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Fort Necessity National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Fort Necessity National Battlefield Hiking Trails The hiking trails at Fort Necessity traverse a wide spectrum of natural and historical settings. We ask that you follow some simple procedures to help make your visit safe and enjoyable. Please: Stop and pay the entrance fee at the Visitor Center. The fee is $5.00 per person. Children 15 and under are free Leave flowers, plants, salamanders, baby deer, etc. where you find them. This is a natural and historical area, set aside for all to enjoy. Respect the environment and leave the area the same for others. Historical Points of Interest The Great Meadows was where George Washington and his troops fought a large French and Indian force on July 3, 1754, forever immortalizing the ground. The area near the benches where the Forest Trail leaves the meadow is believed to be where the French and Indians used the forest for cover while directing their most effective fire on Washington's forces. The trails leaving the fort area wind through mixed deciduous forest. When Washington and his men passed through this area, they found the forest in a virgin state. The trees were large and well spaced with the absence of undergrowth due to the shade of the trees. The Braddock Road Trace is the remnant of the road built by Washington in 1754 and improved by General Braddock's army on their way to Fort Duquesne the next year. This road became one of the major routes of transportation from the east before the completion of the National Road to Wheeling, Virginia in 1818. In places, the trails pass stands of pines. These were planted by the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the mid 1930's. As you explore the park, imagine it as seen through the perspective of a youthful commander on his first military campaign on the edge of the wilderness. Fort Necessity Hiking Trail Map Suggested Trails All trails start from the Visitor Center. Trail distances are marked on the map. Please stay on the marked trails. 15 minutes – Fort Necessity: Walk the paved trail from the Visitor Center to Fort Necessity and return. 30 minutes – Braddock Road/French Camp: Leave the Great Meadows on the Forest Trail, turning right into the woods just before the bridge to the fort. The trail follows Indian Run Creek to the Braddock Road Trace. Follow the Braddock Road to the left 200 ft. Turn left again. This trail returns to the Great Meadows through the French Camp, making a small loop. 45 minutes – Indian Run Loop: Continue along the Braddock Road Trace another 650 ft., crossing the paved road and the Forest Trail turns to the right. In a short distance the Indian Run Trail bears right and returns to the Braddock Road. 90 minutes – Forest/Meadow Loop: The Forest Trail continues to the traffic circle at the top of the hill. TheMeadow Trail continues through open meadows to your right and passes a peaceful spot where you can stop and enjoy the surrounding landscape with Chestnut Ridge to the west. Just beyond this point, the Meadow Trail splits into the Outer Meadow Trail and the Inner Meadow Trail. The Inner Meadow Trail leads to the hill above Fort Necessity where you can stop to gaze at the setting before returning to the fort area. The Outer Meadow Trail passes through open fields along the park boundary and returns to the fort area. Alternatives 45 minute meadow hike: From the fort, follow the Outer Meadow Trail to your right. Take a cutoff on your left to the Inner Meadow Trail. Turn left on the Inner Meadow Trail and return to the fort Longer hikes: Add the Picnic Area Loop to your Forest/Meadow Loop hike. From the traffic circle, the Picnic Area Spur goes down over the hill and connects to the Picnic Area Loop 30 minute woodland hike: From the picnic area parking, cross the bridge behind the nearest pavilion and follow the Picnic Area Loop. Hike along the Braddock Road Spur and visit the Woodland Zoo. Take the cutoff from the Outer Loop Trail (near the stand of spruce trees.) This trail is unimproved. Sturdy shoes are required. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA 2-Jun-09

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