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National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Dinosaur National Monument Hiking Trails Overlooking the maze-like terrain along the Yampa River Canyon Hiking is a great way to appreciate the monument’s intriguing history and rugged scenery. Elevations range from 5,000 feet at river level to over 8,000 feet. Before you begin any hike, be prepared for changing conditions in this desert environment. Most trails are exposed to full sun. In the summer, bring at least one liter of water per person for each hour hiking. Sturdy hiking shoes are recommended on all trails. For overnight or extended backpacking trips, stop by any monument visitor center for a free permit. Maps and trail guides are available for purchase. Pets are only allowed on two designated trails and are not allowed into the backcountry. Quarry Visitor Center & Cub Creek Road (Utah) Tilted layers of rock characterize this area of the monument. This is also the only area of the monument where you can see dinosaur fossils. While the dinosaur fossils Trail Name Trailhead may be the most popular hiking destination, take time to discover Josie Morris’s cabin, secluded box canyons, and numerous petroglyphs and pictographs. Distance Difficulty Highlights (round trip) A. Fossil Discovery * Quarry Visitor Center or Exhibit Hall 2.4 mi 3.2 km moderate tilted rock layers that expose a variety of geology and fossils, including dinosaur bones B. Sound of Silence * Stop 2 along Cub Creek Road 3.0 mi 4.8 km moderatedifficult interesting geology; joins Desert Voices Trail via a ¼ mile connector trail C. Desert Voices ** Split Mountain Boat Ramp 1.5 mi 2.4 km moderate Split Mountain views and desert habitats; joins Sound of Silence Trail via a ¼ mile connector trail D. River Green River and Split Mountain Campgrounds 3.0 mi 4.8 km easymoderate trail follows the Green River, connecting Green River and Split Mountain Campgrounds E. Petroglyphs Stop 14 along Cub Creek Road 0.2 mi 0.4 km moderate (short but steep) numerous petroglyphs, including several lizard figures F. Box Canyon End of Cub Creek Road 0.2 mi 0.4 km easy shady box canyon once used as a natural animal corral by Josie Morris G. Hog Canyon End of Cub Creek Road 1.5 mi 2.4 km easy scenic, partly shaded canyon with spring-fed creek. Watch out for poison ivy! * = trail guide available ** = waysides along trail Harpers Corner Road / Canyon Visitor Center Area (Colorado) Harpers Corner Road is the gateway to Dinosaur National Monument’s canyon county. The trails in this area offer a look into desert shrub communities and outstanding Trail Name Trailhead views into the Uinta Basin and Green and Yampa River canyons. While most parks do not allow pets on trails or in the backcountry, pets on leash are allowed on two trails here. Distance Difficulty Highlights (round trip) H. Cold Desert Canyon Visitor Center 0.5 mi 0.8 km easy short trail that introduces many common plants in the desert shrub community; pets on leash allowed I. Plug Hat Butte ** Plug Hat pull-out along Harpers Corner Road 0.25 mi 0.4 km easy level paved trail through pinyon/juniper forest, affording excellent overlooks of a colorful landscape; pets on leash allowed J. Ruple Point Island Park Overlook along Harpers Corner Road 9.2 mi 14.8 km moderatedifficult due to length and elevation (7,700’) rolling terrain of sagebrush and juniper with a view into Split Mountain Canyon 2.0 mi 3.2 km easy views into Green and Yampa River canyons, Echo Park and the Mitten Park Fault K. Harpers Corner * End of Harpers Corner Road Other Areas These areas of the monument are “off the beaten path,” but the scenery rewards for the distance you have to drive to reach them. In addition to these trails, Dinosaur has a vast backcountry for you to explore. Trail Name Trailhead Distance Difficulty Highlights L. Jones Hole (Utah) Jones Hole Fish Hatchery 8.5 mi 13.6 km moderate shady hike along spring-fed Jones Hole Creek; panel of pictographs M. Gates of Lodore * (Colorado) Lodore Campground 0.2 mi 0.4 km easy scenic view of the entrance to Lodore Canyon N. Bull Canyon (Colorado) Yampa Bench Road 3.0 mi 4.8 km difficult steep hike from the Yampa Bench Road down to Harding Hole on the Yampa River * = trail guide available ** = waysides along trail UTAH 191 44 COLORADO Trail Locator Map L Vernal A To Salt Lake City J Visitor Center M Gates of Lodore 318 K To Craig and Denver Dinosaur National Monument N 40 Maybell B-G Jensen Elk Springs 40 H I Visitor Center Dinosaur 64 EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA Revised 2013

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