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Island in the Sky Trails and Roads

brochure District Maps and Guides - Island in the Sky Trails and Roads

Brief overview of the trails and four-wheel-drive roads at Island in the Sky. Includes district map. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Canyonlands National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Canyonlands National Park Island in the Sky District Trails and Roads Paved road/ Pull out High-clearance, 4-wheel-drive road Unpaved 2-wheel-drive road Hiking Trail At-large Backpacking Zone Name of Backpacking Zone Name Boat Launch Developed Campground Drinking Water Available Ranger Station Backcountry Vehicle Camp Self-guiding Trail Picnic Area Designated Backpacking Site Backcountry Trailhead Parking Toilet NOTE: White shading within Canyonlands indicates areas with designated site camping only. Island in the Sky Visitor Center to Moab 32mi/51km 313 2.4 Long Ca Mineral Bottom l) ai 1. o (H ad 5.6 ral Ro Mine ad r fT e hi et rs 0 nyon Ro 12.9 DEAD HORSE POINT STATE PARK 6.5 Visitor Center T A Y L O R H EA C A N Y O N Taylor Canyon Zone Y 4.8 Tra i Syncline Hardscrabble l 3.8 1.2 Gooseneck Overlook Whale Rock Musselman Arch 11 .0 Upper West Basin Zone 6mi p ro ISLAND IN THE SKY DISTRICT Upheaval Dome th Potato Bottom 5.3 5.6 La Second Overlook 0.6 0. 3 3. First Overlook 4 1.5 Potash l Neck Spring g rin N O 1.7 r Trai Shafe Sp N 3.5 i ne Syncl A Dead Horse Point Overlook 1.0 ve co C 5.6 1.7 L Shafer Al VA Visitor Center ad Moses and Zeus 0.6 Taylor Ro UP 5.0 i 0.6 5.9 3 11. Wil it e 0.6 Mesa Arch 11.5 P Gooseberry/ Lathrop Zone e m Ri I 1.5 Buck Canyon Overlook 2.8 M rry ebe 2.7 1. 3 Upper West Basin Zone Murphy Hogback Gooseberry 2.3 0.9 White Rim Overlook Grand View Point Overlook 8.0 9 0. Rive r 5 5. Lower Basins Zone R W H Gooseberry/ Lathrop Zone Wh it 0.5 1.2 R n O E 6mi 10km Murphy Point Zone ee 0 R T Green River Overlook 10.0 Gr 4. R o ad I Candlestick Airport L A T H Campground H Wh Washer Woman Arch 0.5 W Ri m Rive Aztec Butte 0.2 hite ad I Colorado Ro r 5mi 5.7 Go os Fort Bottom Ruin o ad 1m Taylor Ca n n yo R Labyrinth I M Monument Basin E T 1.4 White Crack THE MAZE DISTRICT Lower Basins Zone THE LOOP Printed by Canyonlands Natural History Association 01/22 Interpretive Activities Hiking Trails VISITOR CENTER INTERPRETIVE TALKS AND GUIDED WALKS Open daily March through December, 9 am to 4 pm, with extended hours in summer. Exhibits, information, permits, video presentation, booksales, and water for sale. Call 435-259-4712 to verify hours. Presented daily March through October. Locations, times, and topics vary. A program schedule and description of activities is posted at the visitor center, campground, and entrance station. Trails are marked with cairns (small rock piles). Do not disturb existing cairns or build new ones. Signs are located at trailheads and intersections. All trails leading below the mesa top are primitive and rough. There is no potable water along any hiking trails. Drinking water is available spring through fall at the visitor center. Round-Trip Distance Round-Trip Hiking Time One-way Elevation Change 0.6 mi / 1 km 3.4 mi / 5.5 km 1.8 mi / 2.9 km 1.8 mi / 2.9 km 30 minutes 2 hours 1.5 hour 1.5 hours 56 ft / 17 m 142 ft / 43 m 159 ft / 49 m 73 ft / 22 m good for sunrise, arch on cliff edge panoramic view w/ Henry Mtns view of potholes, White Rim Road panoramic view along cliff edge 5.6 mi / 9 km 1.4 mi / 2.3 km 0.8 mi / 1.3 km 3 - 4 hours 1.5 hours 1 hour 418 ft / 127 m 222 