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Montana State Parks Guide San dy wa te eek Cr Larb e Big ee k Cr I N S A T N U O M E G ID R E N k River Creek River CROW INDIAN RESERVATION n Red Lodge YO Fossil Lake Glacier Lake Reservoir R MTN Beartooth Pass 10947' S BIGHORN Lodge Grass Storage Reservoir Gr a ss E. Rosebud Lo dg e Mystic Lake H Cr eek Bigho rn Roc Bou lder Creek I Bi gh o r R A N G E A K O R A B S A r Rive Cooney Res. Sti ll T stone ! one Creek er Riv River Jefferso n Rive r Mad ison EN HO RN GE lo w Yel PR O R A Lake Granite Pk. 12799' N G E Highest Point in Montana tle Li t Silver Gate gh Slou Tower-Roosevelt INTERSTATE mar Hebgen Lake O L P 38 La WC Mammoth Hot Springs RANGE NO Lee Metcalf Wilderness L AT I N Quake Lake T U or << < < < e l ls ve r Ri Jud ith ek D k Ri Shields Missour i Rive r r Boul der Rive Ri ver GR E < i er Ar m Riv er EL < < < < << < < << r iv River B R N Lee Metcalf Wilderness GAL RAN << < < << < Wise ! O E RANGE INS M T << < < < N A I N T Hidden L. Elk L. Swan L. Lake Mason el uss M H ver he ad R Absaroka - Beartooth Wilderness Canyon Village Norris Madison S West Yellowstone YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK West Thumb Yellowstone Lake ABSAR O Ye ne RA wsto NG r Ri v r e interpretive displays # WITH CAMPING RIVERS & LAKES # W/O CAMPING gift shop POPULATION NATIONAL FOREST 1,000-2,500 WILDERNESS AREA 2,500-10,000 INDIAN RESERVATION 10,000-25,000 E e ve STATE PARK HIGHWAY A Heart Lake Ri ak K llo Sn r non-motorized hiking trails swimming TWO LANE + GRAVEL boating picnic area Shoshone Lewis Lake Lake Lilypad Lake R ive Fishing Bridge Lake Village Grant Village Beaverhead Rock Lewis & Clark Caverns Madison Buffalo Jump Missouri Headwaters Elkhorn A River B I G NG er campground 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. E Willow North CANYON The following icons represent activities and facilities that are available at each park listed throughout this brochure. v Ri RA Y Bea N ELL TA er R E ST << le < << Bi g << O Gallatin IS AV UN Ri v U Lower Red Rock L. CENTENNIAL MTNS B Wi llo w sh ell Bi N U O M RN O KH Cr < < << < < < << D < < << P H I R E < P < A << << < < < < <<< << S < << <<<< < <C O m < Bitterroot River eek R < Wes tF or N TA I N S D MO k OY O BEAVERHEAD- Wade Lake DEERLODGE Cliff Lake NATIONAL FOREST Lima Reservoir Dailey Lake er Riv r Park Activities Legend visitors center GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK amphitheater Flathead Lake State Park - Wayfarers MOU A r Cree IL ND R oc Red TE M S GALLATIN NATIONAL FOREST e ton ws llo Ye Big Sky M ve Ri S N Hyalite Reservoir GR y K b Ru C l TA Clark Canyon Reservoir 324 A er De BL ck tai NG E er v Bl a Y B RU GE N RA T A I N S U N k R Lee Metcalf Wilderness Ennis Lake Ruby River Reservoir Dillon ! 21 N O per op ssh 278 Cr eek S th re e Ye llo wst Lee Metcalf Wilderness M Gra D 22 T Miner Lakes M by Riv 23 Reservoir Lake Y RA OT Ru Bi Hole g Van Houten Lake AZ ER er RO Riv 278 Twin Lakes Willow Creek Reservoir Cataract Res. CO UNT AINS Lake Agnes AC MO TOB MTNS ER Upper Glaston Lake Lower Glaston Lake < A H E E R B E A V NE Y C K R O O Cr eek < < < << < HIGHLAND e R PI eet Sw ID G < ver Ri Ho Cottonwood Reservoir BR << <<< A CR < < < River Lebo Lake r ve Cr Sou Deadmans Basin Reservoir Mu ssels hell NS Sixteenm ile MTNS L S TA < << < D Mussigbrod Lake Martinsdale Reservoir MT IN < N LE G rass B le Cr eek t < < < << < < 569 ST S P ry < F li n < << < < G E T <<< < O < C ! < << < < << << A < << < < E CA Canyon Ferry Lake S MTN Creek Y k EL < < < < << < G Bair Reservoir L I T T L E S N OW C B << A Mi < E N Bel t G T N S oun d Cree k < << N War < N Lake Sutherlin MTN Petrolia Lake CrystalS N O WY Lake So Newlan Reservoir Creek Yellow Water Reservoir tw Fla illow BIG ] << Anaconda Pintler Wilderness NS Cr Wild Horse Lake Mc D o nald Fork uth Hauser Lake Lake Helena rin g