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This reservoir on the Canadian River is one of the longest lakes in the state at nearly 13 miles, and boasts a variety of fun water sports. The campgrounds offer a variety of camping experiences, including the Yucca Campground, designed for RVs.



Tourist-Road Map of New Mexico. Published by the New Mexico Department of Transportation.New Mexico - Tourist-Road Map

Tourist-Road Map of New Mexico. Published by the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

Ute Lake SP http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/SPD/utelakestatepark.html This reservoir on the Canadian River is one of the longest lakes in the state at nearly 13 miles, and boasts a variety of fun water sports. The campgrounds offer a variety of camping experiences, including the Yucca Campground, designed for RVs.
F 575-487-2284 Reservations 1-877-664-7787 540 Village of Logan > www.nmparks.com Ute Creek CG to Ute Creek Eagle F Point CG y F g Beaver Cove CG Ute Lake State Park y x F g Logan CG 540 (electric 8 +_water) ¬ « Oldhams CG Logan Park 8 Windy Logan CG Point (electric + water) Logan Park8 Windy Logan CGPoint y x ¬ « Cake House Oldhams CG Canyon 8 Windy Point Pierce Cove F Mine Canyon Mine Canyon 8 g y _ to Horseshoe Bend/ Canadian River North Area Point Ute Lake Roadrunner CG / / Miles Miles 0.25 ¬ « 0 0.5 0.25 0.5 to US 541 ¼ 3 Roadrunner CG ¼ Ute Lake YOU ARE HERE Canadian River y Village of Logan North Area Zia CG (electric + water) 3 Village of Logan > @ CanadianYucca CG (electric + water) River ¼ 3 Cottonwood Cottonwood CG Grove CG Side South 8y_ g ¬ « 552 South Side Canadian River 54 £ ¤ 8y_ Cordova Canyon 8 g y _ Yucca CG (electric + water) Village of Logan > Cottonwood Cottonwood CG Yucca CG CG Grove (electric + water) Canadian River Peyton Cove 0 @ Village of Logan > y Village of540 Logan > Cottonwood Cottonwood CG Grove YuccaCG CG (electric + water) Reef (hazard) Mine Canyon Miles @ Village of Logan > @ ¼ y Cottonwood CG 3 Cottonwood Cedar Point Grove CG Ute Lake 8 g y _ / Logan(electric ParkZia+CGwater) LoganLake CG Ute (electric Roadrunner + water) CG y 8 g y _ North Area g Zia 8 CG (electricWindy + water) 540 Zia CG (electric + water) Roadrunner CG Oldhams CG ¬ « Bushy Cove Mine Canyon 540 y x (electric + water) ¬ «North Area 540 ¬ « F Ute Creek CG Eagle Point CG y 540 Beaver Cove CG gOldhams CG Village of Logan Village of Logan > g Rogers Park g y Boat Ramp South Side CG Campground 8 y _ Antelope South Side g 3 Group Area Canyon 8y_ Marina 552 x Copper g Canyon y Boat Ramp Pay Station g 552 CG Campground Primitive Camping 0 0.5 1 8 2 3 Group Area Miles _ Restroom x Marina ¼ RV Campground 1:30,000 y Boat1 Ramp g Pay Station 0.25 0.5 F Trailhead 7/2012 Primitive Camping CG Campground 8 NM-EMNRD-SPD @ Visitor Center 3 Group Area _ Restroom x Marina ¼ RV Campground 1:30,000 Station g Pay 1 F Trailhead 7/2012 Primitive Camping 8 @ Visitor Center NM-EMNRD-SPD _ Restroom ¼ RV Campground 1:30,000 F Trailhead 7/2012 @ Visitor Center NM-EMNRD-SPD ¬ « 552 ¬ « ¬ « 0 Map not to be used for navigation purposes. No use mapa para el proposito de navegacion < Tucumcari F Logan Park Ute Dam y x Ute Dam Ute Creek CG Eagle Point CG y Beaver Cove CG Ute g Creek CG Eagle F Point CG y Beaver Cove CG ¬ « Ute Dam 8_ Rogers Park g Ute Dam 8_ Rogers Park
Ute Lake Nature Trail Ute Lake State Park DISTANCE 575.487.2284 • www.nmparks.com 1.75 Miles Total Trail Description: ACTIVITIES F Hiking Mt. Biking H This network of trails provides a unique experience of Ute Lake State Park as it winds through the desert, in and out of arroyos, and along the edge of a narrow canyon of fractured bedrock. There are several spur trails that will take you to benches overlooking the lake. Create a 2 mile loop between the Logan and Rogers Trailheads. AMENITIES Benches 5 Picnic Shelters ELEVATION Precautions: 3,800’ DIFFICULTY It can be hot, dry, and sunny. Please be prepared with plenty of water. Use caution at the canyon overlook, especially with children and dogs. Park Rules: Rogers Park ¬ « 540 The trail is within the park fee area. Vehicles must display a valid park permit, which can be purchased at a self-pay station or the visitor center. Trails > Village of Logan Logan Park Please pack out all trash ¬ « 54 £ ¤ 540 Windy Point @ North Area Ute Lake Keep dogs on a leash Canadian River Dam ¬ « Mine Canyon NO motor vehicles on the trail ¯ 0 0.5 552 South Side 1 2 Miles Funded by a Federal Highway Administration Recreational Trails Program Grant 20 miles to Tucumcari ` s er og g rk Pa ï oR <T Ute Lake Nature Trail Bench 9 Campground g Pay Station 3 Picnic Shelter _ Restroom F Trailhead 5m 0.1 0 CR f 95 XF Rogers X Trailhead i 3 mi i Rogers Cutoff 0.1 7 0.22 m 0.21 mi X ï X 1 0.2 mi 0.10 mi Canyon Overlook ï 0.3 6 m i X ï ï 3 0.18 mi X 9 Ute Creek 0 125 250 1:4,500 500 Feet 9 Eagle Point < To Mari 2009 Orthophoto na / X F Logan Trailhead g _ 9 Logan Campground < To Main Park Entrance Ute Lake Hwy 540 Loop Logan TH to Rogers TH 1 mile
