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brochure Carvers Creek - Sandhills Brochure

Brochure of Sandhills access at Carvers Creek State Park (SP) in North Carolina. Published by North Carolina State Parks.

FISHING There are two ponds and various branches of Carvers Creek that anglers may fish. Access to all fishing areas are on foot, bicycle or horseback. At this time, there is no vehicle access to fishing areas. As the park continues to be developed we hope to provide vehicle and wheelchair access to fishing areas. All plants and animals in the park are protected; harming or removing them is prohibited. Sport fish are the only exception. A N.C. fishing license is required and anglers must obey the fishing regulations of the N.C. Wildlife Commission. NATURE VIEWING There are many opportunities to view nature here at the park. Open areas are wonderful for viewing birds and insects. In the wooded areas, you may see fox squirrels and a variety of woodpeckers. The federally endangered red-cockaded woodpecker call our forests home. In the ponds you will likely see many species of frogs and turtles. Write down or take photos of species that you see and share them with us by emailing LONG VALLEY FARM RULES & REGULATIONS  The removal or disturbance of any plant, animal, rock or artifact is prohibited.  Firearms are prohibited except by proper concealed handgun permit.  North Carolina state parks are wildlife preserves. Hunting and trapping are not permitted. Carvers Creek State Park SANDHILLS ACCESS 995 McCloskey Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28311  Fishing regulations of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and N.C. Marine Fisheries apply in the park.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.  “Pack-in, Pack-out”: There are no trash cans located along the trails. There is a large trash can located by the bathroom at the parking lot. Please recycle!  North Carolina motor vehicle and traffic laws apply in the park.  Pets must be on an attended leash no longer than 6 feet. FOR YOUR SAFETY  Stay on marked trails. It can be easy to get lost.  Ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and other biting insects are present in the park. Insect repellent is strongly recommended.  Venomous snakes and poisonous plants are present in the park. Be alert.  Pay attention to the weather forecast. Storms are especially common in the summer months. Carvers Creek State Park has another access area located at 2505 Long Valley Road in Spring Lake, NC. It is a 15 minute drive from here off of E. Manchester Road. The Welcome Center and the Rockefeller House are located at the Long Valley Farm Access. You will also find opportunities for hiking, fishing, picnicking, nature watching, and environmental education there. NATURE’S CLASSROOM Park Rangers conduct a variety of educational and interpretive programs about Carvers Creek’s natural resources and history. Check calendars posted at this trailhead or our website,, for upcoming programs. Rangers also present outreach programs to local schools and civic groups. For more information, visit us at the park Welcome Center.  Many structures in the park are old and may be unstable. Please do not enter the structures. EMERGENCIES Emergencies 911 Welcome Center: 910-436-4681 After hours: 910-391-0522 Cape Fear Valley Hospital - 910-615-4000 1638 Owen Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304 Directions to the hospital: From the parking lot turn onto McCloskey road, turn right onto HWY 401. Get on NC 295 South and travel 2.9 miles. Take the All-American Freeway to Owen Drive and continue for 1 mile. The hospital will be on your right. 3,000 copies of this public document were printed at a cost of $218.98 or $0.07 each. 05/19 Park Information Park Hours November – February ......................................................... 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. March – May .......................................................................... 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. June – August ....................................................................... 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. September – October ......................................................... 8 a.m. – 8p.m. Closed Christmas Day Welcome Center Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily Contact Information: Carvers Creek State Park 2505 Long Valley Road, Spring Lake, NC 28390 (910) 436-4681 N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources 1615 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699 919-707-9300 WELCOME! When you have finished with this publication, help save our earth by sharing it with a friend, returning it to the park or recycling it. Carvers Creek’s Sandhills Access offers seven trails equaling 10.4 miles. All the trails wind through Longleaf pine forests with lovely, open views through wiregrass understory with gentle to moderate changes in elevation. There are two creek crossings, two ponds, and wetland areas where hardwood trees and evergreen shrubs dominate. Wildflowers can be seen along the trails at different times of the year. It is important to know that there are rare and endangered species of plants and animals that only live within the Longleaf pine forest ecosystem. Staying on the trails is the best way to avoid disturbing them. 0 Jo hn so n Fa rm . Rd Dea d End Spur Tra il Tra il Turke y O a k Loop Trai l Longlea f Pin TRAILS e T ra “Wheels Yield to Hooves and Heels.” All trails are for use by hikers, bicyclists and horseback riders. Hikers must yield to horseback riders and bicyclists must yield to both hikers and horseback riders by stopping and moving to the side of the trail. See the “Share the Trail” sign for more information on how to help all user groups enjoy our trails. Motor vehicles are not allowed on any of these trails including any type of off-road vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, or dirt bikes. If you see anyone violating this rule please call the on-duty park ranger at 910-391-0522. CAR V il Fox Squirrel Loop Trail CREEK ERS Little Pond Spur Trail 401 Pine Trail leaf g n Lo McCloskey R d. il Wir egrass L oop Tra Find Your Way. By following blazes of different shapes and colors placed on trees along the trails you can go a distance you are comfortable with and not get lost. There are many miles of unmarked fire lines and old roads throughout the park. We recommend you avoid unmarked roads and stay on marked trails. The trails that are marked with triangles are out-and-back trails and the trails marked with a hexagon are loop trails. ONLY LEGEND Hospital Ell i ot Far m Long Valley Farm Access McC o d. idge R ick Br rm *enlarged 210 690 24 rth . McA ur R d Hiking one mile in 20 minutes is a leisurely pace. Judge your time wisely to enjoy your hike. Exit before park closing hours. 1 Mile North RC W The Longleaf Pine trail is the main trail and it begins at this trailhead. It is the only trail in and out of the park. It is 4 miles long one way, and all the other trails branch off this trail. Follow the white triangle blazes. If the white triangles are on your right side, you are heading inside the park and if the white triangles are on your left, you are returning to this trailhead and parking lot. 0.5 Parking – Car only Roads Park Boundary Restroom Water Parking Trails Welcome Center Rd . Sandhills Access 401 295 ONLY TRAIL LEGEND Longleaf Pine Trail Wire Grass Loop Little Pond Spur Fox Squirrel Loop Dead End Spur RCW Loop Turkey Oak Loop 4 miles 1.4 miles 0.1 mile 1.1 miles 0.6 mile 1.5 miles 1.7 miles white blue blue yellow yellow orange white easy easy easy easy easy easy easy

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