Cr. dith Ju For << MT lackfoot R iver < << A r << A ark k ee . Springs Middle <<< < < < << ! T CREEK RANGE Silver L. R IG LEWIS & CLARK NATIONAL FOREST LT ve < << ek Cre R Cl k oc < N Cre ek Fork < h Sout No rth < ad a Nevada Lake BE Ri TNS H M Riv er ek < Gates of the Mountains Wilderness B < y Cre < < < S Ne v ET Litt FLIN LITTLE Holter Lake HELENA < NATIONAL FOREST IT War Horse Lake er Riv H < r Rive < Black foot der JUD River < River Sacagawea Box eek < Snowbank Lake ek Cre Cr e lf Wo ry Sp < N T NS El T N A TA I m ith < < < << O < W UN Bi g Coopers Lake Browns Lake RN Georgetown L. E. Fork Reservoir E GH MO D OO k S O rk Fo Cr rk TA L Fo EN East IN HI < TA L < < DIVI < <<< Wilderness DE << < R R ID i ur so EN N< < R M s Ri v For k IV Cree k Cree k AREA ee Cr row Ar < E T T E R R O O T B I Dry er << S T ver Ri kfoot BITTERROOT NATIONAL FOREST Big Lake Dog S ek r River ur i FF av Be Veseth Reservoir Musselshell o ar b Bean Lake LI Cr e ee Fork or k << < << < <<< C Putnam Lake Yellows ton e er St. M < < << Riv er < < on < << Li < < < E N < Mi sso Kingsbury Lake e Littl D e Shonkin Lake Rive r Sun Nilan Res. Harwood Lake White L. ek < G er r R iv wate Clear << < Weigand W E Willow Creek Res. Benton Lake IT Pishkun Reservoir rn rk CO Fo < < < N<T I < Scapegoat Upsata Lake Welcome Creek Wilderness k Painted Rocks Lake Priest Butte Lake Freezeout Lake H < N I < Seeley Lake GA Lake Como River W A < < << R A Wood Lake River k Cree INDIAN Reservoir RESERVATION INS k T A I N Gibson Reservoir O N T F R T < < ek Teton Peo ple s TA UN MO Cow Teton Creek Deep Nelson Reservoir Lake Bowdoin Cr < << < er th Fork Sun Riv Nor ESE < << < < < < < < < < < < << < WA L L CHIN N < Cr e U N M O DE < < < River FORT BELKNAP RS A BE Creek Bynum Reservoir C re VI er < < < << < < < A N er d Riv thea rk Fla Fo er PA y n ma DI < << < < < uth So U Da na h uyer up Mudd nch < < E LEWIS & CLARK NATIONAL FOREST er reek Riv CO NG R iv Bob Marshall Wilderness Rattlesnake Wilderness & National Recreation Area r < < Frenchman Reservoir ROCKY BOY’S INDIAN RESERVATION Lonesome Lake Rive r r ate ew K Y O C < < << RA ar < D Marias h it < AD R Great Bear iver Wilderness Lake Alva g Lake Elwell (Tiber Res.) Lake Frances Page 30 #Smith River Map # 20.31Chinook Logan #6 Boxes Sluice 13. LoneFort Pine #2 32 Belknap Tower Rock* Agency 13. Lost Creek #3 Malta 6. Madison Buffalo Jump #25 13. Makoshika #47 14. Medicine Rocks #45 14. Milltown #14 8. Missouri Headwaters #26 20. Painted Rocks #20 6. Pictograph Cave #40 8. Pirogue Island #46 20. Placid Lake #11 7. Rosebud Battlefield #43 Lewistown 21. Salmon Lake #12 15. Sluice Boxes #31 21. Smith River #30 21. Spring Meadow Lake #28 22. Thompson Falls #7 Roundup 22. Tongue River Reservoir #44 9. Tower Rock #32 9. Travelers’ Rest #13 22. Wayfarers (FHL) #5 42 23. West Shore (FHL) #5 41 Billings LaurelLake #2 23. Whitefish Hardin 40 15.Columbus Wild Horse Island (FHL) #5 Crow Agency 23. Yellow Bay (FHL) #5 39 Milk Cre ek R < < HE S W r ve Ri T 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. eek Cr < << AT < ch Whitewater Reservoir Martin Lake C . Cr River 36 W Horseshoe Lake lk Mi a rk Fo < << < FL Saint Mary's Lake Bir Birch Creek N< < < TI N E < < < Reservoir N TA < < L Rainy Lake Lake Inez GrayWolf Lake rias Alkali Lake Four Horns Lake Big Salmon Lake Holland Lake Lindbergh Lake M er Ri v 29 Black Sandy North Chinook Reservoir re ek C < < <<< < e O I 6. Les Mason Whitefish Lake Lone Pine Lake Mary Ronan Flathead Lake Big Arm Finley Point North Shore Wayfarers West Shore Wild Horse Island Yellow Bay Logan Thompson Chain of Lakes Thompson Falls Fish Creek Council Grove Frenchtown Pond Placid Lake Salmon Lake Travelers’ Rest Milltown Beavertail Hill Fort Owen Granite Lost Creek Anaconda Smoke Stack Painted Rocks Bannack Clarks Lookout Map # k llow Cree Wi < l dd Mi < Glacier L. Turquoise L. o Jock B Rive M d Rive r