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Bryce Canyon

Guide and Map 2018

brochure Bryce Canyon - Guide and Map 2018
L LO W DAV ES C Valhalla To Tropic 2 mi 3km Additional Parking Sunset Motel Road may be closed here during snow storms Mile 2 8017 ft 2444m Queen Victoria Two Bridges Fairyland Point 7758 ft 2365 m ) ) km ls YO Fairyland Loop Trail CA NY N ON Tower Bridge CAN ( 1 . 7 km ) i Tra ) Bry ce .1 mi r se L Ho B EL Peekaboo Loop Trail A North C k ree 1 0 0 0.1 0.1 0 4. 0.5 Kilometer (6 mi .4 km ) LA ND 1 ) MP 1.5 0 . 8 m i ( 1 . 3 km 1.8 mi (2 .9 km 2.0 m i( 3 .8 km) m IR Y The Cathedral The Alligator 3 m Chinese Wall Bryce Point 8296 ft 2529 m ) M ES k km AT ( 2 .7 ( BO ) km i (2 .4 mi 1.7 1.5 m) m Wall of W ind ow s 2.5 mi Tower Bridge Trail Ho r se ails Tr Thor’s Hammer Queen’s Garden Trail ) Navajo Loop Trail km ) Wall Street Sunrise Point 0. 9 m (Summer only) 833I ft 2539m High Plateaus Institute i (1 . 4 km 2 mi 3 km 8 Rim Tr ai l ( 1. 0 8100 ft 2469m Horse corral ( 0 .8 k m) Showers Laundry Food A Road closed in winter Inspiration Point l 0.5 mi 8000 ft 2438m ) Horse Trail 6 Sunset Point km Horse Rides 1 mi 2 km General Store 1 Picnic Area Shared-Use Path ) km Silent City (Closed in winter) a il North Campground Amphitheater 7 (1. Trail open summer only .2 mi Theater (Indoor) 4 i (1 0.7 Trail closed in winter (Only Loop A in winter) 4. 0 Telephone m 0 .7 Road closed in winter North Campground Restaurant mi Trail 0 Fee stations RV dump station th 5 Tr ai Drinking Water Mile Marker -Use Pa Rim 2 Restrooms Shared 0.6 Overlook 2 1.3 m i( 2. Shuttle Stop 1 63 Tr Rim 5 No trailers beyond this point 9 Bryce Canyon Lodge Paved Road Ranger Station Park entrance sign Shared-Use Path (Closed in winter) (closed in winter) To Shuttle Station 7894 ft 2406m 1 k BRYCE AMPHITHEATER SHUTTLE ROUTE private property LEY (Spring - Fall) Bryce Amphitheater Shuttle (closed in winter) Mile 3 RAINBOW BUS TOUR A free twice-daily (9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.) tour along the 18-mile scenic drive and overlooks along the way. Reservations can be made up to 48 hrs in advance by calling the shuttle station. Approximately 3 hours long. Shuttle Station: (435) 834-5290 A M ES BO AT il Rim Tra Cr ee eep Sh SHEEP CREEK FLAT PI Visitor Center Sunset Campground 63 FREE BRYCE AMPHITHEATER SHUTTLE See your park without having to park. Board at the Shuttle Station, Visitor Center (park in additional parking lot across the street), campground or lodging area. Create unique one-way hikes, and connect viewpoints together by walking along the Rim Trail. Shuttles arrive every 10-15 minutes. t O VAL Br 8176 ft 2492 m FA 0.5 Mile To Hat Shop Under-the-Rim Trail (Bryce Point to Rainbow Point) “I Hiked the Hoodoos” 4. Rewards are available at the Visitor Center, so bring your photos or pencil rubbings to the front desk! TR st ore ark P al F ion tional t a Na ie N Dix nyon Ca yce I 3 mi 20 km Mossy Cave 4 miles east on Hwy 12 DIXIE NATIONAL FOREST River To Rainbow Point Paria View 3. Only special “I Hiked the Hoodoos” benchmarks qualify for the reward. USGS benchmarks found at various locations within the park do not qualify. private property st ore nt al F nume ion Nat al Mo ion Nat st t ore al F umen n ion Nat al Mo ion Nat Bryce Amphitheater (Enlarged) Bryce Amphitheater Miles 1-3 Natural Bridge Mile 12.5 LEY JOL Sinking Ship 7405 ft 2257 m Shakespear Point 7842 ft 2390 m 6832 ft 2082 m LOW H OL Paria Begin by reading section “Plan Your Visit” on reverse page s ore al F ion Nat Hat Shop April through October 2. Each individual must have either a pencil rubbing of the benchmark (see Jr. Ranger Book) or a"selfie"with the