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Trails at Great Dismal Swamp (NWR) in North Carolina and Virginia. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

TRAIL INFORMATION Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge 3100 Desert Road Suffolk, VA 23434 757/986 3705 To Williamsburg 664 10 58 32 264 ypass 58 B 337 460 13 Suffolk 642 h Middle Ditc Was hing ton D Office itch RailroadDitch d Roa Desert Virginia North Carolina Interior Ditch 460 Norfolk Virginia Windsor 64 165 Beach Franklin 58 Suffolk Chesapeake 168 Virginia 13 N. Carolina S. 258 Sunbury Elizabeth City Lake Drummond 17 Feeder Ditch ack Roa Ballah d 0 N Miles 3 0 2 Kilometers Great Dismal Swamp South Ditch National Wildlife Refuge Daniels Rd. Legend 17 Dismal Swamp State Park Refuge Office Auto Tour Route by Permit al S Dism p wam West Ditch 604 642 13 Hampton Wakefield al Can G January 2019 Gloucester Williamsburg l Swam G 32 17 17 17 G Gated Trail Entrance Refuge Area Hiking / Biking Trail 32 Pas q u 158 Ri er v Sunbury ota nk South Mills 158 Boat Access Area Pier 17 158 Federal Relay Service for the deaf and hard-of-hearing 1 800/877 8339 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 1 800/344 WILD 64 l Trail W hi t e M ar s h R o a d 13 ary Roseitmch D itch east D North tch Di 604 165 Big En try Dit ch p Cana ss pa By 13 13 Lynn Ditch 32 17-Bus To Norfolk and Virginia Beach G G Black Bear T rail ho ric Je Ditch mson New Willia h Ditch c it D Jericho ell Hu Hudn Lane dn ell Di G tch 58 O M ld Ro ill ad Martin John Road son 58 460 Disma s as Byp 58 64 Chesapeake 460 Port smo uth D itch 58 64 To Outer Banks _____Railroad Ditch Entrance, 3120 Desert Road, Suffolk, VA Enter color-coded trail _____Jericho Lane Entrance, 1330 WhiteMarsh Road, Suffolk, VA networks at these _____Washington Ditch Entrance, 3076 WhiteMarsh Road, Suffolk, VA gated trail entrances: _____Portsmouth Ditch Entrance, 3457 MartinJohnson Road, Chesapeake, VA _____Feeder Ditch Entrance (by water only), Dismal Swamp Canal, Chesapeake, VA U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Trails Underground Railroad Education Pavilion and boardwalk trail n Cypress Marsh boardwalk trail n West Ditch boardwalk trail n Pier at Lake Drummond n Fishing from pier or boat per terms of self-serve permit n Boating access per terms of self-serve permit n Wildlife Drive auto access with required self-serve permit. Gate opens every day with seasonal hours of April 1 through September 30, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, and October 1 through March 31 as 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. n Open daily for hiking and biking, sunrise to sunset This blue goose, designed by J.N. “Ding” Darling, has become the symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System. n Located in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful place to experience the beauty of nature. With more than 112,000 acres of forested wetlands and the 3,100 acre Lake Drummond at its center, the refuge contains some of the most important wildlife habitat in the mid-Atlantic region. Jericho Lane Entrance 1330 White Marsh Road Suffolk, VA Four dirt roads for hiking and biking Parking located 2 miles from White Marsh Road on Jericho Lane n Vault restroom n Open daily, sunrise to sunset n n USFWS Visitor Opportunities Refuge trails are open daily, sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted. Visitors may participate in a variety of activities including hiking, biking, nature photography, wildlife observation, hunting, fishing and boating. The refuge was established for the purpose of protecting and managing the swamp’s unique ecosystem which includes wildlife and habitat. Therefore, portions of the refuge may be periodically closed to public use activities in order to accomplish this objectives. Prothonotary warbler Feeder Ditch Dismal Swamp Canal Chesapeake, VA Refuge Entrance Points A by-water only access to Lake Drummond. The Feeder Ditch connects the Dismal Swamp Canal to Lake Drummond. n Fishing and boating are permitted year-round on Lake Drummond. A Virginia freshwater license is required. n Vessels are limited to a maximum 25 hp on the lake. n Lake hours are from sunrise to sunset. Washington Ditch Entrance 3076 White Marsh Road Suffolk, VA The Washington Ditch Trail is the most often recommended trail for hiking and biking. n 3/4 mile boardwalk trail n 4 1/2 mile dirt road for hiking and biking to Lake Drummond n Parking located 1 mile from entrance on White Marsh Road n Pier at Lake Drummond n Fishing from pier n Vault restrooms n Open daily, sunrise to sunset Headquarters/Pines Trail 3100 Desert Road Suffolk, VA Foot trail through pine forest surrounding headquarters complex. Trail connects to Railroad Ditch Trail; ½ mile to Underground Railroad Education Pavilion. n Open daily, sunrise to sunset, for hiking n Gate to parking area open during office business hours. n Be Aware n Cell phone coverage is limited. n Insect repellant is suggested during warm season. n Off trail travel is prohibited. n Pets must be on leash at all times. n Collecting any plants or animals prohibited. n Swimming is prohibited. n Ditch fishing prohibited. n Camping and camp fires prohibited. n A complete set of regulations is available from the refuge website. Portions of the refuge may be temporarily closed to public use activities due to trail maintenance, prescribed burns, scheduled hunts, and other management activities. Check our website and Facebook page for special announcements. USFWS USFWS Lake Drummond Black Bear Trail accessed from entrance road. Vehicles are allowed to drive to the Big Entry Bridge, two miles from Martin-Johnson Road. Parking is allowed on the west side of the entrance. Do not block bridge or road. Additional trails for hiking and biking beyond Big Entry Bridge. n Open daily, sunrise to sunset n n Refuge Office 3100 Desert Road Suffolk, VA 23434 Offices hours: open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, closed federal holidays. Lake Drummond Wildlife Drive Entrance Railroad Ditch Road 3120 Desert Road Suffolk, VA This is the wildlife drive route to Lake Drummond. n Self-serve permit required for auto access. Permits available at the entrance gate. n 6 miles of gravel road to Lake Drummond Portsmouth Ditch Entrance 3457 Martin Johnson Road Chesapeake, VA Black bear

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