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Crater Lake


brochure Crater Lake - Birds

Brochure about Birds at Crater Lake National Park (NP) in Oregon. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Crater Lake National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Crater Lake National Park Checklist of Birds Crater ake National Park is comprised of 183,224 acres of mountains, peaks, evergreen forests, and lake. Elevations range from 4000 feet along the borders of the park to 8,929 feet at Mount Scott. These elevations offer diverse habitats, including ponderosa pine forest in the southern end of the park; mixed pine, fir, and hemlock forest in the 5,000 to 7,500-foot range; and sub-albine environments including whitebark pine above 7,000 feet. Such a diversity of habitats presents the birder with many opportunities to observe bird life. Sp L ns _____ Common oon Su F Abundan e: C Common - likely to see C ocally Common - likely in proper habitat U Uncommon - possible to see in proper habitat R Rare - unlikely to see even in proper habitat Season: Sp Spring Su Summer F Fall W Winter W R R R - Grebes _____ Eared Grebe _____ Pied-billed Grebe - R R R R - Pelicans _____ American White Pelican R R - - _____ Rough-legged Hawk _____ Ferruginous Hawk Sp R - Su R R F R R W - Falc _____ _____ _____ _____ U U R C R U R U R U R U R U C U C U C U C ns American Kestrel Merlin Prairie Falcon Peregrine Falcon C rm rants _____ Double-crested Cormorant U U - - Gr use _____ Ruffed Grouse _____ Blue Grouse Her ns _____ Great Blue Heron U U U U Quail _____ Mountain Quail R R R - Geese, Ducks, and Mergansers _____ White-fronted Goose _____ Canada Goose _____ Wood Duck _____ Mallard _____ Gadwall _____ American Wigeon _____ Northern Pintail _____ Northern Shoveler _____ Blue-winged Teal _____ Cinnamon Teal _____ Canvasback _____ Redhead _____ Ring-necked Duck _____ esser Scaup _____ Barrow’s Goldeneye _____ Common Goldeneye _____ Bufflehead _____ Common Merganser _____ Hooded Merganser _____ Ruddy Duck U U R R R C - R U R R R R R R R R R R R C R R U U R R R R R R R R R - - C ts _____ American Coot R R R - Pl vers _____ Killdeer R R R R Sandpipers _____ Spotted Sandpiper - C C - Gulls _____ Ring-billed Gull _____ California Gull - R C C - Pige ns and D ves _____ Band-tailed Pigeon _____ Mourning Dove R U R U R U - Vultures _____ Turkey Vulture U U U - Ospreys, Eagles, and Hawks _____ Osprey _____ Northern Harrier _____ Golden Eagle _____ Bald Eagle _____ Sharp-shinned Hawk _____ Cooper’s Hawk _____ Northern Goshawk _____ Red-tailed Hawk _____ Swainson’s Hawk R U U U - U R U U U U U C U R U U U U U U U R R - Owls _____ ong-eared Owl _____ Great Horned Owl _____ Barred Owl _____ Great Gray Owl _____ Spotted Owl _____ Western Screech-Owl _____ Flammulated Owl _____ Northern Pygmy-Owl _____ Northern Saw-whet Owl R C R R R R R R R C R R R R R R R R C R R R R R R R C R R R R R R Nighthawks _____ Common Nighthawk _____ Common Poorwill - C R C R - Swifts _____ Vaux’s Swift _____ White-throated Swift - C R C R - Checklist of Birds (continued) Sp Hummingbirds _____ Calliope Hummingbird _____ Rufous Hummingbird Kingfishers _____ Belted Kingfisher W dpeckers _____ White-headed Woodpecker _____ ewis’s Woodpecker _____ Northern Flicker _____ Williamson’s Sapsucker _____ Red-breasted Sapsucker _____ Red-naped Sapsucker _____ Downy Woodpecker _____ Hairy Woodpecker _____ Three-toed Woodpecker _____ Black-backed Woodpecker _____ Pileated Woodpecker Su F W _____ Rock Wren R - U U R U U R R R C R U U R C U U R C U R R R C R U U - U U R U U R R C R U U - - U C R U - Flycatchers _____ Olive-sided Flycatcher _____ Western Wood-Pewee _____ Willow Flycatcher _____ Hammond’s Flycatcher _____ Gray Flycatcher _____ Dusky Flycatcher _____ Pacific-slope Flycatcher _____ Cordilleran Flycatcher C U - C U R U R U U C U U - - Vire s _____ Cassin’s Vireo _____ Warbling Vireo - U U U - Jays and Cr ws _____ Steller’s Jay _____ Gray Jay _____ Clark’s Nutcracker _____ American Crow _____ Common Raven U C C C C C C R C U C C C U C C C Larks _____ Horned - - - ark C Swall ws _____ Tree Swallow _____ Violet-green Swallow _____ Rough-winged Swallow _____ Barn Swallow U - R U R R - - Chickadees _____ Black-capped Chickadee _____ Mountain Chickadee _____ Chestnut-backed Chickadee R C R R C R R C R R C R Bushtits _____ Bushtit - R - - Creepers _____ Brown Creeper C C C C Nuthatchers _____ White-breasted Nuthatch _____ Red-breasted Nuthatch _____ Pygmy Nuthatch U C - U C R U C - U C - Wrens _____ House Wren _____ Winter Wren _____ Bewick’s Wren R C - R C R C - C - EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA Dippers _____ American Dipper Kinglets _____ Golden-crowned Kinglet _____ Ruby-crowned Kinglet Sp R Su C C C U U F W C - C C C U U U R - Bluebirds, S litaires, and Thrushes _____ Western Bluebird U _____ Mountain Bluebird U _____ Townsend’s Solitaire U _____ Swainson’s Thrush _____ Hermit Thrush R _____ Varied Thrush C _____ American Robin U C C U C C U C C C U R C U R R Pipits _____ American Pipit R R U - Waxwings _____ Cedar Waxwing - R R - Warblers _____ Orange-crowned Warbler _____ Nashville Warbler _____ Yellow-rumped Warbler _____ Black-throated Gray Warbler _____ Townsend’s Warbler _____ Hermit Warbler _____ Yellow Warbler _____ MacGillivary’s Warbler _____ Wilson’s Warbler C U U R U U U C R U U R C C U U C U U C C - Tanagers _____ Western Tanager U C U - T whees, Sparr ws, and Junc s _____ Green-tailed Towhee _____ Spotted Towhee _____ Chipping Sparrow _____ ark Sparrow _____ Fox Sparrow _____ Savannah Sparrow _____ incoln’s Sparrow _____ Song Sparrow _____ White-crowned Sparrow _____ Golden-crowned Sparrow _____ Dark-eyed Junco U C R R U U C U C R U R C R U C U R U U R C R C U C C Cardinals and Buntings _____ Black-headed Grosbeak _____ azuli Bunting R R R R - - Mead wlarks and Blackbirds _____ Western Meadlowlark _____ Red-winged Blackbird _____ Brewer’s Blackbird _____ Brown-headed Cowbird R R R R R R R R R R R R - Finches _____ Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch _____ Purple Finch _____ Cassin’s Finch _____ House Finch _____ Red Crossbill _____ Pine Siskin _____ American Goldfinch _____ Evening Grosbeak U R C R C R U C R C R R C U U C R C U U R U U R R e v. 12/2001 klb

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