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Hunting at Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in North Carolina. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Grassy Island Road Pressley Creek 1627 Pee Dee River 109 Beaver Ponds Jack Currie Road Leak Ferry Road Kursten Road Canal Branch Gaddy Bridge Beaver Pond Road Pipeline Grassy Island Road Gaddy Road Thoroughfare Creek Griffin Road 52 Big Oak Road 1627 Ross Pond Road Palmetto Branch Pipeline Pipeline Ross Road 109 Clark Road Redhouse Road Grassy Island Road Pinkston River Road Flat Fork Creek Legend 1650 Sullivan Pond Area open to Dove, Quail, Rabbit, Deer Raccoon, Opossum, Squirrel and Turkey hunting Dennis Road Wildlife Drive 1627 Hurricane Creek Little Pond Pipeline Youth hunts n A youth hunter is defined as a hunter under the age of 18. n Youth quota hunts are for hunters ages 10 through 17. n During quota hunts, including youth hunts, an adult may supervise only one youth. n On big game youth hunts, only one youth and one adult are allowed per permit. n During small game hunts, an adult may supervise a maximum of two youths. Tree stands n Only portable stands and blinds are permitted. Observation Refuge headquarters Dennis Road Canoe Launch Refuge Check Station Refuge Boundary Highways Paved State Roads Refuge Roads Road Closed Seasonally REFUGE VIOLATIONS To report violations or information regarding violations occurring on Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge, call 704/694 4424. n Reflective clothespins may be used to mark trails, but must be removed at the end of each hunt. Big Game Hunt Hours of Access n Big game hunters are prohibited from entering the refuge prior to 4 am on scheduled hunt days. n Big game hunters must leave the refuge no later than two hours after legal sunset. n Stands or blinds may be placed no more than four days prior to the opening day of your scheduled hunt. n Participants in the Youth Deer Hunt may place their stand or blind up to seven days prior to the hunt. n Archery hunters must remove their stand or blind by the final day of the hunt. n Quota hunters must remove their stands within 24 hours after the final day of their hunt. n The following list includes the specific hunts allowed on the refuge. n Inserting or driving a nail, screw, spike or other metal object into a tree, or hunting from a tree into which a metal object has been inserted or driven is prohibited. n Feral hogs may be taken during all established deer hunts, only by hunters legally participating in those hunts. Hunting dogs n Dogs may not be used to run freely or locate game on non-hunting days. n Deer hunting with dogs is prohibited. n Dogs are permitted for small game and dove hunting. n Dogs are required for the raccoon/opossum hunts. n All dogs must wear a collar displaying the owner’s contact information. Organized Drive n Organized deer drives are prohibited. A deer drive is defined as an organized or planned effort to pursue, drive, chase, or otherwise frighten or cause deer to move in the direction of any person(s) who is part of the organized or planned hunt and known to be waiting for deer. Trail Cameras and Tree Marking n The use of unattended trail cameras is prohibited. n Dennis Road Bennett Bridge Tall Pines Road n Matthew Street Arrowhead Lake GTR Road Dennis Road Marking any tree or other refuge feature with flagging material or paint is prohibited. Pee Dee River Anson County Anson Access Road Brown Creek Brown Creek Wildlife Drive Ross Pond Richmond County Grassy Island Road Ross Road Palmetto Branch 109 Rodgers Road Pinkston River Road McBride Road Andrews Pond Pre-hunt scouting n The refuge is open daily (except refuge firearms deer hunt days) for pre-hunt scouting. Hunting Seasons n Refuge areas open to hunting are designated on the map of this leaflet. n All hunting is closed on Sundays. Waterfowl n No waterfowl hunting is allowed on the refuge. This includes the waters of the Pee Dee River from the confluence of Pressley Creek downstream to the confluence of Brown Creek. Mourning dove n State opening day, Labor Day, Wednesdays and Saturdays during State season in September only. n Anson County only. Early archery deer n September 12 - October 2, 2020 n Anson and Richmond Counties. Firearms deer Hunters must have a quota permit for the following hunts: Either sex youth hunt (10-17 year olds): October 3, 2020 *Either sex disabled hunt: October 9-10, 2020 Either sex muzzleloader: October 15-17, 2020 Either sex modern gun #1: October 22-24, 2020 