Selway Bitterroot Wilderness 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ge d < < < < < << < < Kicking Horse Res. Ninepipe Res. McDonald Lake Blac T Mud Lake Fresno Reservoir 16. Ackley Lake #35 22 Clarks Lookout* Shelby Mission Lake Lo C reek < ver Ri s 8 r Rive INS NTA MOU S M er < << er Riv TN th e a LOLO NATIONAL FOREST Cla rk E < oot terr Bi t M Fla Mission Mountains Wilderness Pablo Res. FLATHEAD INDIAN RESERVATION r Sage LS HIL Page # 21 Bannack Cut Bank Aloe Lake ne Medici Two Spot ted B e Swan MISSION NE Plains gi Creek AS S Fre < < LE T A I N S Little 'A Rainbow Lake Cut T GR k Ban Kipps Lake Two Medicine Lake < < Swan Lake Flathead Lake N U D Lonepine Reservior S W < Yaa k < << E O R S ps om Th Rive << Fla the Hungry ad Horse Reservoir Echo Lake U U Hubbart Reservoir Thompson Cla rk Falls Fork St. Re ver M E McGregor Lake O O N 12 Salmon Lake Browning 13 Travelers’ Rest* Smith Lake M C I 7 Horse Lake Ri v 20 Painted IndexRocks Hay Lake 25 Madison Buffalo Jump* 28. Visitor Centers, Camping, 26Disabled Missouri Headwaters Access ibility Elkhorn* 29.27Park Fees 30-31. Events Meadow and Programs 28 Spring Lake* Mi lk E Buffalo Lake RESERVATION Sharp Lake St. Mary Lake Lake Rogers Thompson Lake Croff Lake Lake Blaine Fishtrap Lake A G T 6 v Ri Milk F u th So 24 Lewis & Clark Caverns Table of Contents 3-9 Historical Sites 17 Granite* 11-15 Nature Parks 18 Lost Creek 16-23 Water-based Recreation 25-27 Accommodations 19 Anaconda Smelter Stack* 3. Anaconda Smelter Stack #19 Havre 14 Milltown* 23 Beaverhead Rock* Kalispell 4. Bannack #21 3 7. Beaverhead Rock #23 Bigfork Conrad Somers Lakeside 11. Beavertail Hill #15 16. Big Arm (FHL) #5 4 5 17. Black Sandy Fort #29 Benton Choteau Polson 17. Brush Lake #49 Great Ronan Falls 5. Chief Plenty Coups #39 34 33 7. Clarks Lookout #22 17. Cooney #38 Seeley Lake 5. Council Grove #9 32 31 11 10 4. Elkhorn #27 12 Lincoln Missoula 9 18. Finley Point (FHL) #5 Bonner 35 Lolo 14 6. First Peoples Buffalo Jump #33 15 13 Clinton 29 30 11. Fish Creek #8 28 16 East Helena 4. Fort Owen #16 Helena Stevensville Montana 18. Frenchtown Pond #10 Deer Clancy City Lodge 12. Giant Springs #34 17 Hamilton Townsend 27 18 5. Granite #17 Anaconda 19 12. Greycliff Prairie Dog Town #37 Butte 26 Three18. Hell Creek #48 Forks Big 24 Manhattan 19. Lake Elmo #41 Timber 20 Whitehall 25 19. Lake Mary Ronan #4 37 Bozeman 19. Les MasonLivingston #1 Absarokee 12. Lewis & Clark Caverns #24 Ashley Lake Little Bitterroot Lake Noxon Reservoir T Ri Howard Lake N N H bb Duck Lake < Whitefish Island Lake . Cr Columbia Falls 2 Tally Lake I y Lower St. Mary Lake Lake Sherburne < GLACIER < < < < < < << < NATIONAL PARK < A Y S KOOTENAI NATIONAL A FOREST L S r Fisher Rive E I N C A B Cabinet Gorge Reservoir 1 ar 11 Placid Lake INDIAN Trout Lake Lake McDonald R K < < < < << < < Logging Lake ad S Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Bull Lake Spar Lake Upper Stillwater Lake C Kootenai Ri ver < Quartz Lake k ee O N 5 Flathead Lake Big ArmLibby Finley Point Wayfarers West Shore Yellow Bay Cr ift T Kilbrennan Lake FLATHEAD NATIONAL FOREST Sw M Dickey Lake 10 Frenchtown BLACKFEETpond* < the Fla Lake Koocanusa L < < L Upper Waterton Lake < Bowman Lake Fork E 9 Council Grove* WATERTON-GLACIER INTERNATIONAL PEACE PARK Kintla L. rth C 4 Wild Horse Island* R r ive R oR cc U ba P o T River SH FI TE HI 3 Lake Mary Ronan Therriault Lake Glen Lake << < Eureka r No Rive 16 Fort Owen* 8 Fish Creek W Yaak 15 Beavertail Hill 7 Thompson Falls < 2 Lone Pine* 6 Logan Clar ks 1 Whitefish Lake Les Mason* Whitefish Lake rest rooms motorized boating floating wildlife DINING BIKE CAMP watching BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENTSITES Over 25,000 NATIONAL PARK / REC AREA State Capital Interstates & Roads Rivers & Lakes Scenic Byways showers electricity Unimproved Roads Lewis & Clark Trail We Lewis & Clark