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Map of Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area (SRA) in Minnesota. Published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR).

MINNESOTA VALLEY STATE RECREATION AREA AND TRAIL © 2021, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources MAP AND GUIDE: MINNESOTA VALLEY RECREATION AREA 19825 PARK BOULEVARD JORDAN, MN 55352 SCOTT COUNTY 651-259-5774 VISITOR TIPS • Share the trail with other users. Bikes yield to horses and pedestrians. Pedestrians yield to horses. NOTE: No horses or snowmobiles are allowed on the eastern segment. • Check for ticks after your hike. • Watch out for wild parsnip plants. • In the winter, snowmobiles must be registered or have a snowmobile state trail sticker to use the state trail. For more information on snowmobiling opportunities, visit mndnr.gov/snowmobile • In an emergency call 911. • Non-emergency sheriff’s number: 952-445-1411. ONLY HAVE AN HOUR? • Bring your GPS and search for a hidden geocache. • Hike the Hiking Club Trail to find the hidden password. • Pack a picnic breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy the quiet sounds. • Watch for wildlife like river otters, beavers, deer and birds. • Bike the new River Bottoms segment. LOOKING FOR MORE TO DISCOVER? VISIT MNDNR.GOV/MINNESOTAVALLEY ABOUT THE RECREATION AREA The Minnesota Valley State Recreation was created in 1994 when several existing trails, and the land around them, were combined. Today, it protects 5,490 acres of diverse plant and wildlife communities. It also offers equally diverse recreation like hiking, biking, bird watching, horseback riding, snowmobiling and more. Look for evidence of the area’s past during your visit. Ten thousand years ago, Glacial River Warren carved the Minnesota River Valley. It then retreated, leaving behind this broad valley and a much smaller stream. Enjoy historic sites like the Strait House in the Lawrence Unit. TRAIL HIGHLIGHTS Hiking Hike the Minnesota Valley State Trail or walk miles of mowed trails around prairies and wetlands in the Lawrence Unit of the recreation area. For even more hiking, visit the recreation area’s waysides: • Carver Rapids/Louisville Swamp offers parking and merges the Minnesota DNR trails with the United States Fish and Wildlife trails. • Gifford/Nyssen Lake combines hiking and fishing all in one location. Hike the Minnesota Valley State Trail or fish the Minnesota River or Gifford Lake. • Shakopee hosts a long stretch of the Minnesota Valley State Trail and has many connecting trails for additional mileage. Park at Memorial or Huber parks in downtown Shakopee. Biking Bicycle 28.8 miles between 2 segments through varied landscapes on the Minnesota Valley State Trail. You’ll encounter natural and paved surfaces along the way. Horseback Riding Purchase a horse permit at the self-registration kiosk and you and your horse can travel trail from Belle Plaine to Chaska. The terrain varies from flat to gradual inclines. Expect hills in the Lawrence and Carver Rapids units. An equestrian campground in the recreation area offers the chance for a longer trip. The Minnesota Valley State Trail is typically closed to horseback riders December 1 – May 15. SO EVERYONE CAN ENJOY... A full set of STATE PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS is available at mndnr.gov. RECREATION AREA OPEN 8 a.m.–10 p.m. daily. VEHICLE PERMITS Permit required for the Lawrence Unit; purchase at trail center kiosk. Trail Conditions The Minnesota River may flood when large amounts of rain enter the watershed. Be sure to check the DNR website for closures before you visit. The trail travels closely along the Minnesota River and may be prone to flooding. (photo from Gifford Unit) The following trail segments are often wet and muddy, so bring proper footwear: west of the Thompson Ferry Unit parking area, west of the Carver Rapids Unit Parking area, east of the Chaska Parking area, and many sections in the Lawrence Unit. − CURIOUS ABOUT THE MINNESOTA VALLEY STATE TRAIL? VISIT MNDNR.GOV/STATETRAILS PETS WELCOME Keep on 6-foot leash; pick up after; attend at all times; not allowed in buildings or at beaches. − CAMPGROUND QUIET HOURS 10 p.m.– 8 a.m.; only registered campers may be in campground during quiet hours. FIREWOOD Must be purchased at this site or from vendors who sell wood approved for this site; no gathering firewood in the park. Memorial Park MORE INFORMATION Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Information Center 500 Lafayette Rd. , St. Paul, MN 55155-4040 888-646-6367 or mndnr.gov/parks The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This information may be available in alternative format upon request.

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