"Homestead Canal" by U.S. National Park Service , public domain

Florida Bay Map

brochure Florida Bay Map
Florida Bay Map National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Everglades National Park www.nps.gov/ever Middle Key Joe Bay Alligator Bay Seven Palm Lake Coot Bay W W East Cape Canal East Cape Chickee Umbrella Key Tin Can Channel Crocodile Pt Otter Key Madeira Bay Bay Derelict Key Mosquito Pt Middle Ground Frank Key Oyster Keys Conkey l Buttonwood Sound Shell Key Bob Keys Swash Keys Manatee Keys er Ev Key Largo Bottle Key Stake Key ad gl Coon Key es Johnson Key tio Na na Man of War Key Cluett Key Jimmy Channel Calusa Keys Bo b Al s len Key Corinne Key Sid Key 1 Low Key Whipray Keys Dead Terrapin Key Topsy Key Rodriguez Key Captain Key k ar lP Man of War Channel Black Betsy Keys Jim Foot Key Chickee Sandy Key Porjoe Key Russell Key Dildo Key Carl Ross Key Rattlesnake Key Blackwater Sound Whaleback Key Park Key Whipray Basin Pelican Keys 1 El Radabob Key Twisty Mile Buttonwood Keys Dildo Key Bank Nest Keys Brush Keys End Key Roscoe Key Clive Key First National Bank Pass Key Club Key Curlew Key Murray-Clive Channel JO PENNE CORA STATE Largo Pt The Boggies Tern Keys Lake Key Samphire Keys Dump Keys Cormorant Key Catfish Key Channe y Crocodile Dragover Triplet Keys Camp Key Ke Crocodile Dragover Big Key Buoy Key Palm Key Duck Key Terrapin Pt Rankin Key Murray Key ss Snipe Pt Eagle Key Terrapin Santini Bight Thursday Pt Deer Key W Rankin Bight (Pole/Troll Zone) han Joe Kemp Key Bradley Key Garfield Bight ht C Flamingo Porpoise Pt Snake Bight nel ra ha m Sna ke B ig Bo Molasses Reef un Pollock Keys Spy Key ry da Iron Pipe Channel Crane Keys Panhandle Key Rabbit Keys Oxfoot Bank East Key Rabbit Key Basin Schooner Bank FLORIDA B AY Crab Keys Gopher Keys West Key em ile Twin Keys nk Ban y k in Ke Ba Upper Arsnicker Keys c ni se Ar Tripod Bank nk Ba n oo nt Po Tavernier Key Plantation Plantation Key FLORIDA KEYS NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY Windley Key Peterson Keys Buchanan Keys nk Ba y wa o rac ATLANTIC OCEAN Teatable Key North Lower Matecumbe Key Fiesta Key 1 5 Long Key Upper Matecumbe Key Indian Key r ate l W a ast Islamorada Shell Key Lignumvitae Key State Aquatic Preserve Lignumvitae Key Int To Key West 70 mi 112 km t Na Tav ern ier C reek Barnes Key Lower Arsnicker Keys Sprigger Bank ion Snake Creek Tw FLORIDA KEYS NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY s ade rgl Eve Rabbit Key Pass Nin ary nd ou kB ar al P Tavernier Anne’s Beach 0 1 0 5 1 10 Kilometers 5 10 Miles Channel Ing Bear Lake Buttonwood Canal ay ira B ade Davis Cove SOUND 905 Little Blackwater Sound Trout Cove Boggy Key Cape Sable W eM Littl BARNES nd Sou o Cr West Lake Long KE Y est Cape Main Key LA RG O Short Key Manatee Bay Not for Navigation! • Use International Sailing Supply Waterproof Chart 33E/NOAA Chart #11451 • Turn Over for Legend Florida Bay Map Legend National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Everglades National Park www.nps.gov/ever 3-6 feet deep. Recommended for boats 23 feet in length or less. Passes & Channels Black dotted. Extremely shallow, narrow and twisty. Not recommended. Less than 3 feet deep. Recommended for boats drafting less than 12 inches. Avoid stopping and starting—even shallow boats can “crater” the bottom when getting up on plane. Black. Extremely shallow (16 inches deep or less) and often very hard to read. Use other routes in winter. Only shallow draft boats (1 foot or less) at all times. Shoal or banktop. These areas can be less than 1 foot deep. Poling or trolling motors recommended. W Red. Some portions less than two feet deep and require tight turns. Extra care required to avoid damage to the bottom. Only shallow draft boats (1 foot or less). Wilderness Entry. Paddle-in only. Only boats with motor removed from transom allowed beyond these points. Green. Wide channels that are usually deep and easy to read. Good for beginners. Boats drafting more than 18 inches are not recommended. Wilderness. Only boats with motor removed from transom allowed in these waters. Wildlife Management Area. Closed to any and all entry. Formerly known as the “Crocodile Sanctuary.” Snake Bight Pole/Troll Zone Boundary. Combustion motors may not be used unless in Tin Can Channel, Snake Bight Channel, or the Jimmy’s Lake Idle Speed-No Wake Area. Jimmy’s Lake Idle Speed-No Wake Area. Deeper area within Snake Bight Pole/Troll Zone. Combustion motors may be used at idle speed. Channel Mouth & Markers. Size up the channel from a safe distance. Stay on plane and slow down. Channels are shallowest at their entrances and exits, so trim your motor. Enter the channel. If there are two stakes, stay between them. If there is only one stake, stay as close as possible to it. Arrows on the stakes point towards the channel. Entrance Shallow Trim Up Pollock Keys Spy Key Panhandle Key A Gopher Keys Twin Keys B Choosing Routes. Use the deepest routes to get to where you’re going. For example, to get from A to B, use the wider, deeper channel just south of Gopher Keys, rather than the shallower channel at Twin Keys. Don’t run aground, take the long way around. It might cost you 5 minutes, but it will save you from tearing up the sea bottom.

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