Elephant Butte Lake

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West Lakeshore Trail Elephant Butte Lake State Park DISTANCE 575.744.5923 • NMPARKS.COM 10.5 Trail Description: Miles, one way ACTIVITIES F Hiking H Mountain Biking [ Wildlife Viewing The trail winds through the desert hills above the lake, with panoramic views. The trail is typically 6’ wide with a gravel surface. There are some sections of uneven surfaces and deep sand. The unimproved trail, usually through sandy arroyos, is marked only with sign posts. While this is considered an easy trail, there are several very steep, but short, sections. AMENITIES _ Restrooms Benches What to Expect: 3 Picnic Tables Look for jackrabbits and lizards, and the tracks of many different animals that often go unseen. There is a variety of shrubs and grasses along the way, with the seasonal addition of colorful wildflowers. Precautions: Use caution and be aware of the potential for dangerous flash floods in the arroyos do not enter when flooded. This is the desert - it can be hot and dry with little shade and no water. Please be prepared with plenty of water. ELEVATION RANGE 4,460’ – 4,540’ DIFFICULTY Visitor Center N 33°10’51.96” W 107°12’29.02” Park Rules: Vehicles must display a valid park permit, which can be purchased at a self-pay station or the visitor center Please pack out all trash Please keep dogs on a leash NO motor vehicles on the trail In an emergency, dial 911 Funded by a Federal Highway Administration Recreational Trails Program Grant Ranger Residence < To West Lakeshore Trail Paved Road y 3 g I-25 Unimproved Trail South Monticello Road 9_ X South Monticello Campground F Monticello Trailhead g Dirt Road y Boat Ramp 2.09 mi g Pay Station 3 Sist 3 Picnic Shelter _ Restroom F Trailhead Parking ers D r gX Des ert Wil low Three Sisters F g Trailhead Three Sisters Point Rd 2009 Orthophoto / 0 2.60 mi Roads Closed in Winter 0.5 Miles Club Cove g 1 _ g Highlands F Trailhead 3 Black Bluff Overlook XH ighla Greer Ln Lakeshore Highlands Subdivision Und e rw ood Blvd nds R d North Highlands g South Highlands Fray Cristobal Mt 3 Overlook 2.4 mi Cedar Canyon _ r Ceda Lost Canyon F g Trailhead Rd X 0.65 mi Long Poin t Rd X 0.91 mi Kettletop 3 Overlook Station Rd 0.57 mi e Mesquit F Sailboat Cove Trailhead Check X g Cliffs Rd Sailboat Cove X Overlook F Trailhead g X 0.82 mi 0.4 5 City of Elephant Butte ` & Main Park Entrance mi Island Rd 3 Double Arch Island Overlook Rock Canyon Marina y Lost Canyon Rd Lost Canyon Cove Long Point

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