-Pewee Yellow-bellied Fli'.catcher Alder Fli'.catcher Willow Fli'.catcher Hammond's Fli'.catcher Pacific-slope Flycatcher Say's Phoebe Western Kingbird Eastern Kingbird Scissor-tailed Fli'.catcher R R R u + R* R + U* + V C* + + V + R R u + u V + + SHRIKES Northern Shrike VIREOS Warbling Vireo Sp Su u F w u u F C C C + + Palm Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler C C* C R Townsend's Warbler C C C* C* C C + V C* C* F C C + F R R C u + C u u C* U* C + V F R C F* R* C* V C* U* U* u V C u u F u C C F* U* C* C* F u C C V V + C C C F* F* C* C* C* C C C + + V R u u V + + C u u u u C V V V R u R White-throated Searrow Harris's Sparrow White-crowned Sparrow Golden-crowned Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco Rustic Bunting C U* R V R* R R u C + U* u + u C C V C* C* u u C C F C V V V V + u R u + u + V V + + C C R V C + + u V + + u U* u V Rusty Blackbird Brewer's Blackbird R R* R R + + Brown-headed Cowbird R V Black-headed Grosbeak BLACKBIRDS Red-winged Blackbird + + R FINCHES Red Crossbill (I) + u u F F F F* U* F* F* F* C C* u u F F F Hoary Redeoll (I) R V + Pine Siskin (I) Evening Grosbeak UNSUBSTANTIATED SPECIES Buller's Shearwater Red-shouldered Hawk C F V Western Tanager Common Redpoll (I) V C + TANAGERS, GROSBEAKS White-winged Crossbill (I) + V C* C* F* C* Swame Searrow Brambling LONGSPURS, BUNTINGS Lapland Longspur Smith's Longseur Snow Bunting McKay's Bunting C C F C Pine Grosbeak R WAXWINGS Bohemian Waxwing Cedar Waxwing Savannah Searrow Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch (I) WAGTAILS, PIPITS White Wagtail Red-throated Pipit American Pieit + Yellow-headed Blackbird STARLINGS European Starling R Chipping Sparrow Lincoln's Sparrow + C V R + American Tree Sparrow Fox Searrow Song Sparrow + u u Wilson's Warbler w + SPARROWS THRUSHES, MOCKINGBIRDS Mountain Bluebird Townsend's Solitaire Gray-cheeked Thrush Swainson's Thrush Hermit Thrush American Robin Varied Thrush Gray Catbird Northern Mockingbird R Yellow-throated Warbler WRENS, DIPPERS, KINGLETS Pacific Wren American Dipper Golden-crowned Kinglet Ruby-crowned Kinglet + + + F C C V F R C CHICKADEES, NUTHATCHES, CREEPERS Black-capped Chickadee Chestnut-backed Chickadee Red-breasted Nuthatch (1) Brown Creeper + Blackeoll Warbler C* C MacGillivray's Warbler SWALLOWS Tree Swallow Violet-green Swallow Northern Rough-winged Swallow Bank Swallow Cliff Swallow Barn Swallow F Yellow Warbler C V C Common Yellowthroat American Redstart + Su V C* V U* V F* Tennessee Warbler Orange-crowned Warbler LARKS Horned Lark Northern Waterthrush V V JAYS, CROWS Gray Jay Steller's Jay Clark's Nutcracker Black-billed Magpie Northwestern Crow Common Raven WARBLERS Sp Little Curlew Long-billed Murrelet Great Gray Owl Brewer's Searrow + R u F F F + + C C

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