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Everglades Park Map

brochure Everglades Park Map
color key Mapping Everglades Ecosystems 29 Sandfly Island Freshwater Freshwater Marl Prairie 997 112 Loop Road Education Center GH R VE RI 997 BISCAYNE BAY AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT ZONES FRESHWATER SLOUGH 1 821 Black Pt Rock Reef Pass Oyster Sweet Bay Pond Roberts River Chickee W il d er Paurotis Pond ss Lane Bay Chickee at W J E In gr TA L PR ah AI am RI East Cape Mud Lake Canoe Trail LE Homestead Bear Lake Bear Lake l Canoe Trai E Canal Buttonwood Canal Flamingo East Cape Canal Eco Joe Pond Kemp Bradley Key Clubhouse Beach Middle Ground 18km 72km 217km Dump Keys ed Pa rk B ou nd ar y Oxfoot Bank Ma no a fW Man of War Key Cluett Key Ban Sprigger Bank len Keys Bob A l 3-6 feet (1-2 meters) Unpaved road Canal and gate More than 6 feet (more than 2 meters) Wilderness Waterway and canoe trail Wildlife protection area (closed to public) Marina Picnic area National Park Service campground National Park Service primitive campsite Gas station Tripod Bank Boat launch Private campground Food service FLORIDA KEYS NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY Interpretive trail Ar s East Key Lodging Int o rac a To Key West 70 mi 112 km Fiesta Key Long Key Tav e r nie r Cr Tavernier Key eek Plantation West Key Plantation Key Shell Key Lignumvitae Key State Aquatic Preserve Snake Creek Windley Key Islamorada Upper Matecumbe Key Lower Matecumbe Key 1 Anne's Beach The Rocks W HA Pickles Reef ATLANTIC OCEAN Conch Reef Davis Reef Crocker Reef Most of the land and submerged areas in Everglades National Park are in the congressionally designated Marjory Stoneman Douglas Wilderness Area. Teatable Key Indian Key l sta French Reef FLORIDA KEYS NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY Tavernier Crab Keys Gopher Keys Peterson Keys ay KEY LARGO Molasses Reef Crane Keys Lignumvitae Key rw El Radabob L Key John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Visitor Center Rodriguez Key Pollock Keys Spy Key Whale Harbor Channel te Wa The Elbow nd ou Captain Key Barnes Key 5 Lighted marker oS Pt Charles Bottle Key Twin Keys Buchanan Keys ey Buttonwood Sound Low Key k Lower Arsnicker Keys nk Ba ic en Rattlesnake Key (between mile markers 98 and 99) Calusa Keys Panhandle Key Upper Arsnicker Keys JOHN PENNEKAMP CORAL REEF STATE PARK 1 arg Key Largo Ranger Station Russell Key Ke ile Largo Pt ey Porjoe Key Shell Key Manatee Key Corinne Key Tw in em sK Stake Key BAY Channel Nin os Blackwater Sound yK Carysfort Reef Swash Keys Brush Keys Whipray Keys Little Rabbit Key SOUND Thursday Pt Bob Keys y Rabbit Keys Club Key gg Whaleback Key Park Key Black Betsy Keys Coon Key Rabbit Key Basin Schooner Bank Nest Keys Lake Key Whipray Basin FLORIDA Bo North Nest Key Jim Foot Key Topsy Key Sid Key The Boggies Duck Key Turtle Reef Turtle Harbor 905 Deer Key Pass Key Buttonwood Keys nk iz are closed to landings unless otherwise designated. Commercial fishing is prohibited in the park. Recreational fishing requires a license in both freshwater and saltwater. Where backcountry camping is allowed, a camping permit is required. nn ha rC el Madeira Bay Terrapin Pt Madeira Pt Triplet Keys End Key Ba or Carl Ross Key Sandy Key ay ira B Eagle Key Samphire Keys Roscoe Key Pelican Keys Dildo Key Bank Dildo Key Dead Terrapin Key Johnson Key First National Bank th Message to