Trail Ea Montana Office of T Historical Sites Natural & Historical Treasures Under the Big Sky Welcome to refreshing beauty and unlimited opportunity to connect yourself with nature. Welcome to Montana State Parks. Our parks offer the chance to discover nature, history and the waters of Montana. Whether Montana’s past is a rich and diverse story. There’s no better way to connect with it than by visiting our many state parks. From ghost towns that showcase a boom-and-bust mining history to awe-inspiring buffalo jumps that recall another way of life, you’ll find yourself marveling at our heritage. These parks feature monuments that pay tribute to our history: Montana’s rich Native American legacy, our early pioneers and of course, the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Best of all, these parks will make history come to life for you and your family. you’re seeking an event, education, family fun or a change of scenery, find yourself in ghost towns, battlefields, caves and gazing at geological wonders. Montana History Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park * The 585-foot Anaconda Copper Company smelter stack, completed in 1919 by the Anaconda Copper Company, is one of the world’s tallest free-standing brick structures. It can be viewed at a distance where signs detail its history. Viewing area at east end of Anaconda on 4th St. (Lat 46.11, Lng-112.914) Phone (406) 287-3541. Visit our website,, for more on Montana’s State Parks. Explore more in Montana. Chief Plenty Coups Campsite Reservation Program | 855-922-6768 2 brush lake Matt Long photo * National Register of Historic Places 3 Fort Owen State Park * Granite State Park * Montana’s first permanent white settlement is also the site of other “firsts,” including the state’s first Catholic church, founded in 1841. John Owen welcomed Indian tribes, traders, trappers, missionaries, settlers, and travelers to Fort Owen in the 1850’s and 60’s. Interpretive signs and exhibits detail the site’s history. 25 miles south of Missoula on U.S. 93 to Stevensville Junction, then .5 miles east on Secondary 269. (Lat 46.52, Lng-114.097) Phone (406) 273-4253. Nicknamed “Montana’s Silver Queen,” Granite had its heyday in the 1890s. Today the park is comprised of the Superintendent’s House and the ruins of the Miner’s Union Hall which featured the “Northwest’s Finest Dance Floor.” From Philipsburg, east on Hwy 10A, South on Sansome, east on gravel road opposite Center St. approximately 4 miles from townsite. (Lat 46.319, Lng-113.257) Phone (406) 287-3541. Chief Plenty Coups Chief Plenty Coups Chief Plenty Coups American indian Ghost Towns Chief Plenty Coups State Park ** Apsáalooke (Crow) Chief Plenty Coups and his wife Strikes the Iron willed their log home and farmstead, as a place for all cultures to come together in a cooperative manner. Visit their two-story log house, walk the Crow Life-ways trail, browse the gift shop for original Crow art and beadwork, and enjoy a picnic along beautiful Pryor Creek at this National Historic Landmark. So. Billings Blvd., Exit 447 off I-90, 35 miles south to Pryor, 1 mile west. (Lat 45.429, Lng-108.549) Phone (406) 252-1289. Bannack State Park ** More than 50 buildings, weathered by the seasons, still stand on the site of Montana’s first major gold discovery on July 28, 1862, and its first territorial capital. Stroll down the boardwalks on Main Street and wander through the deserted buildings in one of the state’s best preserved ghost towns. A reservable shelter and a rentable tipi are also available. Located in southwestern Montana. Take I-15 south of Dillon to Exit 59 (Hwy 278 exit). Drive west on Hwy 278 for 18 miles. Turn south onto the Bannack Road and travel four miles. Park entrance road will be on the left-hand side. (Lat 45.163, Lng-112.995) Phone (406) 834-3413. Chief Plenty Coups Council Grove State Park