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Big Cypress


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c c S f c c F u f c c W Great Florida Birding Trail... Birds of the Swamp... Be careful not to disturb nesting birds. Eggs or chicks left unattended are vulnerable to extreme temperatures or predators. Avoid disrupting the natural behavior of birds. Although an isolated disturbance may not be harmful to an individual’s survival, cumulative incidents from other visitors may be detrimental. Be extremely cautious and courteous when roadside birding; be sure to pull entirely off the road when observing wildlife and to always be aware of other motorists. EXPERIENCE YOUR AMERICA! Do Not Feed or Harass Wildlife se N ati o n a l e— t— P r o tec ss rv re Never feed wildlife. View wildlife with respect. All wildlife is wild and unpredictable. Stay a safe distance from any wild animal —15 feet is recommended. All plants and animals within national park areas are protected, it is illegal to collect any wildlife without special permits. How You Behave Can Save • • • • Pr • • • Birding Ethics Within the Preserve Loop Road, Kirby Storter Trail, Turner River Road, Wagonwheel Road, Birdon Road, and the Florida National Scenic Trail are ideal birding areas. See the Big Cypress National Preserve brochure for locations. p Recommended Birding Sites The thrill of watching a wild animal in its native surroundings is spectacular and awe inspiring. While visiting Big Cypress National Preserve, or any other natural area, remember: Watching wildlife the responsible way... Look for signs along roadways with this symbol that identify the trail. Learn more at: www.floridabirdingtrail.com f u u c c SP S F W IBISES, SPOONBILLS, & STORKS ___White ibis + c c c c ___Glossy ibis + u u u u ___Roseate spoonbill ? u u u u ___Wood stork + c c c c Loons ___Common loon WATERFOWL ___Fulvous whistling-duck r r r ___Black-bellied whistling-duck r r r r ___Snow goose r ___Canada goose r ___Egyptian goose r r r r ___Wood duck + u u u u ___Green-winged teal u u u ___Mottled duck + f f f f ___Mallard r ___Northern pintail r r r ___Blue-winged teal f r f f ___Northern shoveler r ___Gadwall ___American wigeon r ___Canvasback ___Redhead ___Ring-necked duck r r f The Big Cypress bird checklist has two primary functions: 1) to inform visitors of the presence and abundance of bird species in the Preserve and 2) to assist the wildlife team in updating the list through visitor observations. Therefore, if you see any unusual birds (those listed as rare or not listed at all), please advise Preserve staff at the visitor center and fill out a wildlife observation card, or write to: Big Cypress National Preserve Attention: Wildlife Biologist 33100 Tamiami Trail East Ochopee, FL 34141 Please be as specific as possible. Your reported observations are important and appreciated. u u c c f f c c c c c r f c f u The Great Florida Birding Trail is a collection of 445 sites throughout Florida selected for their excellent birdwatching or bird education opportunities. This 2,000-mile, self-guided highway trail is designed to conserve and enhance Florida’s bird habitat by promoting birdwatching activities, conservation education and economic opportunity. c c f f c c c c c r f c f u Bird watching is one of the Preserve’s principal attractions. Vegetation types such as cypress strands, hardwood hammocks, old-growth pinelands, sawgrass prairies, and mangrove forests support a wonderful array of bird diversity. This is illustrated by the 207 species of birds observed within the Preserve boundaries. r f c c c c c r f c u u SP VULTURES ___Turkey vulture + c ___Black vulture + c GREBES ___Pied-billed grebe + f ___Horned grebe PELICANS, CORMORANTS, ETC... ___American white pelican u ___Brown pelican u ___Magnificent frigatebird r ___Double-crested cormorant + c ___Anhinga + c HERONS, EGRETS, ETC... ___American bittern f ___Least bittern + f ___Great blue heron + c ___Great egret + c ___Snowy egret + c ___Little blue heron + c ___Tricolored heron + c ___Reddish egret r ___Cattle egret + f ___Green heron + c ___Black-crowned night-heron + f ___Yellow-crowned night-heron + u Big Cy E Big Cypress Birds Big Cypress National Preserve Florida National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Date: _______________ Time: ________ Location: _____________________________ Weather: ______________________________ Observer(s): _____________________________ KEY: r ve oy Spring (March-May) Summer (June-August) Fall (September-November) Winter (December-February) SEASON SP S F W INDEX c -- Common (present in the proper habitat and season) f -- Fairly common (often present in the proper habitat and season) u -- Uncommon (occasionally present in proper habitat and season) r -- Rare (seldom present in suitable habitat; few records) Each species was indexed according to its abundance in the Preserve, not on its likelihood of being observed. The species having no information in the index have never been documented (confirmed) in the Preserve, although suitable habitat is present and Big Cypress lies within their range. ese nj Known to breed in the Preserve Breeding status unknown Extinct Exotic species BREEDING STATUS + ? E * Birds of Big Cypress National Preserve Top Row -- limpkin, red-cockaded woodpecker, eastern bluebird Bottom Row -- black-necked stilt, sandhill crane, anhinga Pr e F W SP S F W SP S F W S u c SP u c u c r r u c r u u r r r c c c u u c c c u W f c F f c c c f c c S f SP ___Blue grosbeak r ___Indigo bunting u u u ___Painted bunting r r r SPARROWS, TOWHEES, ETC... ___Dickcissel ___Eastern towhee + c c c c ___Bachman’s sparrow ___Chipping sparrow r r r ___Clay-colored sparrow r ___Field sparrow ___Vesper sparrow r ___Lark sparrow r ___Savannah sparrow f f f ___Grasshopper sparrow u u u ___Henslow’s sparrow ___Le Conte’s sparrow ___Salt marsh sharp-tailed sparrow ___Nelson’s sharp-tailed sparrow ___Cape sable seaside sparrow + u u u u ___Fox sparrow ___Song sparrow f f f ___Swamp sparrow u u u ___White-throated sparrow ___White-crowned sparrow ___Dark-eyed junco BLACKBIRDS, GRACKLES, COWBIRDS, & ORIOLES ___Bobolink u u ___Red-winged blackbird + c c c c ___Eastern meadowlark + c c c c ___Yellow-headed blackbird r r r ___Rusty blackbird r r r ___Brewer’s blackbird ___Common grackle + c c c c ___Boat-tailed grackle + c c c c ___Brown-headed cowbird u u u u ___Shiny cowbird ___Orchard oriole ___* Spot-breasted oriole ___Baltimore oriole r r NORTHERN FINCHES ___American goldfinch f f f OLD WORLD SPARROWS ___* House sparrow + r r r r f c c c r r r r r r r r f c f c u c u f r f c f f c u r c c c u u f f f r r r f f f c c c f f f c c u f W f F f r S ___Great horned owl + ___Barred owl + GOATSUCKERS ___Common nighthawk + ___Whip-poor-will ___Chuck-will’s-widow + SWIFTS ___Chimney swift + HUMMINGBIRDS ___Ruby-throated hummingbird + KINGFISHERS ___Belted kingfisher WOODPECKERS ___Ivory-billed woodpecker E ___Red-headed woodpecker ___Red-bellied woodpecker + ___Yellow-bellied sapsucker ___Downy woodpecker + ___Hairy woodpecker + ___Red-cockaded woodpecker + ___Northern flicker + ___Pileated woodpecker + FLYCATCHERS ___Eastern wood-pewee ___Yellow-bellied flycatcher ___Acadian flycatcher ___Alder flycatcher ___Willow flycatcher ___Least flycatcher ___Eastern phoebe ___Great crested flycatcher + ___Eastern kingbird + ___Gray kingbird ? ___Western kingbird ___Scissor-tailed flycatcher ___Fork-tailed flycatcher SHRIKES ___Loggerhead shrike + VIREOS ___White-eyed vireo + ___ Blue-headed vireo ___Yellow-throated vireo ___Warbling vireo ___Philadelphia vireo ___Red-eyed vireo ? ___Black-whiskered vireo SP ___Black-bellied plover ___Wilson’s plover ? u u u u ___Semipalmated plover u u u ___Piping plover r r r ___Killdeer + c c c c ___Black-necked stilt + u u u u ___American avocet ___Greater yellowlegs f f f ___Lesser yellowlegs u u u ___Solitary sandpiper r r r r ___Willet ___Spotted sandpiper u u u ___Whimbrel ___Marbled godwit ___Semipalmated