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Map of Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in North Carolina. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Yours to enjoy... Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge encompasses a broad expanse (152,000 acres) of mysterious wildlands and waters. Visitors are welcome to explore this unique upland swamp refuge. Designated wildlife drive and trails offer the best wildlife viewing opportunities. Black bear, deer, river otters, and red wolves, along with a variety of birds, reptiles, and amphibians may be seen. During the winter months, large numbers of waterfowl and other migratory birds are present. Wildlife viewing is best from a safe distance. If you plan to venture into areas not designated as roads or trails on this map, please inform a responsible person of your plans. Be aware that poison ivy, ticks, insect pests, poisonous snakes (cotton-mouths, copperheads, and timber rattlers), and other natural nuisances and hazards may be encountered. This is your National Wildlife Refuge. Please enjoy your refuge experience, but handle with care. Tips for Wildlife Viewing Wildlife are usually most active at dawn and dusk. Walk or drive slowly and quietly; stop frequently to watch and listen. Be friendly to other visitors; often they will share information! Bring binoculars or spotting scopes and field guides. Bring insect repellent and a non-alcoholic drink. You Can Help By obeying regulations and respecting the refuge, wildlife, and other visitors. By volunteering your time. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 252/473 1131 ext. 227. By joining the Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society, P. O. Box 1808, Manteo, NC 27954 100% of your membership fees and donations support refuge programs. In addition to these provisions, all State laws, County codes, and Title 50 of the Code of Federal Regulations apply on the Refuge. If you have any questions about the legality of any activity, please contact the Refuge Manager. Regulations General The Refuge is open during daylight hours only (1/2-hour before sunrise to 1/2-hour after sunset). Camping, open fires, feeding or baiting of wildlife, swimming in Refuge canals, or entering any area posted with “Area Closed” signs is prohibited. All domestic pets (dogs, cats, horses, etc.) must be properly confined, leashed (10-foot maximum), or haltered and under owner control at all times. Littering or dumping of garbage, refuse, sewage, debris, or other wastes or poisons is prohibited. The use of a spotlight, automotive headlight, or other artificial light to spot, observe, locate, or take any animal is prohibited. Taking, possessing, injuring, disturbing, damaging, destroying, or collecting any plant or animal (or attempting these actions) is prohibited. Destroying, defacing, damaging, disturbing, or removing any private or public property, including any natural object or artifact, is prohibited. The use or possession of metal detectors or similar devices is prohibited. Disturbing, molesting, or interfering with any person engaged in an authorized activity is prohibited. Engaging in any act of indecency or disorderly conduct (as defined by State or local laws) is prohibited. Entering or remaining on the Refuge when under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is prohibited. For More Information National Wildlife Refuges Visitor Center 100 Conservation Way, Manteo, NC 27954 phone: 252/473 1131 email: Begging or soliciting in any form or conducting a commercial enterprise on the Refuge is prohibited. Refuge visitors are reminded that the Wildlife Drive (see map) is adjacent to several hunting areas. Please be aware that hunting is allowed during specific seasons, and be cautions and courteous when visiting areas shared with other refuge users. Hunting/Trapping/Fishing/Weapons Taking or possessing of bear, turkey, bobcat, any furbearer, or any part thereof, is prohibited, except when transporting same along an NC State road or U.S. highway. Carrying, possessing, or discharging fireworks or explosives is prohibited. Firearms may be discharged only by persons engaged in public hunting. Possession of firearms is permitted in accordance with State law. Hunting and fishing are subject to State and local regulations, seasons, and bag limits. A Refuge permit is required for hunting. Vehicles/Roads/Trails The speed limit on all Refuge roads, unless otherwise posted, is 35 miles per hour. State traffic laws that govern the use and operation of vehicles apply on the Refuge. Motorized vehicles are allowed only on designated roads. Refuge roads closed to motorized vehicles are open for walking and bicycle riding, unless posted as closed to all entry. Horseback riding is allowed only on roads open to motorized vehicles. Groups of 6 or more horses must have a Refuge Special Use Permit. Operating any vehicle or boat that does not bear valid license plates or identification numbers and that is not properly lighted, certified, registered, or inspected according to State laws is prohibited. ATV’s (3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, etc.) are prohibited. Stopping or parking a vehicle (either attended or unattended) on a road, trail, or firelane such that it blocks the free movement of other vehicles is prohibited. Laurel Bay Lake d. n hri Ba yR d. pr Cy Dry Ridge North Rd. Rd. ess R d. ar Ced gR d. Rd . Gr se ou . Rd Wildlife Drive Cu Poplar Ridge Rd. 264 w rro Bo d. tR Pi Refuge Operations Center (no public facilities) Disabled Priority Fishing Pier located at Creef Cut Trailhead State roads or U.S. Highways Wildlife Drive Wildlife Trails (foot traffic only) SCALE 0 k Lin Gadwall d. bR Creef Cut Rd. Sprigtail Rd. teo To Maens 10 mil B Parking e teo 4.0 miles (each way) Ko d. 2.0 miles (each way) . yR Color coded markers show where trails change directions and/or intersect other trails Milltail Rd C 5.5 miles (each way) d. e rr be Milltail Creek Mil Butler Rd. lR ltai Blu . 