Bannack Elkhorn State Park * This historic boom-and-bust mining town features two impressive structures, Fraternity Hall and Gillian Hall, both examples of frontier architecture. These are the only two buildings in the town of Elkhorn that are publicly owned. Please respect private property while visiting this site. I-15 at Boulder exit, 7 miles south on MT 69, then 11 miles north on county road. (Lat 46.275, Lng-111.946) Phone (406) 495-3260. A beautiful monument commemorates the Hellgate Treaty of 1855 that involved the Bitterroot Salish, Pend d’Oreilles and Kootenai tribes. This is also a great park for birdwatching and fishing access to the Clark Fork River. In Missoula on I-90 at Reserve St. Exit, 2 miles south on Reserve St., then 10 miles west on Mullan Rd. (Lat 46.911, Lng-114.161) Phone (406) 542-5500. Bannack * National Register of Historic Places ** National Historic Landmark Bannack Bannack 5 First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park * Rosebud Battlefield State Park ** This is one of the largest buffalo jump sites in North America. For thousands of years people gathered here to hunt and celebrate the abundance the buffalo brought to them. A modern visitor center, with dioramas and hands-on activities, tells the story of the buffalo and the native people of the Plains. Wheelchairs available. 10 miles south of Great Falls on I-15 at Ulm Exit, then 3.5 miles northwest on Ulm-Vaughn road. (Lat 47.479, Lng-111.525) Phone (406) 866-2217. This expansive rolling landscape is the site of one of the most significant battles ever waged between American Indians and the U.S. Army. Though the battle was a draw, it was a strategic victory for the Lakota (Sioux) and Tse’ tsehestahese (Cheyenne) eight days before Little Bighorn. 25 miles east of Little Bighorn Battlefield on U.S. 212, then 20 miles south on Secondary 314, then 3 miles west on the county road. The last 1.5 miles are on unpaved roads. (Lat 45.219, Lng-106.978) Phone (406) 757-2298. Pictograph Cave Ulm Pishkin Lewis & Clark Madison Buffalo Jump State Park * Nomadic tribes stampeded buffalo over this cliff and used the remains for food, clothing and shelter. Hike to the top of the limestone cliffs jump for impressive views of the Madison River valley. 23 miles west of Bozeman on I-90 at Logan Exit, then 7 miles south on Buffalo Jump Road. (Lat 45.795, Lng -111.462) Phone (406) 285-3610. Pictograph Cave Pictograph Cave State Park ** Prehistoric hunters left their mark on the cave walls as early as 2,000 years ago. A full service visitor center, staff, and printed trail guides explain why Pictograph Cave is known as “the birthplace of Montana archaeology.” In Billings on I-90 at Exit 452, then 6 miles south on Coburn Road. (Lat 45.738, Lng-108.433) Phone (406) 254-7342. Pictograph Cave Beaverhead Rock State Park * As the Corps of Discovery moved into the area of currentday Dillon, Sacagawea recognized a landmark indicating a spot where the Shoshone camped. The Shoshone called the landmark “Beaver’s Head,” because the formation resembles the head of a swimming beaver. No services. 14 miles south of Twin Bridges on MT 41. (Lat 45.385, Lng-112.46) Phone (406) 834-3413. John Lambing ph Clark’s Lookout State Park * oto Interpretive signage explains the navigational techniques used by Lewis & Clark. Walk the trail to the top of this promontory to stand where Clark stood and view the scenery. A granite monument at the summit depicts the three compass readings Clark took. 1 mile north of Dillon on Hwy 91. (Lat 45.235, Lng-112.634) Phone (406) 834-3413 Pictograph Cave 6 * National Register of Historic Places ** National Historic Landmark 7 Missouri Headwaters State Park ** Tower Rock State Park * Captain Lewis stood on top of a limestone cliff and saw the three rivers that formed the Missouri River. He named the tributaries Madison, Gallatin and