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Santa Cruz Island

Hiking Map and Guide

brochure Santa Cruz Island - Hiking Map and Guide
Channel Islands National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Channel Islands National Park Hiking Eastern Santa Cruz Island Several trails and roads traverse eastern Santa Cruz Island, providing visitors with spectacular hiking opportunities. These trails and roads range from the maintained, relatively flat, signed trails of Scorpion Valley to the unmaintained, rugged, mountainous paths of the Montañon area. Hikers need to assume individual responsibility for planning their trips and hiking safely. To increase your odds of a safe hike, decrease your disturbance to wildlife, and lessen damage to resources, visitors should be in good physical condition and must follow the regulations and guidelines in the “Limiting Your Impact” section of the park newspaper and those listed below: • Stay on trails and roads while hiking—avoid animal trails which are narrow, uneven, unstable, and dangerous. • Cliff edges should be avoided at all times since they tend to be crumbly and unstable. Stay well back. Rock throwing from cliffs is not permitted as it can be dangerous for kayakers below. • • • No hiking is allowed beyond the national park boundary onto The Nature Conservancy property. The boundary is marked by a fenceline between Prisoners Harbor and Valley Anchorage. • Hikers should avoid hiking alone—use the buddy system. This allows someone to go for help if you encounter trouble. When departing from the islands, visitors are responsible for meeting the boat concessioner on time. Be aware of departure time by looking at your boarding pass or asking the ranger or concessioner employees. • Carry plenty of water and drink it. One quart for short walks, more for longer hikes. Pack out what you pack in, including your trash. There are no trash cans on the island so please take your garbage with you. • Do not directly or indirectly feed the wildlife. Secure your trash and food at all times. Use the storage boxes provided at the picnic tables or behind the kiosk in the orientation area. Gulls, ravens, skunks, mice and especially foxes have all gotten into visitors’ food. Unfortunately, foxes in the Scorpion area have become habituated to human food. Failure to store your food and trash properly or intentionally feeding wildlife will result in a citation and fine. • Be aware of poison oak, “jumping” cholla cactus, ticks, and scorpions. Poison oak can be identified by its clusters of three shiny leaflets. Some ticks carry disease; check your clothing and exposed skin after hiking. • In order to help prevent wildfires, do not smoke on trails or in brush areas. Smoking is allowed only on beaches. Destination Distance Difficulty Description (miles, round-trip) F r o m S c o r p i o n B e a c h: 1 Historic Ranch .5 Easy View the historic Scorpion Ranch complex dating to the late 1800s. Exhibit areas include an orientation kiosk, blacksmith shop, farm implements, and a visitor center located in the Scorpion ranch house. 2 Cavern Point Loop 2 Moderate Not to be missed. Magnificent coastal vistas and seasonal whale viewing. To avoid a steep climb, hike clockwise, beginning from campground (near site #22) and looping back to Scorpion Anchorage. From Cavern Point, you may also follow the North Bluff Trail west for 2 miles out to Potato Harbor. 3 4 Potato Harbor 5 Moderate A longer hike than the Cavern Point hike, but also with spectacular coastal views. No beach access. Scorpion Canyon Loop 4.5 Moderate to strenuous A scenic loop hike to the interior with a chance to see the unique island scrub-jay. To avoid a steep climb, hike clockwise starting on the Smugglers Road towards the oil well and eventually down into Scorpion Canyon and back out to the beach. Hike off trail into the right (or northwest) fork of Scorpion Canyon to see the island scrub-jay, but be prepared for extremely rocky conditions. 5 6 Smugglers Cove 7.5 Strenuous Follow the Smugglers Road to the beach at Smugglers Cove. Carry water. No water available at Smugglers. Montañon Ridge 8 Strenuous For experienced hikers. Great views. This ridge can also be reached from Smugglers Cove (8 miles roundtrip and off-trail hiking) and Prisoners Harbor (21 miles round-trip). F r o m S m u g g l e r s C o v e: 7 Smugglers Canyon 2 Strenuous Off-trail hiking in a stream bed (seasonal water) with native vegetation and steep canyon walls. Be prepared for uneven terrain and loose rock. 8 9 Yellowbanks 3 Strenuous This trail leads to an unmaintained route to the beach. San Pedro Point 4 Strenuous This off-trail hike leads to an overlook. No beach access. For experienced off-trail hikers. F r o m P r i s o n e r s H a r b o r: 10 Prisoners Harbor .5 Easy View the historic Prisoners Harbor area and search for the island scrub-jay (usually found in nearby trees or stream-side vegetation). Walk up the Navy Road for a short distance to get a nice view from above. 11 12 Del Norte Camp 7 Strenuous Follow the rugged Del Norte trail east to the backcountry camp. Carry water. No water at this campground. Navy Road / Del Norte Loop 8.5 Strenuous Longer loop route which visits Del Norte Camp and provides views to the south side of the island. Route includes the Navy and Del Norte Roads and the Del Norte Trail. 13 14 15 Chinese Harbor 15.5 Strenuous A long hike via the Del Norte trail or Navy Road that ends at a cobblestone beach. China Pines 18 Strenuous Follow the Del Norte trail or Navy Road to an unmaintained trail to see the unique Santa Cruz Island pine. Pelican Bay 4 Moderate to strenuous This trail may only be traveled by Island Packers (boat concessioner) passengers that are accompanied by Island Packers staff. Access to The Nature Conservancy coastal property, including this trail, is permitted to private boaters who have a valid landing permit. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA 15 Pier P r o p e r t y a Ro d Del No rteTrai nta Del Norte 11 ñnCamp on Ri N a v y dg 12 e Mo Trail oop Property 10 Prisoners Harbor .5 mi N 4 Scorpion Ca ny Road l rvic Cavern Point Trailhead Se Lo op e 1 Smug o a d r s Conservancy or Scorpion Ca yon n o H arb North nP er i 2 Pier 13 Scorpion Anchorage in Ch NPS nyon a glers C Cavern Point g The Nature 0 3 Potato Harbor Potat f Trail L on Pelican Bay to or Bl uf Closed to landing to protect nesting seabirds. Northwest Shoreline Closure Ca v Scorpion Canyon Detail l e d No commercial or recreational fishing. 6 t) fee Mo nta (1 ño 80 n 8 R idg e Scorpion C 4 on Harb or Road Smugglers TY Cove R E P PRO 14 China Pines Coche Point 3 Potato d 1 km N 1 mi San Pedro Point *Please avoid disturbing sensitive pinniped and seabird areas found throughout the island. 0 0 Yellowbanks Sandstone Point 8 Smugglers 5 Cove 9 Little Scorpion Anchorage Scorpion Rock San Pedro Point 7 anyon glers C glers Smug Smug Pier Scorpion Anchorage 1 Little Scorpion Anch. Potato Harbor Closed to landing to protect nesting seabirds. 2 Cavern Point Northwest Shoreline Closure Scorpion Canyon Detail Scorpion Rock (Refer to the national marine sanctuary's Protecting Your Channel Islands brochure for more information) Scorpion Marine Reserve throughout the island. a es e m u g H a rbo r t oa an y on R S Ro R y a r n d u B o

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