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Day Hikes

brochure Glacier - Day Hikes
A Pass Akamina Lake Wall Lake Goat Haunt and North Fork Trails Mount Custer 59 Lake Nooney Upper Kintla Lake RID GE NU M A Stoney Indian Lake Stoney Indian Pass n to er at W r ve Ri Vulture Peak E AK QUARTZ L 66 Mount Geduhn Grace Lake 64 z art Qu E LAK NG I GG LO ek Cre Lake Evangeline Longfellow Peak 63 Quartz Creek Riv er 3 Miles Kootenai Lakes Mount Cleveland Kootenai Peak KE LA Day Hikes in Glacier Goat Haunt Mountain 67 60 Cerulean Lake 58 3 Kilometers ek Cre GE RID 55 Hidden Meadow Winona Lake North Goat Haunt Covey Meadow Loop Trail d hea Flat Polebridge Townsite Upper Waterton Lake k ee Cr 56 e Cr Lake Janet Olson National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior d al on cD M Polebridge 0 Lake Francis Mount Carter Middle Quartz Lake Lower Quartz Lake ek th Nor an m w o B Fo rk 62 BO WM AN A Bowman Lake 68 E UPIN PORC Creek ntine Vale 65 kala Creek ko Glacier 57 Brown Pass Thunderbird Mountain 54 Hell Roaring Falls Campbell Mountain 61 Kintla Lake 0 Lake Wurdeman Kintla Peak Akokala Lake Upper Bertha Falls Bertha Lake Carcajou Lake Boulder Pass KI LA NT Alderson Lake Boundary Creek Creek tla Kin KE LA Lakes Mount Alderson 8832ft 2692m Summit Lake AKAMINA-KISHINENA PROVINCIAL PARK g in gg Lo Ruger Lake Grizzly and Cubs Camas Lake TERRY DOSSEY IN BEAR COUNTRY DON’T SURPRISE BEARS! Bears will ek Cre usually move out of the way if they hear Dutch Lake Logging Creek people approaching, so make noise. Most Arrow Lake bells are not enough. Calling out and clapping hands loudly at regular intervals are better ways to make your presence known. A bear constantly surprised by quiet hikers Map Legend Campground Visitor Center Lodging Ranger Station Unpaved Roads may become habituated to close human Trails Paved Roads 1 contact and less likely to avoid people. This sets up a dangerous situation for both visi- Trail Destination tors and bears. Hiking quietly endangers Destination One-way Mileage & Elevation Trailhead Destination 54 Akokala Lake 5.8 mi. - gains 800 ft. Bowman Lake Ranger Station 62 55 Bowman Lake Head 7.1 mi. - rolling hills Bowman Lake Ranger Station 56 Covey Meadow 1.5 mi. - rolling hills Polebridge Ranger Station 57 Goat Haunt Overlook 1.0 mi. - gains 800 ft. Goat Haunt Ranger Station 58 Hidden Meadow 1.2 mi. - gains 250 ft. 3 miles south of Polebridge Ranger Station you, the bear, and other hikers. One-way Mileage & Elevation Trailhead Lake Janet 3.3 mi. - gains 750 ft. Goat Haunt Ranger Station 63 Logging Lake 4.5 mi. - gains 400 ft. Just north of the Logging Creek Ranger Station 64 Lower Quartz Lake (a) 3.0 mi. - gains 1200 ft. then descends 1000 ft. (b) 6.9 mi. - gains 500 ft Bowman Lake Picnic Area Numa Lookout 5.6 mi. - gains 2930 ft. Bowman Lake Ranger Station 66 Quartz Lake 6.0 mi. - gains 1800 ft. then descends 1600 ft. Bowman Lake Picnic Area 59 Kintla Lake Head 6.6 mi. - rolling hills .25 miles west of Kintla Lake Campground 60 Kootenai Lakes 2.5 mi. - gains 200 ft. Goat Haunt Ranger Station 67 Rainbow Falls 1.0 mi. - gains 30 ft. Goat Haunt Ranger Station 61 Lake Francis 6.2 mi. - gains 1050 ft. Goat Haunt Ranger Station 68 Waterton Townsite 8.5 mi. - gains 200 ft. Goat Haunt Ranger Station LEAVE NO TRACE PRINCIPLES TRIP PLANNING INFORMATION Challenge, adventure, a sense of discovery, 1. Plan Ahead and Prepare Hiking books and maps are an excellent and solitude can be part of your backcountry 2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces way of preparing for your trip. The experience. But in order to ensure that 3. Leave What You Find Glacier National Park Conservancy is a Glacier’s backcountry remains unimpaired 4. Properly Dispose of Waste nonprofit organization working with the for future generations, visitors must be moti- 5. Minimize Campfire