Jefferson. Interpretive signs, hiking trail, campground and rental tipi all make this park a convenient and informative stop. 4 miles northeast of Three Forks, off Hwy 205, then onto Hwy 286. (Lat 45.924, Lng-111.498) Phone (406) 285-3610. Missouri Headwaters Tower Rock is a landmark noted by Meriwether Lewis in his July 16, 1805 journal entry. This igneous rock formation is 424 feet high and stands in the mouth of the canyon where the Missouri River flows. South of Cascade, the east side of Tower Rock is visible from I-15 and can be accessed by using Exit 247 at Hardy Creek. (Lat 47.189, Lng-111.810) Phone (406) 866-2217. Pirogue Island State Park Tower Rock Captain Clark, his men and Sacagawea are believed to have camped on Pirogue Island on their return trip in 1806. The site is a haven for waterfowl, bald eagles, whitetail and mule deer. 1 mile north of Miles City on MT 59, then 2 miles east on Kinsey Road, then 2 miles south on county road. (Lat 46.436, Lng-105.821) Phone (406) 234-0900. Travelers’ Rest State Park ** This is the only site on the Lewis and Clark Trail where archaeological evidence has been pieced together confirming a Corps encampment. The Corps established this campsite in September 1805 and camped here again on the return journey in 1806. This crossroads was used by people for centuries before Lewis and Clark. 8 miles south of Missoula to Lolo, then 1/2 mile west on U.S. Hwy 12. (Lat 46.751, Lng-114.089) Phone (406) 273-4253. Pirogue Island Travelers Rest 8 * National Register of Historic Places ** National Historic Landmark 9 Nature Parks From peace and tranquility to sheer amazement and awe, Montana’s beauty is sure to stir your senses. Montana’s state parks include the best examples of its geological formations, wide-open natural landscapes and sparkling lakes. Find your natural playground in one of these parks. Beavertail Hill State Park A one-mile disabled-accessible self-guided nature trail points out many of the natural features of the riparian zone in which the park is located. In addition to RV and tent camping, this park also offers the opportunity to rent a fullsize tipi for the night. Located 26 miles southeast of Missoula on I-90 to Beavertail Hill exit 130, then .25 mile south on county road. (Lat 46.719, Lng-113.574) Phone (406) 542-5500. L&C Caverns L&C Caverns Fish Creek State Park From the lookout atop Williams Peak to the crystal clear blue pools of Fish Creek, this 5603-acre park is full of wildlife, beautiful scenery, and places to explore. Open year round, activities include hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The Alberton Gorge, with first-rate whitewater, is nearby. 35 miles west of Missoula on I-90 at Fish Creek Exit 66, then 2.5 miles west on Fish Creek Road. (Lat 46.979, Lng-114.693) Phone (406) 542-5500 Fish Creek lewis & clark caverns Cheryl Aldrich photo 11 Pirogue I L&C Caverns Giant Springs State Park Lone Pine State Park One of the largest freshwater springs in the country, Giant Springs flows at 156 million gallons a day. Visit the adjacent fish hatchery, walk along the River’s Edge Trail or visit the nearby Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. Wheelchairs available. This river’s edge setting is shaded by massive cottonwood trees. 2 miles east of U.S. 87 on Giant Springs Road, Great Falls. (Lat 47.534, Lng-111.227) Phone (406) 454-5840. With spectacular views of the magnificent Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park, one can learn about the area’s natural history at Lone Pine’s Visitor Center. Exhibits explore the relationship between humans and the wildlife of the area. The park also offers archery, great hiking, and mountain biking on more than 7 miles of trail. From the Highway 93 Alternate, head west at the Foy’s Lake Roundabout on Foy’s Lake Road. Travel 4 miles, then turn left on Lone Pine Road and follow