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Colorado National Monument

Motor Coach Guide for Rim Rock Drive

brochure Colorado National Monument - Motor Coach Guide for Rim Rock Drive

Motor Coach Guide for Rim Rock Drive at the Colorado National Monument (NM) in Colorado. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Colorado National Monument National Park Service Department of the nterior Fruita, CO 81521 Motor Coach Guide for Rim Rock Drive Welcome to Colorado National Monument! Your guests are about to experience one of the grandest scenic drives in the American West. Rim Rock Drive offers 23 miles of twists and turns above red rock canyons and alongside pinyon-juniper forest. The road — built from 1931 to 1950 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), Local Experienced Men (LEMs), and the Works Project Administration (WPA) — is inseparable rom the identity o the monument. The drive provides access to Saddlehorn Visitor Center and Campground, three picnic areas, 19 signed overlooks, and 14 hiking trails. Easy access to overlooks will allow your guests to gaze upon towering shrines and scan canyons or raptors. Look or bighorn sheep along the drive. Allow at least one hour driving time, plus additional time or walking, photography, or stopping at pullouts. Road Grades From the west entrance to the Saddlehorn Visitor Center and rom the east entrance to Cold Shivers Point, the grade is between 6-9 percent (steeper rom the east side). The west entrance is at 4690 eet; the highest point in the park is 6640 eet; and the east entrance is at 4930 eet. Tunnel Dimensions Clearance ranges rom a low o 11’5” at a point two eet rom the curb to a maximum o 16’1” above the center o the road. • • • Fees Lower West Tunnel - 236 eet long Upper West Tunnel - 182 eet long East Tunnel - 530 eet long Tour companies pay $100 or a coach with a seating capacity o 26 or more passengers. The ee is paid at the entrance station by cash, check, or credit card. Overlook Stops (1) Book Clifs View along Saddlehorn Campground road, see Saddlehorn Picnic Area (below) or directions. Pull-in pull-out on one-way road. (2) Independence Monument View 1.5 miles (2.4 km) east o the visitor center along Rim Rock Drive. Accessible. Turning radius allows you to continue east or west. Experience dramatic views o Independence Monument. (3) Cold Shivers Point 15.5 miles (24.9 km) east o the visitor center. Accessible. Pull-in pull-out, continue east. (4) Devils Kitchen Picnic Area 19 miles (30.6 km) east o the visitor center. Accessible. Drive through parking lot. Marvel at the historic structures built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. See i you can fnd the reverse ault. Saddlehorn Visitor Center Located our miles rom the west entrance, the Saddlehorn Visitor Center ofers a store, exhibits, great views, short strolls, restrooms, seasonal ranger-led programs, and two 12-minute flms: “The Spirit o Colorado National Monument” and “The Geologic Evolution o Colorado National Monument.” Driver: Please rop visitors of at the accessible ramp in front of the visitor center, exit the parking lot, an rive back aroun to the esignate parking area. Saddlehorn Picnic rea Saddlehorn Picnic Area, adjacent to the Saddlehorn Campground, can easily accommodate your motor coach. Consider stopping at Book Clifs View along the way or Grand Valley vistas and monolith panoramas. The campground road is one way. To reach the overlook, turn le t into the campground area and continue straight (past campground loops A, B, C). The overlook is on the le t. ccessible menities • • • • • Restrooms at the Saddlehorn Visitor Center and Devils Kitchen Picnic Area. Picnic areas at Saddlehorn Visitor Center and Devils Kitchen. Overlooks at Independence Monument View and Cold Shivers Point. Seasonal ranger-led talks on the porch o the Saddlehorn Visitor Center. Both visitor center videos are open-captioned. An induction loop is provided or the beneft o users o hearing aids, and assisted listening devices are available at the ront desk. Motor Coach Regulations • Drivers are prohibited rom idling their engines at overlooks and parking areas, including the visitor center parking lot. Any spills must be reported to a ranger. Comply with posted speed limits. Do not cross the double yellow line. Use lights in tunnels. Do not pass in tunnels. Allow 3 eet between the motor coach and bicyclists. Do not wash motor coach on park land. General Park Regulations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • No littering. Removing natural or cultural eatures (e.g. wildfowers, rocks) is prohibited. Do not leave established trails. Never eed wildli e, including birds, even i they approach you or appear to beg or handouts. Stay at least 25 yards (23 m) rom wildli e. Do not harass or inter ere with animal behavior. Never throw objects at animals or the sake o a photograph. Re rain rom throwing objects in waterways. Many creatures make their home there. EXPERIE CE YOUR AMERICA

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