Boaters Hiking trail Bay Derelict Key Crocodile Mosquito Pt Big Pt Key Rankin Key Curlew Key a de Tern Key Clive Key Au 11mi 45mi 135mi Frank Key Catfish Key le M BARNES Little Blackwater Sound Trout Cove Davis Cove nd Snipe Pt Middle Lake Terrapin Santini Bight Buoy Key Camp Key Cormorant Key Palm Key Li t t Otter Key Flamingo Visitor Center Key Oyster Keys Coe Visitor Visitor Center to Other Areas Areas Rankin Bight Shark Pt Umbrella Key Murray Key Monroe The Lake Lungs Garfield Bight Porpoise Pt Christian Point Trail tal Prairie Trail Coas Henry Lake Long Lake Alligator Creek Tr y ail AS B S ou r Middle Cape ke CO A Snake Bight Trail Mrazek Pond d Ro w Be n d Snake Bight Alligator Bay Seven Palm Lake g C Cattail Lakes Cuthbert Lake West Lake Canoe Trail Coot Bay Pond Coot Bay L on K P S Little Fox Lake Middle Fox Lake East Fox Lake Joe Bay Noble Hammock Canoe Trail Restrooms South Joe River Chickee L A Hells Bay West Lake Canoe Trail ve r Short Key CROCODILE LAKE NATIONAL Main WILDLIFE Key REFUGE Manatee Bay O C oe Tarpon Creek La Nine Mile Pond Lard Can Middle Key RG Nine Mile Pond Canoe Trail Pearl Bay Chickee Hells Bay Chickee NE Midway Keys Ri C Toll bridge AN ay e bl Mud Bay Angelfish Key K w er Joe River Chickee 1 CH ne WHITEWATER Bay Card Pt CYPRESS K Oyster Bay Chickee Broad Creek Ernest Coe Old Ingraham W Bay Mahogany Hammock Old Rhodes Key Anhinga Trail Gumbo Limbo Trail Habitat restoration area CuThe to ff Caesar Creek L North River Chickee Watson River Chickee Long Arsenicker Key Totten Key CH r ve Ri Rubicon Keys D n Royal Palm Visitor Center ad er Ri v so Hidden Lake Education Center Ficus Pond Shark River Chickee at W Daniel Beard Center Ro r Mangrove Pt nd ve Ri Sisal Pond ou ARK SH Northwest Cape Middle Cape Canal 9336 S rd RIV ER MANGROVE 6km 10km 11km 21km 32km 39km 43km 50km 61km 61km 42km 80km 148km 4mi 6mi 7mi 13mi 20mi 24mi 27mi 31mi 38mi 38mi 26mi 50mi 92mi Elliott Key Fire Cache Shark rk River Island Sh a Little Coe Visitor Visitor Center to Areas Areas in the Park Park Entrance Station Trail Turkey Pt Ca K ey FLORIDA CITY NE TARPON BAY ng AN Lo Pine Glades Lake Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center Park Headquarters Long Pine Key UN B SO ery D ok Ro AR ek Cr e Canepatch COASTAL MARSH Bi g Cr Sa ee k t er Drive LA Harney River Chickee PONCE DE LEON BAY and overhanging foliage in some areas. The route takes a minimum of six hours with an outboard motor or seven days by canoe. One-day round trips are not advised. Campsites are available on the route; backcountry permits are required. Ot R RIV E R EY RN Graveyard Creek Shark Pt Wilderness Waterway Wilderness Waterway y PARK Convoy Point Visitor Center HA HA Har ne rth No North Canal SW 328th Street Pinelands e Pin Biscayne National Park Cr e ek ad Pa-hay-okee Overlook ch r an GH Bro HOMESTEAD OU Big Cypress National Preserve Riv e r NATIONAL Homestead Air Reserve Base SL ac Broad River Wood Homestead Airport FRESHWATER MARL PRAIRIE R i v er OR D BISCAYNE PA R K TAY L Be OA Broa d Camp Lonesome ER N AT I O N A L Riv er nd BR R IV EVERGLADES off rt h la gh Hi Highland Beach eC ut SW 137th Ave Th Highland Pt Waterw er s Riv Rogers River Bay Chickee h Water Depths 0-3 feet (0-1 meter) URBAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport al n KENDALL KEY MCLAUGHLIN Lake Okeechobee Do not use this map for navigation. For safe boating, National Ocean Survey charts are indispensable. Charts 