Either sex modern gun #2: October 29-31, 2020 Area open to Deer, Raccoon, Opossum, and Turkey hunting only. Closed to all access November 25 - March 14 Area open to Deer hunting only Closed to all access November 25 - March 14 Area open to Deer, Raccoon, Opossum and Turkey hunting only. Closed to all hunting November 25 - March 14 Area closed to hunting Area open to deer hunting only Private Land Either sex modern gun #3: November 5-7, 2020 Either sex modern gun #4: November 12-14, 2020 *For more information on the disabled hunt, contact the refuge office. Raccoon/opossum n October 12 - November 14, 2020 n Anson County only. n Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays only; starting one hour after sunset. Squirrel n November 16 - December 5, 2020 n Anson County only. n No fox squirrels. Late archery deer December 7, 2020 - January 1, 2021 n Anson and Richmond Counties. n Quail n November 25, 2020 n December 5, 16 and 26, 2020 n January 6, 16 and 27, 2021 n Attention: bag limit is two (2) quail per hunter n Rabbit n January 30 - February 13, 2021 Anson County only. n Anson County only. Youth turkey (10 - 17 year olds) April 3-10, 2021 n n n Anson County only. Hunters must have a drawn permit to participate in this hunt. Turkey n April 12-17, 2021 n April 19-24, 2021 n Anson County only. n Hunters must have a drawn permit to participate in this hunt. Refuge Violations To report violations or information regarding violations occurring on Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge, call 704/694 4424 Welcome to Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge is one of over 550 national wildlife refuges. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service administers the refuge and is responsible for conserving, protecting, and enhancing the nation’s fish and wildlife populations and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the public. The provisions listed below supplement the general regulations that govern public use on national wildlife refuges, as set forth in Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations. When permitted, hunting, fishing and other public uses will be in accordance with applicable state laws unless otherwise listed. Only the hunting seasons designated in this brochure are allowed on Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge. General Provisions and Access By law, national wildlife refuges are closed to all public use activities unless permitted. Hunting, fishing and other public use activities are permitted on most areas of the refuge. Contact the Refuge Manager for current regulations and authorized activities when visiting the refuge. Public Entry n The refuge is closed daily from one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise except as authorized during designated hunts. n Entry onto Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge constitutes consent to an inspection of persons and their licenses, permits, game bags, creels, and all hunting and/ or fishing equipment. Pets n Pets must be under the control of the owner at all times. Roads n Vehicles must remain on established roads as indicated on the map of this brochure. n Quota hunt permits are required for all firearms deer and turkey hunts. Apply for quota hunts online at: n Visitors may park alongside roads in a manner that will not block gates and fire lanes, or interfere with traffic. n Permits are non-transferable. The speed limit on refuge roads is 15 mph, unless posted otherwise. n n Hunters must possess all applicable licenses, permits and government-issued picture ID while in the field. n Hunting on, from or across any road open to public vehicle traffic is prohibited. n On small game hunts, hunting is prohibited on roads open to public vehicle traffic. This includes the right-of-way, which extends 30 feet from the center of the road. n On big game quota hunts, hunting is prohibited within 100 feet of any vehicle or road open to public vehicle traffic n Persons with disabilities who have special access needs should contact the Refuge Manager to request special use permits. Weapons n Discharging firearms, air guns, bows and arrows, or cross bows is prohibited unless authorized. n All refuge hunting is closed on Sundays. Closed Areas/No Hunting Zones n Refuge hunting areas are closed to the general public during all firearms deer hunts. The “No Hunting Zone" around Headquarters and Sullivan Pond remains open all year. Camping and fires n Camping and fires are prohibited. Designated areas are closed