ft / 68 m 141 ft / 35 m springs, evidence of ranching steep slickrock to top, granaries bare slickrock, good views 0.6 mi / 1 km 1.2 mi / 1.9 km 1 hour 1.5 hours 115 ft / 35 m 114 ft / 35 m view into crater crater & Upheaval Canyon view 5 mi /8 km 11.8 mi / 19 km 10.8 mi / 17.4 km 4.6 mi / 7.4 km 11.4 mi / 18.3 km 11.2 mi / 18 km 8.1 mi / 13 km 3 mi / 4.8 km 7 mi / 11.2 km 2-3 hours 5- 7 hours 5 - 7 hours 4 - 6 hours 6 - 8 hours 6 - 7 hours 5 - 7 hours 2 hours 3 - 4 hours 158 ft / 48 m 1,721 ft / 525 m 1,448 ft / 441 m 1,529 ft / 466 m 1,693 ft / 516 m 1,455 ft / 444 m 1,516 ft / 462 m 350 ft / 107 m 400 ft / 122 m trail crosses open grasslands to views views of Colorado River & La Sals panoramic view from hogback views of cliffs & La Sal Mtns slot cyn across White Rim Road large alcove, views of Taylor Cyn canyon hiking, some shade some scrambling over rocks sandy hike along wash bottom 0.6 mi / 1 km 3.4 mi / 5.5 km 1.3 mi /2.1 km 30 minutes 2 hours 1 hour 98 ft / 30 m 418 ft / 128 m 717 ft / 219 m excellent view of Colorado River tower structure from ancient times views of Taylor Cyn, climbing routes Description Mesa Top (Easy Trails) Mesa Arch Murphy Point Overlook White Rim Overlook Grand View Point Mesa Top (Moderate Trails) Neck Spring Aztec Butte Whale Rock Upheaval Dome to first overlook to second overlook Mesa Top to White Rim (Steep & Strenuous Trails) Lathrop to Canyon Rim to White Rim Road Murphy Loop Gooseberry Wilhite Alcove Spring Syncline Loop Upheaval Crater spur Upheaval Canyon spur Trails along the White Rim Road Gooseneck Overlook Fort Bottom Ruin Moses and Zeus Travelling with Pets Activities with pets are limited. Pets must be on leash at all times when outside a vehicle. The desert can be deadly for pets left in cars. You should not leave pets in the car when temperatures exceed 65°F (18°C), even with the windows open. Service animals that have been individually trained to perform specific task(s) for the benefit of an individual with a disability are allowed in the park. Protect Your Park Backcountry Reservations Reservation Office 2282 Resource Blvd. Moab, UT 84532 Phone: (435)259-4351 For More Information Canyonlands National Park 2282 Resource Blvd. Moab, UT 84532 (435)719-2313 Web Social Media @CanyonlandsNPS • Do not enter, alter, damage or deface archeological sites. Do not collect artifacts. • Vehicles and bikes must stay on roads. • ATVs and OHVs are not permitted. • Protect biological soil crust by staying on trails and roads. • Permits are required for all overnight backcountry trips. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA Leashed pets are allowed: • along front-country roads or parking areas • in front-country campgrounds and picnic areas • in your vehicle on the Potash/Shafer Canyon road between Moab and Island in the Sky Pets are not allowed: • on any hiking trails even if carried • at any overlooks • in the visitor center or any building • anywhere in the backcountry (including vehicles on backcountry roads, and on any river trips) Protect Yourself • Drink at least one gallon (4 L) of water each day. Be sure to eat food as well. • Always carry a topo map, adequate clothing, and a flashlight. • Remain in one place if you become lost or separated from a group. • Never cross a canyon that is flooding. • During lightning storms, avoid lone trees, cliff edges and high ridges. Return to your vehicle if possible. • Be careful near cliff edges, especially when rock surfaces are wet or icy.

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