benchmark. Cave private property Horse Mountain C Mossy waterfall Cave Mossy Trail Bristlecone Point Under-the-Rim Trail (Bryce Point to Rainbow Point) Horse / Hiking trail 1. In order to qualify for the reward, hike a minimum of 3.0 miles, or find at least 3 benchmarks and complete steps 2 through 4 below. AMPHITHEATER See Bryce Amphitheater Map (below) Twin Hills Rainbow Point Mile 18 7758 ft 2365 m To Antimony 36 mi 58 km ANYON 8296 ft 2529 m NATIONAL MONUMENT Scenic Areas Fairyland Point BRYCE Bryce Point GRAND STAIRCASE - ESCALANTE Descend From Bryce Point. turn left (clockwise) on Peekaboo Loop, connect to Queen’s Garden and Ascend to Sunrise Point. Use shuttle or 2.7 mi Rim return. Hiking is great exercise and Bryce Canyon’s “I Hiked the Hoodoos!” program is not just hiking, it’s also a scavenger hunt! Fairyland Loop Trail Sunrise Point Sunset Point 2. 4 i( Shuttle System Inspiration Point 22 WA T E R 1010 feet / 308 meters 2 mi 3 km h itc Bryce Amphitheater 4.7 mi Traverse 7.5 km Bryce Point 3-4 hours 1631 feet / 497 meters Paria View private property 1 mi 2 km Trail 6.4 mi 10.2 km 4-5 hours 1 No trailers beyond this point Park Shuttle Station 3 mi 5 km 0 R im 1581 feet / 482 meters 2 63 ek Sunrise / Sunset Point 4.9 mi 7.8 km 3-4 hours Steep, ever-changing hike spent entirely below the rim. See the Wall of Windows. Clockwise direction in summer Combine the Navajo Loop and Peekaboo Loop Trails into a mini Figure-8 Combination. Use Two Bridges both ways in winter. Combine the Queen’s/Navajo Combination and Peekaboo Loop into one ultimate hike! Creates a Figure-8 shape. Fee stations Bryce Canyon Lodge Bryce Canyon Airport Cr e The Figure-8 Combination 1571 feet / 479 meters Park entrance sign Mile 4 3 k 12 Bryce Canyon City 1 Mile DIXIE NATIONAL FOREST 3 mi 5km ce Sunset Point 5.5 mi 8.8 km 3-4 hours Combine hiking along the plateau rim near Boat Mesa with long views of the Bryce Amphitheater surrounded by unique hoodoos on this quiet hike. 6 private property 7894 ft 2406 m Road may be closed here during snow storms Bry Navajo / Peekaboo Combination Loop 1716 feet / 523 meters 5 Creek Bryce Point 8.0 mi 12.9 km 4-5 hours HO w Peekaboo Loop A beautiful hike through a section of the park’s quiet backcountry. Less signed than Bryce Amphitheater trails. FOREST 0.5 D Ye l l o Fairyland Point or north of Sunrise Point 647 feet / 198 meters SA NATIONAL U N T 1 Kilometer 0.5 0 Visitor Center -the -Rim der Tr a Un il Fairyland Loop 4.0 mi 6.4 km 3-4 hours Riggs Spring Loop Trail Swamp Canyon ON ANY MUD C Swamp Canyon Loop Descend the expansive Under-the-Rim Trail on a down-and-back hike to see a cluster of balanced-rock hoodoos. RO FOREST North 7998 ft 2438 m CANYO Connecting N Trail P ON Sheep Creek/ Swamp Canyon 1075 feet / 328 meters Under-the-Rim Trail (Rainbow Point to Bryce Point) NY Bryce Point (not a loop) See Bristlecone pines and the Chinese Wall. Down-and-back hike to a shady 1/4-mile spur trail leading to the bridge. 4.0 mi 6.4 km 3-4 hours NATIONAL Deer Mountain 7833 ft 2387 m LLO W SW AM 087 DIXIE 7 Sheep Creek Connecting Trail DIXIE (Spring-Fall) Rainbow Bus Tour Bristlecone Loop Trail T r a il - t he - R i m R i v er To 89 11mi 18km 0 P L A T E A U N NY O CH paved bike path Sevi 7 mi 11 km Swamp Canyon CA Hat Shop 802 feet / 245 meters AL H O RR CO Combine Queen’s Garden & Navajo Loop to form a 2.9-mile loop. Clockwise direction recommended; use Two Bridges in winter. Yovimpa Point M Whiteman Connecting Trail NO O N North of Sunrise Point (Portion of Fairyland Loop, not a loop) 3.0 mi 4.8 km 2-3 hours Riggs Spring 7480 ft 2280 m N TO UT L HO TE BEN AN E DG RI Tower Bridge Un der E Most Popular Trail! 