to the park entrance. (Lat 48.176, Lng-114.337) Phone (406) 755-2706. Lone Pine Lone Pine Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park Lone Pine Black-tailed prairie dogs are very social animals that engage in activities such as communicating and grooming each other. This is a great place to enjoy a picnic and learn about the important role these animals play in the prairie ecosystem. Nine miles east of Big Timber at I-90 exit 377. (Lat 45.759, Lng-109.79) Phone (406) 445-2326. Lone Pine Lost Creek State Park The varied wildlife, unusual geological formations and picturesque Lost Creek Falls provide visitors with a unique outdoor experience. Look for mountain goats and bighorn sheep in the area. 1.5 miles east of Anaconda on MT 1, then 2 miles north on Secondary 273, then 6 miles west. (Lat 46.21, Lng-113.004) Phone (406) 287-3541. Lone Pine Lone Pine Lone Pine Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park Makoshika State Park Explore one of the most highly decorated limestone caverns in the northwest on an informative two-hour guided tour. The park also has hiking trails, ranger programs, nature store, deli, cabins, a tipi and reservable shelter and campground. A visitor center features a classroom and interpretive displays. Fee charged for Caverns tour. Easy highway access. 22 miles west of Three Forks on MT 2 or 18 miles east of Whitehall on MT 2. (Lat 45.843, Lng-111.883) Phone (406) 287-3541. Hogback ridges, fluted hillsides, pinnacles and caprocks ornament a network of buttes at this scenic park. The site of rare dinosaur finds, Makoshika features a visitor center, campground, hiking trails, archery range, amphitheater and scenic vistas. For more information on the Montana Dinosaur Trail, please visit Located at the southeast edge of Glendive. Follow the signs through town – Merrill Avenue to Barry St. to Taylor Ave. (Lat 47.062, Lng-104.668) Phone (406) 377-6256. Makoshika L&C Caverns Makoshika 12 13 Medicine Rocks State Park Sluice Boxes State Park Weathering has given the soft sandstone rock formations in this scenic 320-acre park a Swiss-cheese look. Jutting abruptly from the southeastern Montana prairie, this park’s unique scenery and rugged beauty is a sight to behold. Visitors often see mule and white-tailed deer, antelope and wild turkey. 25 miles south of Baker on MT 7. (Lat 46.045, Lng-104.469) Phone (406) 234-0900. In this area of pristine beauty and historical mining significance, one can see the remains of the Albright town site, limestone quarry and railroad trestles lining Belt Creek. A primitive trail provides access to fishing, challenging floats and wildlife viewing. Permit required to camp. Call before your visit to obtain a permit. 12 miles south of Belt on U.S. 89 on the Kings Hill Scenic Highway, then 1/2 mile west on county road 340. (Lat 47.212, Lng-110.935) Phone (406) 454-5840. Sluice Boxes Wild Horse Island State Park (on Flathead Lake) Medicine Rocks Milltown State Park Abundant outdoor opportunities and a rich cultural heritage converge at the newly restored confluence of the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers at the heart of the Milltown State Park. The overlook is open now. The the main park areas are anticipated to open to the public in late 2014 or 2015. Milltown State Park features more than 500 acres of terrain, ranging from restored river bottoms to a pine forested bluff overlooking the confluence. The park will afford visitors a place to go hiking, biking, fishing, floating and watching for birds and wildlife. Located five miles east of Missoula on I-90. Exit at Bonner (exit 109) and take Hwy. 200 to Milltown. (Lat 46.8708, Lng 113.8866). Phone (406) 542-5533. 