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Junior Ranger Booklet

brochure Arches - Junior Ranger Booklet

The Junior Ranger Booklet of Arches National Park (NP) is filled with fun activities. This 12-page booklet reveals the wonders of Arches to kids and parents alike. Published by the National Park Service (NPS).

Arches National Park r e g n a R r o i n e u d i J u G enture Adv your name National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Welcome, Explorers! Junior rangers are park superheroes. Arches National Park needs your help! Use this guide to learn, adventure, practice safety, and discover the ways of a junior ranger role model. When you are ready, take your work to a park ranger. CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL AND... Pebble level: do 5 book pages. Boulder level: do 8 book pages. Tower level: do the whole book. ...GO ON AT LEAST THREE ADVENTURES. Attend a ranger program. Spend 10 quiet min. outside. Observe the night sky. Teach a friend or family member about the park. Safely pick up litter. Go on a hike. 1 READY TO GO The best adventures begin with preparation. Use your park map to pick a place to explore. What is the weather like today? Below, circle what you will need for your trip. Draw a square around one extra item you might want too. Is it allowed in the park? Are you forgetting anything? List any other items you might need. 2 HEROES OF THE HEAT Humans need to prepare for a trip in the desert, but the animals in Arches National Park are born ready. Draw a line from the animal to its desert survival super power. BIG EARS let heat out of my body so I can keep cool. It is too hot in the desert to hunt during the day. NIGHT VISION lets me pounce on my prey. On hot days, I hide in my sandy den. At night, my KANGAROO TAIL helps me hop from predators. SAND-COLORED FUR helps me hide from mountain lions while I chew up all the desert plants I love. My MULTI-USE TAIL stores extra fat and breaks away when a predator grabs me. Can you identify these heroes of the heat? Write the name of the animal next to its picture. w o r d b a n k : m u l e d e e r, m o u n t a i n l i o n , d e s e r t c o t t o n t a i l , c o l l a r e d l i z a r d , k a n g a r o o r a t 3 UNDERCOVER HERO Read these ‘witness statements’ about the park. Fill in the missing letters. National parks are known for the _ IEWS! Visitors from around the world come to see parks! A desert EC_ SYSTEM is a team. Animals, plants, water, and dirt—it is all connected! _ RAILS are important. They are pathways to safely enjoy national parks. Reveal the superhero’s identity! Use the letters you filled in above to solve the riddle below. LI_ING S _IL CRUS _ It’s alive! This secret superhero is a mix of tiny living things: algae, lichens, mosses, and fungi growing on the sand. Ecosystems need this tiny community to help plants grow. This living soil glues the ground together and helps prevent the dust storms that could ruin views. That’s why we stay on trails. Lead your family in a pledge to stick to trails and not bust the crust. 4 PARK ROCKSTARS Arches National Park is known for its geologic wonders. Over time, water, ice, and wind have shaped the rock into incredible shapes. Go meet these rock features. Read the definitions below and label each rock formation. ARCH: A ‘window’ or hole in rock BUTTE: A flat topped hill FIN: A skinny wall of rock SPIRE: A tall skinny tower of rock BALANCED ROCK: A tower with a bottom much smaller than its top. If you were made of rock, which formation would you be? Circle your choice. Interview a rockstar. It might take a while to get the rocks to talk back. For answers, try reading park signs and looking at your park map. DRAW THE ROCKSTAR HERE. ASK THE ROCKSTAR... WHAT IS YOUR NAME? WHAT ARE YOU? ( CIRCLE ONE ) FIN WHAT MADE YOU FAMOUS? SPIRE ARCH BUTTE BALANCED ROCK OTHER 5 TIC - TAC - GO Ask a friend or family member to play. Choose to be X or O. Take turns completing the mini-adventures and marking off the boxes. See if you can be first to get three in a row. Listen to one natural sound. Draw something you saw in the park that’s smaller than your thumb. What is it? Find a juniper tree. Where did you find it? Include the details! Find and draw animal tracks. Use the park map to help your group plan an activity. Use your nose. How does the desert smell different than home? What animal left them? Check out the visitor center. Find a hidden shape in the rocks. Hold a safety meeting with your group. Check that everyone is prepared. What did you learn? What did the shape remind you of? 6 JUNIOR RANGER WAY In this maze, make choices and follow the arrows. Good luck! Should you set out with water, food, and friends or alone and unprepared? alone and unprepared prepared and together Do you take a shortcut through soil crust? ...or stay on the trail? Take a picture or... carve your name on a rock? Hmm... Are you sure? Go back, and think again. You would love to see wildlife! Do you feed and approach animals? Stack your own rock piles (cairns)? Sure! No way! Leave no trace. Or do you observe quietly? 