600 feet / 183 meters 8819 ft 2688 m ND Sunset / Sunrise Point 2.9 mi 4.6 km 2-3 hours CA Iron Spring PO Queen’s/Navajo Combination Loop 2778 m 18 See Thor’s Hammer along Two Bridges and Wall Street sides of this loop. Wall St only open in summer. Clockwise direction recommended. P A U N S A U G TY UN CO TY ELD RFI UN CO NE KA Only a loop in summer 550 feet / 168 meters Yovimpa Pass Yovimpa Spring YO PO ND ER Rainbow Point 17 9115 ft The least difficult trail descending into Bryce Amphitheater. Down-and-back hike to Queen Victoria hoodoo. CA N Piracy Point HI 8 GA Sunset Point 1.3 mi 2.2 km 1-2 hours 16 Black Birch Canyon A Farview Point W 9 10 YO N CAN Navajo Loop 357 feet / 109 meters U 15 Hike through sub-alpine fir forests with bristlecone pines and expansive vistas. Pair with the 18-mile scenic drive. Natural Bridge Agua Canyon Connecting Trail 8904 ft 2714 m 11 N Sunrise Point (not a loop) 1.8 mi 2.9 km 1-2 hours Agua Canyon 13 14 Ponderosa Canyon Mile 12 SA O Queen’s Garden 200 feet / 61 meters Connects one-way from Bryce Point to Fairyland Point. View the hoodoos from above. Trail paved between Sunrise and Sunset Points. ier GE ID Rainbow Point or Yovimpa Point 1.0 mi 1.6 km 1 hour Sev Fork BR Bristlecone Loop To King Creek River AG Walk the rim of the scenic Bryce Amphitheater (not a loop) 1.0-11.0 mi 1177 feet / 1.6-17.7 km 359 meters 1-7.5 hours East F o rk st ore al F ion pic Nat Tro Rim Trail 34 feet / 10 meters River Tropic Reservoir k Easiest Walk winter, and dripping mosses in summer. Paved portion of Rim Trail; easiest hike in the park with views of the scenic Bryce Amphitheater. 0.5 mi each way. Cr ee Sunset Point 1.0 mi 1.6 km 1 hour East S e v i er F or k East W ill i s Sunset to Sunrise ELEV (cumulative) DESCRIPTION Streamside walk up to a mossy grotto 200 feet / that fills with spectacular icicles in 61 meters M North end of park, 4 mi east on Hwy 12 DISTANCE 0.8 mi 1.3 km 1 hour Bryce Canyon National Park er TRAIL NAME Mossy Cave Bryce Canyon Map and Guide Easy, Moderate, or Strenuous C Hiking Guide U.S. Department of Interior National Park Service To Tropic Enjoy Your Park Responsibly Benchmark Mossy Cave Rim Trail Tower Bridge Queen’s Garden Navajo Loop Peekaboo Loop Wall of Windows Sheep Creek Bristlecone Loop Distance miles km 0.8 2.5 3.0 1.8 1.3 2.4 1.6 4.0 1.0 1.3 4.0 4.8 2.9 2.2 3.9 2.6 6.4 1.6 NO DRONES Unmanned aircraft is restricted from use in all national parks, including Bryce Canyon National Park. Violators are subject to legal action and fines in accordance with 36 CFR 1.5. Report drone use to nearest park ranger. LIGHTNING If you hear thunder, a storm is within 10 miles and a direct strike is possible. The plateau rim is the most dangerous place. Move to a building or vehicle, avoiding trees, hoodoos, and other tall objects. Lightning has claimed 4 lives and injured 6 in the past 24 years at Bryce Canyon. INJURIES Ankle injuries from improper footwear, dehydration, falling from off-limits areas, and altitude-related illnesses are the most common emergencies. Explore within your abilities, and don’t ruin your vacation with a trip to the hospital! PETS Pets are only allowed on paved areas, including park viewpoints, the Shared-Use Bike Path, the Rim Trail between Sunset and Sunrise Points, as well as park campgrounds. Pets must always be leashed, and cleaned up after. Drink at least 1 liter of water for every two hours you plan to hike. Pets are not allowed on hiking trails. EMERGENCY: 800-582-4351 or 9-1-1 NEAREST MEDICAL FACILITY: Garfield Hospital and Clinic is located in Panguitch, UT. Return to Highway 12 and head West 13.6 mi to US-89 N. Travel 6.5 mi to Panguitch and turn right on N 400 E St. Hospital: 