"Harper's Ridge" by USFWS Mountain-Prairie , public domain

Charles M. Russell

Guide Map East

brochure Charles M. Russell - Guide Map East

Guide Map East of Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Montana. Published by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).

Cattle Cree k Hell kB ick 548 Ea st Co u lee Ar roy o BA DL AN DS Ar roy o RO YO BROWNIE BUTTE k on Cre e ers ck An d 5280 000 ek 489 215 T22N WILD HORSE PASS DANIELS POINT e Creek Lone Tre 215 M CrecGuir ek e Ba y Lon832 e Tre e Cre 365 e Lone Tree Creek k Bay Snap 622 621 Creek 366 NORTH TWITCHEL POINT Cr ee k 367 Sh dC ree ot Co t le e R41E 0 Refuge field station Special Designation Areas Proposed wilderness ▲ 494 Aircraft Information kiosk No landing area Interpretive center Landing area Historic Lewis & Clark campsite Accessible hunting blind Navigational marker Boat ramp Landing zone N 2.5 yC ree k 5 0 GARFIELD McCONE COUNTY COUNTY 10 2.5 5 Guide Map – East 10 1:200 000 u Co reek Horse C Road Ne lso n Cr ee 5260 000 Big Dr R40E To MT Hwy 200 8 miles 5270 000 ee T21N k 492 INDIAN ROCKS 390 000 R39E 380 000 R38E To MT Hwy 200 8 miles 370 000 360 000 Hell Creek Road 350 000 R37E Creek Cree k l 106 803 Co u 494 493 uire Jim 494 Wood y McG 216 Nelson Creek 496 Recreation 106 Area 366 Fla t 208 McGuire 496 Creek Recreation Area 380 368 To Jordan 10 miles Cre e k AR Road 370 Bug C re 538 BROWNIE BUTTE 340 000 330 000 371 Bug Creek Bay lee State of Montana Private Other Cree k T20N k ree rC FWS BLM National Wildlife Refuge 371 be General Land Ownership Charles M. Russell Bug South Fork Rock Creek ay k t Los y Ba S For kR Cree ock 218 k Roa d u Co to nw oo 535 ek Cre 807 217 5290 000 T23N 218 217 533 Lost Creek Cre ek 836 kB ree nC R35E To Jordan 15 miles 531 532 609 T24N 24 N Fork Rock Creek Road 107 y Ba Rock Cree k Bay 484 reek xC Bo 217 488 5300 000 Tim To Brusett 4 miles 814 107 Rock Creek Recreation Area SQUARE BUTTE Ash 813 er Ste INT PO 320 000 UTM 812 C 477 Cat Creek Gil be rt Creek Sha de Ro Cree ad k lso Ne Local or Refuge road All weather access road (not seasonal) Seasonally closed road (closed Aug 28–March 1) Private road access by landowner permission 815 BY UB To Brusett 3 miles San ST 310 000 400 000 Spr Pe n GOAT MOUNTAIN SNUFF GAP 814 477 222 South Fork Box Creek Ha xb yR oa d Cr ee ow Sn Bay Cree k ay lee ow Co u lee lC ou Hil W id ay kB rC re e be yC ree k Cre ek yA rm Box Elder Creek Bay No Dawson Creek rth Fo rk Bo xC 221 re ek Bear d Bay oyo r r dA e le ou eC State highway 476 372 g id 24 Cr ee Dr Br Highways 191 Federal highway lle k ek Cre Refuge boundary raw s Pas Roads R34E rvi ee k ree tC oo ckf Bla CHALK BUTTE T25N ad Ro k ee Cr g rin Sp 372 e ven Se R33E To Brusett 9 miles 826 479 T20N 5260 000 UTM No gD 616 e 463 ek Cre Bill 548 ked o Cro Creek HILL 818 k ee Cr 356 k For H Wood y oul dC ek Cre ell oule an C Jord H BALDY BUTTE 5270 000 Rie ek ell Cre e ow 105 451 k ee DGE Hell Creek Recreation Area and State Park dC ree n Coule 459 601 Sn ke 452 lee e Cr Cr oo B 547 801 t Ge ta wa yC ou ek 352 ay ay ek Cre 349 353 Johnso 465 464 624 352 rin 617 359 358 357 Eas 602 349 349 PETERSON POINT Sp Sag kB ep 351 355 ay Bobcat Creek B cat ob Big E KINCAID POINT 356 H ▲ 350 