14 A boat is the only access to this 2000 acre day-use island park. Visitors can enjoy outstanding wildlife viewing of mule deer, bighorn sheep, wild horses and more. Big Arm State Park is a popular access point to reach Wild Horse Island by boat. Kayaking, swimming, hiking and fishing are popular activities. (Lat 47.845, Lng-114.218) Phone (406) 752-5501. Kenton Rowe photo Wild Horse Medicine Rocks State Park - Montana Office of Tourism photo 15 Black Sandy State Park (on Hauser Lake) Water-Based Parks The shimmering waterways of Montana’s water-based state parks offer plenty of opportunities for fishing, swimming, water skiing, boating and more. Montana State Parks feature lakes and rivers perfect for filling your senses. For more detailed information on water-based rules and regulations, please see our website at Ackley Lake State Park Nestled in rich grassland with beautiful mountain views, Ackley Lake offers a variety of year-round water sports opportunities. Motorized boating and water-skiing permitted. Popular for rainbow trout fishing. 17 miles west of Lewistown on U.S. 87 to Hobson, then 5 miles south on Hwy 400, then 2 miles southwest on county road. (Lat 46.957, Lng-109.943) Phone (406) 454-5840. On the shore of beautiful Hauser Lake, this recreational area offers camping, swimming, year-round fishing, boating and hiking. 7 miles north of Helena on I-15, then 4 miles east on Secondary 453, then 3 miles north on county road. (Lat 46.749, Lng-111.888) Phone (406) 495-3260. Black Sandy Brush Lake State Park This mile-long lake is ideal for swimming, wildlife viewing, motorized boating and water skiing. Due to the mineral make-up of Brush Lake, there are no fish. Northeast portion of the lake includes a day-use area. 31 miles southeast of Plentywood. Off state Hwy 16, go east on Hwy 258 (East Reserve Highway) for 16.5 miles, turn south on Brush Lake county road, go 1 mile. (Lat 48.603, Lng-104.113) Phone (406) 557-2362 or (406) 483-5455 Cooney Cooney Big Arm State Park (on Flathead Lake) Come explore this 217-acre park. It is a popular spot for swimmers, boaters, sunbathers and anglers. Located on the southwest shore of Flathead Lake, Big Arm is a popular launch site for Wild Horse Island. Three yurts and a group camping facility are available. 14 miles north of Polson on U.S. 93 on the west shore. (Lat 47.811, Lng-114.312) Phone (406) 752-5501. Big Arm ith photo Linda Mered 16 Brush Lake Cooney State Park Enjoy year-round activities at this popular recreation area. The 5 campgrounds, boating, swimming and fishing on Cooney Reservoir are popular in the spring, summer and fall. Ice fishing, cross-country skiing and ice skating are winter favorites. 22 miles southwest of Laurel on U.S. 212, then 8 miles west of Boyd on county road. Or, south of Columbus 4 miles to Shane Creek Road, 14 miles east. (Lat 45.441, Lng-109.228) Phone (406) 445-2326. Cooney 17 Finley Point State Park (on Flathead Lake) Lake Elmo State Park Enjoy the pleasures of a lake setting—without leaving the city. Open year-round, Lake Elmo offers an abundance of recreational opportunities, including swimming, fishing, non-motorized boating, hiking, a dog park and more. In Billings, Main St. (U.S. 87) north to Pemberton Lane, then .5 mile west. (Lat 45.839, Lng-108.477) Phone (406) 247-2955. This secluded campground is located in a mature conifer forest near the south end of the lake. Boat slips at the 16-slip marina may be rented nightly to moor boats or for an onboard camping experience. Features 16 RV sites and 4 boat slips with electrical service and water hookups. Two reservable tent sites are also available. 6 miles north of Polson on MT 35, then 4 miles west on county road. (Lat 47.755, Lng-114.085) Phone (406) 752-5501. Finley Point Lake Mary Ronan Lone Pine L&C Caverns Lake Mary Ronan State Park Seven miles west of Flathead Lake, nestled in the Salish and Mission, this shady park is a great place to camp and swim. The lake offers excellent fishing for koka

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