1.5 miles (loop) Sandy Ridge Rd. Sawyer Lake Creef Rd. Peterson Rd. ng Rd Paddling Trail Marker Buffalo City Rd. Sawyer Lake Rd. Twiford Rd. Bobcat Rd. Lo ve ur . Possum Rd. Rd. N. Perimeter Rd. 64 Rd. Rd Milltail Creek Paddle Trails rey Osp Rd. Creef Cut Wildlife Trail N r ea atch Rd. . Milltail Creek d. ne Wyn South Lake M To Grassy P d. Sandy Ridge Wildlife Trail Laurel Bay Road er R Bea v pR Wood Duck Road Rd er Riv Pu m Brier Hall Road ry R Hic ko rh bo SR (La 110 ke 2 N eig h Rd oo d .) d. Bay R Deep Mashoes Rd. an Reuben Rd. Manns Harbor 5 MILES 64 264 For additional legend items, see map on reverse side. canoe/kayak access Restrooms Refuge Boundary Sign U. S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY PROHIBITED NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Spencer's Creek 64 264 BUSINESS Haulover Point Durant Island N National Wildlife Refuges Visitor Center es sho Ma (open 9-4 daily, except 12 noon-4 on Sundays) 64 264 . Rd East Lake BUSINESS South Lake Rd. k Rd ood . Pum p Rd . Bea ver R d. Rive r Rd . Hick ory Rd. Laurel Bay Lake e Rd. Wynn y Rd. re p s O Creef Cut Wildlife Trail . Link rR d. d Can Rd. eR d. Otte Rd. Beechland Rd. Center Rd. Rd. Perimeter Rd. Willow Point Peter Rd. Navy Shell Rd. Jack Dare Coun Bombing Ra ty nge son R d. (roads may be tem closed because porarily aircraft use of theof military range) Lake Worth Perimeter Rd. e S. Ridg Dry mon Dia B H& d. Rd. Long Curve Rd. ols R ter ime Per Ralph Rd. Little Field Rd. Eagle Rd. Nich Koehring Rd. Stumpy Point Rd. Lake Worth Rd. Stumpy Point Bay Swan Creek Lake Chip Rd. . Dare County Hyde County Pollock Rd. 264 Storm Rd. Air Force Lead Rd. Waters Rd. Strafe Rd. Air Force Shell Rd. Rd. Long Curve Rd. . Ringneck Rd. d. ing Rd ek Rd. Bluew Ash Rd. geon Stomper Rd Whipping Cre Jumper Rd. Waterfield Rd. on Rd. Jacks h Rd. Maple Rd. Lost Swan Lake Creek Intracoastal Waterway Pine Rd. Deer Rd. Wid West East Target Rd. Target Rd. Navy Rd. 3500 Foot Rd. Fairclot Mason Rd. Gum Neck Landing Whipping Creek Navy Rd. N d. Gum Rd. Gator 4 Hooper Rd. Whipping Creek Lake Murry Rd. Tyrrell Dare County County H&B Road Smith Rd. Sycamore Rd. Holly Rd. Gibbs Rd. Grapevine Landing ar R Navy Lead Rd . . Richmond Rd ell R it wP rro Bo . Rd Rd. Wolf Rd. Panther Rd. John Earle Rd. Rebel Rd. Ced st on We idge W A y Sh d. ar R Rd. Magnolia Rd. Spring Rd. Taylor Rd. Alligator Rd. Nav Poplar Rd. Road lligator ltail Mil Bluebill Rd. Sassafras Rd. North Rd. The Frying Pan Rd. use Gro ress Cyp d. R Possum Rd. Reuben Rd. Poplar Ridge Rd. Alligator River M Rd. Be Rd. Rd. Cub d. eR ur v gC Lon Rd. rry ebe Blu . g Rd hrin Koe Rd. Bay Grassy Patch . Rd illtail Milltail Creek Dry Ridge Detailed Map of Walking, Driving, and Paddling Trails on Back Gadwall Rd. Bobcat Rd. Milltail Rd Creef Rd. Peterson Rd. Butler Rd. Sandy Ridge Rd. Croatan Sound Creef Cut Rd. Sprigtail Rd. Gadwall Rd. Twiford Rd. Sawyer Lake Rd. Buffalo City Rd. Sandy Ridge Wildlife Trail Spencer's Creek 64 N. Perimeter Rd. Center Rd. Laurel Bay Road Roanoke Island 64 264 Deep Ba y Rd. Duc Lak SR 1 e N 102 eig hbo rh Wo od Brier Hall Rd. 64 To Columbia, 15 miles Manns Harbor 264 6th Aven Lak 5th Aven Sw an ue East Long Shoal River 4th Aven t ue East ree t St Firs Refuge property Pam eR d. lico Rd. ue East 3th Aven Refuge property - farmfields 2nd Aven ue East (open during September & October. Some sections are open seasonally) see Refuge hunt leaflet for specific details ue East To Engelhard, 25 miles Refuge property (public access is by water only, roads leading to this section are private and closed to the public) Private property Wildlife trails Wildlife Drive (auto tour route) Refuge roads (open to the public and motorized vehicles) Refuge roads (closed to all motorized vehicles) Refuge roads (seasonally open to the public) Public or private roads (open to the public as indicated by signs) State roads or U.S. Highways NC Wildlife Resources Commission Boat Ramp 0 Miles 2 0 Kilo 2 Refuge Roads! Refuge roads, including the Wildlife Drive, are unpaved. Refuge roads closed to motorized vehicles are open for walking and bicycle riding, unless posted as closed to all entry. Only roads open to motorized vehicles are open for horseback riding. Groups of more than 6 horses riding together must have a Refuge Special Use Permit. Road surface conditions may vary greatly due to weather conditions. Roads may become impassable at certain times,even for 4-wheel drive vehicles. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on all refuge roads is 35 mph. Please use good judgement and caution when driving on any refuge road. Refuge is open only during daylight hours.

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