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Santa Barbara Island

Hiking Map and Guide

brochure Santa Barbara Island - Hiking Map and Guide
Channel Islands National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Channel Islands National Park Hiking Santa Barbara Island Welcome to Santa Barbara Island, one of the five islands in Channel Islands National Park. Once you have scaled the rugged cliffs using the steep trail from the landing cove, you will find a just over 5 miles of trails that meander over gentle slopes and low mountain tops to dramatic overlooks and magnificent coastal views. Hikers need to assume individual responsibility for planning their trips and hiking safely. To increase your odds of a safe hike, decrease your disturbance to wildlife, and lessen damage to resources, visitors should be in good physical condition and must follow the regulations and guidelines in the “Limiting Your Impact” section of the park newspaper and those listed below: • Please stay on the designated trail system when hiking around the island. Portions of the trails are subject to closure when pelicans are nesting from January through August. • Avoid cliff edges. Wood railroad ties on the ground mark the safe boundary of viewing areas at some overlooks. For your own safety, do not stand on or step past these wood markers. Some cliff edges are not marked. Please stay back from exposed cliff edges as they are eroding and can be very fragile. Children should be supervised at all times by an adult. • Since Santa Barbara Island is a cliff island, access to the water is only at the Landing Cove (no beaches, only a dock). • To protect wildlife and visitors, do not throw anything off the island into the ocean below. • Hikers should never hike alone—use the buddy system. This allows someone to go for help if you encounter trouble. • Carry plenty of water and drink it. One quart for short walks, more for longer hikes. • Be aware of poison oak, “jumping” cholla cactus, ticks, and scorpions. Poison oak can be identified by its clusters of three shiny leaflets. Some ticks carry disease; check your clothing and exposed skin after hiking. • In order to help prevent wildfires, no smoking is allowed on Santa Barbara Island. • When departing from the islands, visitors are responsible for meeting the boat concessionaire on time. Be aware of departure time by asking the ranger or concessionaire employees. (NOTE: Please see the back for hiking destinations and map.) EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA 1 2 3 N 5 4 Hiking Destinations Destination (from visitor center) Distance Difficulty Description 1 Moderate Great views and wildflowers in season. 2.5 Strenuous View elephant seals from overlook. (miles, round trip) 1 Arch Point 2 Elephant Seal Cove 3 Webster Point 3 Strenuous Fantastic coastal views. 4 Sea Lion Rookery 2 Moderate View seal lions from overlook. 5 Signal Peak 2.5 Strenuous Highest point on island with views of Sutil Island. · Portions of trails are subject to closure when pelicans are nesting from January through August. · Hikers must stay on island trails to protect vegetation, nesting seabirds, and for visitor safety.

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