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Brochure about the Climbing Experience Program at City of Rocks National Reserve (NRES) in Idaho. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

City of Rocks National Reserve Castle Rocks State Park National Park Service Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation Climbing Experience Program The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation now offers visitors the opportunity to experience climbing on world-class granite. What is the Climbing Experience Program? The Climbing Experience Program is a chance for beginners to try out rock climbing in a safe setting on some of the best granite in the country. Trained employees set up easy routes for the novice climber to get a feel for the rock. Visitors will be able to try their hand on a variety of routes and difficulties. Participants will be exposed to concepts, techniques, and equipment that becomes an excellent introduction to the sport of climbing. Why Climb? Come climbing to explore the scenic beauty of City of Rocks and gain new personal insights. Rock climbing is a great way to be challenged physically and mentally. City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park are among the premier rock climbing destinations in the U.S. Recent surveys show that over 50% of all visitors to City of Rocks listed rock climbing as their primary activity. Climbers began establishing routes here in the 1960’s. Since then, climbers have been enjoying these granite domes and spires, with over 750 routes ranging from easy walk-ups to some of the most difficult in the world. A growing number of visitors are coming to City of Rocks and Castle Rocks to discover rock climbing for the first time. Inquires and requests for an introduction to the climbing experience have grown in recent years. Come discover what draws thousands of climbers to the “City” every year. Making a Reservation To reserve your opportunity to climb, Call: 208-824-5901 Email: cit@idpr.state.id.us More Information City of Rocks National Reserve PO Box 169 Almo, ID 83312 208-824-5901 What we provide: What you bring: • helmet • closed toe shoes • harness • shorts to the knee or long pants • climbing shoes • water • climbing gear • sunscreen • rope • camera • a grand experience • safe attitude • professionally trained employees • willingness to be challenged Participating visitors will be required to sign a waiver/release form. If participant is under 18, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Youths age 10 - 17 must be accompanied by an adult. A youth group is four or more participants, and must include 1 adult supervisor per four youth. Maximum participants is 8 youths and two adult supervisors. Safety rules: • Participating visitors may not bring pets to the site • Participants or non-participating members of the party may not climb or scramble on rocks unless directly being supervised by the employee. • Participants who fail to wear proper safety gear, or otherwise behave in an unsafe manner will not be permitted on the ropes. • For safety participants should listen and follow instructions of the employee to the best of their ability. • Participants not currently climbing or non-participating members of the party should observe or visit quietly, but not offer guidance or distract the employee while the employee is assisting an active participant. 1 Adult $ 37.50 2 hours total time 2 Adults $ 75.00 2-3 hours total time 3 Adults $100.00 3 hours total time 4 Adults $120.00 3 hours total time 1 Youth $ 20.00 1 hour (2 or more youths 2-3 hours total time) Youth Group (4) $ 80.00 3 hours, (over 4 youths add $10.00 per additional youth up to a maximum of 6 youths). Groups with 8 youths will be scheduled split sessions. Where do I go from here? So you’ve got a taste for climbing and you want to try some more. Authorized professional guides in City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park: • Sawtooth Mountain Guides - sawtoothguides.com, 208-774-3324 • Jackson Hole Mountain Guides - jhmg.com, 307-733-4979 • Exum Mountain Guides - exumguides.com, 307-733-2297 Get started on your own: Some equipment to consider as a starter package for the beginner climber. Always purchase climbing equipment from a reputable manufacturer. • • • Harness Shoes Belay device • • • Helmet Locking carabiner Climbers book on knots Go climbing with others who have experience before trying it on your own. Remember: Safety is the climbers first responsibility to themselves and their partner. For more park information visit: nps.gov/ciro parksandrecreation.idaho.gov Revision 11-07-11

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