Thanks to a generous donation from Geico®, no taxpayer dollars were used in the printing of this brochure. For sponsorship opportunities, call 1-626-229-9991 or email info@goodsolutionsgroup.com. Limitations apply. See geico.com for more details. GEICO & affiliates. Washington, DC 20076 © 2016 GEICO RESERVE A CAMPSITE TODAY! for your RV $8 Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park is 22 miles east of Taos on US 64. Established in 1971, it is one of the first Memorials of its kind in the United States dedicated to Vietnam Veterans. Annual Day Use Pass - NM Resident or Non Resident New Mexico Veteran - w/50% or more disability $40 FREE Annual Camping Pass New Mexico Resident New Mexico Resident Senior, 62+ New Mexico Resident Physically Disabled $180 $100 $100 For Every Mile of your Journey GREAT COVERAGE Take our Free Boating Class! Register at NMPARKS.COM. All mandatory safety equipment must be on board & operable. Stop Aquatic Invasive Species! Clean, drain & dry your boat. EX ICO A P E S TAT R KS $10 $14 $14 $18 Always boat sober. Booze and boats don’t mix! Know your weather! It can change quickly. O Kids 12 & under must wear a lifejacket aboard a vessel. OF FREE Developed Site - Picnic Table, Fire-pit & or Grill w/Electric Hookup w/Sewage Hookup w/Electric & Sewage Hookups $8 $5 $15 M Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance or in as little as 24 hours. Go online at nmparks.com or call 1.877.664.7787 to make reservations. geico.com | 877-434-2678 | Local Office Please contact NM State Parks for information on group shelters, meeting room costs and availability. *Fees at Rio Grande Nature Center and Living Desert Zoo and Gardens may vary from the above table. + Electric & Sewage Hookups Water Hookup (where available) Out-of-State $225 Additional Fees Per Night - w/Annual Camping Permit + Electric Hookups $4 + Sewage Hookup $4 Primitive Site Overnight Camping - Per Vehicle Daily Entrance - Per Vehicle Bus / Tour Vehicle Camping & Day Use Fees NEW AL I C I FF SPONSO R Remember to always wear your lifejacket! Boat Safe, Boat Smart! Native to New Mexico Baby, You’re a Star! State Parks has many star parties throughout the year. The night sky has enlightened and inspired for thousands of years, and New Mexico is blessed with dark, beautiful night skies showcased at our parks. Camping and RV’ing in parks allows visitors to experience parks on a local level. Here are some of the great activities and programs featured in State Parks. “The Tweet Life” Bobcat City of Rocks State Park - This observatory was the first in the system. The roll-off roof allows for amazing viewing, and visitors can see distant galaxies and Tiger Muskie at Bluewater Lake State Park night sky objects on video monitors or through smaller scopes. Astronomers provide regular programs. Catch a Memory! Fishing is one of the most popular activities at our NM State Parks. Twenty-four parks have ponds, streams, rivers or lakes, providing a variety of fishing experiences. From a lazy afternoon casting for pan-fish to a high-energy adventure fishing for 40-inch Tiger Muskie, NM State Parks have a lot to offer. In northern New Mexico, trout is king when it comes to sport fishing. Rainbow, brown, lake and cutthroat trout can all be found in cold water lakes, rivers and streams. Parks with great trout fishing are: Navajo Lake, Bluewater Lake, Cimarron Canyon, Eagle Nest Lake, El Vado Lake, Fenton Lake, Heron Lake, Clayton Lake, Coyote Creek, Morphy Lake and Sugarite Canyon State Parks. Monarch Butterfly Go Wild! Observatories at State Parks State Parks has three astronomical observatories in the system, which allow visitors to learn from experts and see night sky objects. Hummingbird For a growing number of people, birding is a wonderful outdoor activity. A pair of binoculars, a good guidebook and a New Mexico State Park is all you need. Start your birding adventure on the NM Birding Trail where eight New Mexico State Parks are featured: Pancho Villa, Rockhound, City of Rocks, Leasburg Dam, Percha Dam, Caballo Lake, Elephant Butte Lake, and Mesilla Valley Bosque State Parks. Mule Deer Post your Bird Alert! Share your beautiful birding pics on our Facebook! Horned Lizard And GEICO loves it too! For more information on RV insurance, visit geico.com. Whether it’s an RV, a motor home, a travel trailer or a camper, we know you love the RV lifestyle. From Coyote Creek State Park, you can also visit Morphy Lake State Park, 24 miles south along NM 434 and 94. Both parks provide camping and fishing in a secluded area. To extend your trip in the beautiful, Mora Valley, two additional State Parks are nearby. Stay the night at Coyote Creek State Park. Drive 36 miles south from Cimarron Canyon on US 64 and NM 434. 60 miles, one way Other Hidden Jewels Camp here or at Cimarron Canyon State Park, 9.4 miles northeast on US 64. The Cimarron River runs through the canyon and the park offers amazing forested vie

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