435-676-8811 Plan Your Visit Services Welcome to Bryce Canyon, home to the largest collection of hoodoos (irregularly-eroded rock spires) in the world! Situated along the east edge of a plateau, the park has one main 18-mile north-to-south road and only one entrance/exit. As you enter the park, all viewpoints and hikes are on the left. ACCESSIBILITY Restrooms, Visitor Center, Bryce Canyon Lodge, Valhalla, and General Store are fully accessible when open. As are most viewpoints. • The ½-mile section of Rim Trail between Sunset and Sunrise Points is paved and fairly level. • Free Access Guide at Visitor Center CAMPGROUNDS Two campgrounds, North and Sunset, provide first-come-first serve sites; RVs ($30/night, no hook-ups) and tents ($20/night). Holders of the Senior and Access Pass receive 50% discounts. A limited number of reservable sites can be found on In winter Loop A of North CG is open. LODGING The Lodge at Bryce Canyon is open SpringFall. Winter lodging is available at the Sunset Motel. Reservations can be made by calling (435) 834-8700 or visiting GIFT SHOPS AND PENNY MACHINES Located within the park at the Visitor Center Natural History Association Bookstore and the Lodge at Bryce Canyon. Penny machines found at the General Store and Ruby’s Inn General Store. MONEY An ATM is available at the Lodge at Bryce Canyon and at Ruby's Inn General Store, two miles north of the park entrance. PICNIC AND GRILL AREAS Available at Sunset Point, N. Campground (with grills), General Store, mile 4.5, Whiteman Bench, and Yovimpa Point. RESTAURANTS Spring - Fall, the Lodge at Bryce Canyon offers breakfast through dinner. The General Store offers basic groceries, snacks, and refreshments. Valhalla offers pizza, coffee, and a basic menu. LAUNDRY Available Spring-Fall at the General Store. Winter facilities at Ruby’s Inn. BRYCE AMPHITHEATER (First three miles of the park) The most iconic and popular views of Bryce Canyon are found along the rim of the Bryce Amphitheater: Bryce, Inspiration, Sunset, and Sunrise Points. Try to see this area as early in the day as possible. Enjoy a flat, paved walk between Sunset and Sunrise Points (0.5 mi each way) or a more challenging hike below the rim. Most visitors like to begin with the wonderful diversity found along the 2.9-mile Queen’s/Navajo Combination Loop (Hiking Guide on reverse page). SCENIC DRIVE (Entire length of main park road) Drive the main road 18 miles (35 min) until it ends at the park’s highest elevations at Rainbow and Yovimpa Points. Consider the 1-mile Bristlecone Loop to stretch your legs. Stop at viewpoints like Natural Bridge and Agua Canyon on your return trip north. Often enjoyed later in the day, or during busy times. SEE MORE ON THE SHUTTLE (APRIL - OCTOBER) Over two million people visit Bryce Canyon National Park every year, leading to congestion in some of the park’s busiest areas. To help you save time and see more, a free shuttle bus operates Spring through Fall in the Bryce Amphitheater. Boarding the shuttle (see opposite side for parking locations) will soon bring you to the 4 most popular viewpoints in the park. Once aboard, you can hop on and off the bus or walk along the rim trail to connect viewpoints. Especially if you’re short on time, this will show you as much of the park as possible in the least amount of time! Vehicles 20 ft / 6 m or longer are restricted from parking in the Bryce Amphitheater (Sunrise, Sunset, Inspiration, Bryce, and Paria Viewpoints, as well as the Lodge and Visitor Center) during shuttle hours. Park at shuttle station, the additional park lot across the main road from Visitor Center, or your campsite. Ranger Programs and Activities RANGER