seasonally to hunting, fishing and all other public access. n Horseback riding n A special use permit is required for horseback riding on the refuge. Contact the refuge office to apply. Other areas may be closed for management or safety reasons. n Hunters are prohibited from entering or crossing a “No Hunting Zone” or “Closed Area” to access hunting areas. Discharging a Firearm within, into or across a “No Hunting Zone” or “Closed Area” is prohibited. n Horseback riding is allowed only on gravel roads that are open to public vehicle traffic. n n Hunting from horseback is prohibited. Refuge/cultural resources n The removal of any natural, historic or archaeological feature is prohibited. ATV’s/Four Wheelers n ATV’s are prohibited except for use by disabled persons with a refuge special use permit. n All deer and turkeys killed on the refuge must be checked in at the refuge check station on the date of the kill prior to removing the animal from the refuge. This includes archery. n Deer and turkeys killed on the refuge must also be registered with the state of NC by calling 1-800-I-GOTONE. Refuge and NC records will be compared to make sure that your game has been properly checked in. n If no employees are present at the check station, follow posted self-check in procedures. Disabled access n Alcoholic beverages n The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Check station n The Check Station is located at Headquarters on Highway 52 North. Special Hunting Regulations Permits n Hunters must possess a valid, signed refuge General Hunting Permit for all hunts. Baiting n Baiting and/or hunting in the vicinity of bait is prohibited. n Baiting is defined as the placing of corn or other food stuffs, including salt and mineral blocks, to constitute an attraction for wildlife to any area. Hunter orange n During firearms deer hunts, all participants must wear at least 500 square inches of unbroken, fluorescent orange material above the waist as an outer garment while hunting and while en route to and from hunting areas. n All persons participating in the late refuge archery deer hunt must wear at a minimum, a fluorescent orange hat while hunting and while enroute to and from hunting areas. Hunter education n All refuge hunters under the age of 16 must show proof of successfully completing a hunter education/ safety course. n Hunters under the age of 18 must be directly supervised (within sight and voice contact) by a properly licensed adult at least 21 years of age. Signs Protect Visitors and Resources Millions of people visit national wildlife refuges each year. The impact of human activity, if not regulated, can degrade these wildlands. Signs control recreational activities while protecting natural resources on the refuge. Please respect the following signs. NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY PROHIBITED U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge Public Use Regulations and Hunting Permit 2020-2021 This sign delineates the refuge boundary. Entry is permitted only for authorized uses (hunting, fishing, sightseeing, etc.) in accordance with refuge regulations. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE AREA BEYOND THIS SIGN CLOSED U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE R M E R PA IO R DE T EN N T OF THE I T This area is closed to all entry. No hunting, fishing or sightseeing is permitted. No roads or trails are open to the public (see map). All public entry prohibited NO HUNTING ZONE U.S. FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE DE E MONTGOMERY CO. E 742 Polkton 109 52 Wadesboro 109 IVER Ansonville DEE R RICHMOND CO. 73 Pee Dee Ellerbe National Wildlife Refuge 220 Rockingham 74 85 742 Morven NORTH CAROLINA SOUTH CAROLINA 0 5 • 0 10 Kilos 1 15 20 RICHMOND CO. MARLBORO CO. 20 Miles General Hunting Permit 2020-2021 The signing of this leaflet validates it as your general refuge hunting permit and must be in your possession while participating in all authorized hunts. I have read and understand these refuge regulations. Hunter’s Signature July 2020 T email: peedee@fws.govemail U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 1 800/344 WILD N T OF THE I Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge 5770 Highway 52 North Wadesboro, NC 28170 704/694 4424 EN E M P R T R PA IO R This area is closed to all hunting (see map). Not valid until signed This permit is valid only from September 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

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