sandpiper ___Western sandpiper u u u ___Least sandpiper u u u ___White-rumped sandpiper ___Dunlin ___Short-billed dowitcher ___Long-billed dowitcher ___Wilson’s snipe f f f ___American woodcock r r ___Wilson’s phalarope GULLS, TERNS, ETC... ___Laughing gull r r r r ___Ring-billed gull r ___Herring gull ___Gull-billed tern ___Caspian tern r r r ___Royal tern r r r r ___Least tern + u f f ___Black skimmer r r r r PIGEONS & DOVES ___White-crowned pigeon r r r r ___* Rock pigeon r r r r ___White-winged dove r r r r ___* Eurasian collared dove r r r r ___Mourning dove + f f f f ___Common ground-dove + f f f f CUCKOOS ___Yellow-billed cuckoo + u u u ___Mangrove cuckoo r r r r OWLS ___Barn owl + u u u u ___Eastern screech owl + f f f f W WATERFOWL, cont... ___Lesser scaup r ___Common goldeneye+ r r r ___Bufflehead ___Hooded merganser u u u ___Common merganser ___Red-breasted merganser u u u ___Ruddy duck ___*Muscovy duck r r r r HAWKS & ALLIES ___Osprey + c c c c ___Swallow-tailed kite + f f u r ___White-tailed kite + r r r r ___Snail kite + u u u u ___Mississippi kite ___Bald eagle + u u u u ___Golden eagle r ___Northern harrier u u u ___Sharp-shinned hawk u u u ___Cooper’s hawk r r r ___Red-shouldered hawk + c c c c ___Broad-winged hawk r r r ___Short-tailed hawk + u u u u ___Red-tailed hawk + u u u u ___Rough-legged hawk r ___Crested caracara r r ___American kestrel f f c ___Merlin r r r ___Peregrine falcon r r r TURKEY & QUAIL ___Wild turkey + f f f f ___Northern bobwhite + f f f f RAILS, GALLINULES, COOTS, ETC... ___Yellow rail ___Black rail r r r ___King rail + f f f f ___Virginia rail r r r ___Sora rail u u f ___Purple gallinule + u u u u ___Common gallinule + c c c c ___American coot ? c r c c ___Limpkin + f f f f CRANES ___Sandhill crane + u u u u PLOVERS, SANDPIPERS, & ALLIES F S WARBLERS ___Blue-winged warbler r r ___Golden-winged warbler ___Tennessee warbler ___Orange-crowned warbler r ___Nashville warbler ___Northern parula ? c f c c ___Yellow warbler ___Chestnut-sided warbler ___Magnolia warbler r r ___Cape may warbler r r ___Black-throated blue warbler f f r ___Yellow-rumped warbler f f c ___Black-throated green warbler u u r ___Blackburnian warbler ___Yellow-throated warbler f r f f ___Pine warbler + c c c c ___Prairie warbler + f u f f ___Palm warbler c c c ___Bay-breasted warbler r ___Blackpoll warbler r ___Cerulean warbler ___Black-and-white warbler f f f ___American redstart f f r ___Prothonotary warbler + u u u ___Worm-eating warbler r r ___Swainson’s warbler ___Ovenbird f f f ___Northern waterthrush u u u ___Louisiana waterthrush r r ___ Kentucky warbler ___Connecticut warbler ___Mourning warbler ___Common yellowthroat + c c c c ___Hooded warbler r ___Wilson’s warbler r ___Canada warbler ___Yellow-breasted chat TANAGERS ___Summer tanager ? u r u ___Western tanager r ___Scarlet tanager r r CARDINALS, GROSBEAKS, & BUNTINGS ___Northern cardinal + c c c c ___Rose-breasted grosbeak SP JAYS & CROWS ___Blue jay + f f f f ___American crow + c c c c ___Fish crow r r MARTINS & SWALLOWS ___Purple martin + f f u ___Tree swallow c c c ___N. rough-winged swallow r r ___Bank swallow r r ___Cliff swallow r r ___Barn swallow ? c r c r TITMICE ___Tufted titmouse + f f f f NUTHATCHES ___Brown-headed nuthatch + f f f f CREEPERS ___Brown creeper r WRENS ___Carolina wren + c c c c ___House wren f f f ___Sedge wren u u u ___Marsh wren u u u KINGLETS & GNATCATCHERS ___Ruby-crowned kinglet r ___Blue-gray gnatcatcher + c c c c THRUSHES ___Eastern bluebird + f f f f ___Veery ___Gray-cheeked thrush ___Swainson’s thrush ___Hermit thrush ___Wood thrush r r ___American robin u f c MIMIC THRUSHES ___Gray catbird f f c ___Northern mockingbird + c c c c ___Brown thrasher + f f f f PIPITS ___American pipit r r r WAXWINGS ___Cedar waxwing f f f STARLINGS, ETC... ___* Common myna + r r r r ___* European starling + f f f f Bird Checklist_FINAL.indd on HQ shareall, interp publications, 2,000 printed 2/2015

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