Impacts National Park Service to assist Glacier’s vated by an ethic that compels responsibility 6. Respect Wildlife educational and interpretive activities, toward the resource. It is the task of every 7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors cultural programs, and special projects. They stock a number of publications that Leave No Trace skills and ethics. are excellent pre-planning guides. Glacier National Park Conservancy a national program promoting responsible PO Box 2749 outdoor recreation and stewardship of our Columbia Falls, MT 59912 public lands. The National Park Service is a 406-892-3250 partner in this program, along with other federal land management agencies. This copyrighted information has been reprinted with permission from the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. For more information or materials, please visit or call 303.442.8222. NPS / TIM RAINS might be encountered along a trail. People often assume they don’t have to make noise while hiking on a well-used trail. Some of the most frequently used trails in the park are surrounded by excellent bear habitat. People have been charged and Over half of the visitors to Glacier report taking a hike. That’s a lot of hikers, but over 700 miles of trails provide many outstanding opportunities for both short hikes and extended backpacking trips. Take a few minutes to look over the maps in this guide. They highlight a large number of both short and long day hikes. injured by bears fleeing from silent hikers who unwittingly surprised them along the trail. Even if other hikers haven’t seen bears along a trail section recently, don’t assume that bears aren’t there. WHAT ABOUT CROWDS During July and August many of the more popular trails can be crowded. Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg Lake, Granite Park Chalet, and Avalanche Lake are all beautiful destinations, but hikers on those trails will not find solitude. Consider including one or two of the more remote or lesser used trails, to experience the quiet wild character of the park. Staff at visitor centers will be happy to discuss hiking opportunities and provide suggestions. The Trail of the Cedars, Forests and Fire, Hidden Lake, Sun Point, Running Eagle Falls, and Swiftcurrent Nature Trails encourage hikers to experience Glacier at their own pace. The Trail of the Cedars, and Running Eagle Falls are wheelchair accessible trails. Contact the Conservancy at: Leave No Trace outdoor skills and ethics is View from the Highline Trail near Haystack Butte PLANNING A HIKE Just north of Quartz Creek Campground 65 backcountry visitor to learn and practice You can’t predict when and where bears SAFETY Glacier National Park’s publications are funded through a generous donation from the Glacier National Park Conservancy. 1015HO10 Read the information on hiking safety and bears in the Waterton-Glacier Guide. You will increase your odds of a safe hike, decrease your disturbance to park wildlife, and lessen damage to resources. Hikers need to assume individual responsibility for hiking safely. Use extreme caution near water. Swift, cold streams, moss-covered rocks, and slippery logs all present dangers. Avoid wading in or fording swift streams. Never walk, play, or climb on slippery rocks and logs, especially around waterfalls. People have fallen victim to these rapid, frigid streams and glacial lakes. Going-to-the-Sun Road Shuttle Glacier’s new Going-to-the-Sun Road Shuttle offers free transportation to many hiking destinations along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Shuttle icons on the maps inside indicate shuttle friendly trails. Park your car at the Apgar Visitor Center, St. Mary Visitor Center, or leave it at your campground or lodge and enjoy a relaxing and car-free day in the park. The shuttles offer transportation