11430, 11432, 11433, 11451 are for sale at the Coe Visitor Center, Flamingo, and in the Everglades City area. Keys and beaches in Florida Bay Richmond Drive SW 168th Street CORAL GABLES Intracoast L o s t ma N Kendall Drive 94 K First Bay South Florida National Parks Homestead Miami International Airport Key West Chekika Authorized Park Boundary (toll road) Lostmans Key Royal Palm Visitor Center Long Pine Key Pinelands Pa-hay-okee Overlook Mahogany Hammock Paurotis Pond Nine Mile Pond West Lake Flamingo Visitor Center Key Largo Ranger Station Chekika Shark Valley Gulf Coast Visitor Center Not all lands inside the authorized boundary for the northeastern corner of the park have been acquired by the Federal Government. Krome Avenue Observation Tower Big Lostmans Bay Second Bay Hog Key SOUTH MIAMI 874 OU PINELAND Rocky Creek Bay Willy Willy Third Bay Wood Key 1 Otter Cave Hammock Trail AR S Alligator Pt 826 H ND The Deer Island Watson r Place ve Chevelier Duck Ri Bay Rock m t ha Cove Darwins ha Cannon Bay C Gun Rock Place Storter Bay Pt Opossum Key Chatham Bend Mormon Key Gopher Key Dads Alligator Crab Key Bay Bay Bight Snake Key Plate Creek Plate Creek Bay New Turkey Key Bay Chickee Turkey Key Lostmans Lostmans Five Bay Buzzard Key Five Bay North Plover Key Two Island Bay Mullet Bay Plover Onion Key Key Bird Key 41 Shark Valley Visitor Center Bobcat Boardwalk MIAMI ay Sweetwater Bay Chickee Last Huston Bay 41 SL W Tamiami Trail Tamiami Ranger Station Mitchell Landing y wa er at v Ri 94 836 836 Miccosukee Cultural Center Pinecrest Loop Road Miami International Airport Turnpike s Tree Snail Hammock R oad (scenic drive) Huston Bay s LA on st Hu Lo op Oyster Bay rne IS GULF OF MEXICO PRESER VE Sunday Bay lde House Hammock Bay NATIONAL Tram Tour er Riv Lopez River CYPR ESS S z L o pe BIG Le Jeune Rd y Pass Ke Pavilion Key A well–marked inland water route runs from Flamingo to Everglades City. Sequentially numbered markers guide you along its 99 miles (160 kilometers). Boats more than 18 feet (6 meters) long or with high cabins and windshields should not attempt the route because of narrow channels 95 CHOKOLOSKEE Crate Key EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK HIALEAH 821 CYPRESS Wi ee sk bit R ab olo ok Turtle Key h C Lumber Key Rabbit Key Water Conservation Area 3B 41 No P 95 826 Midway Sunday Bay Chickee ND Monroe Station rts US r er O as s TH Hardwood Hardwood Hammock 27 HARDWOOD HAMMOCK Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport Rob e ss Pa Kingston A Key Comer Key Dry Tortugas National Park Pineland Florida's Indian Key Indian Ke y s P ive r R ne Big Cypress National Preserve Visitor Center Monument Lake ail Kirby Storter Roadside Park Ca r Tu Tiger Key Picnic Key no EVERGLADES CITY Bay as Tamiami Tr e 29 loskee tc ha ka Fa Round Key Freshwater Freshwater Slough Water Conservation Area 3A Trai l rgu s on Gulf Coast Visitor Center Choko he t es W Halfway Creek Canoe Trail River Ba Rivrron er N Coastal Prairie Coe Visitor Center to Tampa 268 mi 431 km H.P. Williams Roadside Park Ochopee st Ea iver R Daniels Pt Fe Fakahatchee Bay Cypress Cypress 839 841 41 Carnestown eP a ss TE Mangrove Mangrove Big Cypress Bend Pumpkin Bay Fake Union Bay Coastal Marsh EY To Naples 25 mi 40 km Marine and Estuarine (seagrass, hardbottom, hardbottom, corals) North Alligator Reef 0 1 0 5 1 10 Kilometers 5 10 Miles

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