ROUND BUTTE 349 Snow Creek ▲ 325 J The Sag Cr ee ree rt C ▲ 327 ir For t Peck R eser vo B kB GRAVE POINT be Tim E ge Gil r Fo DG d oa R k ee Cr at bc o B LUCKY Cut Coulee Sa BELL POINT She PHILLIPS COUNTY RI ec tP Crooked Creek Bay oul kC dic Bur ek ulee Cre Big Co H se r Cr eek 373 ▲  oir v r RID 353 ▲ 348 TH ay lee HT Beebe Coulee Bay ▲ I ▲ Bea 828 825 SAGE CREEK POINT kB 504 623 ly C ou Bay EN D ree pC 327 348 Bil 433 RID ee lee HERMAN RI T21N e K IG F nd C reek TH E GE 441 SE V 374 GE The Pines Recreation Area IDG e kR 508 425 L 347 ▲ on C 213 oule York Island TH RID Sh u Co lfe Wo lee Bone Trail Recreation Area EE erla Carpenter Creek 428 Ca bin Co u Wa g DL 513 Suth 505 325 ID erla nd C reek lee GE M k SW ee y Ca EDE Co rt T RID ul rai GE BL ee l UE RID Co ule GE e Arm Short Shed Cou Cou stro Cou lee VALLEY COUNTY lee lee ng GAR She FIEL ep Cou DC OU lee Chippy Creek NTY Mc Car ty C oul T22N ee IRON STAKE RIDGE 5280 000 Wils on C oule e Suth ee Cr C 324 Co ut T t C ule hroa 325 e ou t Ca lee rn ey 326 Co ul ee 213 or 438 lee Harpe r Ridg e Roa d 339Sh le C oul gC ou SIX 5310 000 Ro ck ne Kin Cree k 330 Co u e HR 8 52 Fo rk Co ule e 329 331 le 276 518 IFT nt 332 Cou y Hw rth hth Du l Ho 440 Po i 333 ay No k Do LA 5290 000 Hel 517 er Eig ee Cr S ILL H RB kB ee Cr Hu 529 nd SHUFIELD RIDGE 442 102 Co ule e F Cr ee ry ng R43E 410 000 d lan T23N ve nt h Upp er th k ee Plum Se le e dl e o u Midhth C Eig Su d e Roa Ridg Murray Road Two Forks Reservoir th FOUR k INDIAN HILL Sa ve nt h ar T26N ND e Six Se Be Recreation Area ▲ Fif t lee Struple Coulee 375 Sa n ert C oule r Cree Wy att Cou l Bay HAXBY POINT ee Des Mi McCONE COUNTY S A Ca turge on tfi sh Bay Fort Peck Bay D RIDGE 846 SECON 335 k Skunk Duck Cree334 Coulee Skun South Fork Thi kC rd C ou oul THIRD R lee IDGE ee Bay 333 hC ou y Ba VALLEY COUNTY Cou l Creek Hill Ranch Road Willo w Cottonwood Reservoir ek Ston e Ho use R oad Tim be rC ree kR oa d 445 lee ou lk C Missouri River 340 GARFIELD COUNTY Dog Hard P an Cre e Timb ee Du Duck Creek Bay Ro ad d oa yR ble Ste Bill Anderson Road Cou l 444 Per ch 842 841 ck C 108 reek 337 Fort Peck 336 k Plu m For k Gilbert Cree k PHILLIPS COUNTY VALLEY COUNTY llow Wi Finn Reservoir T24N 5300 000 108 520 Buckley Lake re Cre e rth 338 Triple Crossing Reservoir ua No ▲ 360 5320 000 341 527 T27N To Wolf Point 22 miles SA gC ree k 361 528 2 er Riv West F ork Willow Flat Reservoir 337 Do ad RoP k e ine Cre s 117 Fort Peck Field Station Duck Creek Road Mud Creek Gunshot Reservoir al t Galpin Coulee Jim Reservoir Con ten t Ro ad Ca n lk 24 T26N uth Mi Cr ee Trip le Cr ossi ng R oad uc So 5330 000 Cre ek eT re e eav er C ree k lia To Glasgow 16 miles ing Creek La r b Lo n Sq da R43E R42E To Nashua 0.5 miles eek w Cr Willo le B k ee Cr Litt k 5310 000 T25N Va n ed te yo Co T27N 5320 000 390 000 To Glasgow R40E 6 miles Aq u 5330 000 Beaver Creek R39E 380 000 R38E k e Cree Kintyr To Saco 25 miles R37E 370 000 R36E 360 000 R35E 350 000 R34E 320 000 R33E 340 000 R32E To MT 200 8 miles 15 15 R44E 20 20 Kilometers Miles Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator Grid: 10,000 meter, Zone 13 Horizontal Datum: 1927 North American Datum

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