only. For narrated bus tours in the park contact Sun Tours or Glacier National Park Lodges. GUIDE SERVICE Glacier Guides offers guided day hikes and backpacking trips into Glacier’s backcountry. For more information please call: (406) 387-5555. OVERNIGHT TRIPS Camping overnight in Glacier requires a backcountry permit. Permits may be obtained at backcountry offices in Apgar Village, the St. Mary Visitor Center, and at the Many Glacier, Two Medicine, and Polebridge ranger stations. PETS Pets are not permitted on trails or in the backcountry. Pets are allowed on the Apgar Bike Path that connects Apgar to West Glacier, but must be under physical restraint at all times and on a leash no longer than 6 feet. WHAT TO BRING Before heading out on the trail, be sure to have the following items in your daypack: 1. Plenty of water to prevent dehydration 2. Snacks or a lunch to eat on the trail 3. Sunscreen and a hat to prevent sunburn 4. Rain shell & layers of fleece for warmth 5. Mosquito and bug repellent 6. Bear spray 7. Enthusiasm and a spirit of adventure 8. A camera to capture lifetime memories Don’t assume a bear’s hearing is any better than your own. Some trail conditions make it hard for bears to see, hear, or smell approaching hikers. Be particularly careful by streams, against the wind, or in dense vegetation. A blind corner or a rise in the trail also requires special attention. DON’T APPROACH BEARS! Bears spend a lot of time eating, so avoid hiking in obvious feeding areas like berry patches, cow parsnip thickets, or fields of glacier lilies. Keep children close by. Hike in groups and avoid hiking early in the morning, late in the day, or after dark. Never intentionally get close to a bear. Individual bears have their own personal space requirements, which vary depending on their mood. Each will react differently and its behavior can’t be predicted. All bears are potentially dangerous and should be respected equally. Mountain ek Cr e LL WA Heavy Horse Use Shuttle Stop 1 Apgar Bike Path 1.5 mi. - mostly level Asphalt path just south of the Apgar Backcountry Permit Center 2 Apgar Lookout 3.6 mi. - gains 1850 ft. Take the first turn north of the West Entrance and continue 1.5 miles beyond Quarter Circle Bridge. Apikuni Falls 1.0 mi. - gains 700 ft. 1.1 mile east of Many Glacier Hotel 35 18 Baring Falls 0.3 mi. - drops 250 ft. Sunrift Gorge Pullout, 10 miles west of Saint Mary 6.4 mi. - gains 1400 ft. South end of the Many Glacier Hotel parking lot 4 Fish Creek to Apgar Bike Path 1.2 mi. - gains 25 ft. First turn north of the Lower McDonald Creek Bridge 21 Granite Park Chalet Horse use on (b) & (c) (a) 7.6 mi. - gains 800 ft. (b) 7.6 mi. - gains 2300 ft. (c) 4.2 mi. - gains 2200 ft. via Highline Trail, Continental Divide sign at Logan Pass Swiftcurrent Trailhead at Many Glacier Loop Trailhead on the Going-to-the-Sun Road 5 Fish Lake 2.7 mi. - gains 1000 ft. Sperry Trailhead 6 Howe Lake 1.6 mi. - gains 240 ft. Howe Lake Trailhead on the Inside North Fork Road 7 Huckleberry Lookout 6.0 mi. - gains 2725 ft. Huckleberry Mt. Trailhead on the Camas Road Johns Lake Loop 3.0 mi. - gains 160 ft. Johns Lake Trailhead 24 Lake McDonald West Shore 7.4 mi. - mostly level (1) Trailhead 0.2 miles north of Fish Creek Campground (2) 2.8 miles west on North Lake McDonald Road 10 Mt. Brown Lookout 5.2 mi. - gains 4325 ft. 11 Oxbow Trail 12 23 LOW ER SAINT MARY LAKE Go Divide Mountain 31 Grinnell Glacier Viewpoint (a) 5.3 mi. - gains 1600 ft. (b) 3.6 mi. - gains 1600 ft Grinnell Glacier Trailhead or Many Glacier Hotel Using concession boat from Many Glacier Hotel Grinnell Lake (a) 3.4 mi. - gains 60 ft. (b) 1.1 mi. - gains 60 ft. Grinnell Glacier Trailhead or Many Glacier Hotel Using concession boat from Many Glacier Hotel Hidden Lake Overlook* 1.4 mi. - gains 460 ft. Logan Pass Visitor Center *Additional 