PROGRAMS Ranger talks and walks are provided every day. Join us for an exploration of how hoodoos happen at a Geology Talk, or explore the many sides of Bryce along a guided ranger walk. All ranger programs are free, and require no reservations. Outdoor programs are weather dependent and may be cancelled due to inclement weather. See schedule in the Visitor Center or by visiting our website at: Nephi 6 Great Basin NP 6 Garrison 15 21 Navajo Mtn. 89A Grand Canyon NP North Rim H R E AVA S Tuweep ER SU VA PA South TI I O N Rim 64 93 Grand Canyon Skywalk Antelope Slot Canyon Tribal Park Vermilion Cliffs NM Tuba City 89 H U A L A PA I R E S E RVAT I O N Kayenta 264 N AVA J O N AT I O N N Canyon De Chelly NM Ganado Hubbell Trading Post NHS 89 U T E M O U N TA I N R E S E RVAT I O N 64 191 TIO 160 Shiprock Chinle PI R ESE R VA Cortez 160 191 160 Cameron 160 Monument Valley Tribal Park 163 Mesa Verde NP Towaoc 162 Mexican Hat 191 160 98 HO Kaibab NF Navajo NM ep we ven Ho NM NEW MEXICO Lake Mead NRA Bluff Rainbow Bridge NM 89 Hwy 67 Kaibab Closed NF Nov-April 67 191 ARIZONA Valley of Fire SP P Grand CanyonParashant NM 276 Big Water Page Jacob Lake Blanding Edge of the Cedars SP 95 Bullfrog Halls Crossing City Pipe Spring NM sN 89 nd Bryce Grand Canyon Staircase Escalante NM NP Hurricane Springdale Kanab Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP Colorado Fredonia 389 15 95 nla 9 Glendale Mt. Carmel Jct. 276 Ferry Crossing 491 Natural Bridges NM NP 89 Monticello Hite ef Kodachrome Basin Grosvenor Arch Manti-La Sal NF 191 Re 17 Glen Canyon NRA Henrieville Cannonville 491 264 191 Gallup 40 Wupatki NM 180 Sunset Crater NM 64 Laughlin 68 Bullhead City Kingman 0 km 0 miles Petrified Forest NP Flagstaff 40 Williams 80 160 17 50 Winslow Walnut Canyon NM 100 ROAD CONDITIONS AVERAGE DRIVE TIMES (HOURS) Arches NP (via US 89 & I-70) 4 1/2 Current Utah Road Conditions: Arches NP (via UT-12) 5 Call or visit Parks or Agencies below for most up-to-date Capitol Reef NP (via UT-12) 2 1/2 conditions of unpaved routes. Canyonlands (N Ent. 89 & 70) 4 1/2 The Bryce Canyon Natural History Association (BCNHA) supports education, research, infrastructure, and unique programs of all kinds for the benefit of Bryce Canyon National Park. Combined with sales from our bookstores, BCNHA members has provided over $7 million dollars of support to this unique natural resource and the experience of its visitors. 40 191 Holbrook 180 Cedar Breaks NM (via 12 & 43) 1 1/4 Cedar City 1 1/2 Escalante 1 Grand Canyon NP (North Rim) 3 Grand Canyon NP (South Rim) 5 Page, AZ 3 Las Vegas 4 Salt Lake City 4 1/2 Zion NP (East Entrance) 1 1/2 Zion NP (West Entrance) 2 1/2 Connect with Your Park Consider becoming a dedicated friend of Bryce Canyon National Park today! What Members mean to this Park... Visit our website or the Visitor Center bookstore to see how you can help support: • The Junior Ranger Program • This newspaper and other free publications • The Geology Festival, Astronomy Festival and other special events and interpretive programs • A full-time Education Outreach Specialist and the Geo-Scientist-in-Park internship program • Public geology programs and internships each summer • Research and Training for park staff on the geology of the Colorado Plateau SUPERINTENDENT Linda Mazzu E-MAIL (LOST AND FOUND) MAILING ADDRESS PO Box 640201 Bryce, UT 84764-0201 EMERGENCIES 435-582-4351 or 9-1-1 PARK INFORMATION 435-834-5322 WEBSITE The Lodge at Bryce Canyon and Ruby’s Inn have implemented a $1 Donation Program: Hotel guests can donate a dollar to the park each night of their visit. Since 2004 over $800,000 has been contributed to fund seasonal employees and projects. Visit