7 STORIES IN THE SANDSTONE There are over 2,000 arches here, each with its own story. Arches begin as giant cracks called rock ‘fins’. Over time, water seeps through the rock and makes weak spots that break out. Making an arch takes thousands of years! Arches don’t last forever. They finally break and fall. Put the pictures below in order by numbering them #1-4. Can you spot the stages of arch making? On the drawing below, circle the arches, draw a where you think an arch might form. Where you think an arch fell, draw the fallen arch back in. Bagel Arch, Bacon Arch—some arches get their name from the things they remind us of. Draw and name your own arch. 8 FIND YOUR POSE Look around and you’ll see—even rocks find balance in Arches National Park. Find a safe place out of the way of other visitors and practice the following poses. Only do what feels comfortable. BALANCED ROCK • Hold the pose, then switch sides. • Bonus: try grabbing your toes and straightening your leg. DOUBLE ARCH • Ask a friend or family member to help you make an arch. • Get creative! Can you find an arch and copy it with your pose? REACH FOR THE SKYLINE • Hold the pose, then switch sides. Show us your pose! Draw yourself, have someone take your picture, or write a description of the pose. Bonus: teach your family or friends. 9 DRAWN TO OUR PAST If you’re visiting Delicate Arch, don’t miss your chance to go back in time along the way! Visit Wolfe Ranch and nearby Ute rock peckings. How were things different for kids in the past? How were they the same? Draw a line connecting similar things in your life and the lives of the Stanley and Ute children. Life of Esther and Ferol Stanley Your Life Life of Ute Children games tea parties storage cist your pet (real or imaginary) button boots llar root ce domesticated dogs burro what you do for fun moccasins Traditions are ways of doing things passed down through generations. What traditions has your family taught you? 10 DREAMY SKIES Half the park is after dark! Go stargazing! Bring flashlights and warm clothes. What did the moon look like? Draw it in the circle. How does the park change at night? Is the night sky at home different? Write, draw, or take notes below. 11 VIRTUAL PARK POSTCARD National parks are fun to visit and even more fun to share. Who would you like to tell about Arches National Park? A friend, a neighbor, a relative? Fill out the postcard below. Need an idea? Write about or draw your favorite part of the trip or tell a funny story that happened in the park. Dear No need for snail mail! When you get service, text or email a photo of the postcard you made. Add today’s date on the park stamp. 12 SPEAK FOR THE PARKS We all have a say in how we should protect our parks! When we talk to others about things we care about, we learn from each other and see how we can work together. Use this guide to start a discussion with your family and friends. Work together to make a list of rules for discussion. How do we show respect for other opinions? Read this example of the three steps to presenting an opinion. Then, use the steps to practice stating an opinion. 1. ASSERTION: “We should hike the Devils Garden Trail today...” 2. REASONING: “...because it’s the longest!” 3. EVIDENCE: “The trail is over 7 miles long!” Your opinion: Read the following questions to your group. Let everyone take turns answering. 1. Choose three words to describe your visit here. Why those words? 2. What did you experience here that you’ve never experienced before? 3. How can we protect parks and help millions of visitors enjoy them? 4. If you wrote a letter to the director of the National Park Service, what would it say? 13 GLORIOUS ROOM “Within national parks is room—glorious room— room in which to find ourselves, in which to think and hope, to dream and plan, to rest and resolve.” -Enos Mills Use this page to reflect on your visit. Write a story or a poem, or draw a picture. YOUR PLEDGE You’re about to get your badge and the responsibility that comes with it. National parks are counting on you! Write your own junior ranger pledge or promise. What will you do to protect parks and set an example for others? You can use the word bank for ideas. protect culture national parks respect share conserve nature history teach explore discover Go forth, junior ranger! When you’re ready, share this book with a park ranger. You’ll take a pledge and become a certified junior ranger! But that’s only the beginning. Check out these ideas for continuing the adventure. • Learn more about Arches by visiting our park website: • Check out a National Park Service site or other public land closest to your home! • Become a web ranger at Published by Canyonlands Natural History Assoc. Moab, UT Illustrations and design by Caitlin Campbell Park Mailing Address Arches National Park 2282 Resource Blvd. Moab, Utah 84532 Authored by Caitlin Campbell and Arches Junior Ranger Committee PA S RK TAMP PARK RANGER DATE AT ARCHES NATIONAL PARK AND IS NOW A JUNIOR RANGER OF THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE. has successfully completed THE JUNIOR RANGER PROGRAM Junior Ranger Arches National Park

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