1.2 miles further to Hidden Lake dropping 780 ft. from the Overlook 25 Iceberg Lake 4.8 mi. - gains 1200 ft. Iceberg Ptarmigan Trailhead Sperry Trailhead 26 Otokomi Lake 5.5 mi. - gains 1900 ft. Next to Rising Sun Campstore 1.5 mi - mostly level South side of the McDonald Creek Bridge on the Camas Road 27 Piegan Pass (a) 4.5 mi. - gains 1750 ft. (b) 8.4 mi. - gains 2640 ft. Piegan Pass Trailhead, 15 miles west of Saint Mary South end of the Many Glacier Hotel parking lot Rocky Point 1.1 mi. - gains 85 ft. Trailhead 0.2 miles north of Fish Creek Campground 28 Ptarmigan Falls 2.7 mi. - gains 700 ft. Iceberg Ptarmigan Trailhead 13 Snyder Lake 4.3 mi. - gains 2147 ft. Sperry Trailhead 29 Ptarmigan Lake 4.3 mi. - gains 1700 ft. Iceberg Ptarmigan Trailhead 14 Sperry Chalet 6.3 mi. - gains 3432 ft. Sperry Trailhead 30 Ptarmigan Tunnel 5.3 mi. - gains 2300 ft. Iceberg Ptarmigan Trailhead 15 Trail of the Cedars 0.7 mi. - accessible Avalanche Picnic Area 31 Red Eagle Lake 8.1 mi. - gains 200 ft. 1913 Ranger Station parking area 16 Trout Lake 4.0 mi. - gains and drops 2100 ft. Trout Lake Trailhead 32 Redrock Falls 1.8 mi. - gains 100 ft. Swiftcurrent Trailhead 33 Saint Mary Falls (a) 0.8 mi. - drops 260 ft. (b) 1.2 mi. - drops 260 ft. (c) 1.6 mi. - gains 140 ft. Saint Mary Falls Shuttle Stop Saint Mary Falls Trailhead, 10.5 miles west of Saint Mary Using concession operated boat from Rising Sun Lake Isabel North 2 Kilometers 0 0 Siyeh Pass Area (a) 4.6 mi. - gains 2240 ft. (b) 5.5 mi. - gains 3440 ft. Piegan Pass Trailhead, 15 miles west of Saint Mary Sunrift Gorge Pullout, 10 miles west of Saint Mary C ON TIN EN TA L D IV ID E Beaverhead Mountain Grizzly Mtn North 2 Miles One-way Mileage & Elevation Trailhead Sun Point Nature Trail 0.8 mi. - drops 250 ft. Sunrift Gorge Pullout, 10 miles west of Saint Mary Sun Point Parking Area Temporarily Closed 36 Sunrift Gorge 200 ft. - gains 40 ft. Sunrift Gorge Pullout, 10 miles west of Saint Mary 37 Swiftcurrent Nature Trail 2.3 mile loop trail Grinnell Glacier Trailhead or Many Glacier Hotel The first ¼ mile past the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead is wheelchair accessible. 38 Swiftcurrent Pass 6.8 mi. - gains 2300 ft. Swiftcurrent Trailhead 39 Virginia Falls (a)1.6 mi. - drops 260 ft. then gains 285 ft. (b)1.8 mi. - drops 260 ft. then gains 285 ft. (c) 2.4 mi. - gains 425 ft. Saint Mary Falls Shuttle Stop 0 0 2 Kilometers 2 Miles Sunrift Gorge Saint Mary Falls Shuttle Stop 36 Baring Falls 35 Appistoki Falls 0.6 mi. - gains 260 ft. .25 mi. east of Two Medicine Ranger Station 41 Aster Falls 1.2 mi. - gains 100 ft. South Shore Trailhead 42 Aster Park 2.0 mi. - gains 670 ft. South Shore Trailhead 43 Cobalt Lake 5.8 mi. - gains 1400 ft. South Shore Trailhead 44 Dawson Pass* 6.5 mi. - gains 2450 ft. North Shore Trailhead 45 No Name Lake 4.9 mi. - gains 800 ft. North Shore Trailhead 46 Oldman Lake 6.4 mi. - gains 1500 ft. North Shore Trailhead 47 Paradise Point 0.7 mi. - gain 100 ft. South Shore Trailhead 48 Pitamakan Pass* 7.6 mi. - gains 2400 ft. North Shore Trailhead 49 Rockwell Falls 3.5 mi. - gains 375 ft. South Shore Trailhead 50 Running Eagle Falls 0.3 mi. - accessible Running Eagle Falls Trailhead 51 Scenic Point 3.9 mi. - gains 2350 ft. .25 mi. east of Two Medicine Ranger Station 52 Twin Falls (a) 3.5 mi. - gains 75 ft. (b) 0.9 mi. - gains 75 ft. North Shore Trailhead Using concession boat near South Shore Trailhead 53 Upper Two Medicine Lake (a) 5.0 mi. - gains 350 ft. (b) 2.2 mi. - gains 350 ft. North Shore Trailhead Using concession boat near South Shore Trailhead * Dawson Pass and Pitamakan Pass can be combined to form an 18.8 mi. loop. 18 Sun Point Parking Area Temporarily Closed For Road Reconstruction Saint Mary Falls North 0 Virginia Falls Trailhead 40 Sunrift Gorge Parking Area E LAK RY MA T IN SA 39 One-way Mileage & Elevation Using concession operated boat from Rising Sun Saint Mary Falls, Sunrift Gorge & Sun Point Trails Saint Mary Falls Trailhead Destination Saint Mary Falls Trailhead, 10.5 miles west of Saint Mary 33 34 Never Laughs Mountain Painted Tepee Peak Two Medicine Pass Curly Bear Mtn 1913 Ranger Station Cracker Lake 22 ad Ro un e-S -th to 17 20 Mt. Henry To increase accuracy, these mileages have been updated to include geographic information systems data, which takes both distance and terrain into account. These mileages may differ slightly from those found in some publications and on trail signs. Destination Avalanche Picnic Area 42 Cobalt Lake Trails easily accessed by the shuttle system 2.3 mi. - gains 500 ft. Sinopah Mtn 43 Little Chief Mtn Trailhead 3.3 mi. - gains 150 ft. in g39 One-way Mileage & Elevation Beaver Pond Loop Appistoki Peak Mt. Rockwell Trail Destination Avalanche Lake 9 Red Eagle Mtn Red Eagle Lake Mahtotopa Mtn n 3 8 Sun SunPoint PointParking Parking Area TemporarilyClosed Closed for For Temporarily RoadReconstruction Reconstruction Road 35 Destination 19 41 49 Rising Sun Boat Dock 51 South 40 Shore Trailhead 47 52 SA 36 North Shore Trailhead 89 ek Ro ad eSu n Unpaved Roads 45 Pumpelly Pillar Upper Two Medicine Lake Cre E Lodging 1 M Two Medicine Lake 53 le Mc Do nal d Ro ad DG RI Ranger Station Trailhead T IN 50 Two Medicine Rising Wolf Mtn ag LD NA O -th eSu n cD M KE LA Accessible Trails 19 dE GE RID E W HO N er Riv RY ION a tM Mt. Helen LA AT Trails 46 No Name Lake 1913 Ranger Station ERV Paved Roads RK Campground One-way Mileage & Elevation A L P ry Sai rk Dry Fo 44 Saint Mary A Dusty Star Mtn Destination Oldman Lake KE Sunrift Gorge 18 2 Miles Visitor Center RES NA Going-to-the-Sun Mountain Gunsight Pass Trailhead CONTINENTAL D I VI D E IAN Legend Avalanche Lake TIO 0 48 Rising Sun Goat Mtn Piegan Pass Trailhead 33 3 D T IN 2 Kilometers Reynolds Mtn NA 0 34 Saint Mary Falls Shuttle Stop Hidden Lake Otokomi Mtn Otokomi Lake 24 Avalanche er Riv ad he lat kF or eF dl id North 15 Singleshot Mtn 26 Logan Pass Mt. Cannon FEE West Entrance M 20 Pollock Mtn Siyeh Bend Pitamakan Pass Mt. Morgan Flinsch Peak Mt. Siyeh Cataract Mtn Piegan Pass 27 Clements Mtn 2 N C Apgar Visitor Center West Glacier IO e re -th -t o g n Goi 1 Quarter Circle Bridge AT 2 RK M Apgar RV o cD SE 4 ALL l rai eT lin gh Hi d l na Mt. Gould Pitamakan Lake Cut Bank Pass Dawson Pass Cracker Lake Spot Mtn East Flattop Mtn Allen Mtn EN W 12 11 Wynn Mtn Grinnell Lake Grinnell Glacier The Loop Trailhead k Apgar Red Mtn 23 RD Fish Creek A L P 21 22 -to R ng i DE Y Go SN Napi Point Mt. Grinnell GA d oa sR ma Ca Inside North Fork Road RE 5 NA Swiftcurrent Pass Granite Park Chalet AN 14 TIO Fish Lake Grinnell Glacier Trailhead Lake Josephine 38 Morning Star Lake DI Sperry Trailhead 9 NA 6 Huckleberry Mt. Trailhead Sperry Chalet N T I Sprague Creek Swiftcurrent Mtn Many Glacier Hotel 37 32 Snyder Lake CONT INE NTAL DIV IDE EE Howe Lake Swiftcurrent Trailhead Redrock Lake 8 13 SH Mt. Wilbur Mt. Brown Johns Lake Trailhead 10 B ER 17 IER Howe Lake Trailhead 7 Lake McDonald Lodge Iceberg Lake E AK EL N UR KF Trout Lake Trailhead Iceberg Ptarmigan Trailhead Swiftcurrent Motor Inn 25 Avalanche Lake North Lake McDonald Road AS Many Glacier 28 3 Medicine Grizzly Peak Apikuni Mtn AC C AM RM AC Rogers Lake PTA Ahern Peak Bad Marriage Mountain Medicine Grizzly Lake 29 IGA GL Stanton Mtn 464 BL 16 CO NT I NE NT AL DI V I DE Avalanche Triple Divide Peak IER R Mt. Vaught Trout Lake E 15 Poia Lake Ptarmigan Lake CK Rogers Peak 54 AC McPartland Mtn Babb GL Helen Lake or Two Medicine & Cut NBank Trails Ptarmigan Tunnel 30 Cu BLA Heavens Peak Arrow Lake G ID t Logan Pass, St. Mary, & Many Glacier Trails Re Lake McDonald Trails or k hF k ree kC an B t 0 0.5 Kilometer 0.5 Mile

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