Us and Shop Online: or call at 888-362-2642 Tropic 14 Mesquite Needles Supporting Bryce Canyon since 1961 By becoming a member of the BCNHA you'll receive a 15% discount in BCNHA stores, a one-time free gift, and discounts at most cooperating association bookstores in national parks and public lands across the country. Your tax-deductible dues will then directly support beloved programs in the park. Boulder Hatch Zion NP 95 Anasazi State Park Museum Antimony Dead Horse Point SP ol Bryce Canyon Natural History Association 143 Kolob Cyn 24 Panguitch Calf Creek Falls Red Canyon Petrified Forest SP 12 Escalante 56 Snow Canyon 18 SP St. George Dixie NF 14 Dixie NF 89 Moab Hanksville Dixie NF 22 128 24 Goblin Valley SP pit Parowan Cedar City Fish Lake NF 24 Fish Circleville 20 Arches NP 191 70 Lake Fremont NF Indian Loa 89 24 Village Koosharem Bicknell SP 62 Junction Otter Torrey 62 Creek SP 12 130 Cedar Breaks NM 70 Richfield nyo Beaver Green River 10 Salina Ca Milford Las Vegas Fish Lake NF 257 191 89 Aurora Fillmore Dixie NF HIKING Bryce Canyon has approximately 60 miles of trails to explore, and every single one will show you a unique side of this park. Refer to the Hiking Guide on the opposite page. By using the mileages listed on the map provided, one can create a wide variety of unique hikes. Remember appropriate footwear and water. 50 50 18 NIGHT SKIES Bryce Canyon is one of the darkest places in North America accessible by improved roads. Even when we’re not hosting an astronomy program, we invite you to enjoy the night sky. All viewpoints present a unique view of the vastness above. Remember to always carry a flashlight (smartphone lights are inadequate) and walk carefully. Gunnison Grand Jct. 6 MantiLa Sal NF COLORADO Baker 10 Scipio 50 15 VIEWING NATURE Species lists for flora and fauna may be obtained at the Visitor Center, and we welcome you to share what you see during your time in the park. Citizen Science apps such a eBird and iNaturalist are excellent ways to help track Bryce wildlife, too. Only view roadside wildlife from paved pull-offs. Never approach or feed wildlife. FIREWOOD Available at the General Store and Ruby’s Inn General Store. Collecting firewood in the park is not permitted. Price Ephraim Manti Delta 6 Majors Place 89 MantiLa Sal 28 NF 15 Panaca HORSEBACK RIDING Wrangler-led rail rides are provided within the park Spring-Fall and range $65 to $90 dollars for 1.5 to 3 hr rides. Inquire at the Bryce Canyon Lodge or call 435-834-5500. The use of privately-owned stock is permitted. Please e-mail us or call 435-834-4736 at least 72 hours in advance to schedule a reservation inspection for your stock. WIFI Public WIFI connection available at the Visitor Center. 191 6 132 50 ASTRONOMY FESTIVAL Explore your world and beyond through one of Bryce Canyon National Park's most precious resources: its night sky. Each June, the Astronomy Festival features renowned guest speakers, telescope fields, ranger programs, night sky tours, and many activities the entire family will love. More information at: BACKCOUNTRY Areas include the 9-mile Riggs Spring Loop, and the 23-mile Under-the-Rim Trail. Fees are $5/person. Backcountry permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis at the Visitor Center up to 48-hours in advance. Sites limited to 6 per night. 