Valle de Oro


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Map of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in New Mexico. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Keep pets on a nonretractable 6-foot leash and under your control. Remember to bring plenty of water, sunscreen/sun protection, and bug spray. Please wear weatherappropriate clothing and footwear. Please place all trash, recycling, and bagged pet waste in appropriate receptacles to protect wildlife and their habitats. Picking up after pets keeps our river clean of waste contaminants and is courteous to people and wildlife downstream. Stay up to date on refuge development, activities, and volunteer opportunities. The refuge plans to host multiple community meetings each year to provide our neighbors and supporters with updates on the design and construction process. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page, Instagram, and website for updates and announcements for community meetings. Another Way to Explore the Refuge Test your knowledge of wildlife and share your photos and explore the refuge through our interactive app: Discover Valle de Oro Game & Wildlife Spotting App Contact information: 7851 Second St. SW Albuquerque, NM 87105 505/248-6667 Email: Find us on Facebook: WildlifeRefuge/ Find us on Instagram: @valledeoronwr In Case of Emergency Call 911 Prohibited Refuge Activities Camping Collecting/Removing wildlife or plants Commercial activities without a permit Discharge of firearms Drones Entering/Remaining on refuge if intoxicated Feeding or disturbing wildlife Fishing Hunting Littering Open fires Possession of unauthorized firearms Possession/Use of controlled substances Smoking within 25ft of buildings Unauthorized overnight vehicles Unleashed pets Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge Map As the Southwest’s first urban wildlife refuge, Valle de Oro NWR serves as an oasis for both wildlife and people. Established in 2012, the refuge is beginning to transition from agricultural fields to a diversity of native habitats and visitor amenities. Visit often and help us grow! Guidelines for an Enjoyable Visit Respecting wildlife and their habitat is the first step in keeping Valle de Oro NWR a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable place for both people and wildlife. The refuge is open from 6am to 6pm every day. Please park in designated parking areas at the Welcome Center (the tan house with the green roof) and access the interior of the refuge by walking, jogging, hiking, bicycling or horseback riding. Yield to approaching vehicles or horses and stay out of construction sites and closed areas. Little to no disturbance to wildlife allows for more observation of their natural behaviors and activities and is courteous to other visitors. Bring binoculars for safe up-close viewing of wildlife and minimize noises. Please leave your kites, balloons, drones, model aircraft or vehicles, and sports-related equipment at home. Visitor Center, Nani Chacon Closed for Construction Visitor Center Closed for Construction Closed Area Gate Refuge Boundary 0 0.125 Rio Gran on) (Official use only) ructi Multi-Use Trail Public Roads Hiking Only Trail Closed Roads Maintenance Road onst for C Area Closed Playa Wetland Salida Sandia SW (No Parking/ Refuge Access) Bates Rd losed Wetland Habitat, Francesca Searer Access to the bosque No Parking (1.8 mi. from Welcome Center) 2nd St SW (C Trail Real de Bosque Stormwater Swale, Erin De Rosa mino Bosque Habitat, Jessica Chao El Ca Closed for Construction Wetland Restoration nde Closed for Construction Runner Upland Habitat, Haley Greenfeather English road/Rail r d/ Railrunne BNSF Railroa Welcome Center 2nd St SW U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Office 7851 2nd Street SW, Albuquerque, NM BNSF Rail Greenhouse Classroom Rio Gra No Vehicle Access Beyond this point Closed for Construction U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Lagunitas Ln SW (No Parking/ Refuge Access) Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge Authorized Uses Parking Welcome Center Information Kiosk Handicap Parking Public Restroom 0.25 Hiking Cycling Dogs on Leash Horseback Riding Wildlife Watching 0.5 miles ±

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