2 group sites available with a limit of 15 per night. Maps available at the Visitor Center and park website. SHOWERS Showers are available Spring-Fall at the General Store. Winter facilities at Ruby’s Inn. UTAH GEOLOGY FESTIVAL Every July, the park hosts a festival dedicated to the science of its defining feature. Join park rangers for guided hikes, geology programs, bus tours, evening programs with special guest speakers, exhibits, and more! Recreation BICYCLING Bicycles are restricted to paved surfaces, campground roads, and the Shared-Use Path (see map). Bicycles are not permitted on any hiking trail. The Dixie National Forest has a paved bicycle path traveling over 17 miles through Red Canyon to connect to the park path, along with many miles of mountain bike trails within Red Canyon. POST OFFICE Dropbox mailbox is located at the Visitor Center. Post Office at Ruby’s Inn is open Mon to Sat. Stamps available at the Visitor Center. Ca SNOWSHOEING AND X-COUNTRY SKIING Snowshoe programs are offered when snowpack and staffing allow. On days the program is offered, it is typically substituted for the Rim Walk. Hikes are typically 1.5 miles, lasting no more than 2 hours. See ranger schedule for times and locations. Cross-country skiing is permitted in all areas of the park except trails beneath the rim. Obtain a map of groomed and ungroomed trails at the Visitor Center. MantiLa Sal NF 6 UTAH FULL MOON HIKES In the winter, a full moon hike is offered the night of the full moon. In summer an additional hike is often held the night prior. Hikes are by lottery only. See ranger schedule for lottery times and locations. All members of the group must be present at the lottery and bring the footwear they plan to wear. Untreaded soles, such as tennis shoes, are not permitted on this hike. RESTROOMS Available at the Visitor Center, N. Campground, Mossy Cave, Sunset, Farview, Rainbow Points. In summer at Inspiration Point, Peekaboo Loop. Regional Map NEVADA EVENING AND ASTRONOMY PROGRAMS Join a ranger after dark exploring a wide-range of topics. Astronomy Programs are typically followed by night-sky viewing, weather dependent. See schedule in the Visitor Center or at BECOME A JUNIOR RANGER Enjoy the wonders of Bryce Canyon National Park while learning what makes it unique through programs and activities. This is a special opportunity to earn a special badge that cannot be purchased or otherwise obtained except through this program. Visitors of all ages are welcome to participate. Please allocate 3-6 hours of your visit to this experience. See Visitor Center for materials and instructions on completing the Jr. Ranger booklet (a great activity to pair with our Hike the Hoodoos program!) Family programs are often offered in the summer season. See schedule in the Visitor Center or by visiting our website at: For additional services such as food, lodging, and more in the local area visit Purchases from the Visitor Center bookstore directly support the park SOCIAL MEDIA REPORTING FIRES Locate a park ranger to report fires. Observed fires are often controlled burns. Wildland Fire Reporting: 435-865-4611 LEAVE A COMMENT We want to hear how our staff, facilities, and partners contributed to your experience. Comment forms are available at the front desk at the Visitor Center. Alternatively, send us an e-mail, find us on social media, or call. BECOME A VOLUNTEER Volunteers work with park employees to preserve park resources, play a vital role in educating and engaging our visitors, and get to live in one of the world's most beautiful environments. Call the park at 435-834-5322 or e-mail WORK WITH THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE The National Park Service doesn’t just hire rangers. We employ mechanics, museum curators, data analysts, landscape architects, engineers, educators, law enforcement and more. All job vacancies are posted on YOUR FEE DOLLARS AT WORK Learn more about how Bryce Canyon and other parks use your fee dollars at:

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